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									University of Glasgow
MILEAGE CLAIM FORM - for bicycle and motorcycle use GENERAL DETAILS
Forename Pay No. Dept No. Surname Department name Type of transport Cycle Element 6065 Rate 20p per mile


If there is insufficient space on the form please attach and number additioinal forms. Failure to do supply sufficient details will result in payment being delayed.

What journeys are allowable? Travel between an employees permanent workplace. ii) Travel between temporary workplaces. iii) Emergency call outs (expenses taxable) iv) Travel between Permanent workplaces of the same employment. v) Travel between an employees home and a temporary workplace (so long as the journey cannot be regarded as substantially ordinary commuting I.e. a journey that is not significantly different to the employees normal commuting.

What journeys are not allowable? i) Home to permanent place of work (ordinary commuting) ii) Substantially ordinary commuting iii) Journeys made for private rather than work purposes. iv) Journeys made to any other place where an employee performs the duties of another job.

Please refer to Section 5.4 of the Finance Office Handbook for more information about allowable and non-allowable travel expenses claims.

Date of Journey

Description of Journeys - Include Start & Finish Points

Total Business Mileage

Budget Centre Account:


I certify that this claim is to reimburse expenditure actually and necessarily incurred by me on behalf of the University of Glasgow and this claim has not been and will not be met by any other outside agency. In claims for motor cycle mileage I certify that I hold a valid driving license and the vehicle is insured for business use.

Signature of Claimant

Authorised Signatory*


Authorised Signatory Pay No.

* Authorised in accordance with Section 5.2, of the Expense Procedure Section of the Finance Office Handbook.


12th August 2005

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