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Subject Line: “Telemarketing Rulemaking – Comment. FTC File No. R411001”

As an employee of S&D Marketing, Inc. located in Philadelphia, PA, I am opposing the
FTC’s proposed changes to the TSR for the following reasons:

(1)    Passage of this new rule will impact my job and others in my company. The
       income I earn is very important to my family.

(2)    We provide great direct marketing services which many consumers find of benefit
       to them. Our business exists because consumers like what we offer. We make it
       easy and affordable to acquire our marketing services.

(3)    The vast majority of people I call are pleasant and willing to hear about our
       services. If they are not interested, they simply tell me so. If someone wishes to
       be placed on our do-not-call list, we always honor their request. I believe the
       current company specific law is reasonable to all parties.

(4)    Having a National Registry in addition to a Federal Specific DNC list and State
       DNC list will be both confusing to the consumer and a burden to my company.
       We do not need more lists, enforcing your current regulations.

I am proud of what I do. Thank you for allowing me to comment.


Val Kurpe

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