The Chairman’s Report June 2005

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					   The British Computer Society Financial Services Specialist Group (BCS – FINSiG)
                              The Chairman’s Report May 2008
1. The Group’s Objectives:

1. To identify and promote good practice in the design, development, implementation and
   use of Financial Services IT systems.

2. To promote & develop IT standards in the Financial Services community.

3. To promote education, training and knowledge exchange amongst members, particularly
   new younger members and those entering, re-entering or changing roles in the sector; an
   educational role. This to include a better understanding of the Financial Services Industry.

4. To develop awareness and competence in the emerging information technology
   requirements and solutions, necessary within the fast changing Financial Services Sector,
   in particular those needed to meet its unique, mission critical requirements.

5. To encourage research into emerging new IT services and techniques which may meet
   Financial Services information processing needs.

6. To act as a clearing house for the Financial Services Specialist Group for information
   to/from other parts of the British Computer Society including other specialist groups.

7. To represent the interests of Financial Services Specialist Group members with other
   bodies, including European equivalent organisations via CEPIS, and others, e.g. ACM.

8. To encourage membership of the BCS amongst the Financial Services IT Community.

Bearing these in mind, we will be again asking at the meeting how we can better serve our
members by running additional activities, as well as the evening lecture series.
Assuming we as a committee are re-elected we will be planning our 2008/9 events over the
next couple of months.
2. Membership of the Group
Membership of the Group is now restricted to BCS Members. This includes affiliate members
who can enjoy some of the benefits of the BCS at a very modest annual charge.
Non members are still invited to our meetings and these continue to be held at no charge. WE
still maintain a mailing list.
The Group is BCS-sponsored and funded.
We had over 300 members on our mailing list. Now that we have a restriction the actual
membership following re-registration is now 130.
We ask all our members and guest to please tell friends and contacts and stay in touch. We
do take the knowledge exchange and networking potential of the Group very seriously and
wish to encourage the informality and interaction.
3. The Sponsors
Thanks to our speakers for providing their time freely at our events and helping to keep this a
‘free’ group to all its members.
4. Chairman’s note
I wish to extend a special thanks to all the committee members, especially Stephen
Murgatroyd, for keeping things going and for his excellent work in building a relationship with
FST Magazine.
5. Events over the past 12 months:
We have continued to be very active in arranging meetings over the past 12 months. The
main meetings were:

Date             Subject                                         Speaker
19 Sep 2007      Implementing e-security to tackle e-crime in    Patrick Carroll, CEO,
                 financial services                              ValidSoft
9 Oct 2007       Service Oriented Architecture for a Secure      Joe Erl, Mobilicity Limited
                 Identity Vault (SIV)
8 Nov 2007       Complex Event Processing                        Mike Blakey and Adam Cann
                                                                 of Data Stream Analysis Ltd
5 Mar 2008       Changes in the European Fixed Income            Ian Chicken of ICAP PLC
                 landscape brought on by Electronic Trading
22 May 2008      Get the Garbage out of Your Enterprise          Dr Christian Nentwich
                 Service Bus

In addition, we have started a relationship with FST magazine and our members are invited to
FST seminars and events. We get some paces free and others at a discount. Details will be
circulated by email.

I was also pleased to be one of the judges at the FST Technology awards this year.

•   Thanks to all our speakers and their organisations for giving their time and expertise free
    of charge, for the benefit of our members.
•   Our meetings have continued to be on a no charge basis enabling us to run our seminars
    free for attendees.
5. Co-operation with other organisations over events and mutual advertising, in
•   ICAP
•   FST Magazine

And finally……………….

•   Many thanks to all committee members, for helping to make the group a going concern.
•   With your help we intend to further increase the activities and influence of the group over
    the next 12 months.
•   Many thanks to YOU for subscribing to the Group, participating in the meetings and
    bringing ideas and opinions to keep the group moving forward in the right directions.

Peter Golden
Chairman May 2008