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					                   Pistol Pete goes to Italy

              ENGR 4060 Italy
                       Class Website:

                     Travel Tips
              2/14/08 First Class Meeting
              225 Ag Hall 3:30 – 5:00 pm

11/15/2010            ENGR4060 Technology of             1
                          Northern Italy
                   ENGR 4060 Italy
             • Introductions
               – Dr. Carol Jones
                  • Biosystems and Ag. Engineering
                  • 216 Ag Hall
                  • 405-744-6667
               – Dr. John Nazemetz
                  • Industrial Engineering and Management
                  • 322 EN
                  • 405-744-9137
               – Students….

11/15/2010                 ENGR4060 Technology of           2
                               Northern Italy
Tentative Trip Schedule

 11/15/2010   ENGR4060 Technology of   3
                  Northern Italy
                ENGR 4060 Italy
             • Travel Insurance:
              – Ms. Gerry Auel, Study
                Abroad Office
             • Travel Safety Video

11/15/2010           ENGR4060 Technology of   4
                         Northern Italy
                Travel Tips
                 Dr. Jones

             You can never be too
                  Start Now!
              Buy Your Shoes…

11/15/2010        ENGR4060 Technology of   5
                      Northern Italy
                  ENGR 4060 Italy
             –   Luggage
             –   What to take
             –   Clothing
             –   Language
             –   Money
             –   Journal
             –   Know where you’re going
             –   Common knowledge issues: How long
                 is a kilometer, how much is a Euro, how
                 big is a hectare

11/15/2010                ENGR4060 Technology of           6
                              Northern Italy
                       ENGR 4060 Italy
• Passports
   – Start NOW
      – You will need…
             •   Application form filled out but not signed
             •   Present Proof of US Citizenship
                  –   Previous passport (if you have one) OR
                  –   Certified birth certificate from city, county or state with seal (not
                      the hospital)
                  –   If you don’t have these, check the website for options.
             •   Present proof of identity
                  –   Current valid driver’s license 2 passport photos
                  –   Available at Walgreen’s or in 060 Student Union
             •   Applicable Fee
             •   Social Security Number
      – Where to apply: Payne County Court House
             •   606 S. Husband St. Ste 203 606 S. Husband St. Ste 203

11/15/2010                          ENGR4060 Technology of                                    7
                                        Northern Italy
                  ENGR 4060 Italy
             • Passports
               – Fees
                  •   $67 application Fee
                  •   $30 “execution” Fee
                  •   You will need 2 checks
                  •   Expedited service is an extra $60….so
                      start now to save money!!!!
             • No Visas are required for US
               – What’s a visa?
             • No immunizations are required
11/15/2010                 ENGR4060 Technology of             8
                               Northern Italy
                      ENGR 4060 Italy
             • Forms (packet): Nancy Rogers
               – OUTREACH Admission/Registration
                  •   Already filled out when you paid your deposit
               – Personal Health/Medical History
                  •   Fill out and give to instructors or Nancy Rogers in
                      111 Ag Hall before our last pre-trip class
               – Liability Release
                  •   Fill out and return before our last pre-trip class
               – Copy of your passport
                  •   before our last pre-trip class
                      (in case of loss, it’s easier to deal with if we have a

11/15/2010                   ENGR4060 Technology of                             9
                                 Northern Italy
                    ENGR 4060 Italy
         • Airlines
             – Book your ticket as soon as possible
             – Your ticket name must match your
             – Suggested sites are:
                •   Expedia.com
                •   CheapTickets.com
                •   Travelocity.com
                •   Priceline.com
                •   Orbitz.com and the list goes on…..
             – Be at the Rome LEONARDO DA VINCI
               INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT May 5th (leave
               US May 4th)

             – Try to be in Rome by 1:00 PM if possible
11/15/2010                   ENGR4060 Technology of       10
                                 Northern Italy
                ENGR 4060 Italy
         • May 18th
             – Last Day of Class
             – We will take you to the Venice Marco
               Polo Airport or to the train station
             – You may fly home or stay a few days
               but you are ON YOUR OWN!

11/15/2010            ENGR4060 Technology of          11
                          Northern Italy
                    ENGR 4060 Italy
             • Airlines
                – Give your schedule to instructors as soon as
                  you make reservations so we can plan airport
                  to hotel transfer schedules
                – Things to consider in booking your flight
                   • Where do you want to leave from and return from
                     (Rome and Venice)
                   • How early or late do you want to leave
                   • Give yourself plenty of time between flights (one
                     hour ++++)
                – Give your family a copy!!!

11/15/2010                   ENGR4060 Technology of                      12
                                 Northern Italy
              ENGR 4060 Italy
 • Will there be changes….Probably
      – Just go with the flow, ask questions, do what
        they tell you, and PAY ATTENTION
 • Get there early (2 hours is early enough)
 • Check in at the ticket counter
 • International flight passengers generally
   cannot use the self check-in machines.
   Talk to the attendant at the counter
 • Make no “threatening” comments or jokes

11/15/2010           ENGR4060 Technology of         13
                         Northern Italy
                    ENGR 4060 Italy
             • Documentation you will need at the
               –   Credit card
               –   Driver’s license
               –   Passport
               –   Keep these handy until you get
                   through security, then keep you
                   boarding pass handy
             • Some cash for snacks
             • Something to read or do, there’s lots
               of waiting time
11/15/2010                 ENGR4060 Technology of      14
                               Northern Italy
                    ENGR 4060 Italy
   • To take on board
        – 2 carry-ons, 22” x 14” x 9” (one for the overhead
          and one must go under the seat in front of you)…
          1 carry-on is better if possible
        – Pack in one carry-on
             •    a couple days of clothes (underwear, etc.) in case
                 luggage is lost or delayed
             •   Medicines (prescription and OTC)
        – Pack in other carry-on
             •   On-board things…electronics, cameras, phones,
                 snacks, inflatable pillow, book, ear plugs, eye shades,
                 all lithium batteries
             •   You will need to sleep during the trip over the
                 Atlantic so that time transition is easier.
11/15/2010                    ENGR4060 Technology of                       15
                                  Northern Italy
                 ENGR 4060 Italy
    • To take on board
         – Liquids, pastes, gels in 3 oz. bottles all in 1
           quart size Ziploc bag (1 bag per person)
         – Have it handy to take out at security

         – What can you take:
         – The screening experience:
11/15/2010                ENGR4060 Technology of             16
                              Northern Italy
                 ENGR 4060 Italy
  • Luggage to check
       – Everything that you don’t absolutely need on board
         during the flight
       – Can check 2 bags
       – Each bag must weight less than 50 lbs.
       – Each bag must have a luggage tag
       – Locks must be TSA approved locks
       – Pack so you can carry your own luggage
       – Wheels are wonderful!!!
     Note: Always good to pack a photocopy of passport inside of each
      bag that is checked - write address of where staying on back (date
                it as well). Include US return address on back.
11/15/2010                 ENGR4060 Technology of                    17
                               Northern Italy
                  ENGR 4060 Italy
             • What NOT to pack in the checked
               – Your passport
               – Any personal ID
               – Computers or electronics, phone, PDA,
                 iPOD, etc
               – Valuables, check book, credit cards,
                 identification other than passport copy
               – Delicate breakable items

11/15/2010               ENGR4060 Technology of        18
                             Northern Italy
                    ENGR 4060 Italy
             • What to take:
               – A set of underwear and socks for each day
               – Three sets of durable pants/shirts/blouses suitable for
                 plant visits, museums, etc
               – One set of better clothes for meeting other
               – One light jacket
               – One sweater or sweat shirt
               – One pair of good walking shoes
               – One pair of light weight casual shoes
               – One light rain jacket or poncho (optional)
                Note: Select sets that can be used throughout the day - visits
                  during the day as well as out at night - packing extra evening
                                 clothes may not be the best idea
                   less is better -- Some folks pack a plastic bag filled with
                  styrofoam 'peanuts' to assure soft sided luggage is filled/tight
                   (less damage) and this assures room for souvenirs, etc on
                                            return trip.
11/15/2010                     ENGR4060 Technology of                            19
                                   Northern Italy
             • You might be an
               American if…
                – You wear baggy pants with
                  holes, oversized tee-shirt,
                  and a cap with “Monster
                  Truck Fanatic” or “I Love
                  Bud” or “I’m with Stupid” on
                  the front!

             • Natives wear regular cut
               jeans, poloshirts or
             • Native Italian women wear
               very little makeup!!!

11/15/2010                 ENGR4060 Technology of   20
                               Northern Italy
                  ENGR 4060 Italy
             • Other things to bring:
               – Tickets, passport
               – Bank or credit card with PIN number
                  • Notify bank that you will be in Italy and
                    include dates
               – Journal, pens, pencils
               – Camera and storage media
               – Toiletries in a zip lock bag (regular
                 toiletry bags are very heavy)
               – Medicine and hygiene supplies (keep
                 prescriptions in their original bottles)
11/15/2010                ENGR4060 Technology of                21
                              Northern Italy
                        ENGR 4060 Italy
             • Other things to bring:
                – Student ID card
                – Small Italian phrase book and/or travel guide
                – Sunglasses (optional)
                – Compact umbrella (optional)
                – Electric appliances (optional…220V, adapter)
                – Travel clock/alarm
                – Book/cards to pass extra time
                – Spare batteries…they are available in Italy,
                – Luggage:
                    •   Large checked bag with wheels
                    •   Carry-on that can be strapped to the big bag
                    •   Daypack
11/15/2010          •   Passport carrierTechnology of
                               ENGR4060                                22
                                   Northern Italy
                  ENGR 4060 Italy
             • DON’T bring:
               – Computer: too heavy and you will
                 have access. If you bring one, don’t
                 leave it in the hotel. You will need to
                 carry it with you always!
               – Valuable jewelry
               – Non-European cell phones

11/15/2010               ENGR4060 Technology of            23
                             Northern Italy
                  ENGR 4060 Italy
             • MONEY :
               – ATM machines are the way to get cash in
                 Italy. Many merchants don’t take cards but
                 you can get to an ATM almost everywhere
               – Bring a credit card or ATM card and KNOW
                 YOUR PIN!!!
               – Check with your bank to make sure your card
                 will work in Italy
               – Suggest you get 100 EU in the Rome Airport
                 when you land (use the ATM)
               – You’ll need some $ at the US airports for
                 meals, drinks, etc. US airports take credit
                 cards as well.
11/15/2010                ENGR4060 Technology of               24
                              Northern Italy
                  ENGR 4060 Italy
             • Know where you’re going:
               – Know the name of the airport:
               – Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson
               – DFW
               – Bush International or Hobby (Houston)
               – O’Hare (Chicago)
               – Rome Leonardo da Vinci

11/15/2010              ENGR4060 Technology of           25
                            Northern Italy
            ENGR 4060 Italy
     • Filling out customs forms

           • More info. available at:
11/15/2010   cation/kbyg/ Technology of
                       ENGR4060                   26
                      Northern Italy
11/15/2010   ENGR4060 Technology of   27
                 Northern Italy
                      ENGR 4060 Italy
             • Journal:
               – Purchase a suitable notebook
                  •   Moleskines.com
                  •   ShiptheWeb.com
               – Use it just for this class
               – Good specs:
                  •   5.25” x 8.25” (13 x 21 cm)
                  •   Hard cover or moleskine
                  •   Acid free paper
                  •   100-150 pages
                  •   Page style: squared, lined or blank
                  •   Optional: ribbon book mark, band closure,
11/15/2010                   ENGR4060 Technology of               28
                                 Northern Italy
                  ENGR 4060 Italy
             • Journal:
               – Put your name in the front cover and…
                  •   ENGR4060
                  •   Biosystems Engineering
                  •   111 Ag Hall
                  •   Oklahoma State University
                  •   Stillwater, OK 74078 USA
                  •   If found, please mail to this address.
                      Thank You.
                      Se trovato, spedisca prego a questo
                      indirizzo. Grazie.
11/15/2010                  ENGR4060 Technology of             29
                                Northern Italy
                  ENGR 4060 Italy
             • Journal, purposes:
               – Meeting minutes
               – Field notes
               – Lab notebooks
               – Architectural journals
               – Travel journals
               – Electronic
               – Photography
               – Diaries
11/15/2010               ENGR4060 Technology of   30
                             Northern Italy
                  ENGR 4060 Italy
             • Journal, Format:
               – What to put in the journal
               – What format…
               – Example

11/15/2010               ENGR4060 Technology of   31
                             Northern Italy
• Journal, Format:
  – Famous examples
  – Leonardo da
    Vinci’s Journals

  11/15/2010         ENGR4060 Technology of   32
                         Northern Italy
                   ENGR 4060 Italy
             • Journal, generally included:
               – Objectives
               – Who participated
               – When
               – Where
               – Details, facts, measurements and
               – Results and conclusions
               – Questions and required follow-up
11/15/2010              ENGR4060 Technology of      33
                            Northern Italy
                    ENGR 4060 Italy
    • Journal, our format:
         –   Number pages 1 to 50 (bottom corners)
         –   Leave first 5 pages blank for table of contents
         –   First entry: short title for the trip on page 7 (right hand page)
         –   Date at top right of page
         –   Time, place, and who/what you are seeing
         –   What you are doing and what is your objective
         –   Observations and notes, what was said, exact quotes,
             paraphrases, comments, questions, professional tips.
         –   Left hand side: sketches, picture log, souvenirs, receipts,
             tickets, contact information, supporting items for right
         –   Make entry each day (during day and/or at end of day)
         –   Start a new page for every day
         –   Strike through empty space
11/15/2010                     ENGR4060 Technology of                            34
                                   Northern Italy
                ENGR 4060 Italy
   • Journal, our format:
        – Personal diary may be kept at the back of the
          book with reverse pagination.
        – Keep journal with you at all times
        – Record during events as much as possible
        – End of day: review journal and add
        – Make changes with a single strike, not erased
          (except for sketching)
        – Write in pencil or pen
        – Color on sketches is good

11/15/2010              ENGR4060 Technology of            35
                            Northern Italy

11/15/2010     ENGR4060 Technology of   36
                   Northern Italy
                   ENGR 4060 Italy
             •   Journal, What it is NOT:

             Your journal is NOT a travel schedule

11/15/2010               ENGR4060 Technology of      37
                             Northern Italy
                  ENGR 4060 Italy
             • Journaling and Geography:
               – Journaling assignment

11/15/2010              ENGR4060 Technology of   38
                            Northern Italy
                   ENGR 4060 Italy
        Geography Assignment:
        – On the map…
             •   Where is Rome?
             •   Where is Venice?
             •   Where is Florence?
             •   Where is Bologna?
             •   Where is Conegliano?
        – What will the weather be like, generally, in
          May in Italy?
        – Be ready to share your information with
          class and turn in on paper
        Due next pre-trip class meeting.
11/15/2010                ENGR4060 Technology of         39
                              Northern Italy
                    ENGR 4060 Italy
             • Next Class Meeting????

             • Class Meeting Topics
               –   History
               –   Architecture
               –   Art
               –   Language
               –   Tour of Industry/Winery

11/15/2010                ENGR4060 Technology of   40
                              Northern Italy
        Former San Francesco monastery,
            Cassamarca Foundation,
   Via De Amicis, Conegliano Veneto (Treviso)

11/15/2010        ENGR4060 Technology of        41
                      Northern Italy

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