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									               All county wide housing data has been compiled from the Maine Association of Realtors.

                                      Disclaimer for all non-county housing data:

“Based on information from the Maine Real Estate Information System, Inc. for the period (2005) through (2006). Provided
by an individual user of MREIS. MREIS has not reviewed the contents and does not make any representations, warranties or
      guarantees regarding the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of any statistical information and data provided.”

                        Volume 1.11 - The Maine Newsletter - John Herrigel

                                “To Educate and Elaborate on this Great State”
Table of Contents
       1. Housing Statistics
       2. Commentary: Price increases in all 4 counties
       3. Case Study: Cost of a Single Family Home in Portland
       4. “From Away”
       5. Featured…..

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Housing Statistics:

        Total Housing Inventories and Net Change by County:
                     12/30/06      11/29/06     Net Change
        Cumberland: 2461            2801       -340
        York         2556          2830        -274
        Lincoln      608           666          -58
        Sagadahoc:   308           341          -33

Despite an overall average price drop of 3.9% for the state in November 2006 over 2005, the 4 counties
above all saw price appreciation for the first time in multiple months with a combined 7% average
increase and York topping out at 12%. Taking into account that the volume of transactions dropped
sharply, 19% on average with a staggering 32% drop in York. Market depressions historically last on
average 3-5 years and longer making this rise appear more likely to be an anomaly than a trend, but
inventories continue to decrease and it is FACT that buying activity has markedly increased as of recent

Case Study: The Cost of a Single Family Home in Portland

                    #Sold                  Avg. Sold Price           Avg. DOM
2000                479                    157K                      52
2006                565                    276K                      73
Area by area (2006)
West End            41                     473K                      71
East End            15                     196K                      56
Deering             151                    276K                      71
Outer Portland      191                    244K                      71

Currently (as of 12/30/06) there are 189 properties on the market with an average asking price of
337K. The lowest price house is 150K and the highest is 2.1 million.
Asking Price breakdown:
Under 200K           21 homes
200K-250K              40 homes
250K-300K              39 homes
300K-500K              69 homes
500K and Greater       21 homes

“From Away” - Higher Education in Maine
For a state with a population topping out just over 1 million, Maine boasts a wide array of excellent
higher education institutions that attract a diversity of students. For small liberal arts enthusiasts, Bates
in Lewison, Bowdoin in Brunswick and Colby in Waterville offer “Ivy League” caliber education in a
wonderful small school environment. The University of Maine with 7 campus’s and 11 regional
outreach centers offers over 175 programs alone at it largest facility in Orno. Try the Maine Maritime
Academy for boating and international trade, MECA for artist or the Bangor Theological Society for
higher callings. Visit Here for a complete listing of all Maine colleges and universities.


Quotable Quotes:
“When I go to the Bar, I don’t go out looking for a girl who know’s the capital of Maine.”
David Brenner, US Comedian
Maine Company: Maine Lobster Direct.
Named by Food and Wine as one of the top mail-order seafood companies. With a 100% satisfaction
guarantee, order today, dine tomorrow. MaineLobsterDirect.com is a family owned business located on
Union Wharf in the heart Portland’s working waterfront and one of the oldest internet based lobster
delivery companies.
Visit: www.mainelobsterdirect.com
Site to Visit: Maine News Media Websites
Stay abreast of local area new stories with these excellent resources

Restaurant: El Camino - Brunswick
Looking for Mexico in Maine. A casual, authentic atmosphere off the beaten track yet very accessible.
Excellent daily special entrée’s and margaritas at reasonable prices. Ph: 725-8228

                                          HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

 All information contained herein is deemed accurate when facts are stated. All opinions are that of the
               author. We apologize for any inaccuracies, offenses or misrepresentations

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                                    Next Issue: Mid-Late January
               **All housing data has been derived from the Maine IDX MREIS System
  **All housing data has been derived from the Maine IDX MREIS System

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