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                                        April 13, 2007
1. Welcome and Introductions:
   Present –
   Officers: Kay Tasso (Chair), Catherine Page (Sec), Lori Gusman (Vice-Chair/ Treas).
   ACCEs: Debbie Stern, Martha Boyer, Lisa Roberts, Lynda Jack, Carol Clayton, Robert
   Wagner, Gwen Creel, Saralee Perry, Ginger Tripp, Jan Pollock, Adele Carr, Rebecca Cramer,
   Jean McCauley, Patti Hooker, Janice Pitts, Anne Noonan, Shannon Ryals, Sharon Weil.
   CCCEs: Eric Shamus, Charlotte Kofler, Mike Henkelman, Jamie Dyson, Stephanie Baker.
   Board Liaison: Dr. Gloria Young, PT – FPTA Board of Directors.

2. Minutes:
   Minutes approved for Nov. 3, 2006 meeting as sent via email Nov. 2006 by C. Page, posted to

3. Reports:
   a. Financial – Lori Gusman
         Refer to report on web.
      i. Outstanding CI Award
          Lori to add to budget:
                 $200 ($100 each PT/PTA Awards);
                 $100 for the FCCE website.

     ii. Iowa Consortium Challenge – Kay (Notice from APTA Education Section,
         Clinical Education SIG)
         Motion to support $500 pledge from the FCCE to fund research to the Foundation as
         educational endowment for this year. Lori to add to Budget under Miscellaneous.

   b. Research & Scholarship Committee (Nelson, Jamie, Becky, Gwen)
      Jamie reported the activity of the R & S Committee for Nelson.

      i. P & P – FCCE Research Proposal (website) $1000; deadline July 1; Qualifications:
      “PT/PTA license;” Nelson to email Craig Crosby for posting to FPTA web. Suggestions
      for publishing abstracts of previously funded research, and lists of sample clinical research

      ii. Catastrophic Events P & P – *ACTION: Retreat Item
      Catastrophic Emergency Funds (i.e., Hurricane Katrina), application for funds to students
      for catastrophic events/family events. Process to be completed by Committee: amount,
      based on credit hours enrolled, identify recipient. Document will be circulated for
      discussion at next meeting for impact to clinical education.

       iii. Outstanding CI Award – Gwen
       Send criteria to Eric for placement on website. Criteria will remain as printed for
       applicant to be APTA member; PT and PTA CI, ACCE/CCCE to submit by April 30 to
       Committee, and application form includes space for APTA membership #.

4. Review of New FCCE Website – Eric
   Send logo to Eric for placement on list of PT/PTA Programs to direct to program’s webpage.
5. Nominations for FCCE Secretary for elections at Fall meeting
   Nominations: Eric Shamus, CCCE/NSU; Martha Boyer, ACCE/FIU. Continue to accept
   nominations until next meeting.

6. Proposal to Board of PT Practice – Kay
   ACCE to verify letter of thanks to CI (160 hours – 4 weeks fulltime or equivalent, max of 6
   of 24 CEHs.). CIs will then be expected to self-report like all CEHs.
   Clinical Education course syllabus should include Faculty: Assigned/Approved Clinical

    Vote: 21 Support, 3 Abstain. June 14/15, 2007 next Board of PT Practice meeting in Miami.
    Kay to contact Cheryl Searcy, Secretary to the Board for placement of this item on agenda 30
    days prior to the meeting. Gwen, Sharon, Saralee, and Lori to assist in contacting the 36
    consortia to seek practice. Suggestion to contact CIs/CCCEs/ACCEs for support to proposal.

7. FL Chapter RC to House of Delegates – Kay
   RC 25-07, in spirit of 2020, that PT/PTA Programs should use (with friendly amendment)
   “CI who received credential or certification.” Jody Gandy to write a support paper. Refer to
   HODs website. Vote: Full support with no abstinence.

    Discussion: Support for 2 brochures from FCCE – TIPS and FCCE/Mission. Sharon to
    further develop. Booth at the FPTA meetings should continue.

8. Vote on FCCE Logo – Kay (invoice to Lori)
   With exception of the officers, the group voted to not support the new logo developed by a
   graphic designer. Kay will take back to the designer for new insignia to be designed.

9. Lunch Topic: Report of FCCE Survey of CIs – Catherine
   Refer to web for survey results. Suggested by C. Page for use with CAPTE Self-Study
   Report and clinical education. Discussion on results of decrease cost/free/low attendance.

10. PTA On-site reviewer’s guidelines – Carol
    Information sent via email for PTA criteria which shows clinical education requirements
    across all sections (refer to document for specific criteria).

11. Revisions to APTA’s PT-CPI and PTA-CPI – Carol
        E-mail from C.Clayton to Jody Gandy: “Jody I can’t tell from perusing the APTA
    website, whether the newly revised PT-CPI is being used by PT programs and clinical sites
    yet. Is it? I know that when I was with you for the revisions to the PTA-CPI, the training
    hadn’t been in place yet. That was some 5 months ago, so I was checking to see how that was
    coming along.”

    Response: “The revised PT-CPI is not yet being used. We are in the process of completing
    contract negotiations with the company that will be designing, testing, and implementing a
    web-based version of the PT-CPI. Please be patient while we build this system in a cost-
    effective manner that will do the job that it needs to do in order to have ease of data entry
    and retrival!”

    Sample draft of CPI-Projected Performance Criteria: PT/PTA. CPI-PT completed June 2006
    with online orientation projected. Final CPI-PTA projected 2009.
12. Revisions to Student Update Form – Gwen – *ACTION: Retreat Item
    Gwen, Kay, Jean, and Shannon will review FIU electronic version and bring back to next
    meeting for discussion.

13. FCCE Retreat – Kay
    Suggestions made for retreat items for next meeting identified from this meeting:
       Janet Bezner, PT, PhD, VP/APTA to share APTA’s Strategic Plan Goal #1:
       Clinical Education outcomes;
       RN from Tampa on humor topic during lunch and/or dinner;
       New ACCE/CCCE.

14. Site Visit Info – Lori – *ACTION: Retreat Item
    Send to Lori copies used in clinical site visit for electronic collation to be shared at the next

15. FCCE Workshop – Kay (Refer to P & P of CI Workshop on webpage)
      a. Distribute copies of CD to members needing them
         P & P of hosting CI Certification workshops is to take course then can teach.

        b. Schedule of upcoming courses – FPTA pre-conference (Sharon)
           No FCCE CI Workshop scheduled as Pre-conference for the Fall 2007 FPTA.
           Rotation of courses: APTA/UNF – Summer 2007;
           USA/UF – Fall;
           USF/St. Pete – Fall;
           UM/FIU/NSU – Nov. (may need to do 2);
           SCC/USF – March;
           Polk/Manatee – Spring
           Others - TBD

        c. Modifications of CD
           2005 $5,000 spent on duplication of CD with UCF/Scott Harp, which includes forms,
           power points, and videos.
           2006 CI Instructor’s Manual Karen Cascardi sent on email (Sections I-IV).
           Refer to web for revised forms for registration and summary evaluations.
           Changes should be made to the front page with ACCEs updated as appropriate.
           No additional changes to be made to CDs!

        d. Online version of course – *ACTION: Retreat Item
           Online education hosting to be determined Kay - USA; Debbie Stern - Online
           University. Compare for cost, features, etc. in development of FCCE CI Certification
           course to be taken online.

16. Teleconferencing from NSU FCCE Meetings – Debbie (added to agenda)
     No cost from NSU sites: Tampa, Ft. Myers, Jax, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale. Technician at
    each site – interactive through phone line. Availabilities of date to be confirmed. Or,
    universities/colleges with teleconferencing capabilities (dial-in).

17. New JUN software – Kay – *ACTION: Retreat Item
    JUN Consulting, Steve Otten, PT, creating software for clinical education management.
    Commitment $ needed by Steve.
Current vs. New:
        Housed on internet;
        Microsoft Office application;
        Aggregate Datato compare individual program;
        Pivot charts, pivot tables;
        CAPTE Reports (criteria, CSIF, CPI, Student Evaluation);
        Potential for research on program, clinical sites, etc.;
        Confidential Pool;
        Uniform drop-down menus;
        Improved reporting;
        Automated up-dating.

Cost: $2500 initial fees include – support, training, etc.,
              $1200 relicensing.

        Support by 7 PT Programs: FIU (possibly), NSU, UM, UF, USA, UCF, UNF (possibly).
        PTA Programs are inhibited by cost but interested in learning more of how to sell to their
        Administrations, as well as to become more familiar with the software options.

18. Creation of annual FCCE calendar – Kay
    Development of an FCCE Calendar to include:
       March 1-15 National Clinical Education Mailing for slots
       April 30 – Outstanding CI (PT/PTA)*
       July 1 – Research Awards*
       * February 9th – FPTA deadline for publication in the March Update
       Spring/Fall Dates of FCCE Meeting
       Include plans for future courses.

19. “Vouchers” for CIs/CCCEs - Kay
    Changes in the requirements for Scholarships allow for CIs/CCCEs to use the money for any
    type of course making the vouchers no longer necessary.

20. Next meeting – September 28, 2007, 10:00 AM. ORMC
    FCCE Email list was circulated for verification of data, and will be updated and sent with
    minutes following this meeting. Jamie to confirm availability.

21. Thanks and Awards
    Appreciation for service was expressed to both, Catherine Page and Lynda Jack, for their
    participation with the FCCE in anticipation of their upcoming retirements this Spring. In
    addition, a thank-you was expressed by the FCCE to Charlotte Silver-Kofler, for her years
    of service as former chair to the group. Good-luck to all three of you in your new journeys!

Respectfully submitted,

Sharon D. Weil, PTA, M.Ed.
ACCE/ PTA Program
Indian River Community College

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