The Second Chance Act of 2005

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					                                                      The Second Chance Act
                                            House 110th – 109th Bill Comparison
The Second Chance Act of 2007 is designed to reduce recidivism, increase public safety, and help states and communities better address the
growing population of prisoners returning to communities. The House bill, H.R. 1593, has been reintroduced and passed by the full
Judiciary Committee. The chart below summarizes the major provisions of the bill and compares the legislation to the versions from the
108th and 109th congresses. The full text of the legislation is available online at

       Provision                       Description                   110th (H.R. 1593)      109th (H.R. 1704)          108th (H.R. 4676)
                                                                                           After mark-up with            Introduced
Demonstration Grants      Provides grants to states and local
                          governments that may be used for re-         $65 million              $40 million               $40 million
                          entry initiatives.
                          Creates interagency taskforce to
                          identify existing re-entry resources,
Federal Re-Entry
                          develop interagency initiatives and a          Identical               Identical                 Identical
Taskforce                 national re-entry research agenda, and
                          report recommendations to Congress.
                          Establishes a national resource center
                          to collect and disseminate best
National Offender Re-     practices and provide training and
                                                                         Identical               Identical                 Identical
Entry Resource Center     support around re-entry.
                          Provides grants to nonprofit
                          organizations to provide mentoring
Mentoring Grants          and other transitional services to adult     $15 million              $5 million                $15 million
                          and juvenile offenders reentering the
                          Provides grants to states on parole or
State Research Grants     post-incarceration supervision and            $1 million             Not included              Not included
                          Authorizes the NIJ and BJS to
                          conduct research on recidivism,
Re-entry Research         children of incarcerated parents,              Identical               Identical                 Identical
                          prevalence of mental illness and other
                          Authorizes the creation of State and
                          Local Re-entry courts to monitor
State and Local Re-       offenders and provide them with
                                                                                         Included as allowable use   Included as allowable
                                                                       $10 million
Entry Courts              comprehensive re-entry services and                                 of state grants          use of state grants
                           Authorizes grants to create
                           comprehensive and continuous
                           offender reentry task forces to
                           develop community reentry plans for
                           each juvenile and adult offender to be
Grants for re-entry task   released from jail or prison; and            $10 million           Not included            Not included
forces                     supervise and assess the progress of
                           each offender while incarcerated, and
                           as each offender moves through the
                           transitional phases.

Drug Treatment Provisions
                           amends Section 3621(e)(5)(A) to
                           strike material and replace a course of
Residential drug abuse
                           individual and group activities and
program in federal         treatment lasting at least 6 months in    Identical provisions   Identical provisions   Identical provisions
prisons                    residential treatment apart from the
                           general population
                           Amends the authorizing langue for the
                           Residential Substance Abuse
Residential substance
                           Treatment program to require that
abuse treatment for        States provide aftercare services in      Identical provisions   Identical provisions   Identical provisions
state offenders            order to be eligible for funding under
                           the RSAT program.
                           Authorizes grants to State and local
                           prosecutors to develop and implement
Prosecution Drug           qualified drug treatment programs as
Treatment Alternative      alternatives for imprisonment, which          Such sums              Such sums             Not included
to Prison Programs         require an eligible offender to
                           participate in a comprehensive
                           substance abuse treatment program.
                           Grants for demonstration programs to
Long-term substance
                           reduce drug use and recidivism for            $5 million            Not included           Not included
abusers                    long-term substance abusers
                           Grants for demonstration programs by
Drug treatment local       local partnerships to reduce illegal
                           drug demand by providing drug                 $5 million            Not Included           Not Included
                           Grants to improve the availability of
                           drug treatment to offenders in prisons,
Drug treatment             jails and juvenile facilities. To
                           qualify, an eligible entity would have        $10 million            $5 million            Not included
incentive grants
                           to show that during the previous fiscal
                           year the entity doubled the number of
                            offenders who actually received drug
                            treatment from the prior fiscal year.
                            New pharmacological treatment
Pharmacological drug
                            Study of depot naltrexone for heroin
                                                                           $15 million            $8 million            Not included
treatment grants
Education and Jobs
                            Authorizes the Attorney General to
                            make grants to States, local units of
Career training             government and Indian tribes to                $5 million             $5 million            Not included
                            provide technology career training to
                            Authorizes grants to evaluate and
                            improve academic and vocational
Grants for educational      education for offenders in prison, jails
methods at prisons, jails   and juvenile facilities, and then              $20 million            $8 million            Not included
and juvenile facilities     recommend to the Attorney General
                            best practices for such educational
Children and Families
                            Authorizes grants to States, local
                            governments, and Indian tribes to
                            develop and implement prison-based,
Prison-based family         family-based treatment programs for            $10 million            $5 million            Not included
treatment programs          incarcerated parents who have minor

                            Authorizes grants to States, local
                            governments, and Indian tribes to
Family substance abuse      develop and implement
treatment alternatives to   comprehensive family-based                     $10 million            $5 million            Not included
incarceration grants        substance abuse treatment programs
                            as alternatives to incarceration for
                            non-violent parent offenders.
                            Requires the Attorney General, in
                            consultation with the Secretary of
                            Health and human Services to study
                            and develop best practices for
Children of incarcerated    communication and coordination
                            between State criminal justice
                                                                       Identical provisions   Identical provisions   Identical provisions
                            agencies and child welfare agencies to
                            improve the safety and support of
                            children of incarcerated parents, and
                            to maintain the parent-child
                           relationship when the parent is

Federal Re-Entry
                           Directs the Bureau of Prisons to
                           modify, within 90 days of enactment
Bureau of Prisons policy   of this Act, its policies to ensure           Identical provisions            Identical provisions          Identical provisions
on mentoring               continued assistance by mentors to
                           offenders after release from prison.
                           Requires the Director of the Bureau of
                           Prisons to establish a comprehensive
Improving federal          prisoner re-entry program. The                                                Included – no dollar
                           program also may include incentives
                                                                              $5 million                                                   Not included
offender re-entry                                                                                         amount provided
                           for prisoners to participate in the re-
                           entry program.
                           Authorizes a new pilot program to
                           permit release of certain non-violent
Elderly nonviolent         offenders over the age of 60 under
                           certain conditions in order to reduce
                                                                              $5 million                       $5 million                  Not included
offender pilot
                           prison overcrowding and medical care
                           Clarifies existing procedures and
                           relaxes the maximum period for                                                                               Discretion to place an
                                                                                                          Discretion to place an
                           which an offender can be released         Discretion to place an offender                                    offender in a halfway
                                                                                                       offender in a halfway house
                           into a community correctional facility,    in a halfway house for up to                                      house for a reasonable
Community Corrections      prior to release to the community, by     12 months prior to the release
                                                                                                       for up to 12 months prior to
                                                                                                                                      part of the last 20 percent
                                                                                                          the release date for the
                           affording the Director of the Bureau           date for the offender                                        of the term to be served,
                           of Prisons the discretion to place an                                                                       not to exceed 6 months
                           offender in a halfway house.

Total Annual Authorization:                                              $191 million                      $86 million                   $55 million