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The Emerging UMV and UGV Markets 2008-2018

The continuous evolution of unmanned vehicle systems and the emergence of new technologies,
coupled with recent operational successes in Iraq and Afghanistan, have led to the increased use of
unmanned systems across the operational spectrum. Unmanned systems, in the form of unmanned
aerial, ground and maritime vehicles, have become an integral part of modern military operations and,
indeed, of the modern military arsenal.

Undoubtedly, unmanned systems have potential to register significant growth, but unlike Unmanned
Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Unmanned Maritime Vehicles (UMVs) and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs)
are rapidly-emerging markets. This latest report - The Emerging UMV and UGV Markets 2008-2018 -
analyses the market for UMVs and UGVs. It looks into the future and identifies the key companies and
issues that will affect the market. Visiongain believes the US is at the forefront of UMV and UGV
development, but do you know which other markets have potential for growth?

Visiongain notes that there are almost 150 UUVs being used by the US Navy alone. Visiongain believes
the UMV market should exceed nearly $160 million by 2009.

Do you know that the UGV market is growing rapidly? In 2004 the US army was using 162 robots in
Iraq and Afghanistan. That grew to 5,000 in 2007 and will continue to climb to 6,000 in 2008.
Visiongain believes UGV market will exceed $450 million by 2009, but do you know the market value
in 2013, or even in 2018? This report will share all the information on market valuation with key
market analysis and forecasts up to 2018.

Our new Emerging UMV and UGV Markets 2008-2018 report examines those markets critically,
through comprehensive primary and secondary research. Importantly, visiongain discusses UMVs and
UGVs in the context of the wider defence and industrial markets. In addition to consultation with
experts in industry, this research involved a detailed study of relevant documents, industrial reports
and current developments. Importantly, visiongain applied techniques such as financial forecasting
and analysis of drivers and restraints. The result is a comprehensive market-based report with
detailed analyses and informed opinion.

Why you should buy this report

In our Emerging UMV and UGV Markets 2008-2018 report you will find answers to the following

      Where are the UMV and UGV markets now and how are they likely to develop?
      What sales will the worldwide UMV and UGV markets generate from 2008-2018?
      What are the most important technological issues for the UMV and UGV sectors?
      Which are the main companies involved in developing UMVs and UGVs?
      Is UUV market bigger than USV market?
      Is UUV non-military market bigger than military market?
      How widely are UMVs and UGVs currently used, and how will patterns of usage change in the

Visiongain believes UUVs are at the stage where they have become useful for a number of missions
such as, port monitoring, ship tracking/inspection, intelligence gathering, surveillance, mine
countermeasures (MCM), tactical oceanography, navigation, anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and
USVs have also proven viable for certain applications, especially port and harbour security, fixed and
mobile asset security (such as oil rigs and piers, as well as maritime intercepting operations). A
number of leading companies are already interested in this sector and are fast developing systems
there. Companies specialising in defence-relevant engineering cannot afford to miss potential
opportunities in this market area. Our report will help those organisations to understand this market
sector and assess its potential from the present onwards.

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