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Conducted February 18 – April 5, 2010

            Prepared by
         Lani Lott, President
           L.L. Consulting
               Results of Downtown Logan Survey As of April 5, 2010
                               Total Responded: 63

The City of Logan, in partnership with the Logan Downtown Alliance, contracted
with the urban planning firm, PMC to assist with development of the Logan
Downtown Specific Plan.      As part of the process, the Board of Directors of the
Logan Downtown Alliance, with the assistance of consultant Lani Lott, prepared
an on-line survey, which was targeted at gathering feedback from the
downtown business and property owners. The survey was launched on February
18, 2010 and consisted of 14 questions. As of April 5, 2010 (the date of this report)
there were 63 responses. The following is a summary of the compiled responses,
which, in turn will be used by the PMC consulting team and the Logan
Downtown Alliance as part of the Logan Downtown Specific Plan and
Implementation Strategy.

Question 1: Name of Business
Total Responded: 47
                                              Kater Shop, Inc
Alliance for the Varied Arts                  Lil ol shoppe of east to west Antiques
Al's Trophies & Frames, Inc.                  Northern Title Co
Architectural Nexus                           Old Lyric Repertory Company
Best Western Weston Inn                       On The Avenue
Cache Valley Center for the Arts              Photographic Images
Cache Valley Visitors Bureau                  Sargent Engineers, Inc.
Campsaver Retail                              S.E. Needham Jewelers
Center for Pregnancy Choices                  Seeholzer Vision Center
Coppin's Hallmark                             Steve Wheeler, Superior Cleaners
E. A. Gallery and art school                  Shurtleff & Associates
Edward Jones investments                      Superior Sign, inc.
Edwards Furniture                             The Beehive Grill
Gia's Italian Restaurant & The Factory        The Herald Journal
Pizzeria                                      The Riter Mansion
Global Village Gifts                           The Sportsman
Hammond Clothing Company, Inc. DBA             USU Charter Credit Union
Kater Shop                                    Utah Festival opera Company
Joseph Linton Architect                       Wells Fargo Bank

               Results of Downtown Logan Survey As of April 5, 2010
                               Total Responded: 63

Question 2: Type of Business
Total Responded: 58
                                                   Response      Response
Answer Options
                                                    Percent       Count
Automotive                                            3.4%             2
Entertainment                                         5.2%             3
Finance                                               6.9%             4
Lodging                                               6.9%             4
Non profit                                           10.3%             6
Professional (attorney, architect, etc.)             17.2%            10
Real Estate                                           8.6%             5
Restaurant                                            5.2%             3
Retail                                               29.3%            17
Service (dry cleaners,spa, hair salon, etc.)          6.9%             4
 • Men's Tailored Clothing & Acc's
 • Newspaper
 • Printing and shipping                                              6
 • Tourism Office for Cache County
 • Visitor information/government
 • Signs of all kinds

             Results of Downtown Logan Survey As of April 5, 2010
                             Total Responded: 63

Question 3: Number of Employees
Total Responded: 59

Answer Options                                Total

Full time                                      426
Part time                                      724

Question 4: Do you own or lease?
Total Responded: 60
                                                 Response      Response
Answer Options
                                                  Percent       Count
Own                                                   71.7%         43
Lease                                                 28.3%         17

               Results of Downtown Logan Survey As of April 5, 2010
                               Total Responded: 63

Question 5: What percentage of the following customer types make up your current
customer profile or base?
Total Responded: 61
Answer Options                                  Response Percent    Response Count

Residents                                            90.2%                 55
Winter Visitors                                      39.3%                 24
Summer Visitors                                      60.7%                 37
University Students                                  73.8%                 45
Day workers (employees)                              27.9%                 17
•   Corporate, church, school
•   Institutional, government, some developer
•   Internet
•   Move in residents
•   National account                                 24.6%                 15
•   Out of Logan
•   Out of state clients
•   Public and private industry clients
•   Volunteers
•   Walk in

                Results of Downtown Logan Survey As of April 5, 2010
                                Total Responded: 63

Question 6: Of the following businesses, which ones would compliment your existing

 Total Responded: 52

 Answer Options                                  Response Percent       Response Count

 Brewpub                                               53.8%                   28
 Ethnic                                                23.1%                   12
 Coffeehouse                                           51.9%                   27
 Deli                                                  53.8%                   28
 Family seat down                                      57.7%                   30
 Fine dining                                           53.8%                   28
 Outdoor dining                                        57.7%                   30
 Other type of restaurant:
 •   Chain
 •   Family sit down                                                           7
 •   Steak house (2)
 •   Any

                     Results of Downtown Logan Survey As of April 5, 2010
                                     Total Responded: 63

    Total Responded: 41
                                                                            Response   Response
    Answer Options
                                                                             Percent    Count
    Women’s clothing and accessories                                         90.2%        37
    Women’s upscale consignment                                              43.9%        18
    Flower Shop                                                              43.9%        18
    Other type of retail:
    •   Antiques
•       Any additional retail/gift
    •   Boutique retail
    •   Chain retail store that will attract locals as well as transients
    •   Drug Store/Pharmacy                                                               10
    •   General store
    •   Home Décor & Gift Shop
    •   Maternity and children
    •   Office products
    •   Outdoor sporting goods

               Results of Downtown Logan Survey As of April 5, 2010
                               Total Responded: 63

Misc. businesses
Total Responded: 51
                                              Response     Response
Answer Options
                                               Percent      Count
Art galleries                                   70.6%         36
Boutique hotel                                  41.2%         21
Convenience store                               33.3%         17
Drug Store                                      49.0%         25
Hair salon/spa                                  29.4%         15
Movie Theater                                   54.9%         28
Specialty foods store                           27.5%         14
•   Public Parking Structure
•   Live Theatre
•   Doctor Offices
•   Any other business
•   Business that attracts women

                Results of Downtown Logan Survey As of April 5, 2010
                                Total Responded: 63

Question 9: Over the next two years, are you anticipating any of the following changes in
your business or property?
Total Responded: 32

Answer Options                                          Response Percent     Response Count

Change in ownership                                             0.0%               0
Expansion                                                      14.3%               5
Exterior improvements                                          37.1. %             13
Interior improvements                                          40.0%               14
Hiring additional staff                                        42.9%               15
New products or services                                       37.1%               13
Purchasing a building                                          11.4%               4
Re-locating out of downtown                                    14.3%               5
Relocating somewhere else in downtown                           2.9%               1
Retirement                                                      2.9%               1
Selling building                                                5.7%               2
Selling business                                                2.9%               1
Technology upgrades (i.e. website, inventory
                                                               45.7%               16
control, e-commerce)
Other: Expansion out of town; Staying as is; Looking at lease in about two
years and moving closer to downtown; Merger; Ongoing up keep and re-               7

                Results of Downtown Logan Survey As of April 5, 2010
                                Total Responded: 63

Question 10: What is your top three (3) challenges operating a successful
business in downtown Logan?

Total Responded: 43

• Parking - 17 additional plus the following comments
• No available public parking for customers or employees
• Overcoming inconvenient access to our facility due to one way street
• In/out of customer parking
• The Parking Authority is a big problem for us
• Parking - People do not know where to park
• Parking is limited to immediate access to front door to conduct business
• Other business' customers using our customers' parking
• Lack of adequate/convenient parking downtown
•    Over coming misconceptions regarding parking problems
• Lack of parking at certain times of day
• Parking area time limits are to low so customer get tickets in short term parking a lot
    of the time
• Current parking facility is full with non client cars leaving no room for our customers
• Public perception that finding parking is difficult and insufficient
• Ticketing our customers who shop more than a few hours
• The only place in the valley you will be ticketed
• We thought parking was a problem, but it's worse down at the Riverwoods. (Just as
    far to walk)
• Perception of bad parking

Traffic (Foot and Vehicle)
• Access – people getting to my building by car. Alley with drive up window at end of
    parking lot – sometimes getting through parking lot is challenging and time
    consuming for customers
• Low Foot traffic
• No foot traffic
• Lack of pedestrian traffic
• Attracting foot traffic
• Walk in traffic is low
• Lack of foot traffic such as the movie theatres used to bring
• Traffic
• Traffic congestion

Operating a Business
• Age of My Structure
• Overhead
• Getting a quality space, with accessibility and windows (We did own a building in
   Downtown but sold it and moved out 2 years ago to get better space.)
• People operating out of their homes without a business licenses & Tax permits, not
   paying prop tax etc. and the City of Logan over Looking IT! The Pour quality of their
   work hurts the reputation of those who do it for a living. Making it hard for those how
   support a business and have to pay for normal business
• Expenses; Building, Building Maintenance, Insurance, Liability Insurance, etc

                Results of Downtown Logan Survey As of April 5, 2010
                                Total Responded: 63

•   Getting people to understand the lasting value in the services rendered
•   Utility cost are way too high
•   Increasing costs for goods
•   Customers
•   Customers assume we have too high of prices, once in the store, they usually feel
•   Turn over in staff
•   Receiving freight
•   Stocking the right balance of inventory
•   Getting people downtown – attracting them downtown
•   Getting people in the door
•   Pricing to break even
•   Not enough young business to attract students

Downtown in General
• Lack of an anchor that brings people frequently downtown to spend time
• Businesses are closed too early
• Getting local residents to have the same positive view of downtown that visitors
   currently have
• Having people know that you are there we are off main street
• No Night life
• Differing power centers and "my way is the best way" attitudes from each other
• There is not a "team" spirit among merchants, arts orgs, city orgs, service businesses,
   offices etc
• Poor maintenance of landscape areas in downtown; poor snow removal
• Being on Federal Avenue we get forgotten - that is commented by many customers
• Many of the attractive businesses are locating out of downtown which loses potential
• Slow evolution of business away from upscale and specialty to economy
• Advertising
• Signage limitations on banners and other promotional items so we can market to the
   public about specials and events
• Keeping downtown "lively"
• People to shop in town
• Customers being able to find similar products on web that offer site to store shipping
   or free. Perception that DT is uncaring and difficult to access no traffic after 6pm
• Need more downtown advertising
• Imbalance of downtown mix: i.e. services, retail and government, residential
• Federal avenue being closed off at times
• Too busy of a Main Street
• The ever-changing landscape of consistency of code enforcement and violations
   with city ordinances
• Other businesses not pulling their weight (not promoting their own businesses)
• Visibility
• Main street- divides city, busy, precludes continuity walking streets etc
• Need more businesses to attract people to shop downtown and then do their
• The cities favoritism to certain business or blocks in the down town area for restoration
   and reconstruction
• Dealing with people that want the cheapest thing available
• Lack of a draw to connect with the student population and build familiarity with

                Results of Downtown Logan Survey As of April 5, 2010
                                Total Responded: 63

•   Land and lower cost of entry to new businesses are easier to acquire outside of
•   Guessing what artist will bring people to the theatre
•   Congested traffic to our downtown facility
•   Educating locals about what's available (they've already decided they know and
    they don't)
•   No coordinated advertising efforts among businesses
•   Competition from an ever increasing number of big box stores
•   Insufficient night life
•   Rules and regulations in the historic district when one wishes to make changes to
    building. City is not always customer friendly in processing building improvements
•   Economy

               Results of Downtown Logan Survey As of April 5, 2010
                               Total Responded: 63

Question 11: What are your top three (3) challenges owning a property or building in
downtown Logan?

Total Responded: 31

General Building or Property Issues
• Cost of maintaining a 126 year old building
• Improvements on old buildings (one projects reveals four more projects to do)
• Maintenance costs
• It is equally challenging whether facilities are owned or leased
• You are land locked (Cant get bigger)
• Age of building
• Being able to sell the property at a good price, when the market is done
• We had a nice upper floor space but had bad accessibility and windows (long and
• Dealing with the needs of aging buildings
• Maintenance
• Lack of enough parking to support re-development of existing buildings and property
• Trying to be profitable in a damaged economy, while attempting to spend funds on
   restoring/updating an aging building
• Vandalism
• Upkeep of building
• Up keep the costs to keep the building looking good, and sidewalks
• We loved having a building downtown while we were a smaller business, but we
   outgrew the space. Now we're smaller again.
• High expense repairing old build
• Challenges associated with re-modeling historic old buildings
• High Property Taxes
• We need to work together as building owners to make the downtown look and feel
• More maintenance
• Doubling of property taxes when adjacent property is sold then half of it is
   condemned by the city
• Maintenance of old building, i.e. leaky roof

Regulatory or City related challenges
• City is hard to deal with
• Dealing with government regulations with regard to improvements
• To many restrictions on signage and exterior improvements Dictated by non owners
   in the downtown
• Ongoing additional requirements and rules and ordinances etc
• Little support from the city for sidewalks, lighting etc
• Keeping the city out of my pocket
• City parking policy on expansion or improvement
• Dealing with Logan City expectations and codes that don't consider the needs of
   aging buildings
• Regulations from the city that increase the cost of doing business downtown
• Street department having street torn up for 3 months, or 6 weeks or whatever
   depending on project
• Following changes the city has made as it relates to my properties
• Afraid to approach City about anything
• Some lack of ordinance enforcement and maintenance by the city

               Results of Downtown Logan Survey As of April 5, 2010
                               Total Responded: 63

•   Property appreciation
•   City regulations
•   Lack of city support

Downtown in General
• Access to businesses - If additional people were attracted to downtown in future
   parking will be a major issue.
• Trying to compete against the convenience of available parking, shopping and
   other businesses offered in newly developed areas of Logan
• Traffic on main street
• High vehicle traffic on main street
• Bringing in foot traffic
• Getting certain people in the down town area to realize that that their way is not the
   only way of doing something.
• Attracting customers to the downtown is decreasing due to growth in open spaces
   on ends of town
• Getting customers to come downtown
• Bad lighting at night on side walks
• Competing with big box stores
• Downtown environment is difficult to attract customers in the winter season.
• Not enough sidewalk traffic
• Competing with the sprawl of the population
• Too-busy main street
• Insufficient retail to be a "real" shopping district
•  Loud, busy main street
• Parking – 8 responses

               Results of Downtown Logan Survey As of April 5, 2010
                               Total Responded: 63

Question 12: In your opinion, what should be Logan Downtown Alliance’s top four (4)
priorities over the next two years?

Total Responded: 39

Business and Property Development
• Attract businesses that will bring residents and transients to downtown
• Attract business to Downtown
• Encouraging downtown living
• Develop corner of 2nd North and main with retail/restaurant or Hotel --NOT A LIBRARY
• New businesses downtown that would entice all ages
• To seek tenants for empty space
• Helping downtown business owners find funding at a low percentage rate so they
    may find funds to renovate/update their buildings/equipment to stay competitive
    and in compliance
• Engaging independent shop owners in activities for "the greater good"
• Attracting new upscale businesses- Arts and Restaurants
• Developing evening businesses in the area to allow people to shop downtown after 5
    p.m., even if it means opening later in the day
• Continue trying to attract all types of business to the downtown area
• Develop 1st North between Main and 1st West using condemnation and by selling
    corner owned by County for multiuse project, i.e. retail/restaurant on main level and
    office upstairs
• Keep businesses open in the evening, even if this means opening later in the morning
• Foster greater connections between leveraging the arts and downtown events and
    downtown businesses
• Work with city to relax Historic Preservation Commission’s control over improvements
• Quality products to go with the customer service without gouging every last dollar
    out of customers
• To be more proactive for potential and existing businesses in an unbiased way
• Connect the downtown with USU
• Extend the downtown redevelopment area to incorporate areas of plight
• Providing a customer friendly & entertaining atmosphere for shoppers
• Replacing ugly buildings with period authentic ones
• More high-density housing right downtown
• Keep the city from putting burden of updating city property to the business owners
• Mixed use development downtown
• Develop a good mix of mid-density (3-5 story) housing within 1-2 blocks of Main Street
    in the Downtown
• Incentives restaurants to come to downtown
• A nightlife Eccles is great!!!!! So is the Lyric!!!
• Finding the "RIGHT" new business opportunities for Historic Downtown
• Work to bring in more eateries and a first run theater
• Create casual "fun" atmosphere or areas - get people to come - stop trying to each
    be a "destination" - downtown is the destination not the individual businesses!!
• Increase housing in the downtown, and not just low income housing because that is
    most of what we have now
• Provide help with existing businesses to change their business plans to go along with
    plans to attract new customers
• Retaining it's historic integrity and finding it's own voice...and murals
• Find a unifying theme

                Results of Downtown Logan Survey As of April 5, 2010
                                Total Responded: 63

•   Attract more restaurants and other businesses of the type that bring people here
    during evenings & weekends
•   Better participation in evening and weekend DT shopping (more open after "bus
•   Create University connection with retail/restaurants and transportation to downtown
•   Making Downtown fun!!!!
•   Reviving the downtown with more people having easy access and a reason to be
•   Support to all downtown merchants and not show favoritism to the larger family
    owned businesses
•   Stores staying open
•   Place a tax producing business on the corner of 200 north and Main NW corner.
•   Support developing urban residential in Historic Downtown
•   Work to attract other unique businesses that encourage "lets spend the day DT, shop
    go to lunch, hang out
•   Luring different business downtown – more diversity of businesses
•   Apply building permit rules fairly to all. (Signs, storefronts, awnings, improvement
•   Make the permit process more customers friendly.
•    Improve upon biz-city “us-them” attitude. Improve relationship.
•   Stick to the new specific plan, hold Logan City accountable
•   Work on was to build better perception as a place where you can park and shop
    and eat
•   Attract new retail and restaurants, both in existing buildings as well new development
•   Focus on development of current vacant lots - to infill where there are opportunities
    i.e. Residential, Hotel, Movie Theatres, Retail, Restaurants and Class A Office space

Design and Beautification
• Maintain and greatly improve the unique historic appearance of the downtown
• Strongly encourage" or require if possible the exterior improvement of some buildings
   needing maintenance
• Walk able, friendly, accessible, open, inviting, with food, movie theatre, get a Big
   name Hotel
• Some prominent local property owners are reluctant to improve the exterior of the
   building along Main Street
• Change public opinion to recognize the value of being in the downtown. Create a
   "cool" walking area that draws people because it's so interesting
• More plants and bushes on sidewalks / recycling stations
• Do something about the noise and busyness, speed, of Main Street
• Street lights are crazy
• Having any buildings with deferred maintenance or exterior conditions that create a
   look of blight will counteract any positive efforts
• Bike racks around downtown
• More murals
• Continue to improve the cleanliness and appearance of downtown
• Property maintenance
• More walking/biking trails
• Snow removal - street sweeper

               Results of Downtown Logan Survey As of April 5, 2010
                               Total Responded: 63

• Parking (10 responses indicated just Parking)
• Increased off street parking with walk able sidewalks that interest people
• Building or planning to expand all downtown parking should be the #1 priority, just
    ask any owner or resident
• Free Parking
• Building a Parking Facility
• Solving traffic congestion on Main Street
• Addressing difficult access to downtown (congested traffic discourages visitors)
• Better lighting on the sidewalks
• Get the City to place signage that shows where people can park in "historic
    downtown Logan"
• Advocate bus rapid transit with appealing stops
• Providing close and convenient parking to customers
• Traffic congestion
• Main street traffic - getting from one side of Main to the other
• Increased parking for big events
• Improve traffic flow through the downtown, so it's not bottlenecked. Hopefully
    increase parking on Main Street by relocating some traffic to 1st East and West

• Building steady stream of promotions of varying scale
• Cater to locals and get them to try downtown again
• Keep up the unique Sale events. (Sidewalk sale, Holiday ideas etc.)
• Promote downtown Logan
• Promoting together
• Continue to attract foot traffic in downtown i.e.: Trick or Treat-Gallery Walks-etc.
• Customer service - be genuine and nice to everyone, get to know and "love" your
   customers! Even the difficult ones...they are the only reason we are here - do not be
   solicitous however
• Unite advertising dollars for the good of the downtown
• Have events that attract more people to the Downtown
• Doing something to help use each others customers database
• Continued support & stewardship of existing key events
• Promote the downtown image as the place to be and "hang out"
• More specialty events
• Encourage more downtown events, festivals, etc., especially during the winter
• Having a logo that everyone in the valley knows, be better known throughout the
• Better connect the arts and other downtown events to businesses through cross
   promotion and increased communication, building richer experiences for audiences
   and customers
• Downtown block party events "Downtown Deal Days"

                Results of Downtown Logan Survey As of April 5, 2010
                                Total Responded: 63

• Build membership and funding to provide money for events and promotion
• Make being a member of the Alliance come out of taxes, so everyone is a paid
• Get reliable funding to hire a professional manager either full or part time
• Building membership and engagement with more downtown businesses
• Keep downtown vibrant, (Doing a pretty good job)
• Secure ongoing funding for a manager
• Funding the organization with enough steady capital to make it truly effective and
• Working together, having give and take, as plans are set, and goal outlines are
•   Approach existing business owners with ideas for overall change so we can work
   together to increase attraction to downtown
• I think you guys do a good job
• Getting a full time manager
• Hire a part time manager (full time if funds are available)
• The need to realize, the need of working together on plans for the benefit all, they will
   have a grater benefit then just working for the benefit of them selves. Because it will
   attract even more people to down town.
• Be united in the efforts to promote the downtown (communicate with each other)
• To encompass a greater sense of community
• Finding funding sources
• Create a stable organization
• Choose 1 or 2 projects that can be successfully finished to showcase what can be
   done in the future
• Build membership by working toward common goals and including everyone in
• Working more together, too many other businesses don't get involved in helping
   each other.
• To work harder with the city on the next 4 priorities
• Funding for a professional manager
• Encourage more involvement by members - not just the "usual suspects"
• BID, Assessment area or whatever it is called today to put on stable basis
• Membership sticker in windows

                Results of Downtown Logan Survey As of April 5, 2010
                                Total Responded: 63

Question 13: In your opinion, what should be the City of Logan’s top four (4) priorities for
downtown over the next two years?

Total Responded: 38

Business and Property Development
• Bond (get money) to help some of these projects take place in downtown
• Better connection to USU
• Encourage condos and high-end apartments downtown. Sell parking lots and build
    parking garage(s).
• Condemn blighted properties downtown to clear way for new buildings
• Start introducing some good mid priced housing for residents that would like to live
• Use of RDA funds to attract new merchants
• Provide deep incentives for existing businesses to renovate and improve their
• Recognize that improving downtown is and requires a significant investment
• Improving the condition of main street properties.
• Develop corner of 2nd North and main with retail/restaurant or Hotel.... NOT A
• Recognize the fact that downtown Logan, not big box stores, is what gives our city its
    character and personality.
• Work with DT to see if there can be some better solutions than we have come up with
    in the past - simply tearing down buildings and clearing for parking lots is just not
• Not putting costs of updating city property on the business owners
• Create a place people want to stay around and gather in - safe, lighted! Exciting,
• Keeping existing retail occupied
• Making low to no interest loans, for small amounts of money, available to the smaller
    business and building owners so they can remodel their store fronts, to bring a unity
    look to the down town area. Not the large amounts that the city has done in the
    past, so only a select group can qualify.
• Provide incentives for businesses to establish in the downtown area when the business
    is one that is one the alliance wants in the area.
• Helping downtown business owners find funding at a low percentage rate so they
    may find funds to renovate/update their buildings/equipment to stay competitive
    and in compliance
• Attract new Anchors for downtown.
• Back off on over-regulation
• Give incentives for those who want to develop in the downtown.
• Rigidly enforce the Logan Downtown Historic Preservation Plan. No exceptions should
    be allowed.
• Here after 10,20 or 30 years
• Encourage growth but not at the expense of those businesses that have managed
    against all Develop a "cool" interior street at mid-block between Main and 100 West
    to density the downtown for walking
• Embrace concept of condemnation of blighted buildings and property to make way
    for redevelopment
• Promote downtown Logan as a key place to shop
• Become easier to deal with so people want to open business downtown
• Lower taxes

                Results of Downtown Logan Survey As of April 5, 2010
                                Total Responded: 63

•   Create a pedestrian friendly downtown
•   Remove or revise restrictions on owners and tenants so that business owners will want
    to establish and stay in the area
•   Attracting business to Downtown
•   Logan needs to realize it now competes with providence
•   Tax incentives to attract trendy upscale businesses and restaurants downtown
•   Coordinate construction projects among departments to minimize road closures
•   More high-density housing right downtown
•   Get rid of all restrictions they have placed on improvements!
•   Help find low interest loans, grant money, etc to restore historic facades in the
    downtown area.
•   Provide Tax incentives to people bringing new business to downtown
•   No increases in property taxes
•   More mixed use development downtown
•   Taking better attention to improvement supervision
•   Helping to get more businesses/restaurants/entertainment in downtown that helps
    already existing companies
•   Incentives some development like housing or theaters to bring people downtown.
•   Encourage development of the underutilized 2nd and 3rd stories of buildings, due to
    ADA requirements this will be best for housing
•   Work to enhance the existing local businesses rather than attracting outside business
•   Have city ordinances that help businesses in the area instead of discouraging them
•   Purchase the old cinema 3 building and create more parking and walkway in that
    location. (Or new business).
•   Seek out urban residential developers & develop modern urban residential housing in
•   Place a tax producing retail, eating, or mixed-use project on the corner of 200 N.
•   Follow thru on commitments to the Downtown area financially
•   Permit process
•   Nightlife
•   Provide funding to the "heart of the city" ie downtown
•   To focus energy, money, time on building the core of our city, which means
    changing policy and/or implementing incentives to building up downtown instead
    the north and south ends of the city
•   Invest significant capital for improvements and incentives - $1,000,000 or more
    (obviously this is just a start)
•   Drop the plan for a Library to go on the 200 North and Main corner - put the property
    up for sale with and RFP for major development - the Library is a good idea but
    should be place elsewhere in downtown - this property is to central and too valuable,
    it is also in the RDA
•   Focus CDBG monies on downtown projects, not on local non-profits – obviously it
    should be used to strengthen downtown

Design and Beautification Efforts
• Beautification
• Creation of a downtown park for special events
• Imposing minimal beautification/appearance standards for front and back of DT
• Provide incentives for downtown businesses to help business owners strip off 1950s
   and 60s era facades to restore buildings to original historical appearance.

                Results of Downtown Logan Survey As of April 5, 2010
                                Total Responded: 63

•   1st north and center street light poles / paint or add period fixtures to existing Have a
•   Install well designed medians with street trees on Main Street to create a sense of
•   Improving more of the sidewalks, helping the center of Logan look presentable,
•   Enthusiastic about downtown poles
•   Encourage pedestrian traffic and link the parks and trails through the downtown
    areas, increase the safety of crosswalks perhaps by disallowing right turn on red or
    with orange flags and mid block crosswalks
•   Bring back the banner over main street
•   Reestablish the Facade Improvement Fund and make improvements less restricted
    by the City
•   Better lighting on the sidewalks
•   Downtown beautification- historic lampposts-trees and plants- getting rid or replacing
    non-period buildings
•   Modify landscape standards (esp. trees) so customers are able to see signage and
    business frontage
•   Maintaining, enforcing and improving appearance of downtown in line with the
    historic preservation requirements. No exceptions.
•   Making gutters in front of stores that drain better
•   Beautification to attract business owners to locate here
•   Maintain the trees and parking lots better
•   More plants and bushes on sidewalks / recycling stations
•   Facade rejuvenation / Edwards / Anderson Seed
•   Signage consistency
•   Sidewalk completion from center street to lst North - Really a sad sight
•   Bike racks around downtown
•   More park or green space/gathering areas - fix the barren wasteland that is in back
    of the courthouse,
•   Provide significant facade incentives

• Parking (5)
• Friendlier atmosphere
• Reducing pass through traffic
• Building or planning to expand all downtown parking availability should be the #1
    priority, ask any owner or resident
• Planning and creating methods to divert through traffic away from DT main street
• Reduce spending
• Free Parking
• Building a Parking Facility (preferably behind the Eccles theatre)
• Solving traffic congestion on Main Street
• Improve traffic/parking.
• Move commercial trucking off main
• Develop additional surface and deck parking in Historic Downtown
• Place signage that shows where parking is available on the major downtown
    intersections. And mid block where parking is accessed.

•   More walking/biking trails from Main Street to Utah State campus
•   Work with State to Get traffic off Main Street
•   Traffic on Main Street
•   Diverting some of the traffic along Main Street.

                Results of Downtown Logan Survey As of April 5, 2010
                                Total Responded: 63

•   Relax parking requirements for new development downtown because we need to
    encourage people to park and walk
•   I would like to see the traffic signals times so that the flow of traffic would be slowed.
    Traffic passes so quickly past the businesses that the consumers does not see the
•   Parking easier and friendly parking
•   Traffic congestion on MS

Promotion and Events
• Downtown block party events "Downtown Deal Days”
• Advertisement would be great!!
• Restore the main street banner removed by the Mayor without discussion

Support of Downtown and the Alliance
• Re-partner with downtown in creating and funding a stable organization
• Getting the public to know who the Logan Downtown
• Involve EVERYONE who owns and operates in downtown in setting policy
• Alliance is
• Making sure Eccles gets proper funding
• Councilmember on the board encourage multi-use projects that might combine
   housing, shopping, eating, etc within main downtown district 1st south - 3 norths’ who
   is truly and 1st east to 1 est.
• Council and especially mayor need to put as much energy into developing greater
   Historic Downtown as they have the government block
• Fund the downtown Alliance for a staff person - if the "heart" of the city is not well, the
   whole city suffers
• Funding a position for a downtown manager at a rate that would attract a quality
• Getting it set up so every downtown business is a paid member of the alliance to
   afford making things happen!
• Give more than lip service to partnering with the Downtown Alliance, be a true
• Financial support to the merchants and not expect merchants to continue to make
   all improvements
• Helping to pay for a part time downtown manager, who can also help things
   happen, too little of us are pulling all the work for the rest of e
• Advertised support of City of Logan for downtown district support the chamber of
   commerce's economic development mission as it used to learn to compromise - not
   "my way or else

                Results of Downtown Logan Survey As of April 5, 2010
                                Total Responded: 63

Question 14: Of the following areas, which ones are you either interested in knowing more
about and/or helping with?

Total Number Responded: 34

Answer Options                                    Response Percent       Response Count

Promoting and marketing downtown                        64.7%                  22
Design related projects                                 64.7%                  22
Beautification efforts                                  70.6%                  24
Business development programs                           44.1%                  15
Communication and membership
                                                        11.8%                  4
Serving on the Board of Directors                       38.2%                  13
Helping on a committee                                  41.2%                 124
•   I’m a muralist
•   I'd like to be kept in the loop about what's going on.
•   Making sure the top 10 action items of this study actually happen!
•   Already on committees                                                      9
•   Reducing city control of improvements
•   All depending on the project and focus
•   ON the Promotions committee
•   I already am.


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