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					                                  55 ABC Coalitions Nationwide
   Local and state ABC Coalitions are working to educate and enroll lower-income Medicare
     beneficiaries in the Extra Help available through the new Medicare Prescription Drug
            Coverage, as well as public and private prescription savings programs.
                               CONTACT YOUR LOCAL COALITION.

Alabama                                 District of Columbia               Illinois

TARCOG Area Agency on Aging             IONA Senior Services               Area Agency on Aging for
Huntsville                              Washington DC                      Lincolnland
(256) 830-0818                          (202) 966-1055                     Springfield
                                                                           (800) 252-2918
                                        Florida                            Area Agency on Aging of SW
Alzheimer’s Association                                                    Illinois
Little Rock                             Area Agency on Aging of            Belleville & St Louis, MO
(501) 265-0027                          Pasco/Pinellas                     (800) 326-3221
                                        St. Petersburg/Clearwater
Arizona                                 Pinellas Cnty: (727) 217-8111      Suburban Area Agency on Aging
                                        Pasco Cnty: (800) 861-8111         Chicago
Governor’s Office for Children,                                            (800) 789-0003
Youth and Families                      Area Agency on Aging of Central
Phoenix                                 Florida, Inc.                      Indiana
(800) 432-4040                          Orlando
                                        (407) 228-1820                     Indiana Primary Health Care
California                                                                 Association
                                        Area Agency on Aging of Palm       Indianapolis
City of Los Angeles Dept of Aging       Beach/Treasure Coast               (317) 630-0845
Los Angeles County                      Palm Beach/Boca Raton
(213) 252-3323                          (888) 688-1211                     Kansas

Council on Aging                        Northeast Florida Area Agency on   Shepherd’s Centers of America
Orange County                           Aging                              Kansas City
(714) 560-0424                          Jacksonville                       (816) 753-7279
                                        (904) 777-2106
Riverside County Office on Aging                                           Kentucky
                                        West Central Florida Area Agency
                                        on Aging
(951) 697-4697                                                             Green River Area Development
                                        (813) 740-3888 X514                Owensboro
Consumer Center for Health,
Education & Advocacy                                                       (800) 928-9094
San Diego                               Georgia
(877) 734-3258                                                             Louisiana
                                        Atlanta Regional Commission, AAA
Senior Action Network                   Atlanta
                                                                           The New Orleans Council on
San Francisco/Oakland                   (800) 669-8387
(800) 434-0222                                                             New Orleans
Colorado                                                                   Louisiana Rural Health Association
                                        Heritage Area Agency on Aging      (Statewide)
Seniors Inc.                            Cedar Rapids                       (985) 369-3813
Denver                                  (319) 398-5559
(303) 894-7552

Massachusetts                       New Hampshire                      South Carolina

Action for Boston Community         New Hampshire Legal Assistance     Lower Savannah Council of
Development, Inc.                   (Statewide)                        Governments
Boston                              (800) 852-3388                     Aiken
(888) 489-7744                                                         (866) 845-1550
                                    New York
Community Partners, Inc.                                               Santee-Lynches Regional Council
Amherst                             Medicare Rights Center             of Governments
(413) 253-4283                      New York                           (800) 948-1042
                                    (800) 333-4114
                                    Nassau County Dept. of Senior      Tennessee
Baltimore City Commission on        Citizen Affairs
Aging and Retirement Education      (516) 227-8957                     Knoxville-Knox County Community
Baltimore                                                              Action Committee Office on Aging
(410) 396-4932                                                         Knoxville
                                    North Carolina                     (865) 524-2786

Maine                               Office of Minority Health and      Texas
                                    Health Disparities
Legal Services for the Elderly      (Statewide)                        Alamo Area Development
(Statewide)                         (919) 850-2715                     Corporation
(877) 353-3771                                                         San Antonio
                                    Ohio                               (210) 362-5307
                                    Ohio Association of Second         Better Business Bureau Education
Detroit Area Agency on Aging        Harvest Food Banks                 Foundation
Detroit                             (Statewide)                        Houston
(313) 446-4444                      (800) 648-1176                     (877) 468-9222

Region IIIA Area Agency on Aging    Cleveland Dept. of Aging           Dallas Area Agency on Aging
Kalamazoo                           Cleveland                          Dallas/Ft. Worth
(269) 373-5173                      (866) 885-1650                     (800) 548-1873

Minnesota                           Area Office on Aging of            Utah
                                    Northwestern Ohio
Minnesota Senior Federation         Toledo
                                                                       Salt Lake County Aging Services
Minneapolis-St. Paul                (800) 472-7299
                                                                       Salt Lake City
(651) 645-0261 X129                                                    (801) 468-2483
Mississippi                                                            Virginia
                                    LIFE Senior Services, Inc.
Mississippi Department of Human     Tulsa                              Senior Services of Southeastern
Services                            (866) 664-9009                     Virginia
(Statewide)                                                            Norfolk
(601) 359-4836                      Oregon                             (757) 461-9481

Missouri                            Clackamas County Social Services   Washington
                                    Oregon City
Area Agency on Aging of SW          (503) 655-8427
                                                                       Aging and Disability Services
Illinois                                                               Seattle
St Louis & Belleville, IL           Pennsylvania                       (206) 684-0699
(800) 326-3221                      CARIE
                                                                       West Virginia
Shepherd’s Centers of America       (215) 545-5726 ext. 233
Kansas City                                                            West Virginia Primary Care
(816) 753-7279                                                         Association
                                    Rhode Island                       (Statewide)
Montana                                                                (304) 346-0032
                                    RI Dept of Elderly Affairs
Missoula Aging Services             (Statewide)
Missoula                            (401) 462-0524
(406) 728-7682


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