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									                                       Curriculum Vitae

                               MARK ANDRE ALEXANDER
                               (née Mark Andre Little to 1992)

                                     Breeze Productions
                           P.O. Box 620008, Woodside, CA 94062
                              w 650.365.1133 c 650.759.1271


B.A. in English, California State University, Sacramento, 1986

       Concentrations: Rhetoric, Shakespeare, Teaching Freshman Composition (3 semesters),
       Senior Editor, The Troubadour Literary Magazine
       Advisor: David Bell

No Degree, American River College, Sacramento, CA, 1980-1982
      Concentrations: Computer Programming (Assembly Language, COBOL, RPG III)

Facilitator Training, The Pacific Institute, Seattle, WA, 1992
        Investment in Excellence for the „90s (now Imagine 21)


Vice-President, Breeze Productions, 1995 to present
       – Consultant, Technical Writer, Presentations Developer, Videographer
       – Major clients: Hewlett Packard, PeopleSoft, Sun Microsystems, Ariba, Cisco,
          Crossworlds, SeeCommerce, SABA Software, Immersion Software, Garnett &
          Helfrich Capital, American Film Institute, AudioVisual Headquarters (AVHQ),
          Stedman Graham & Associates.

Shakespeare Lecture r, 1999 to present
      – The Shakespeare Fellowship Conference: “How Scholars Can Avoid Critical
         Blindspots” (2003, Carmel, CA)
      – The Edward De Vere Studies Conference: “25 Curious Connections Between
         Shakespeare and Oxford” (2002, Portland, OR)
      – Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University: “Shakespeare‟s
         Knowledge of Law” (2001, Cambridge, MA)
      – Mechanics‟ Institute Library: “Shakespeare‟s Law” (2000, San Francisco, CA)
      – The Shakespeare Oxford Society Conference: “Shakespeare, Sir George Greenwood,
         and the Law” (1999, Newton, MA)
Corporate Trainer, 1994
      Intel Corporation, Roseville, CA
      Courses: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Education Traine r, 1992
      California Commission on P.O.S.T. (Police Officers Standards and Training)
      Cal Poly Pomona
      Courses: Executive-Level Writing Skills

Education Traine r, 1992
      MTI Business College, Sacramento, CA
      Courses: Investment in Excellence in the „90s
      Trained facilitator for The Pacific Institute, Seattle, WA

Teacher, 1991-1992
      Lincoln Law School, Sacramento, CA
      Courses: Legal Writing

Teacher, 1988-1992
      MTI Business College, Sacramento, CA
      Courses: Business English, Business Writing, Career Preparation

Teaching Assistant, 1987-1988
      California State University, Sacramento
      Courses: Freshman Composition


       –   Alexander, Mark. (2001), Shakespeare’s Knowledge of Law: A Journey through the
           History of the Arguments (peer-reviewed article). The Oxfordian, IV, 59-102.
       –   Alexander, Mark. (Aug/Sept 2000) How to Catch Eyes at NAB. Exhibit Builde r
       –   Alexander, Mark. (Winter 2000), Shakespeare’s “Bad” Law. Shakespeare Oxford
       –   Alexander, Mark. (Aug/Sept 1999), Sony Conquers the Show: Playstation Towers
           Above the Competition. Trade Show & Exhibit Manager.
       –   Alexander, Mark. (Nov/Dec 1998) Upping the Ante in Las Vegas. Exhibit Builder
       –   Little, Mark, ed. (1986), The Troubadour (CSUS Literary Magazine).
       –   Little, Mark. (1983), At the Core (monthly column). Micro-Times.
       –   Little, Mark. (Feb 1982), Comin’ Up Short. Fourwheeler Magazine.
       –   Little, Mark. (Dec 1980), Securing Your Computer. inCider Magazine.

    –   Alexander, Mark and Chouet, Bernard. Fire and Ice: Real-Life Adventures of a
        Volcanologist (biography).
    –   Alexander, Mark. A novel now being shopped with literary agents.
    –   Alexander, Mark. Piano Pieces (CD of original piano music).


    –   PC (98, NT, 2000, XP) and Mac (system 9.x)
    –   Microsoft Office 97, 2000, 2002
    –   Adobe Photoshop 6.0
    –   Adobe Pagemaker 6.5
    –   Adobe Acrobat 5.0
    –   Macromedia Dreamweaver/Fireworks Studio 4.0
    –   Miscellaneous supporting programs and browsers


    –   The Underground Grammarian.
    –   The Shakespeare Law Library.
    –   The Shakespeare Authorship Sourcebook.
    –   Breeze Productions.


    –   The Spiritual Power of Music (4-hour multimedia presentation) 1993 to 2000
        Minneapolis, MN; Montreal, Canada; Los Angeles, CA; Palo Alto, CA; Laguna
        Beach, CA; Sacramento, CA.
    –   The Ecstatic Poetry of Rumi (2-hour writers workshop) 1997 to present
        Orlando, FL; Anaheim, CA; Montreal, Canada: Minneapolis, MN; San Francisco,
        CA; San Diego, CA.
    –   The Rhetoric of Shakespeare (2-hour writers workshop) 1995
        Anaheim, CA.


    –   Classical Music and Piano
    –   Greek and Roman Literature in Translation
    –   Literary Films and British Mysteries
    –   Philosophy and Religion

    –   Lori Bush
        SABA Software, Redwood Shores, CA

    –   David Elliott, Vice-President Operations
        SouthPacificImage, Riverside, CA

    –   Kelly Richards, President
        Brainstorm Marketing, Cupertino, CA

    –   Fernando Chavez
        Expressive Designs, Redwood City, CA

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