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									                                                         Grade 7 Math Web Resources

Website URL                                                           Description                                                      Teacher site: worksheets, seasonal work                                                    Teacher site: make worksheets/track grades                                                           Teacher site: lessons and activities                                                       Teacher and student tutorial for major textbooks.                                    Teacher site. Loads of great lessons grades K-12.                                                     Basic facts drill and practice                                                      K-8 (difficulty levels) review and games – fun                                                      Story Problems K-8 (difficulty levels). Includes worksheets                                           Leveled short challenge problems.                                            Grades 2-8 drill.
www.coolmath4kids                                                     Grades K-12 Games, explanations, parent and teacher section.                                    Online or printable lessons.                                                 Teacher site. Grades K-12 Online quizzes, printable worksheets.
                                                                      FANTASTIC games and print offs!!                            H.S. subjects and difficulty levels.
                                                                      Links to proficiency
                                                                      Message board
                                                                      **A bit dry.                                               Grades 6-12. Activities with worksheets
                                                                      Applets are good.
                                                                      **30 day free trial. Then requires subscription.                 Viking Treasure Chest          Websites oraganized by indicators
                                                                      Activities/ websites sources for each indicator                        Interactive math computer applications                Activities/worksheets

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