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The Antibacterial Drug Market Analysis 2008-2013

This brand new market analysis examines the prospects for antibacterial drugs from 2008-2013,
including sales forecasts for leading pharmaceutical products. The antibacterial market is large in
terms of disease area as well as the different drug classes used to treat these infections. However,
this market is entering into a crucial period with many key products losing patent protection,
facing heavy generic competition. In the light of this, including other factors, visiongain predicts
this market to decline in revenues – but which products will suffer most? How can you fight this
generic competition? The antibacterial drug market generated revenues of $30274m in 2006 –
but what will it be in 2013? Only this brand new report will tell you.

The antibacterial market only contained one blockbuster drug in 2006, this being Johnson &
Johnson’s Levaquin. Visiongain predicts that there will be room for one more blockbuster drug
as Levaquin will lose patent protection. This detailed report also highlights pipeline
developments and important contemporary issues, especially commercial drivers and restraints.

This report will specifically analyse the world markets for the following classes of
antibacterials :

      Cephalosporins
      Macrolides
      Penicillins
      Fluoroquinolones
      Carbapenems
      Miscellaneous.

The group 'miscellaneous' is an assorted group of antibacterials which includes the minor classes:
the tetracyclines, aminoglycosides, glycopeptides and sulphonamides plus individual
antibacterials such as Zyvox and Vancocin.

The Antibacterial Drug Market Analysis 2008 examines the market critically through a
comprehensive review of available information. Sources include industrial databases,
commercial news, published reports, economic research and consultation with experts.
Visiongain applies financial forecasting, qualitative analyses and the assessment of unmet needs
to provide a comprehensive market report with detailed analysis and informed opinion.

In particular, The Antibacterial Drug Market concentrates on the following essential
aspects of the market :

      Discussion of the current pharmaceutical market
      Forecast of the worldwide pharmaceutical market from 2008-2013
      Drivers and restraints facing the antibacterial drug market
      Opportunities and threats facing the antibacterial drug market
      Growth of the antibacterial drugs market between 2008-2013
      Commercial prospects for the market-leading drugs, with sales forecasts from 2008-2013
      Individual forecasts of the leading drug classes from 2008-2013
      The potential of generics manufacturers to penetrate this market
      Pipeline developments with blockbuster potential
      Currently marketed drugs with blockbuster potential
      Discussion of unmet therapeutic needs and relative advantages of products

Why you should buy this report :

      To receive a comprehensive analysis of the prospects for antibacterial drugs from 2008-2013
      To discover predicted revenues, growth rates and other key metrics for leading pharmaceutical
       treatments from 2008-2013
      To determine key activities of leading companies
      To discover “hot” pipeline developments and up-and-coming products
      To determine the forces that influence the market for antibacterial drugs:
      Competitive characteristics of the market
      Drivers
      Restraints
      Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis)
      To find out where the market is heading - both technologically and commercially

Companies Mentioned :

Asubio Pharma
Bausch & Lomb
Daiichi Sankyo
Eli Lilly

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