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					                Regional Selections by PennDOT for TE/HTS/SRS Funding (FY 2006)
                                Regional FHWA TE/HTS/SRS Funds
                  Project Title and Description                                                      Sponsor                County          Federal Funds
              Transportation Enhancement Projects

Lindenfield Pedestrian Bridge & Fairview Park Pedestrian Trail Projects:
Installation of a pedestrian bridge over the North Branch of Neshaminy Creek, two
                                                                                                Chalfont Borough             Bucks            $411,441
pedestrian bridges over a tributary to the West Branch of Neshaminy Creek and
portions of pedestrian trails throughout Chalfont Borough.

Route 13 Pedestrian Bridge: Pedestrian Bridge at Tulleytown to link the towpath
                                                                                               Delaware and Lehigh
trail in Delaware Canal State Park is 85% complete. This phase 2 of the project will
                                                                                                National Heritage            Bucks            $690,000
provide funds for the unanticipated deep support pilings necessary & cost increases in

Lansdowne Borough Gateway Park and Pedestrian/Bike Trail: Creation of a
gateway park on approximately 2 acres of vacant land located at the western entrance
to the Borough. A pedestrian & bike path will be constructed to connect the gateway
                                                                                               Lansdowne Borough           Delaware           $368,000
park to Hoffman Park (the borough's major recreational park located along the Darby
Creek). The path will provide pedestrian access to the inbound side of SEPTA's
Gladstone Station

Grays Ferry Avenue Streetscape Project: Improves the pedestrian environment
along Grays Ferry Avenue through the creation of new bicycle lanes, sidewalk
                                                                                              Philadelphia Commerce
improvements and landscape enhancements. The improvements will improve safety,                                            Philadelphia       $1,000,000
enliven a highly trafficked commercial area and connect deserving neighborhoods to
recreational opportunities along the Schuylkill riverfront.

Manayunk Canal Restoration: This Phase III project involves the restoration of
Philadelphia's most significant surviving remnant of the once great Schuylkill                    Fairmont Park
                                                                                                                          Philadelphia        $980,250
Navigation system. It includes restoring water flow to the canal, improving the                    Commission
hydrology in the canal and providing stabilization of the historic Sluice House.

Philadelphia Bicycle Ambassadors: Involves the Bicycle safety ambassadors
distributing safety information on Philadelphia streets & attending community events
to reduce the number of bicycling-related injuries and deaths, help all users (bike             City of Philadelphia      Philadelphia        $360,000
riders, motorists & pedestrians) better share roads and off-road trails and create more
livable neighborhoods by helping more people to bicycle.

Enhancements by Effective Outdoor Advertising Control: Will improve the visual
character of scenic byways, gateway corridors, and hometown streets. The project will Pennsylvania Resources           All Counties in PA
provide billboard inventories, technical assistance in the effective control of billboards    Council                        Region
& the removal of illegal off premise signs along target corridors.

              Home Town Streets Projects
Broad/Main/Front Streets Streetscape - Phase II: Installation of patterned concrete
crosswalks & lighting more in character with historic nature of downtown Quakertown.
It will increase pedestrian access by re-configuring & landscaping the central triangle       Borough of Quakertown          Bucks            $482,755
dividing East & West Broad Street and encouraging more appropriate downtown
parking options.

Route 13 Redevelopment Project: Complete rehabilitation of the Croydon business
district. This project will serve as the impetus to completing redevelopment efforts             Bristol Township            Bucks            $510,000
along the entire 11-mile corridor in the study area.

Church Street Streetscape Project: Replaces aging deteriorated streetscape
infrastructure in downtown West Chester. It will include installation of new sidewalks,
                                                                                              West Chester Borough          Chester           $849,052
curbs, pedestrian style street lighting, street furniture, street trees, planters, handicap
ramps, storm water inlets where necessary.

Lincoln Highway Streetscapes Project: Curbing, sidewalks, & streetscapes
improvements along Lincoln Highway adjacent to Thorndale Shopping Center.
                                                                                                  Caln Township             Chester           $548,196
Provides a continuous sidewalk from Thorndale Train station to Carlson Blvd. creating
continuous pedestrian loop around center of Thorndale.
Phoenixville Streetscape Project: Historic streetscape project will enhance the
historic downtown District in Phoenixville. The enhancements include streetlights,         Borough of Phoenixville     Chester       $1,000,000
trash receptacles and benches, new sidewalks and curbs to enhance the downtown.

Lincoln Avenue Renaissance Project: Improving the visual edges of Lincoln Ave.
by installing plantings and small markers such as decorative fencing. Improvements to
the SEPTA train station landscaping will be implemented. Additional improvements           Prospect Park Borough      Delaware       $632,500
include streetlights, furniture, benches, trash receptacles, signposts, street name
signs, and minor sidewalk and curb repair.

Broad Street Corridor Streetscape/Transportation Enhancement: The Borough
of Lansdale will undertake streetscape improvements along Broad Street.
                                                                                              Lansdale Borough       Montgomery      $886,020

Collegeville Borough Main Street Revitalization Project - Phase II: The intent is to
enhance the pedestrian experience on Main St by completing curb, sidewalk,                  Collegeville Borough     Montgomery      $522,950
landscape, and lighting improvements between 1st Ave and 4th Ave.

Glenside Commercial District Streetscape and Traffic Calming - Phase II: To
install streetscape & traffic calming improvements on Easton Road, which is the main       Township of Cheltenham    Montgomery      $1,000,000
thoroughfare in the Glenside Commercial District.

Chinatown Plaza (10th and Vine Streets) Revitalization: Implement streetscape
                                                                                           Chinatown Development
and traffic calming measures at the area of 10th and Vine Streets in the Chinatown                                   Philadelphia    $980,250
neighborhood of Center City.

Frankford Avenue Improvement Plan: To improve the appearance and                        New Kensington
infrastructure on Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia, PA. Improvements will be made to Community Development           Philadelphia    $920,000
lighting, sidewalks, signage, bicycle amenities, and community gateway plantings.         Corporation

Mid-East Girard Avenue Streetscape Project: The Mid-East Girard Avenue
                                                                                           Philadelphia Commerce
Streetscape Project will install new curbs, lights, sidewalks, bump-outs and trees                                   Philadelphia    $1,000,000
along the corridor from Susquehanna to 8th Street.

Fox Chase/Rockledge Streetscape Project - Phase 3: Streetscape improvements
that will enhance existing streetscape aesthetics, improve auto and pedestrian flow          Philadelphia Streets    Philadelphia/
and access, encourage public transit ridership and create the overall safety necessary           Department          Montgomery
for a marketable, pedestrian friendly commercial district.

              Safe Routes to School Projects

SR# 413 - Hometown Streets & Safe Routes to School - Phase 1: Creating an
attractive, safe walkable environment to encourage walking, bicycling & the use of          Borough of Langhorne        Bucks        $280,712
public transportation, helping to reduce traffic congestion and increase retail trade.

2005 Doylestown Borough Safe Routes to School: Installation of new curb,
sidewalk and curb ramps where none exist in the vicinity of Linden Elementary School       Borough of Doylestown        Bucks        $201,250
in Doylestown Borough.

Operation Safe Kids: Multi-use trail from the Phoenixville Area School District High
School and Middle School to the YMCA. The proposed multi-use trail, including a
                                                                                             Schuylkill Township       Chester       $465,580
creek crossing & traffic signal modifications will provide safe passage for students and
nearby residents.
AMTRAK Footbridge Repairs (Rosemont & W. Hinckley Avenues): Remedial
repairs to the AMTRAK Footbridge located in Ridley Park. The work includes removal
                                                                                              Ridley Park Borough      Delaware        $102,925
and replacement of steel treads and risers, removal and replacement of metal
handrails, and replacement of concrete walk.

Knowles Avenue Side Walk Installation and Pedestrian Underpass Project:
Installation of 1200 linear feet of 4' wide sidewalk and curb on main access to
Glenolden School along Knowles Avenue. A pedestrian underpass at the CSX                      Glenolden Borough        Delaware       $1,000,000
railroad tracks. Stabilize and install a retaining wall along eastern side of Knowles
Ave. to stop the erosion and protect the new sidewalks.

Providence Road Pedestrian Project - Phase 2: Phase 2 of a pedestrian sidewalk
                                                                                               Upper Providence
installation project on Providence Road, consists of the installation of 875' of sidewalk                              Delaware        $125,786
on Providence Road and School Lane to facilitate pedestrian and student travel.

Bicycle Education and Enhancement Program for Philadelphia School Students
(BEEP): Provides professional training to District teachers to qualify as bicycle repair      Philadelphia School
                                                                                                                      Philadelphia     $286,556
technicians in 26 schools, implementation of an "earn-a-bike" program, and                          District
development of a computer route mapping system.

Philadelphia School Zone Safety - Phase 2: Installation of bumpouts in                        Philadelphia Streets
                                                                                                                      Philadelphia    $1,000,000
approximately 17 school zones throughout the City of Philadelphia.                                Department

                        Regional FHWA TE/HTS/SRS Statewide Discretionary Funds
                  Project Title and Description                                                    Sponsor              County       Federal Funds
              Transportation Enhancement Projects

Kennett Pike Bikeway: Project approximately 1.5-mi greenway along PA 52(a
PAScenic Byway). Two major changes to the current landscape of this historic and
                                                                                               Kennett Township         Chester        $740,453
scenic roadway – pedestrian/bicycle way with traffic calming & safety improvements
will be built and the historic landscape alongside the road will be restored.

Schuylkill River Park and Trail Phase IIIB - North: Project will complete key
segment of Schuylkill River bike & pedestrian trail between Race Street & Martin                Schuylkill River
                                                                                                                      Philadelphia     $900,000
Luther King Drive including landscaping, grading & plantings. Entire trail 1.2 miles        Development Corporation
between Water Works & South Street. Property owned by City of Philadelphia.

Schuylkill Trails - Bicycle and Pedestrian trail between University Avenue Bridge
(DuPont) to Fed Ex (Segments 4 and 5 of the Schuylkill Trails Master Plan): The
Schuylkill Trails Master Plan outlines a strategy for the development of a riverfront
                                                                                          Schuylkill River
bicycle & pedestrian trail from the South Street Bridge to Bartram's Garden. The                                      Philadelphia    $1,000,000
                                                                                      Development Corporation
priority is to complete segments in city-owned parcels between the University Avenue
Bridge (DuPont property) & Fed Ex. The trail will improve public access & link to
existing street & bikeway connections.
              Home Town Streets Projects

Roxborough Streetscape Improvement Project: Roxborough Streetscape
Improvement Project will enhance the pedestrian, transit, and bicycle experience in           Philadelphia Streets
                                                                                                                      Philadelphia     $977,500
this district so as to market the business district as a safe, fun and unique place to            Department
patrons and as an economically viable market place to investors.

              Safe Routes to School Projects
Mill Creek Community Improvement Proj - Washington Elementary: Enhance
and attract new residential & commercial redevelopment & revitalization, improve
                                                                                             Philadelphia Housing
streetscape appearance, improve the quality of life by enhancing existing                                             Philadelphia    $1,125,000
neighborhood services, and improve the safety of children by providing safe passages
to school and recreation centers.

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