Minutes for the Church Council Meeting of February 15, by Btoxtoczko


									      Minutes for the Church Council Meeting of February 15, 2005
               First Congregational Church of Royal Oak

In attendance: John Miller, Margaret Blayney, Ray Ellis, Mary Gwen Stange, Barb Gehring, Jo Anne
Seman, Carol Freytag, Lynette Sisson, Bill Marin, Bob Rogowski, Kathy Howell and Jane Phillips.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. and opened with a prayer from Rev. Miller.

#      Kathy Howell, Chairperson of the Nominating Committee, provided a special report on the
       activities of the committee. The nomination process has begun and will need to be
       completed in the next few weeks so that candidates can be approved at the May 1 annual
       meeting. Kathy outlined how the Nominating Committee is working with board chairs to
       recruit individuals to fill projected vacancies. She also indicated that the Committee is
       currently focused on identify good prospects for the Vice-Moderator position.

#      Jane Phillips briefed the Council on the status of the memorial garden project. The brick
       pavers have all been installed but there is some remaining landscaping work that remains for
       the Spring. There are some remaining legal issues the Memorial Garden is looking at, largely
       centering on the classification of human remains as solid waste by the State of Michigan
       Department of Environmental Quality. These issues will be further examined by FCC=s
       legal counsel. Operating guidelines have been drafted governing use of the garden. It is
       hoped that this new resource for the Church will be dedicated sometime in late May 2005.

#      The Nominating Committee proposed that Bill Marin fill the recently vacated at-large
       member Church Council position (vice Ken Bousum). Lynette Sisson moved that Bill=s
       nomination be approved, and Barb Gehring seconded this motion. The Council voted
       unanimously to approve this action, effective immediately.

#      The Council reviewed the minutes of the January 18, 2005 meeting. Lynette Sisson moved
       to approve the minutes as submitted, and Margaret Blaney seconded the motion. The
       Council voted to approve the minutes and they will be posted on the bulletin board and FCC
       internet site.

At this point in the meeting, Council members provide individual reports of recent activities relating
to assigned areas:

#      John Miller (Senior Minister). Our Minister submitted a detailed written report for the
       Council to review (see attached). Highlights of the report: update on Lenten season
       activities; AFoundations@ course to debut in April; update on progress of Covenant Class;
       wrap-up of recently completed Michigan PF retreat that was held at FCC on January 21-23;
       summary of developments in the PF program; the church may host a seminary student for an
       internship beginning in the Fall; new member classes planned for April 17 and 24; need to
       recruit new members for the Stewardship Committee. At this point, the Council discussed a
       possible potluck or special meeting that might be held in June to brainstorm on new
       programs and directions for FCC.

#      Margaret Blayney (Deacons). Margaret indicated that Barb Deiss is grateful for the increase
       in her paid work hours. Barb will be meeting with the senior high class on February 27 to
       explain her job and role in the church. She made 50 visits to 32 different people since the
       January meeting. The Deacons recommend tables with chairs be set up for coffee hours as an
       accommodation to those members who have difficulty standing. The Maundy Thursday
       service is scheduled for March 24 and will feature some new costumes for the disciples. The
       Deacons are currently revising the job description for sponsors of new Church members.
       Another project is development of an improved plan for retention of new members.

#      Ray Ellis (Christian Education). Donations to the Welcome Inn day shelter have been well
       received. The CE Board will send out a letter encouraging attendance at the Maundy
       Thursday service. There is a need for preschool/kindergarten classroom assistants B potential
       volunteers should contact Diane Kruzman. CE is considering sponsoring a AParenting with
       Purpose@ program in the Fall. Thanks to the Ridgway family for their hosting 90 senior high
       retreatants at their home for a party. The ASouper Bowl of Caring@ activity generated $345
       in donations. Senior high attendance steady at about five students each Sunday. The Memo
       of Understanding for Diane Kruzman is under review. Vacation Bible school planning
       underway, with various themes under consideration; no dates yet, but will probably take
       place in late June. CE Board has had input in development of the Foundations course and
       will have a committee that will begin to work on the Spiritual Gifts series planned for later
       this year. Senior high retreat is slated for March.

#      Mary Gwen Stange (Religious Music). Melissa will be absent this week B Frank Bartlett
       filling in on February 17 rehearsal and the Sunday Service on February 20. Mary Peterson
       will run Youth Bells on February 16. Melissa will also miss the March 6 service. Adult Bell
       Choir will play on Easter. The piano has been tuned. The RM Board has submitted names
       of potential replacement members to the Nominating Committee. All music staff have
       signed their Memos of Understanding.

#   Barb Gehring (Trustees). Boilers are being looked at to provide more heat to the preschool
    room. Developments in the rentals area include a $200 donation for a Beaumont Hospital
    hospice memorial service, and increasing activity from the Yoga group B please note the
    Aquiet@ sign. The Trustees approved a proposal to incur costs for background investigations
    for paid staff and some volunteers now required by our insurance company. Our neighbors
    will paint the wall at the end of our parking lot. Budget on track: January=s number show
    more money received than had been projected, although it is noted that some of the income
    includes prepaid pledges. The Trustees will have four members to replace at the end of the
    current term.

#   (Outreach). Mark Arpin was not in attendance, but Rev. Miller updated the Council on
    several ongoing initiatives involving the Outreach Board, e.g., helping at warming shelters in
    the community.

#   Jo Anne Seman (Women=s Fellowship). Upcoming events include a program from Joy
    Hardie in February (award winning sewing), Beaumont speaker in March, and Royal Oak
    schools Children Choir. Church Women United World Day of Prayer to be held on March 4.
     Kitchen inventory scheduled for March 14. Bills relating to expenses incurred in
    conjunction with the recent youth retreat have been submitted for reimbursement. Circles
    donated $150 for cost of Cana meal. Least Coin and missions money to be collected at the
    March luncheon. Fall rummage sale slated for October 13-15. Annual reports due April 1.
    Fellowship room rental for baby shower June 11 will generate $75. Harmony Circle is
    working on a memory book. Lydia Circle had a soup sale to benefit Tsunami relief and are
    starting a new study group based on the book ABad Girls of the Bible.@ Miriam Circle is
    sponsoring a pot luck dinner/bingo on February 27.

#   (At-large members). Gena Brown was absent. Carol Freytag and Bill Marin had no special
    activities or comments to report.

#   Lynette Sisson (Vice Moderator). Lynette provided a brief wrap-up of the recently
    completed budget cycle. She will be out of town most of March.

#   Bob Rogowski (Moderator). Bob updated the Council on the status of various projects
    currently underway under the collective heading of AFCC Vision 2005.@ It is expected that
    the Honorary Deacons proposal will be voted on by the congregation at the May 1 meeting.
    A company has been identified to serve as an appropriate vendor for securing national
    criminal checks. There is a need to move on establishing working groups for the Church
    Handbook and communications audit projects B recruitment will include an article in the PV.
     Action continues on a draft for the employee handbook project. The Council will consider
    an appropriate response to the NACCC=s Congregational Foundation appeal later in the year.
     There will be a special coffee hour honoring Pat and Fred Woodward following the March
    13 service.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert F. Rogowski


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