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  “The Virtual Admin Office”

Administrative Support Services
   Supporting Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and
        Individuals Since 1999…Virtually
                What is a VA?
* Experienced professionals who provide
  provide practical solutions to the administrative
  or outsourcing challenges that face businesses.
* Are cost effective - Salary, overhead and benefits
  for a full time employee are eliminated. VA’s are
  not temps or employees but individual contractors.

          More familiar titles are:
       *Administrative Assistant   *Bookkeeper
       *Secretary                  *Executive Assistant

         Online we are known as Virtual Assistants –
          and are as close to you as your computer!
  Does your business need a VA?
• Your business is just starting or expanding, and
  so is your workload!

• You or your staff may not have all the skills and
  technology to keep up with your expansion.

• You require administrative support assistance
  periodically or even on a regular basis…but not
  the added expense of hiring an employee.

        “A VA is the solution to your outsourcing needs”
     101 WAYS TO USE A VA
      Tip #14 - A client needs to confirm sales
appointments made for the week. The list is faxed
to a VA. The VA calls the appointments and notes
 who is confirmed and who must be rescheduled.
         The list is faxed back to the client.
    What are the benefits of hiring a VA?
* When you hire a VA, you do not have to provide office
space, equipment or software. An ideal situation for a small
or home-based office.
* When you hire a VA, you hire a professional individual
contractor – not a TEMP. We work with clients to build a
mutually rewarding relationship…When you succeed, we
* When you hire a VA, you can specify the length of the
arrangement. Whether it is full-time, part-time or on a per
project basis, a VA can adapt to your unique situation.

    “We have the unique ability to become an extension of your current
                 staff or function as a staff of your own.”
 Who can benefit from the services
       provided by a VA?
• Home-based businesses
• Small companies with limited budgets and
  office space
• Executives who are frequent travelers
• New business startups
• Nonprofit organizations
• Large companies with overflow work
• Anyone who can just use extra help
     101 WAYS TO USE A VA
  Tip #25 - A client takes notes at meetings and
needs them typed. The client mails the notes to a
 VA, the VA types the notes and mails or E-mails
                     them back.
         How Does It Work?
• Working Virtually means:
  – All work assignments, project requirements and
    documents are communicated and transferred
    via the Internet.

  – Also utilizing E-mail, Fax, Phone, US Mail,

      “Your geographical location is
          not a consideration.”
         Types of Services
 Secretarial Support            Executive Support
 Database management            PowerPoint
  and data entry                  presentations/data
 Desktop publishing              projections
 Email accounts                 Spreadsheets
 Internet research              Website maintenance
 Mail merges and                Transcribing – both
  mailouts                        audio and digital
 Travel Arrangements            Word-processing
 Bookkeeping                    Graphic Design

     “Depending upon their particular area of expertise, Virtual
            Assistants offer a wide range of services.”
     101 WAYS TO USE A VA
  Tip #25 - A client needs to hire on-site office
    personnel. A VA can write a help-wanted
advertisement, place the ad, receive and review
the resumes, conduct the initial phone interview,
  narrow the selection to three individuals, and
  schedule a personal interview with the client.
* Invoices are sent via e-mail, fax, or U.S. Mail
(snail mail) whichever is most convenient for
your requirements.
* Payments can be made by business check,
personal check, cashier's check or money order
made payable to Creative Resources.
* Additionally, we can accept your check
payments and credit card payments through our
online PayPal account.
Alana Daniels, Virtual Assistant
   * 15 years experience:
        Office Management
      Administrative       Services
        Desktop Publishing
        Event Planning & Travel Co-ordination

    “From Receptionist to Office Manager to Executive Assistant,
     Alana has the skills to assist you in every facet of running a
                   successful office or business.”
       101 WAYS TO USE A VA
  Tip #75 - A client is preparing a seminar and needs a
    PowerPoint presentation prepared. Sketches of
diagrams and charts are faxed to a VA. The VA prepares
 the PowerPoint slides and sends the document to the
               client via E-mail attachment.
    If you need help with….
 Formatting documentation
 Merging letters and labels/envelopes
 Data entry into your database or
  spreadsheet/maintaining their mailing list
 Assistance with newsletters
 Transcriptions (medical, legal, standard)
 Internet research – competitors, product
  information, promotionals, etc
 Projects of all kinds

   Creative Resources is your Solution!
   Your Virtual Assistant

            Alana Daniels
            (910) 554-9846
Website: www.TheAdminOffice.com
Email: info@TheAdminOffice.com

    “The Virtual Admin Office”

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