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Aarkstore Enterprise -In Vitro Diagnostics Market Report & Analysis 2008-2023


Aarkstore announce a new report " In Vitro Diagnostics Market Report & Analysis 2008-2023" through its vast collection of market research report.

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									Aarkstore Enterprise -

In Vitro Diagnostics Market Report & Analysis 2008-2023

This brand new report examines the commercial prospects for in vitro diagnostics (IVD) in the global
healthcare market. Technological solutions are playing an increasingly important role in both clinical
practice and pharmaceutical R&D - increasing safety, speeding up clinical development and facilitating
regulatory acceptance. Furthermore, current developments in diagnostics – especially molecular
diagnostics - are paving the way towards the long-held goal of personalised medicine, to the benefit of
patients, companies and healthcare providers. Developments in IVD also receive encouraging support
from regulators such as the FDA. Visiongain believes that some of the greatest opportunities ever
available for diagnostics companies are now there to be seized, w ith important sales, licensing and
partnership developments from the present onwards.

Importantly, this report also covers theranostics, a fusion of drug therapy and diagnostics to optimise
efficacy and safety, as well as streamlining drug development. Co mbining a drug with a diagnostic
process or test is also known as companion diagnostics, integrated medicine, pharmacodiagnostics
and Dx/Rx partnering. This emerging field is generating strong interest from the healthcare industry
and regulatory bodies, with the associated market expanding as the importance of theranostics is
recognised, especially in cancer.

Our new In Vitro Diagnostics Market Report & Analysis 2008-2023 report examines the market for in
vitro diagnostic solutions critically, through comprehensive primary and secondary research.
Importantly, visiongain discusses IVD in the context of the wider healthcare market, with a strong
emphasis on theranostics and related molecular diagnostics/medicine. In addition to consultation with
experts in industry - including full interview transcripts - this research involved a detailed study of
relevant documents, industrial reports and current developments. Vitally, visiongain applied unique in -
house forecasting techniques and analysis of drivers and restra ints. The result is a totally independent
in-depth market-based report with detailed analyses and informed opinion.

In particular, this report concentrates on the following essential aspects of the in vitro diagnostics
• Technologies that drive the IVD sector, including those related to theranostics
• Key industrial players in IVD - both established and emerging – including partnerships
• Forecasts of the global IVD market from 2008-2023 - including those of principal market segments,
both by disease area and technology
• Forecasts for IVD sales in leading national markets, including China and India
• Forecasts for theranostic applications - including therapeutic areas - from 2008-2023
• Drivers and opportunities in the IVD sector
• Restraints and threats in the IVD sector
• Assessments of relevant business models, technological solutions and associated issues
• Coverage of future trends in IVD and theranostics
• Insight from a comprehensive survey with relevant experts

Why you should buy this report:
• To receive a comprehensive analysis of the prospects for IVD from 2008 -2023, including sales by
disease area, technology and country
• To discover predicted revenues, growth rates and other key metrics for theranostic solutions from
• To receive the views of experts in the IVD sector regarding current and future trends
• To determine the forces that influence the market for IVD:
• Competition
•   Drivers
•   Restraints
•   Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
•   To find out where the IVD market is heading - both technologically and commercially

 predicts that the markets for IVD and theranostics will exhibit strong growth in revenues from 2008 -
2023, with significant investments being made by far-sighted companies and healthcare providers .
Although still in its early stages of commercial development, molecular diagnostics will increasingly
gain acceptance from stakeholders in healthcare. You should be benefiting from this opportunity. You
and your company can benefit as a result, gaining early market prominence from high-value products.
You cannot afford to ignore current developments in diagnostics, especially as personalised medicine
becomes an inevitable reality.

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