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      completed. --submitted by Beth L. Hendricks


                       Question: In the Western Marriage Index web site,why are there so
                       many marriages not listed?
                       Answer: From the website: At this time, the index is not
                       comprehensive for the time period and/or localities described.
                       However, the goal for this index is to have marriages from all 12
      western states at the fingertips of family researchers. In the meantime, the index
      represents an effort to share results even though the index is incomplete. Click here
      for a list of counties by state where records have been extracted.

      Question: Does LFHC have access to 1800's birth & death certificates in Utah? I
      know that I read to check with local FHC.
      Answer: Registration for Utah birth and death began in 1905. Most counties began
      keeping ledger entries in 1898. In 1860, the Utah legislature empowered (but did not
      require) Salt Lake City and Ogden to maintain a register of births and deaths. All
      surviving early county birth and death registers have been microfilmed and are
      accessible through the Family History Library and the State Archives. The Utah State
      Archives has a continuing program of indexing the birth registers. Those counties that
      have been completed are available online at www.archives.utah.gov For more details
      about what Utah birth and death records are available and where, read this article in
      FamilySearch Wiki.

      Question: Is there a place I can go to find information on old cemeteries around the
      Ogden area that are not listed on the web now? Before cemeteries started keeping
      records and in case the main cemetery was a ways away from their home, were
      people buried on family homesteads? If the family wasn't active LDS at the time
      would the Ward have records on the death, or did they mention deaths in the records
      of the Ward? I am looking for a 10 year old girl, daughter of a pioneer. I am bothered
      that I cannot find her grave. Is it important that I do or should I just give up?
      Answer: Perhaps you could try Cemetery Records of Utah, 13 Volumes. Salt Lake
      City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1953. (On 9 Family History Library films
      beginning with 874340.) The records are listed by cemetery and cogrouped together
      by county. The counties are not arranged alphabetically or geographically. There is a
      separate index for each volume. The cemetery listings will give you the name of the
      deceased, location of the grave, birth date, and the parent or spouse. This has been
      indexed in the Early Church Information File.

      Question: I have just reviewed the last newsletter I received from you and noticed
      that I missed 2 classes. I recall that these courses may also be taken online - may I
      still apply for these courses, and how?
      Answer: None of our classes are offered online.

      Question: Some of my ancestors never married but had children. I can seal the
      children to the fathers but can I seal the spouses?
      Answer: Yes. A deceased couple who lived together as husband and wife may be
      sealed, even if the marriage cannot be documented. (source: nFS Help Center)

      Question: In PAF, how do I create a list of completed ordinances?
      Answer: Select Search > Advanced Focus Filter. Click the Define button. In the left
      box, double- click LDS Baptism date, exists, OK. Click the OR button. In the left box,
      double-click LDS Endowment date, exists, OK. Click the OR button. In the left box,
      double-click LDS Sealing to Spouse date, exists, OK. Click the OR button. In the left
      box, double-click LDS Sealing to Parent date, exists, OK. OK. Check the 'Show

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      Results Only' box to view the list of everyone with any ordinance completed. (If you
      want only those with all ordinances completed, click the AND (instead of OR) button.)

      Question: In PAF, how do I extract and move these names with completed
      ordinances into NFS?
      Answer: You don't. If they have been completed, the individuals and ordinances are
      already in NFS.

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                           Cemeteries Photographed - Over 100,000 Tombstone
                           photographs free for personal use. http://teafor2.com/

                        Scott Co, TN Genealogy - Recipes of our Ancestors - Dedicated to
                        the study of history and family genealogy for Scott Co, TN. This site
                        contains copies of hundreds original vital records, thousands of
      obituaries, and over a thousand headstone pictures just to name a few of the
      interesting records maintained here. http://www.tngenweb.org/scott/

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                        "Genealogy of Jane Elizabeth Wheeler Thomas", compiled by
                        Bertha Jane Thomas Libby, 1974

                        "The Ancestors and Descendants of Jacobuds Barthel and
                        Christina Maus, 1658-1975", by Stephen Samuel Barthel


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