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									                                         IIA Florida West Coast Chapter

                             Audit Scope
Volume 36, Issue 3
January, 2002

President’s Letter
I hope this letter find you all in good health and spirits. I have been very impressed to date with the quality of the
speakers for the first two seminars. We continue to make every attempt to raise the bar on the quality of these
programs and I hope you have found this to hold true. The officers of our chapter welcome your feedback and
continue to try to address all of your concerns/feedback. We recently received word that Tom Salzman (speaker for
2/5 presentation) had a death in the family and cannot present the planned topic on the planned date/time in
February. As a chapter we would like to offer our condolences to Tom at this difficult time. We are currently
attempting to replace the speaker and maintain our current date/time at the Rusty Pelican. Please be sure to pay close
attention to the revised seminar information (in this newsletter) for the specifics. As always, the web site will also
have the most current seminar information posted for your review (www.tampabayiia.org).

I am very excited to let you know that I will be meeting with Chuck Short (District Director) this Friday (1/18) for a
district leadership meeting. This will serve as another opportunity to discuss some of the successful programs that
we have been able to put together within our local chapter. Veronica Johnson, Field Services Manager (CIA), will also
be present from the IIA headquarters in Orlando. I will also take this opportunity to learn more about what other
chapters are doing to improve our Chapter Operations, Membership Growth and Academic Relations.

I would like to once again emphasize the importance of our volunteers within the chapter. Please join me in thanking
each one of our officers, governors and committee volunteers for the countless hours the put in every month to make
our chapter great. In addition, we always have openings for existing members that want to take on a grea ter volunteer
role within the chapter. Please feel free to contact any of the officers at any time to discuss potential new
opportunities. We are also available at the seminar programs to discuss your getting involved in chapter operations.

Our chapter continues to emphasize and support the IIA Certification programs. There are a number of IIA
Certifications that are offered for each of to achieve including the Certification in Control Self Assessment (CCSA),
Certified Government Audit Professional (CGAP) and the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA). For those of you who plan
to make a career within Internal Audit, these programs are highly recommended to further develop your technical
expertise in the field of Internal Audit. I can attest that the certifications I have personally achieved (CPA, CIA) have
significantly impacted my career in a very positive manner. I would assume that many of your employers would also
reimburse a good amount of these expenditures. I challenge each of you to set your goals high a nd achieve as many
of these designations as possible.

Please feel free to contact me directly at (941) 907-7608 or via e-mail at bmakowski@fcci-group.com.

Thank you.

Brian Makowski
                         Don’t Miss the February 5th Seminar
February 5, 2002         Rusty Pelican
8:30-5:00                2425 Rocky Point Dr., Tampa

Paul J. Sanchez
Professional Trainer & Consultant
Paul J. Sanchez, CPA, CBA conducts a CPA practice in Port Washington, NY. He is also the owner of
Professional Service Associates, a consulting and professional training and development business. He was
an Assistant Professor at Long Island University – C.W. Post Campus as well as an adjunct lecturer at
City University of New York (C.U.N.Y.). Prior to starting his own business, Paul was the Vice
President-Professional Development for the Audit Division of a regional bank and the Director of
Professional Practices and Vice President of a money center bank, where he directed the professional
practice development and the training of professional auditors. Paul also supervised the audits of the
money center bank’s Treasury activities including investing, trading and asset-liability management. Paul
was also on the technical staff of the Auditing Standards and Examinations Divisions of the AICPA. He
practiced public accounting in the New York office of Deloitte, where he also was involved as a firm
recruiter and in-house professional development instructor. He is also part owner and the auditing seminar
leader for Person/Wolinsky CPA Review Courses, a company that prepares candidates to pass the
Uniform CPA Examination.
1. The Overall Approach to a Systems -Based Audit in the morning. This course, designed for audit
management and staff, provides an overview of the internal auditor's "bread and butter" job - the audit of
accounting systems and related internal control policies and procedures (i.e. internal control). It
emphasizes a logical, step-by-step professional approach to systems-based audits. Actual experience is
used to illustrate what is expected of the auditor at each step of the systems based audit. This course gives
participants an important view of what senior management believes internal auditors are doing on a day-to-
day basis. It will give participants at all levels the knowledge they need to know what they are doing and
how it fits into the overall audit plan.

2. The Internal Auditor's Use of Sampling in the afternoon. This course is for all levels of auditors. It
gives internal auditors the knowledge they need to use statistical and non-statistical "sampling" on-the-
job. It de-emphasizes much of the theoretical mathematical background and statistical jargon. It takes the
mystery and mathematical mystique out of the sampling process. It promotes both statistical and non-
statistical sampling and provides practical cases on when and how to use each. This course shows how
sampling can be a valuable tool that lets the auditor gather enough evidence to support conclusions.

The seminar will be held at the Rusty Pelican, 2425 Rocky Point Drive. Registration will begin at 8 a.m.
and the seminar will begin at 8:30 a.m. Bring a sweater or jacket as room temperature can vary.

IIA members not enrolled in the corporate/advance plan will be charged $125 per seminar and non-
members will be charged $150 per seminar. These prices include seminar admission and lunch. Please
contact Steve Cuppett at 813-974-2705 or stevec@admin.usf.edu to request an invoice, or if you have any
other questions about seminar prices.
Information on upcoming seminars is now available at the Chapter’s website at www.tampabayiia.org.
Don’t forget to RSVP in advance of each seminar, and for your added convenience we are now
offering on-line registration at our web-site location. You can also reserve space for one of our
seminars by contacting Betty Hankins at (813) 289-5018.

                Speakers Needed for Upcoming ISACA Seminars

The Florida West Coast ISACA chapter is looking for a few good speakers for our March 2002 seminar.
The seminar is scheduled for 2 days, and it is slated for ten topics (1.5 hour sessions) at the USF Tampa
Campus. Our members have expressed an interest in hearing about the following topics:

Fire Walls
System Implementation Project Management
Computer Forensics
Internet systems/services
Oracle Database
Auditing vs Consulting

The seminar dates are March 20th, 21st, and 22. Our four open time spots are Wednesday March 20th,
8:30-10 and 10:20-12. Thursday March 21st, 2:50-4:30 and Friday March 22nd, 10:20-12.

We are also looking for someone to speak at a meeting scheduled for July 2002. For the July seminar we
are targeting finding someone to speak on telecommunications.

For more information please call or email Mark R. Kolman at (813) 276-8100 ext. 7643 or

           IIA Privacy and Security Conference in February 2002
The Institute of Internal Auditors Privacy and Security Conference is coming to Orlando February 4-6.
This new conference will provide timely information on privacy and security in the workplace and offer
methods to mitigate risk in an ever-changing environment. Special Offer! As a Florida IIA chapter
member, receive $150 off the registration fee.

Here are just a few highlights of this year's Conference: Hear from experts and practitioners from
influential organizations such CitiGroup, Microsoft, New York Life, Prudential Financial, Checkfree, and
the Privacy Council. A wide-variety of sessions: Privacy rules from an audit perspective, protecting
against cyber attacks, the latest information on HIPAA compliance, online communication privacy,
performing security assessments and many more.
Don't miss this opportunity, register today! For complete information or to reg ister go to Privacy and Security
Conference at the IIA website: www.theiia.org

                       IIA FLORIDA WEST COAST CHAPTER
                            UPCOMING SEMINAR IN 2002
April 2, 2002              Rusty Pelican
8:30-5:00                  2425 Rocky Point Dr., Tampa

                           Service Level Management in Complex Networking
                           Ellen Hufnagel, Ph.D.

                           Ellen Hufnagel is a professor at University of South Florida. Her
                           presentation will introduce the topic of service level management, which is
                           an emerging discipline aimed at ensuring the availability of networked
                           applications and the quality of service.

                           Control Self Assessment
                           Ed Ettorre CISA, CCSA, CTM

                           Ed Ettorre is the IT Audit Manager at Raymond James and Associates,
                           Inc. Mr. Ettorre will compare control self-assessment and its practical
                           uses to traditional auditing.

Change of Address?
Changes in status or address must be made through the IIA Headquarters to appear in our Chapter’s
directory. Please make sure you communicate changes in employer, address, etc. to Donna Wiley at the
IIA Headquarters; 249 Maitland Avenue, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701-4201. Fax number 407-831-5171.

                                     Membership Matters Campaign
Don’t keep IIA membership benefits under your hat; let everyone know that IIA membership matters!

Strengthening our chapter programs, bolstering our leadership, and growing our organization all require that we pay
close attention to membership. As such, The IIA has developed a membership campaign called Membership Matters
and there are two easy ways to participate:
    1. Personally recruit new members; or
    2. Let the IIA do the recruiting for you by sending them information on potential members.
To sweeten the pot, The IIA has added some great incentives that you can win:
      An all-inclusive International Conference 2002 package
      An Omni Hotels and airfare package
      A Palm Pilot
      IIA products and services; and
      Bonus Bucks that may be redeemed for educational products and programs, and membership renewal.
As an added bonus, by participating in the campaign you could help our chapter win an IIA On-site Chapter Seminar
presented by an expert instructor! For complete details refer to the IIA Web site at www.theiia.org under
Membership, or pick up a brochure at the next chapter event.

Certified bank internal auditor with over 19 years auditing experience is seeking employment in a related
field. Accomplishments include managing the internal audit department of a $500 million community bank;
preparing and executing the bank's annual audit plan. Is experienced in supervising and performing audits
of various bank operational, lending and fiduciary functions using risk / control assessment techniques.
Desires an opportunity to utilize experience and skills in an internal audit or consulting role, preferably
within a financial organization, but will consider other offers. Resume, references, and salary
requirements are available upon request.
         Contact Gale Hibbard.
         Address: 4704 Ridge Point Drive, Tampa, Florida 33624.
         Phone: (813) 969-0381.
         E-Mail: LBHibbard@msn.com

                            IIA Florida West Coast Chapter Officers for 2001-2002

                                               Brian Makowski
                                             FCCI Insurance Group

                                                VP Education
                                              Mitch Thrower
                                    Hillsborough County Aviation Authority

                                               VP Communication
                                                Mary Ann Smith
                                                 TECO Energy

                                                Sherry Perkins

                                                 Steve Cuppett
                                           University of South Florida

                                         Board of Governors and Terms

                                               Nancy Harp (2004)
                                                Bank of America

                                              Melinda S heer (2004)

                                             Tom S tambaugh (2004)

                                            Wayne Boytim (2004)
                                               City of Tampa

                                             Tom Turke (2003)
                                              Seminole Electric

                                          S usan Glickman (2003)

                                           S usan McNeill (2003)
                                           Danka Business Systems

                                              Dan Pohto (2003)
                                  Hillsborough County Clerk of Circuit Court

                                            Cyndi S kipper (2002)
                                              M axxim M edical

                                           Randy J. Griffey (2002)
                                            AAA Auto Club South

                                            Mark Kohlman (2002)
                                  Hillsborough County Clerk of Circuit Court

                                           William R. Rotz (2002)
                                              Bank of America

                                         Kate Head, Past President
                                         University of South Florida

Published by the Florida West Coast Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors to keep members
informed of activities.

January, 2002
Volume 36, No. 3
Joy E. Hartman

Send all correspondence to:
Joy E. Hartman
AuditSCOPE - Editor
Bank of America
P.O. Box 31590
Tampa, FL 33631-3590
voice (813) 276-7634
fax (813) 276-7762

Don’t forget to RSVP for the February 5th Seminar: Register on-line at
www.tampabayiia.org or contact Betty Hankins @ (813) 289-5018!!

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