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   Florida Association of State Troopers
                                                                                                  Volume 19 Issue 7
                                                                                                          July 2006

 2006 Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary
         Training Conference
                                     Members of the           cluded legislative session and the changing of the guard
                                 Florida Highway Pa-          that will take place in the Florida House and Senate for
                                 trol Auxiliary were          the 2007 Session. He pledged his support for trooper
                                 treated to another en-       issues and praised FAST and the Department for bring-
                                 tertaining and profes-       ing those issues to the attention of lawmakers.
                                 sionally run training          Congressman McCollum spoke of his admiration for
                                 conference during            the Florida Highway Patrol and characterized troopers
                                 their annual conven-         as the front line of defense for homeland security. He
                                 tion in Orlando.             told the assembly that as attorney general he would do
                                    The Rosen Centre          everything in his power to make sure the patrol was
                                 Hotel once again             adequately staffed and funded. He noted the importance
   FAST Chairman Mike Kirby      hosted the three day         of the attorney general post and reminded the audience
  congratulates Harold Goff for  event with mandatory         that the Florida Cabinet
 50-years of service to the FHPA training classes culmi-      oversees the agencies that        Contents
nating in a Saturday evening awards banquet.                  make up Florida's state           Short-takes.........2
  The opening ceremony and general assembly kicked            government - including            Auxiliary Awards.......3
off the conference on Friday morning with FHP Colonel         DHSMV and the Florida             Quid Pro Quo..........4
Chris Knight introducing two surprise guest speakers:         Highway Patrol.                   High Court Ruling.....5
Florida Highway Patrol House Caucus Chairman and                  FAST Chairman Mike            Cycle Deaths Up....5
State Representative Bob Allen (R-Merritt Island), and        Kirby then took the podium        For Your Health......6
former congressman - and current Florida attorney gen-        and presented FHPA Major          FAST Partners.......6
eral candidate - Bill McCollum.                               Harold Goff with the              Active Duty...........7
   Representative Allen spoke about the recently con-                       See page 3

    What is Wrong with this Man?
    Is someone tickling him? Does a sprinkle a day really keep odor
  away? Did he win the Florida lottery? Well, maybe not the Florida
  lottery, but a lottery all the same.
    Troop F Auxiliary Trooper Andy Ehrhart was the lucky grand prize
  winner of a 20-inch, flat panel, liquid crystal digital television (LCD)
  raffled off by FAST. His joyous laughter - it was said - was heard far
  beyond the confines of the beautiful Rosen Centre Hotel.
     Other winners included Billy Exum (Troop C), Jerry Elton (Troop
  D), Carl Holbrook (Troop L) and Jim Kipple, also of Troop L.
    Congratulations to all of our auxiliary troopers from all of us at FAST!
Seminole County deputies are testing a camera and computer system that scans license tags to look for stolen
cars and outstanding warrants. The system operates from cameras mounted to deputies' cars. An image is taken
of the plate and then sent to a computer that reads the plate and cross references the tag number against 64
separate databases. The system can check hundreds of tags per hour. "When normally a stolen car would drive
by because a deputy is focused on other issues, it will now be captured," said Lieutenant Pete Kelting, spokesman
for the Seminole County Sheriff's Office. "The system compares the tag against our databases and alerts the
deputy of the stolen car." The department believes the system will help deputies catch more criminals and assist
during Amber Alerts. Similar programs are currently in use in California and Ohio.
Police in Lithuania were so astonished by breathalyzer readings on a truck driver they pulled over they thought
their testing device was broken. It wasn't. Police said 41-year-old Vidmantas Sungaila registered 7.27 grams per
liter of alcohol in his blood repeatedly on different devices after he was pulled over for driving his truck down the
center of a two-lane highway. Lithuania's legal limit is 0.4 grams per liter. In U.S. terms, Sungaila's blood alcohol
level was 0.727%. "This guy should have been lying dead, but he was still driving. It must be an unofficial national
record," said Saulisu Skvernelis, director of the national police traffic control service. Medical experts say anything
above 3.5 grams per liter of alcohol in the blood is lethal for most people. Sungaila was fined 3,000 litas ($1,100
U.S.) and the loss of his license for up to three years. He told police he had been drinking the night before and had
tried to freshen up by downing a pint of beer for breakfast. "He was high on spirits and grinning the whole time he
was questioned," Shvernelis said.
Two more patrol cars struck... On June 11, 2006, Trooper Lazaro Castano was working a crash on the shoulder of
the eastbound lanes of the Florida Turnpike Extension in North Miami-Dade when a car rounded the curve and
struck his patrol car. Castano was not injured in the accident. Two days earlier, on June 9th, Trooper Douglas
Maliszewski was pulled over at a crash scene on the southbound entrance ramp to Interstate 595 from the Turnpike
when a Dodge Durango slammed into the driver's side of his marked unit. Maliszewski was not in his patrol car at
the time. Once again, we say a little prayer and give thanks. Move Over people!
The Jacksonville 200 Club recently recognized four members of the Florida Highway Patrol for performance
above and beyond the call of duty. Troopers Jeffrey Hattle and Stanley Petty, and Sergeants Jeff Gay and Harry
Fouraker were honored for their role in capturing a suspect who was wanted in conjunction with murders in
Tennessee and Florida. The drama began after Trooper Hattle pulled over a Camaro for speeding on Interstate 10
near the I-295 Interchange. As Hattle was writing 27-year-old Melissa Ferris a ticket, she suddenly took off. Ferris
sped south onto I-95 while pointing a gun at the head of her passenger, 38-year-old Jeffrey Opp. The pursuit came
to an end ten miles later when Ferris stopped the vehicle and killed Opp. She then threatened to kill herself, but
eventually surrendered after troopers surrounded her. Congratulations and great job!
A total of 37 people died in traffic crashes across the state during the three day Memorial Day weekend. The
number of fatalities fell from 2005 when 44 people died. Statewide, the Florida Highway Patrol also handled 1,556
crashes during the long holiday weekend that heralds the beginning of summer.

                                                         FAST Executive Board                                           Troop Directors
                                                         J. Mike Kirby, Chairman                                        Troop A - Donna Stewart
                                                         Michael Grissom, Vice-Chairman                                 Troop B - Kin Weaver
                                                                                                                        Troop C - Harold Frear
                                                         Walter Liddell, Jr., Secretary
                                                                                                                        Troop D - Chris Blackmon
                                                         Dan Hinton, Treasurer                                          Troop E - Tom Reilly
                                                                                                                        Troop F - Bernard McPherson
                                                         Executive Director - Tommy Owens                               Troop G - Felisicia Hinton
                                                                                                                        Troop H - Harland Drawdy
         1986-2006                                        Web Address -
                                                                                                                        Troop L - Herb Price
   "We Are Florida's Troopers!"                           Email -
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2 - July 2006/FAST Forward
Auxiliary continued
Association's "Diamond Award" recognizing Goff for 50 years of service to the FHPA and the Florida Highway
   At the conclusion of the assembly, members broke off and began the two full days of training. Classes
included instruction on domestic violence, weapons of mass destruction, juvenile sex offenders, fraud id,
traffic stops and computer and NCIC/FCIC training.
   On Saturday evening, members attended the awards banquet celebrating the accomplishments of the
Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary and its members during 2005.
  Congratulations to all the members of the FHPA and thank you for the work you do for the men and women
of the of the Florida Highway Patrol and the citizens of the great state of Florida!

   Top 10 LSP Activity:                                      Best Troop - Highest Activity:
   Ruben Moore        1476                                   Troop D
   Wayne Meltzer      1160                                   Major Jeff Peeler
   Eugene Lebrenz     1054                                   Troop Commander Cyrus Brown
   Errol Houk           831                                  Average 745.2 hours per member
   Isiah Young          783
   Harvey Simmons       757                                  Best Unit:
   Manuel Drake         694                                  Deland
   Jack Ginther         690                                  Unit Commander Lamar "Smitty" Smith
   Jim Porter           683                                  Unit Instructor David Ikeguchi
   Steven Weich         675                                  Average 643.8 hours per member

   Top 10 Patrol Activity:
   Michael Warren      1788                                  Fulford Award Nominees:
   Morris Carter       1714                                  A/Panama City - Corporal Ray Bailey
   Frank Benz, Jr.     1181                                  B/Gainesville - Lt. Mike Burroughs
   Fred Delgaudio      1085                                  D/Deland - Trooper David Ikeguchi
   Timothy Lundy        983                                  E/Miami - Trooper Luis Tejera
   Francis Mazelin      934                                  H/Wakulla - Corporal Ed Creel
   Anthony Potts        929                                  K/Orlando - Corporal Eugene Brewer
   Phillip Walzak       798
   Barry Goldberg       778                                  2005 Fulford Award Winner:
   Jerry Swartz         777                                  E/Miami - Trooper Luis Tejera

   Top 10 Total Activity:
   Donald Severance 2511                                     Trooper of the Year Nominees:
   James Porter        2158                                  A/Escambia - Major Emeritus Harold Goff
   Michael Warren      2004                                  F/Venice - Captain Wade Osborn
   Sonny Carter        1918                                  E/Miami - Lieutenant Manuel Drake
   Pat Bradley         1699                                  H/Leon - Captain Gerry Mingledorf
   Isiah Young         1638                                  L/Lantana - Trooper Bradley Havrilla
   Reuben Moore        1586
   Eugene Lebrenz      1580                                  2005 Trooper of the Year:
   Wayne Meltzer       1568                                  F/Venice Captain Wade Osborn
   Fred DelGaudio      1566

                                                                                FAST Forward/July 2006 - 3
   Florida Legislature: Quid Pro Quo
Audit Criticizes State's Election Readiness
 A state auditor general reported to Governor Bush and the secretary of state's office that Florida has not adequately
addressed voting procedural concerns that could lead to a repeat of the 2000 presidential election fiasco.
  The report listed a dozen findings of problems with Florida's efforts to comply with the federal Help America Vote
Act. Among the problems cited: improving the way the state identifies duplicate voters; tracking the types of voting
machines used in each county; and improving the state's voter registration system to ensure its security, uniformity
and integrity.
  "This was an audit the department asked for to get a roadmap to make sure we are in compliance," Governor
Bush said. "On election day we will be in compliance."
   The review also found that the secretary of state's office lacked adequate procedures and documentation to
certify that $524,787.63 in federal money was being spent solely on the federal voting program, as required.
  "We have many of the procedures in place and others we are working on in response to the auditor general,"
said state elections supervisor Dawn Roberts. She added that many of the problems had already been addressed
since the February 28 cutoff for the audit's observations.
 The 2000 Help America Vote Act dispersed several billion dollars to states to help update voting systems, streamline
registration and provide voter and poll worker education.
 Along with the 2000 recount that garnered worldwide attention and scrutiny, Florida suffered through embarrassing
elections again in 2002, in which a number of problems in Broward County led to removal of the county's supervisor
of elections as well as sanctions by the state.
                                                         Bush Signs Gun Bill(s) into Law
  The Florida NRA may not have been able to convince legislators to allow guns at work in 2006, but they did push
through a list of other gun-related legislation that was signed into law by Governor Bush.
   Bush penned six separate bills into law in a private ceremony, accompanied by Florida NRA President Marion
Hammer, and Hammer's 11-year-old granddaughter, Kayla.
   The most controversial new law creates a public records exemption for concealed weapons permits and also
makes rejected applications secret.
  Public records advocate Barbara Peterson of the Florida First Amendment Foundation said the exemption makes
a mockery of the constitutional right to access.
  Bush disagreed, noting the bill was inspired by a Florida television station that posted the names and addresses
of concealed weapons permit holders on its website. Bush said he "happily" signed the exemption.
   Other gun-related bills Bush signed into law will: require the state to set aside a minimum number of acres for
hunting; allow guns in national forests and state parks by repealing a current law and rule banning them; prohibit
the governor from ordering the seizure of firearms during a state of emergency or natural disaster; waiving the
expiration date for U.S. troops who are on active duty to renew their concealed weapons permit; and allow retailers
who sell hunting and fishing equipment to provide voter registration applications. The law also gives those seeking
licenses by phone or internet the opportunity to have a voter registration application mailed to them.

More Insurers Seeking Rate Hikes
  Five more companies that offer homeowner's insurance in Florida have requested double-digit rate increases.
One of the companies is asking for a 72% hike, while three of the companies are on their second rate increase
this year alone.
  Vanguard Fire & Casualty, which has 12,235 policies in South Florida, is asking regulators for increases ranging
from 72% to more than 90%. Vanguard said its 2006 reinsurance premium more than tripled.
   Reinsurance is insurance the insurers buy to cover a portion of the claims they face after a catastrophic event
such as a hurricane. Reinsurance is considered crucial because it helps insurers preserve the capital they need
to pay claims.
   The five companies join a long list of other insurers, including State Farm - the largest insurer in Florida - who
have asked for higher rates to cover reinsurance costs this year.
  It is not just homeowners feeling the pinch. Municipalities around the state have noted much higher rates for city
property coverage. That domino effect could eventually lead to not only higher insurance rates but higher taxes.
4 - July 2006/FAST Forward
                  High Court Backs Police in
                    No-Knock Search Case
   A sharply divided U.S. Supreme         reasonable searches.                      ruling, but
Court ruled that police armed with a        But Justice Antonin Scalia, writing     wrote to ex-
search warrant can barge into             for the majority, said Detroit police     plain that he
homes and seize evidence even if          acknowledged violating the rule but,      did not sup-
they don't knock.                         "Whether that preliminary misstep         port ending
  The 5-4 ruling signals a conserva-      occurred or not, the police would         the knock re-
tive shift and hinged on President        have executed the warrant they ob-        quirement. "It
Bush's new justices.                      tained, and would have discovered         bears repeat-
  The ruling stems from a 1998 case       the gun and drugs inside the house."      ing that it is a serious matter if law
in Detroit when police entered the          The case was originally argued in       enforcement officers violate the
unlocked home of Booker Hudson            January when Justice Sandra Day           sanctity of the home by ignoring the
without knocking.                         O'Conner was still on the bench, and      requisites of lawful entry," he said.
   Police had a warrant, but entered      she seemed to be ready to side with         The four dissenting judges blasted
three to five seconds after calling out   Hudson. "Is there no policy of pro-       the majority saying the decision
their presence. The court has previ-      tecting the home owner a little bit and   erases more than 90 years of Su-
ously endorsed longer waits of 15 to      the sanctity of the home from imme-       preme Court precedent.
20 seconds.                               diate entry," she asked.                     "It weakens, perhaps destroys,
  Hudson had a loaded gun next to            But O'Conner retired before the        much of the practical value of the
him and cocaine rocks in his pocket       case was decided, and a new argu-         Constitution's knock-and-announce
when he was arrested.                     ment was held this spring so new-         protection," Justice Stephen Breyer
    The four dissenting judges pre-       Bush appointee Alito could partici-       wrote for himself and Justices John
dicted police will now feel free to ig-   pate - apparently to break a 4-4 tie.     Paul Stevens, David Souter and Ruth
nore previous court rulings that of-         Four justices, including Alito and     Bader Ginsberg.
ficers with search warrants must          Roberts would have given prosecu-            Breyer said that while police de-
knock and announce themselves or          tors a more sweeping victory but did      partments can be sued, there is no
run afoul of the Fourth Amendment         not have the vote of Justice Anthony      evidence of anyone collecting money
of the Constitution which bans un-        Kennedy, who joined in most of the        in such cases.

      Motorcycle Fatalities Skyrocketing
            Since Helmet Repeal
  To nobody's great surprise motorcycle fatalities involv-      accident," Carroll said. "What causes most crashes is
ing riders without helmets have soared in the six years         cars. Usually, it's the car driver turning left at an inter-
since Governor Bush repealed Florida's mandatory hel-           section and causing an accident because they don't see
met law.                                                        us coming."
      Federal motorcycle crash statistics show                     Insurance providers and emergency care providers
"unhelmeted" deaths in Florida rose from 22 deaths in           see the debate another way.
1998 and 1999 - the years before the helmet law repeal            In Florida, motorcycle riders who do not wear helmets
- to 250 deaths in 2004, the most recent data available.        are required to carry a minimum of $10,000 in personal
   Total motorcycle deaths in the state increased 67%           injury protection insurance. That money is gone within
from 259 in 2000 to 432 in 2004.                                the first thirty minutes of treatment at a trauma center,
   Records also show a corresponding rise in the num-           physicians say.
ber of riders in Florida. Motorcycle registrations in Florida     "We used to call helmetless riders 'organ donors' be-
have increased 87% since Bush repealed the helmet               cause they break their head and not their body," said Dr.
law on July 1, 2000.                                            David Harbour, an emergency room physician at
   Merritt Island motorcyclist and helmet law opponent          Wuesthoff Medical Center in Rockledge. "You can actu-
Dave Carroll says the helmet law debate is misguided.           ally fix a broken bone. But if you hit your head and hurt
  "The media spends way too much time harping on the            your brain, there's little we can do to fix that."
helmet issue and not enough time on the cause of the              Stay tuned... the debate will rage on.
                                                                                            FAST Forward/July 2006 - 5
  For Your Health: Men, You Can't Ignore the Prostate
                        With due apologies to the ladies...    to treat. Usually, an extended period of antibiotics is the
                         The general consensus of the          prescribed treatment.
                     medical community is that if you're a         Benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, is very com-
                     man - and you live long enough - you      mon in older men. The prostate is enlarged, but it may
                     will eventually get prostate cancer.      not be cancerous. Over time, the enlarged prostate may
                       Heck of a thought, eh fellahs?          press against the urethra making it difficult to urinate.
                       The prostate is a gland. It makes the   Symptoms may also include frequent urination, espe-
                     fluid that becomes part of semen, the     cially at night. Your doctor will do a rectal exam to check
                     white fluid that contains a man's         for BPH, and possibly a special x-rays or scans to check
  Walter Liddell sperm. The prostate is located in the         your prostate, urethra and bladder. Treatments can in-
lower abdomen area in front of the rectum and below            clude medication or surgery to relieve the pressure on
the bladder. The prostate gland literally surrounds the        the urethra.
tube (urethra) that carries urine from the bladder.                 Now to the serious business. Prostate cancer is a
  When we're young our prostate is about the size of a         common type of cancer in American men. It is most
walnut. It slowly grows larger as we get older. If the pros-   common in African American men.
tate gets too large however, it can cause urinary prob-          Early prostate cancer does not generally cause symp-
lems. Infection or cancer in the prostate can also cause       toms. As the cancer grows though, it may cause urina-
urinary and other problems. Often, men notice symp-            tion problems, or frequent urination. Other symptoms
toms themselves. Other times it takes a physician to           include pain or burning during urination, blood in the urine
diagnose a problem - usually during a routine checkup.         or semen, pain in the back, hips or pelvis, and painful
  There are several kinds of prostate problems. And it         ejaculation.
takes a doctor to distinguish one from the other. That's          To diagnose prostate cancer your doctor will ask you
why it's important to consult your doctor if something         for a detailed medical history which would include fam-
doesn't seem quite right.                                      ily cases of prostate cancer. He will also do a physical
  The following problems are not cancer:                       exam and probably a blood test (PSA) to detect irregu-
  Acute prostatitis is an infection of the prostate caused     larities, or markers, which will show up in the blood.
by bacteria. It usually comes on quickly. Symptoms can            If your prostate is cancerous, your physician may rec-
include fever, chills or pain in the lower back and between    ommend surgery or radiation treatment - depending on
the legs. It can also cause pain when you urinate. Your        whether or not the cancer is confined to the prostate.
doctor can readily treat this problem with antibiotics.            Early detection and early treatment mean high rates of
  Chronic prostatitis is an infection of the prostate that     successful and full recovery. So remember those regular
keeps coming back time and time again. It can be harder        checkups guys. The life you save may be your own.

    FAST Partners...
   "Serving the Florida Highway Patrol family through caring, compassion and communication."

   Chad Corriveau (Step-son of Troop D Director Chris Blackmon) Chad is currently serving with the 153rd
   Battalion in Gardez, Afghanistan. Our best wishes for a safe and speedy return home.

   Brian Lucas (Active/Troop B - Ocala) His mother, Patricia Ann Lucas, recently passed away after a prolonged
   illness. Our condolences and best wishes to the Lucas family.

   Harley (Mac) Mclendon (Retired/Troop C - Lakeland) Mac's wife Gaynal has Alzheimer's and is being
   treated at a residential facility. He asks that we keep her in our thoughts and prayers.

   Michael Orton (Active/Troop G - Jacksonville) Michael's grandfather passed away on May 11, 2006, after
   a brief illness. Our condolences and best wishes to the Orton family.

6 - July 2006/FAST Forward
     Florida Highway Patrol Troopers on Active Duty

     Lieutenant Williams Cannon                      Trooper Clara Condo                        Trooper Tim Free                    Reserve Trooper Gary Glover        Tpr. Kathleen Gossett-Tate
       Troop G - Air National Guard                     Troop A - U.S. Army                 Troop C - U.S. Coast Guard                   Troop G - U.S. Army               Troop E - U.S. Army

  Trooper Carlos Montenegro           Trooper Peter Rodriguez, Jr.        Trooper Rickey Rogers, Jr.        Trooper Charles Sexton              Trooper C.J. Smith      Trooper Addison Turnquist, Jr.
      Troop E - U.S. Army                Troop C - U.S. Air Force             Troop L - U.S. Army          Troop F - U.S. Marine Corps           Troop C - U.S. Army           Troop L - U.S. Army

                                                               Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you go
                                                              forth in service to our great nation. God bless you.
                                                              God bless your families, and God Bless America!

Troopers Seize Contraband
  Trooper Adam Heinlein (Troop F - Ft. Myers) was on routine patrol
when he initiated a traffic stop on a 1998 Honda Accord. The vehicle
contained two occupants. When the driver exhibited nervous
behavior, Heinlein asked - and was granted - permission to search
the vehicle. A Taurus 9 mm handgun was located in the center
console. A search of the trunk revealed a blue canvas bag that was
found to contain 19 kilograms of cocaine. The DEA was called in
and the men were placed under arrest. Post arrest interviews
revealed the two were traveling to Orlando and were being paid to
deliver the cocaine. Great Job!

    In Remembrance...
    ...of our fallen comrades who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty in dedicated
    service to the Florida Highway Patrol and the citizens of the great state of Florida
     The month of July...                                                 Merle Cook                                             07/13/81                      St. Johns County
                                                                          Robert L. Pruitt                                       07/13/81                      St. Johns County
                                                                          Cleo L. Tomlinson                                      07/13/81                      St. Johns County
                                                                          Kimberly A. Hurd                                       07/16/92                      Broward County
                                                                          Robert G. Smith                                        07/26/97                      Dade County

                                                                                                                                                          FAST Forward/July 2006 - 7
  20 Years of Service!                             Association
                                                     of State
  The Florida Association of State Troopers
    Your Association                               2

2061 Delta Way #1                                   Paid at
Tallahassee, Florida 32303-4227                Tallahassee, FL

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