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Things to do at the 2005 ARRL Convention Check by Btoxtoczko


									                      Things to do at the 2005 ARRL Convention Check Off List
                                                               I want
            Been                                               to see    Been
I want to   there                                                this    there
 see this   done                                               exhibit   done
program      that   Program                                       or      that   Exhibitor
                    All Sides Now                                                10-10 International
                    A.P.R.S.                                                     AA6EE Call book Distributor
                    ARES/Races Inter-operability                                 AOR USA, Inc
                    What’s new in ADRF                                           ARRL
                    Getting started in ADRF.                                     Battery-Tech
                    ADRF Antenna Work Shop                                       Books Etc.
                    ARRL Mentoring Forum                                         Catalina ARA
                    What is ATV                                                  Diamond Antennas
                    Advanced ATV                                                 Elecraft, Inc.
                    Helicopter ATV                                               Fan-Nan Enterprises
                    Before All Else Fails                                        Force 12
                    BPL                                                          Ham Radio Outlet
                    Contesting                                                   Hospital Disaster Support Communications
                    Crest Radio Museum                                           ICOM America
                    Discover the Magic of HF Radio                               J-ames Pole
                    Earthquakes & Your Ham Shack                                 Jun’s Electronics
                    EDUCOM                                                       Kenw ood USA
                    Field Day in a Suitcase                                      Maha Energy
                    GPS for the Emergency Communicator                           National Communications
                    Ham Radio History Project                                    National Weather Service
                    Angeles Crest 100 Mi.                                        NiCd Lady Company
                    HF Propagation in Sunspot Minimum                            Nifty! Ham
                    How to Start & Run a CW Net                                  Q.R.Zed Engraving
                    It All Starts at the Microphone                              R&J Fial Badges
                    The Myths about Antennas                                     Radio Club of Jr HS 22 New York Inc.
                    N.T.S. Forum                                                 RF Parts
                    QSL Card Checking                                            Riverside County Red Cross
                    Q.C. of Deep Space Telecommunications                        SANDARC
                    Radio Baker Vegas                                            SATERN
                    Remote Control Amateur Radio Station                         Smiley Antenna Co.
                    Renew able Energy for Emergency
                    Skywarn                                                      Symbolic Energy
                    Spacecraft Radios as Used on Cassini and
                                                                                 The T-Shirt Guy
                    Mars Rovers
                    State Office of Emergency Services                           US Tow er
                    Take it With You Expeditions                                 Western Case Company
                    Update on 10-10                                              YAESU Vertex Standard
                    Training the Trainer                                         Other Events
                    Tropo Ducting                                                Operate W1AW/6 Special Event Station
                    VHF Weak Signal Forum                                        T-Hunt
                    What Energy Crisis? The Saga Cont.                           V.E. Testing
                                                                                 Saturday Luncheon
                                                                                 Sunday Breakfast
                                                                                 Wouff Hong

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