Solarflare Announces Industry-Leading Third-Party Test Results of its 10 Gigabit Ethernet Technology

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					Solarflare Announces Industry-Leading Third-Party Test Results of its 10 Gigabit Ethernet Technology
Broadband-Testing analyzes the Solarstorm® controller in a variety of real-world environments
Irvine, Calif. – May 20, 2008 – Solarflare Communications, the leader in standards-compliant 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) silicon, announced today Broadband-Testing's performance findings of Solarflare's Solarstorm SFC4000E vNIC 10GbE controller. Respected as Europe's leading independent network testing facility and consultancy organization, Broadband-Testing conducted several intensive real-world tests to ensure Solarflare's controller yields optimal performance while maintaining reliability. Data collected across several configurations and scenarios revealed Solarstorm achieves line-rate in a variety of server operating systems, including Windows® Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, and Redhat Enterprise Linux®. Once line-rate was achieved and maintained, there were still ample processing resources on the server, meaning Solarstorm sustained 10 Gigabit speeds without depleting server resources available for application processing. Solarstorm also performs at line-rate speeds in virtualized environments with both VMware and Xen, surpassing previously-published performance figures. Lastly, the controller yielded a 300 percent improvement in iSCSI environments with data digest enabled. IT and data center managers need line-rate 10GbE to address the greater number of virtualized applications which are consolidated on a smaller number of servers. "Customers are looking for reliable, high-performance solutions for their networks," said Bruce Tolley, vice president of marketing at Solarflare. "The results from Broadband-Testing confirm that our 10GbE technology performs at levels demanded by our customers. We're pleased with the outcome, because it further supports our push to drive the widespread adoption of 10GbE." "Utilizing our extensive test facilities, we were able to measure just how efficiently Solarstorm addresses the market demands faced by data centers today," said Steve Broadhead, Founder and Director, Broadband-Testing Labs. "The tests conclude that the Solarstorm controller provides industry-leading performance in a widevariety of real-world application environments. Now, IT managers looking to adopt 10GbE have data-driven results proving Solarstorm delivers cost-effective, high-performance technology to sustain a rich mix of contemporary applications." The testing on Solarflare's Solarstorm controller occurred in April 2008. For additional information from the full Broadband-Testing report, please visit About Solarflare 10 Gigabit Products Solarflare is the first to deliver both 10 Gigabit Ethernet controller and 10GBASE-T PHY products to the market. The Solarstorm® 10GbE Ethernet controller delivers the optimal balance of performance and power. Solarflare's 10Xpress® 10GBASE-T PHY supports distances of greater than 100 meters on UTP Category 6A cabling, 100 meters on STP Category 6, 55 meters on UTP Category 6, and 45 meters on UTP Category 5E cabling. The combination of Solarstorm 10GbE controller and 10Xpress 10GBASE-T PHY enables NIC and server OEM customers to bring 10G server adapters to market at about the same cost as quad 1G server adapters —driving the widespread implementation of 10GbE in data centers and enterprise networks. For additional product information and pricing on Solarflare's merchant silicon, send a request to .

About Solarflare Communications, Inc. Solarflare Communications is a semiconductor company delivering the next level of high-performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE). As the leading provider of standards-compliant 10GbE silicon, Solarflare delivers robust and power-efficient solutions that are cost effective and easy to deploy. Now real and ready for primetime, Solarflare 10 Gigabit Ethernet makes possible next-generation applications such as streaming rich media, Web 2.0, server virtualization and network convergence. Solarflare is working with key industry partners and customers to ensure interoperability and drive a 10GBASE-T complete ecosystem. About Broadband-Testing Broadband-Testing is Europe's foremost independent network testing facility and consultancy organization for broadband and network infrastructure products. Based in Andorra, Broadband-Testing provides extensive test demo facilities. From this base, Broadband-Testing provides a range of specialist IT, networking and development services to vendors and end-user organizations throughout Europe, SEAP and the United States. Broadband-testing is available online at All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their registered owners. ### Katie Eakins / Amy Robinson LEWIS PR for Solarflare 619.677.2700

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