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       ABCTEACH is a great resource for teacher’s to use. There are printable
       worksheets that are excellent to use as a reinforcement tool.

         Enchanted Learning is a lot like ABCTEACH. It is a useful teacher
         resource. Some of the resources that are available on this website are:
     (A)     Butterfly life cycle worksheets
     (B)     Lady bug life cycle worksheets
     (C)     Label a placesetting in Spanish
     (D)     Spelling lists and worksheets
     (E)     Graphic organizers
     (F)     Information on Tsunami’s

         National Geographic has fascinating scientific information for children.
         Some exciting features include:
     (A)    Virtual tours on the Antartica, the Arctic, and the deep sea
     (B)    Education site
     (C)    Student site with information on the topic as well as coloring pages
     (D)    Games
     (E)    Movies

         Spaceplace, which is sponsored by NASA is an awesome website. It is
         totally kid- friendly. The site includes:
     (A)      Games
     (B)      Robot puzzles
     (C)      Coloring books
     (D)      Amazing facts
     (E)      Cool subjects

         Bensguide is another kid-friendly website.

       If you are a preschool or kindergarten teacher, Starfall is a fun website to
       use. It incorporates holidays and animation into the website. There are
         stories included for beginning readers. It could benefit the class if you
         could project these stories on a large screen.

        ReadWriteThink is a good teacher resource. There are hundreds of
        creative, teacher-created lesson plans. There are links to: 100 Best books
        for kids and Celebrating cultural diversity through children’s literacy, just
        to name a few.

8.    www.teach-
        Teach-nology is another teacher resource website. It includes thousands
        of lesson plans, printable worksheets, rubrics, games and teaching tips.

          Funbrain is a great site for students. On this site, you will find:
      (A)    Math games for different ability levels
      (B)    Sudoku
      (C)    Trivia games
      (D)    Mad Libs

         This site could be useful to use during center time.

        Innerbody is a fun science site that will teach the student about the human
        body. It has interactive games to help the children learn about all of the
        systems of the body.

        Rubristar is another great teacher resource. This website will allow you to
        use a pre-created rubric or you can alter it to meet you specific needs.

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