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					                      General Scholarships

1. Emory University is looking for exceptional students for the prestigious
   Emory Scholar awards. This scholarship spans four years of
   undergraduate study and ranges from two-thirds tuition to full tuition,
   room, board, and fees. You need good test scores and a high GPA. If
   selected as a finalist, Emory University will fly you out to Atlanta, Georgia
   for your interview.

2. If you are majoring in business, the Goizueta Business School Scholars
   program at Emory University is also looking for you. GCCISD is able to
   nominate one elite student, so talk to your counselor and see if you are
   that student. For more information go to .

3. New York University Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and
   Human Development Future Educators Scholarship program is looking
   for students interested in earning a degree in Education. Numerous
   scholarships will be offered on award merit and need-based, ranging from
   $1,000 to $15,000 annually to selected students who are offered
   admission to one of the teacher education curricula that lead to
   certification in early childhood, childhood, or secondary level. See your
   counselor to be nominated and invited to the open house program.

4. The Horatio Alger Association awards more that $12 million in college
   scholarships and grants. The mission of the association is providing
   financial assistance to students throughout the nation who have financial
   need and have exhibited integrity and perseverance overcoming personal
   adversity. Scholarships are awarded to deserving seniors each year and
   range from $2,500 to $20,000. To apply, you must go online at and fill out the application and provide
   needed documentation.

5. The National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP)
   and Herff Jones, Inc. are cosponsoring a scholarship based on
   leadership skills, participation in service organizations and clubs,
   achievements in the arts and sciences, employment experience, and
   academic record. By recognizing leadership in co curricular activities as
   well as academic performance, the award values the importance of a well-
   rounded education.

6. State Farm Texas Scholar Athlete Program is looking for high school
   seniors who demonstrate a commitment to excellence in the classroom, in
   sporting competitions, and in their schools and communities. State Farm
   is giving away 50 scholarships, worth $1,000 each. The senior must be
   currently active in at least one Varsity high school sport, maintain a B+
   average, and display leadership and good citizenship on and off the field.
   See your counselor to be nominated for this scholarship.

7. If the Navy is what you are looking for – here is your chance to qualify for
   the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) scholarship. The
   NROTC scholarship is a four-year scholarship worth up to $180,000
   covering full tuition, books, fees, uniforms and a monthly stipend of $300.
   After college, the student enters the Navy as a commissioned officer in
   occupations such as Engineering Pilot, Naval Flight Officer or Surface
   Warfare Officer. Students must be in the top 20% of their class, no
   convictions involving alcohol, and you need to have taken the SAT or
   ACT. See your counselor for more details.

8. Al’s Formal Wear is offering two $2,500 scholarships. Your must go by
   your local Al’s Formal Wear and ask for an application. Pick up a flyer
   with these instructions and explaining how to earn your prom tux for free.

9. Do you have lots of community service hours? Then The Prudential
   Spirit of Community Awards is looking for you. Any high school student
   is able to apply – just go to and fill out the
   application, print it, sign it, and have a parent sign it, then give it to your
   counselor and you could be on your way to Washington, D.C.

10. Attention junior and senior class and government leaders – The United
   States Senate Youth Leadership Program is looking for two students to
   represent Texas in a Youth Forum in Washington, D.C. If you are a leader
   in your class, student government, or civic group, go to and fill out the

11. The Abe and Annie Seibel Foundation is offering approximately 800
   interest-free students loans up to $6,000 per year for qualifying students
   and parents. Your may contact the foundation by phone or mail to get
   details, at PO Box 8210 Galveston, TX 77553-8210 or 409-770-5665.
   This is a great deal – so get on it!

12. Do you have a keen sense of style? Then here is the scholarship for you
   – The Art Institute’s Passion for Fashion Scholarship at . You must follow the guidelines
   and create your own design or fashion marketing idea. This is the time to
   show your creativity.

13. Do you aspire to be the next Emeril? Here is your chance – the Art
   Institute and the Food Network is teaming up to sponsor a scholarship
   to find the “best teen chef”. Go to to get all the
14. Have you done some special project or service? Then the AXA
   Achievement Scholarship Program is looking for you. All you have to
   do is explain your project and get the documentation and send it in.
   Details are at or you may pick up applications
   in the counselor’s office.

15. Are you interested in Engineering? Then how about Lamar University?
   The College of Engineering has many scholarships available. Go to to check out the program and print off an
   application, or you may pick one up in the counselor’s office.

16. Are you an outstanding student? Lamar University is looking for
   exceptional students to be a Mirabeau Scholar. You will receive four full
   years of schooling paid, but you must be one of the top and willing to show
   Lamar University you are willing to make them proud. Go to continue to
   the page that tells you how to apply and get started.

17. St. Edward’s University in Austin might be the perfect fit for you. They
   are offering a number of scholarships based on SAT and class rank. To
   see the full list go to . Ten
   students are chosen every year to have paid tuition.

18. Here is a college match-up data base that is free to use and might be
   helpful tool to select your college dream school. Go to and while there, click on the $1,000 opportunity to
   win a random scholarship.

19. Are you one of those special students who have a business, and at least
   one employee? Then the McKelvey Foundation wants to reward you with
   up to $10,000 a year. Go to and click on
   scholarship to start your process.

20. Are you one of the truly exceptional students? The ELKS National
   Foundation 2010 Most Valuable Student Scholarship open for you, if
   you are a citizen. It consists of a very detailed application process, and
   you must have been involved in many organization, leadership roles,
   community service, and possibly athletics. You will also have to show
   financial need. There are only a few applications, so see your counselor,
   if you fit the criteria.

21. Thinking of the University of Tampa? And, you are a good writer? Here
   is your chance to earn up to $2,500 a year. Just be an incoming
   freshmen, and show you have what it takes to be on one of the literary
   works on campus, and you may have it. Go to
   and check it out.

22. Are you going into the field of medicine? The Texas A&M Health
   Science Center has early admission policies and direst lines to get
   accepted into some of the elite programs. Go to and get all the
   details for your future.

23. The Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union Scholarship is open
   to any member or member’s dependent who is a senior. If you aren’t a
   member, simply open a $10 savings account and start that application.
   GCEFCU is offering three scholarships – one to a student with any major,
   and two to students majoring in education. Pick up your application in
   the counselor’s office. Check application for minimum SAT and ACT

24. Johnson and Wales University is a hundred year old institution with four
   national campuses. There are many scholarship and academic merit
   scholarships available. Go to and click on future students
   and financial aid to see the option.

25. The University of Texas at San Antonio is offering twenty Presidential
   Honors Scholarships to students who are in the top 20% of their
   graduating class and have a minimum of 1100 on the SAT, or 24 on the
   ACT. Students must be admitted to UTSA and then apply for this
   scholarship. Find details and applications at .

26. Why just go to UTSA when you could go as one of the Terry Scholars?
   The University of Texas at San Antonio is offering the Terry
   Scholarships, based on financial need and academic excellence. For a
   list of all the qualifications and application, go to and get started on the lengthy process.

27. Are you looking to go east? Then Boston University may be the one for
   you. BU is offering prestigious merit scholarships, such as the Trustee
   Scholarship, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship, and the Alexander
   Graham Bell and School of Education Presidential Scholarships. You
   must be an outstanding student and committed leader, and must use your
   time wisely and apply at .

28. Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas is awarding four Hays Memorial
   Scholarships to deserving in coming freshmen. The students must have a
   high GPA, taking college prep classes, and score a minimum SAT total of
   1410. GCCISD must nominate you. If you are interested in Hendrix
   College and the Hays Memorial Scholarship, please see your counselor.
   Check out Hendrix College at

29. The University of Virginia is taking one nomination from GCCISD for an
   exceptional student who would like to be a Jefferson Scholar. This
   program is looking for the excellent student who wants to give back and
   yet, still experience the college life to the fullest. Go to to see all the benefits and opportunities that
   come with being a Jefferson Scholar. See your counselor to discuss your
   qualifications and nomination status.

30. Art majors here is your scholarship. The Goss-Michael Foundation is
   offering a $5,000 scholarship for any student pursuing a degree in visual
   arts/fine arts. You must have 10 works of art to enter and write an essay.
   Your work will be exhibited in the Goss-Michael Foundation and will be
   printed in the Foundation website and monthly newsletter. Pick up your
   application in the counselor’s office.

31. Would you like a free trip to Los Angeles? Nestle’s The Very Best in
   Youth program is offering students the opportunity to be honored in L.A.
   and have $1,000 donated to their favorite charity. The student must have
   demonstrated outstanding community service or dedication. Go to and get all the details.

32. The ELKS Lodge is offering lots of great scholarship opportunities. Go to and find the one that fits you!

33. Getting a job and working while in college can be a good deal – especially
   if you have the Cooperative Education Scholarship being offered at ten
   universities nation wide. These are renewable scholarships. You must
   have already been accepted to the college where you want to receive the
   scholarship. Go to for more information.

34. Angelo State University is accepting applications for the Carr
   Academic Scholarship Program. You can visit their web site at and find where to write for an application.

35. Would Oral Roberts University be a good fit for you? Then you might
   be interested in the Whole Person Scholarship Competition that will
   award from $2,500 to 100% tuition. Go to and
   find out all the details. GCCISD can nominate any one interested, so see
   your counselor.

36. wants to help you find that scholarship out
   there just for you. One being offered is the “Top Ten List” where 5
   students will be selected to receive $1000. Go to and enter online. Any high school
   student may apply, so get on it.

37. Do you aspire to go to the Air Force Academy? The opportunities are
   endless once you graduate from the academy. The scholarship is worth
   approximately $400,000 over four years. You may start applying after
   January 31st of your junior year, BUT seniors must apply BEFORE
   January 31st. To discover all the requirements and benefits, go to

38. The University of Houston is offering the Terry Scholarship to any
   outstanding student who can demonstrate they have the extra-special
   something to make them a Terry Scholar. You must have good grades,
   have a record of leadership and community service, and have financial
   need. Get started now, because the process is long, but very worthwhile.
   Go to for more

39. The Bay Area Chapter of Texas Society of Professional Engineers is
   giving a scholarship for students going into engineering. The application
   can be found in the counselor’s office and has seven sections to fill out.

40. The Ronald McDonald House Charities has released the RMHC/Asia
   Scholarship Program opened to senior students who have at least one
   parent of Asian-Pacific heritage. Pick up the application in the counselor’s
   office. For more details go to

41. The Ronald McDonald House is supporting the RMHC/HACER
   Scholarship open to any senior student who has at least one parent of
   Hispanic heritage. The application is in the counselor’s office or you may
   go on line at and print a copy.

42. The Ronald McDonald House is offering the RMHC/Scholars
   scholarship for any senior student less than 21 years old. Pick up the
   application in the counselor’s office or go to .

43. The George and Mary Hamman Foundation is offering seventy (70)
   $15,000 scholarships to high school seniors. The scholarships are
   awarded based on financial need and academic achievement and the
   student must be a US citizen. Students must have already taken the SAT
   and have a minimum score of 900 on Critical Reading and Math. The
   application is lengthy and detailed on your family income, so get your
   parents involved and get started now. Go to
   to download an application, or you may pick one up in the counselor’s
   office. Please read the instructions – they are very precise and important
   to follow.
44. Wondering how to pay for college? Have you considered the ArmyROTC
   Program? They will pay for four full years of tuition and fees, and give
   you a stipend for living expenses and books. Upon graduation, you will
   become and officer and then will begin four years of active duty or eight
   years of the reserves. This program is being offered at Sam Houston
   State University, Texas State University, Stephen F. Austin University and
   many more. To see all the details go to
   See your counselor for more details and how to use this program to attend
   Texas A&M University.

45. Junior Ladies, here is a scholarship just for you. The Executive Women
   International Scholarship Program (EWISP) is awarding scholarships to
   juniors who want to pursue a degree in business or a similar professional
   field. You must have a high GPA and be active in many extracurricular
   activities. GCCISD may only nominate one student, so if you think this
   profile fits you, please see your counselor.

46. Attention Juniors! Here is a scholarship just for you! The Linda Lorelle
   Scholarship is open to any student with a financial need and
   demonstrates the ability to overcome unusual or difficult circumstances.
   Go to to download the application.

47. Junior and senior ladies, here is another one. The Zonta Club of
   Houston is awarding a $1,000 scholarship to a deserving student who
   demonstrates an active commitment to volunteerism and has volunteer
   leadership achievements. You may pick up an application in the
   counselor’s office. There are five essays to complete. Go to to read more about this organization.

48. The National Wild Turkey Federation is offering a scholarship to any
   student hunter who can put in words why they hunt and how conservation
   is important to the hunter. You must have THREE references and write
   two essays.

49. Ladies here is another one for you – any senior girl planning on going
   into the science or engineering field is welcome to apply for the
   Freshman Scholarship sponsored by Society of Women Engineers-
   Houston Area Section Scholarship. You must have a resume. Pick up
   the application in the counselor’s office.

50. The Society of Women Engineers – Houston Area Section is also
   offering a First Scholarship for any senior girl going into the engineering
   field. The award would be a one time $1,000 payment. Pick up your
   application in the counselor’s office.
51. Attention minority ladies in the 9th – 11th grade – The Society of Women
   Engineers is offering a chance to attend the Advance Space Academy
   (space camp) free, including transportation. You must have participated in
   the Science Fair on your local school level. Pick up your application in the
   counselor’s office.

52. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Metropolitan Scholarship is
   finally here. Students must be in the first quarter (top 25%) of the
   graduating class, must have taken the SAT or ACT and meet minimum
   requirements. The application is very detailed, but worth the effort – a
   $15,000 scholarship is the prize. You may go to
   to download an application or pick on up in the counselor’s office.

53. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Opportunity Scholarship is
   open. They are giving away one hundred $15,000 scholarships. Forty-
   four will be given to Houston ISD students, but the other fifty-six are to any
   student from any local school – and that should be you! You must be in
   the upper half of the senior class and you must have taken the SAT or
   ACT. There are lots of requirements. Pick up the application in the
   counselor’s office or you may go to for all the

54. Do you want to go to Lamar University and major in business? Then
   here is the scholarship for you. The C.W. Conn, Sr. Memorial
   Scholarship is for freshmen seeking a four-year degree in business,
   students seeking a degree in Marketing will be given special
   consideration. GCCISD may only nominate three students, so see your
   counselor if this is for you. The award is a $1,000 stipend per year.

55. The Houston Endowment Inc. has been awarding Jesse H. and Mary
   Gibbs Jones Scholarships to seniors since 1958. They will be giving six
   (6) scholarships to GCCISD students. The award amounts are $16,000 to
   be given out over a four year period. Applications can be found in the
   counselor’s office. You MUST include the FAFSA forecaster attachment,
   so get going.

56. Students grades 9 – 12 the Best Buy @ 15 Scholarship Program is
   offering 1000 scholarships valued at $1,500 each. Go to and apply online.

57. The John Garrison Scholarship Award is being offered by Shell
   Federal Credit Union. Students must be seniors and be members of the
   Shell Credit Union. If you aren’t you can open a savings account for only
   $5. Pick up the application in the counselor’s office.
58. Are you a “PRE” student? You know, pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-
   pharmacy, pre-podiatry, pre-veterinarian, or pre-optometry. The Lamar
   University wants to give you a scholarship if you have a SAT score or
   1000 or better (2 parts) and/or you are in the top 20% of your class. The
   application is in the counselor’s office.

59. USA (United Space Alliance)/MAES (Society of Mexican American
   Engineers/Scientist) STEM (science, technology, engineering, and
   mathematics) Scholarship is offering 10 scholarships of $2,500 to each
   student going to into the STEM fields. Students must be of minority
   heritage and be a well-rounded student with good grades and have taken
   the SAT. Pick up the application in the counselor’s office.

60. Are you wanting to go into law? Here is the scholarship for you. The
   Vinson & Elkins L.L.P. Scholarship Foundation is offering $10,000 to
   minority students who at in the top 20% of their class and have a
   combined SAT score of 1650, and can demonstrate financial need. Pick
   up applications in the counselor’s office.

61. CAT Lift Trucks will award two $5000 scholarships to outstanding
   students from a school within Harris, Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend,
   Galveston, Liberty, Montgomery or Walker counties who will attend a
   school of higher learning to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering or
   a business-related field. You can pick up and application in the
   counselor’s office, or go online at

62. The Charles, Lela and Mary Slough Foundation Scholarship is open
   to senior students who are U.S. citizens and have a good GPA. The
   award is $5000 a year, up to 5 years. You may pick the application up in
   the counselor’s office, or go to to print a copy. You
   must include a page from the FAFSA, so read the instructions carefully.

63. The Joy & Hope Scholarship is looking for students who have lost a
   parent or sibling, and still gives back to the community with service. Pick
   your application up in the counselor’s office. You must write 3 essays and
   have 2 recommendation letters.

64. The Healthcare and Nursing Education Foundation is offering
   scholarships to students pursuing a nursing degree whose family makes
   less than $50,000 per year. Students must be attending one of these area
   schools with nursing programs: Houston Baptist University, Prairie View
   A&M University, Texas Women’s University, University of Texas Health
   Science Center Houston, or University of Texas Medical Branch. This
   could be a renewable scholarship. Pick up the detailed application in the
   counselor’s office.
65. If you are planning on a career in music education or vocal
   performance here is your scholarship. The Bay Area Chorus is offering 2
   - $1,000 scholarships to qualifying senior students. You must write an
   essay and get your choir director to send in an evaluation, then finish your
   application and wait for an audition. Pick up the forms in the counselor’s

66. The Society of Professional Women in Petroleum (SPWP) is offering
   scholarships for full tuition and fees to qualifying women who can fill out
   the application correctly. You MAY NOT write this application, but must
   type it and send it by email to the address given. Go to
   and get started. SPWP gave 15 scholarships last year.

67. Coca-Cola is offering the Share the Dream essay contest to any high
   school student, grades 9 – 12. The prompt is, “Change is inevitable.
   How will it impact you? More importantly, how will you impact change?” If
   you are a snappy writer and know how to answer that question, then here
   is your contest. The prize is up to $2,500 and a personal computer, but 20
   students will receive $500. So, pick up a pen…

68. The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Houston is offering a scholarship for
   Vocal Study in the amount of $1,600 to senior high school student or to a
   full-time college student. Students applying must be serious vocal
   students with a B average, or above. You may pick up an application in
   the counselor’s office.

69. The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Houston is offering an internship and
   scholarship in technical theater for $1,600 to a student who loves the
   theater. This student MUST work on the Pirates of Penzance at the
   Wortham Center and be available for assigned practices. Pick up the
   applications in the counselor’s office.

70. The Texas Department of Transportation is offering scholarships up to
   $6,000 per year to any one wanting to go into civil engineering,
   computer science, management information systems or computer
   information systems and then promise to work a number of years for TX-
   DOT. See your counselor for an information packet and application. Go
   to for more information about TX-DOT.

71. The Tzu Chi Foundation is offering a number of $1,000 scholarships to
   good students who have a great financial need and have endured
   hardships and still are achieving. Go to and find out
   more about this society.
72. If you are of Vietnamese heritage then the Vietnamese American
   Scholarship Foundation would like you to apply for four separate
   scholarships for seniors. Each scholarship has unique eligibility criteria,
   but all share a common application process. You may go to and apply online, or you may
   pick up a paper copy in the counselor’s office.

73. The Alpha Delta Kappa Fraternity (ADK) is offering a scholarship to a
   senior lady who is pursuing and education major. Applications are in the
   counselor’s office.

74. Kohl’s Department Store has given away millions of dollars to deserving
   students who give to their community. You must be nominated by
   someone and it must be for a community service above and beyond the
   norm. Nominations are made on line at

75. Are you going to Sam Houston State University? Do you want to major in
   Business, but your finances are keeping your dreams from coming true?
   Then see your counselor about a great opportunity.

76. The State of Texas is looking for a few good leaders. The Texas
   Lyceum Scholarship program is looking for the next generation of
   outstanding leaders. Go to and
   check out the process to apply if this is your calling.

77. Are you a college bound special education student? Then Houston
   Mayor’s Committee for Employment of People with Disabilities the
   scholarship for you. There is LOTS of paper work and certifications to be
   completed, but you can do it. Pick up the form in the counselor’s office.

78. The Women’s Fund is offering two $1,000 scholarships to anyone who
   can properly answer the prompt, “How does being an advocate for your
   health and living a healthy lifestyle help you achieve your future personal
   and professional goals?” Pick up a form explaining the details and mail it
   off yourself.

79. The Propeller Club of Houston of the United States, Port of Houston
   is offering a $2,000 scholarship to be awarded to a GCCISD senior whose
   family is employed in the industry directly related to the Port of Houston
   activity. This would include the chemical refineries and other similar
   businesses around the area who contribute to the economy that feeds the
   Port of Houston. Pick up your application in the counselor’s office.

80. Accepted to Texas A&M? GCCISD senior male? Then here is help from
   the Delta Chi Fraternity. They are offering two $500 scholarships to men
   going to A&M and have a good record of grades and involvement during
   high school. Pick up an application in the counselor’s office, or go to and click on Chapter News and download a copy.

81. Junior and Senior ladies, here is an opportunity that doesn’t happen every
   day. The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) is
   partnering with GCCISD to offer up to 24 girls the opportunity to learn in a
   FREE hands-on summer day camp that teach basic construction skills.
   See your counselor for a form to fill out. Hurry this class will fill up quickly.

82. The Zeta Omega Chapter of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society
   International is offering a $600 scholarship to an individual interested in
   the field of education or a related field. You must be a senior and will be
   enrolled in a college program in the fall. Pick up the application in the
   counselor’s office.

83. Are you attending the University of Houston? Then, here is a scholarship
   for you. The Omega Delta Phi Fraternity is a service social fraternity and
   they are giving $500 to a male and female for help with books. You must
   have a 3.0 GPA on a 4 point scale and you must include a typed two page
   essay telling your motivation for higher education. Pick up your
   application in the counselor’s office.

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