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					                                                     PUBLIC NOTICE
                                                               January 28, 2003

                         To:    Parents and guardians of students enrolled at Contra Costa Juvenile Hall.

                                Persons at residences or other properties within 1000 feet of the proposed
                                emergency standby diesel generator located at 202 Glacier Drive, Martinez.

                         From: Bay Area Air Quality Management District
    Roberta Cooper       Re:     Emergency Standby Diesel Generator
    Scott Haggerty               202 Glacier Drive, Martinez, CA
       Nate Miley
                                 Permit Application # 6456
     Shelia Young
    Mark DeSaulnier      Summary
      Mark Ross
     Gayle Uilkema       The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (the "District") is the local agency that
      (Secretary)        regulates stationary sources of air pollution such as factories, industrial sites, and gasoline
    MARIN COUNTY         stations.
  Harold C. Brown, Jr.
                         Under State law, the District must notify parents and neighbors before issuing a permit for a
                         project that will increase emissions of any toxic air contaminant near a school. The purpose
   Brad Wagenknecht      of this notice is to inform you of one such proposed project. Arntz Builders/Contra Costa
                         Juvenile Hall has applied for a permit to operate an emergency standby diesel generator at a
SAN FRANCISCO COUNTY     site located at 202 Glacier Drive in Martinez. This is near the following school(s): Contra
       Chris Daly        Costa Juvenile Hall.
        (Vacant)         The District has prepared a health risk screening report that describes the possible health
                         effects from the increased toxic air contaminants. Based on this screening, the maximum
  SAN MATEO COUNTY       cancer risk is no more than 4 chances in a million for the nearest residents. For students who
        Jerry Hill       attend nearby schools, the maximum risk is no more than 4 chances in a million. These
   Marland Townsend
                         calculated levels of risk are within acceptable levels established by the District in its Risk
                         Management Policy. The District plans to issue an Authority to Construct and/or Permit to
                         Operate for the proposed project.
       Liz Kniss         In order to put the preceding risk estimate into perspective, here are some other risk numbers
      Julia Miller
     Dena Mossar         for comparison:
                         1)      The lifetime risk of cancer (excluding skin cancers) in the general population is about
     John F. Silva               one in three, or 333,000 chances in a million.

   SONOMA COUNTY         2)      The risk of cancer due to background concentrations of toxic air contaminants
      Tim Smith
    Pamela Torliatt              routinely monitored in the Bay Area is about 200 chances in a million.

   William C. Norton     Health Risk Screening Report is Available
                         The proposed permit will increase emissions of the following toxic air contaminant(s):
                                                       Diesel exhaust particulate matter: 4.1 lb/year
The potential risk values were calculated using a standard risk assessment methodology.
This methodology assumes that residents are exposed to the maximum concentrations of
toxic air contaminants for 24 hours a day continuously for 70 years. It further assumes that
the school is occupied 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, every year. The screening
methods used by the District to estimate risk are based on conservative or “worst case”
assumptions of the operating conditions for this facility. This type of analysis is considered to
be health protective and is not meant to determine the actual risk; rather it is performed under
strict guidelines as a means to compare the source to other regulated sources throughout the
District.   The District's Risk Management Policy can be viewed on our website at
The Health Risk Screening Report describes the basis for the risk estimate. You may request
a copy of this report by calling the District Permit Services Division at (415) 749-5008 or by
downloading it from the District website at

Public Comment Period

There is a thirty-day period for public response to this proposal. The public comment period
for this project will end on February 26th 2003. If you wish to comment on the proposed
project, you may make your comments in writing or by email. Please address them to:

              Emergency Standby Diesel Generator Public Notice Response
                           Attn: Bhagavan Krishnaswamy
                                   939 Ellis Street
                              San Francisco, CA 94109

Alternatively, you may call (415) 749-5008 and leave a message up to one minute in length.
Please include your name and mailing address, or name and telephone number, so that a
District staff person may respond to your message.


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