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                     Claims Section Circle of Excellence Submission
                       COE time frame: July1, 2006-June 1, 2007
Submitted by COE Committee members:
Barbara Levine
Eric Sieber
Ray Rose
Date Submitted: June 21, 2007

GOAL #1: CPCU is the most widely recognized, valued, and highly respected professional
designation/brand in the property and casualty insurance industry by CPCU employers,
industry practitioners, and other important audiences.

Members of the CPCU Society Claims Special Interest Section were very active in continuing to
“Spread the Word” on a grass roots level. We empower our section members to promote the
positive attributes of their CPCU designation to employers, customers, and the general public as
evidenced by the following activities:

    I.        Activity: Conduct A Symposium
              Points Available 2 – 4 per symposium
              Maximum Points available: 10

         Several CPCU Claims Section members presented symposia to prestigious audiences and
         served as keynote speakers on a broad range of claims related topics as follows:

          Tony Nix presented an educational seminar on Perspectives of a Financial
           Investigation at the Georgia Fire Investigators Association Spring Seminar on
           3/14/07 in Athens, Ga. The seminar lasted for 4 hrs and preparation for the event took
           8 hours.
           Points requested: 4

          Tony Nix presented a program at the 18th Annual National Arson Investigation
           Training Seminar in Destin, Florida on 2/21/07
           Points requested: 3

          Arthur Beckman served as the keynote speaker at the Subrogation Conference in
           Nashville, Tennessee on February 6, 2007
           Points requested: 3

          Arthur Beckman was the keynote speaker at a catastrophe conference in Las Vegas
           Nevada on February 1, 2007
           Points requested: 3

          Cecilia Foy Dorsett presented a “Webinar” on “Claims and Litigation” on May 25,
           2007 for Assurex Global
           Points requested: 2

11/15/2010 1:11:00 PM

    II.       Activity: Conduct A Workshop
              Points: 2 – 4 per workshop; Maximum: 10 per category

               “The Many faces of Fraud” was presented by Tony Nix on 10/11/06 for the
                Atlanta I Day Event at the Galleria Convention Center in Atlanta, Ga. The
                workshop was one hour and involved three hours of preparation. The event
                Sponsored by Atlanta Chapter CPCU
                Points requested: 2

               Member Joe Allport conducted a seminar on “Workplace Safety for Field
                Adjusters” at his company (Foremost) per attached seminar outline.
                Points requested: 2

               Tony Nix presented 1 hour workshop on “Deposition Preparation” 3/18/07. This
                involved 2 hours of preparation. The event was sponsored by the Law Firm of
                Hall, Booth, Slover, and Smith.
                Points reuested: 2

                  James Beckley trained trained adjusters for three days Oct. 3-5, 2006 on the use of
                   PRISMS for Claims Adjusters (human relations and negotiations) at North Carolina Farm
                   Bureau Mutual Insurance Company. He spent 5 hours in preparation and 20 conducting
                   Points requested: 4

               Barbara Keefer: August 2006: gave a training presentation to 65 employees of
                Scottsdale Insurance Company in Scottsdale Arizona
                Points requested: 2

               Barbara Keefer: December 2006: gave training presentation to Liberty Mutual
                claims Personnel in Cincinnati, Ohio
                Points requested: 2

               Barbara Levine in May 2007 conducted a two hour long
                training program on first party automobile insurance laws across the
                country to 20 adjusters at Sentry Dairlyand insurance in Richmond,Virginia.
                This was held in April 2007. All adjuster attending received CE credits.
                Points requested: 4

               Barbara Levine taught Third Party Liability Claims and Common Defense
                Strategies. Two hour course.Florida adjuster CE Credit awarded to each attendee.
                Location: Cotton States Insurance Company, Atlanta Georgia
                Points requested: 3

               Barbara Levine taught Update, Florida PIP law Cotton States Insurance
                Company, Atlanta George. Two hours adjuster CE (Fla) "legal" awarded to

11/15/2010 1:11:00 PM

               Member James W Beckley trained Oklahoma Farm Bureau and Idaho Farm
                Bureau personnel about their reinsurance program (basics of their treaties) and
                educational presentation about natural catastrophes and insurance (including
                modeling) on 7/27/2006 and 8/5/2006, three hours including preparation.

                   Points Requested: 4

III. Activity: Conduct a Turn Key Project

2–4      Points per project: Maximum: 8 points

               Barbara Levine presented two “Turn Key” Programs to approximately 40 Claims
                Adjusters at Direct General Insurance Company in Tampa, Florida in April,
                2007. Two Continuing Education Credits were awarded to each adjuster for each
                class. The classes were:

                    Negotiation Skills and Strategies for Claims Adjusters
                    Effective communication skills for Claims Professionals
                   Points 8

IV. Activity: Publish Articles (non-CPCU publications)
                   Points per article: 1 – 3        maximum per category: 6

               Claims Section Committee Chairman Bob McHenry had an article printed in the
                Claims Magazine
                Points requested: 2

               Former Chairman and Committee Section member James Klauke authored two
                articles printed in the Claims Magazine this year. One was about the stresses on
                claims adjusters while working Catastrophic loss claims following his own
                medical issues handling claims from Hurricane Katrina
                Points requested: 4

V. Open: Creative Activity             Max=1

Claims Section Member Andy Zagrzejewski served as a member of the AICPCU INS Advisory
Board on 9/8/06 with Marty Frappolli and other board members to help in the development and
delivery of INS courses. 5 Hours preparation and 1 hour meeting
Points requested: 1

On 2-07 Bob McHenry attended Westfield's Manager's school (1.5 days)
Points requested: 1

Phil Krajec staffed CPCU/IIA booth at annual meeting of National African-American Insurance
Association (9/4/06).
Points requested: 1

Art Beckman attended Quarterly meetings of the Utah Information Network creating a

11/15/2010 1:11:00 PM

clearinghouse for medical bills and documents. 32 hours in meetings plus 20-25 hours
preparation. Utah Health Information Network is a not-for-profit organization creating an
electronic network for medical providers to submit medical information electronically to payers.
This has the engagement of providers, hospitals, state officials and insurance companies trying to
further the advancement of medical claim handling for the industry.
Points requested: 1

GOAL #2: All Society Members have access to continually increasing number of programs
and services that position them for success.

    Claims section members have achieved the goal of meeting member and chapter demand for
high-quality, unique technical insurance programs and information on leading-edge topics in the
property and casualty insurance industry. The claims section has contributed to the steady
growth of the CPCU Society National Leadership Institute (NLI) programs, as measured by
attendance and program quality.

I. Publish Newsletter(s)
         Points available 1 – 3 per activity; maximum             8

The claim section committee editorial staff, headed by Robert Kelso developed 4 Claims
Quarterly’s during the period 7/1/06 to the present. Two of the four CQ’s were 16 pages and the
other two were 20 pages, averaging 18 pages each.

The editions contained the following number of articles:
August 2006:10
November 2006: 6
March 2007: 7
May 2007: 7
June 2007
There were 30 articles in total.

14 of the articles were written by Claims Sections members. Six were reprints and the rest as
     Claim Technical or Legal: 11.
     Claim Operational or Career Management: 8.
     CPCU Initiatives/activities: 11.
     Each also included exemplary reports from the Section Chair

Members of the claims Section that submitted articles during this COE time frame (06-070
include: Pat Jeremy, Elise Farnham, Robert McHenry, Kathleen Robison, Barbara Keefer,
Rodney Caudill, Robert Kelso, Marcia Sweeney, Kevin Quinley

Points requested: 15

II. Activity: Conduct CPCU Annual Meeting Seminar

Awardable Points: 2 – 4 each           Maximum Points: 10


11/15/2010 1:11:00 PM

     The Claims Section presented a 2 hour seminar at the Annual meeting in Nashville,
      Tennessee. The seminar was based on a Mock Trial and involved the issue of Excess
      Verdicts. Claims Committee Section Member Eric Sieber presented the program. The
      seminar involved at a minimum 15 hours of preparation. In addition, Claims Section
      member Paul Burke, Esq. conducted the legal research for the program
      **       See attached handout from seminar for detail.
      Points requested: 4

     Claim Section Members Bob McHenry, Tony Nix, and Eric Sieber all participated (acted)
      in the Claims Section Annual Meeting Seminar which was presented along with the
      CLEW section. The program was very favorably received. The program involved
      approximately 3-4 hours each in preparation before the convention, practice on the day
      before the presentation and over 3 hours each for the seminar itself.
      Points requested: 4

     Claims Section: Annual Meeting Box Lunch Event:
       Points requested: 3

     Member: Andrew Zagrzejewski served as All Industry Day Committee Co-Chairperson
      for this year’s event being held on October 10, 2007. The meeting included all day
      seminars, a luncheon and featured guest speaker Lee Baca, sheriff for L.A. County.
      Points requested: 4

III. Conduct CPCU Member Symposium
         Points per activity:          2–4       Maximum:         10

      Phil Krajec participated in presentation with IIA at meeting of Atlanta Association of
       Insurance Professionals (2/7/07).
       Points requested: 2

      Phil Krajec participated in Atlanta area I Day as moderator of 2 sessions (10/11/06)
        Points requested: 4

      James Klauke Presented a seminar at the Tennessee Claims Association annual meeting
       at Tunica Mississippi on May 5th 2007, "Deposition for The Insurance Professional" .
        Lasted 1 1/2 hours and attendance was 50.
       Points requested: 4

IV. Conduct CPCU Member Workshop
          Points 2-4 per activity; maximum 10

Claims Section Member Ray Rose: Instructor for CPCU 510 - On Site Employer Sponsored
Course January - April 2007. Instructed CPCU 510 at Hastings Mutual. Approximately 20
students in the class. Classes held at Hastings Mutual Insurance Company. Number of Hours
(Duration) =15 Units x 1.5 hours per class = 22.5 hours Number of Hours (Preparation) =3 hours
X 15 Units = 45 hours Sponsored by Hastings Mutual Insurance Company
Points requested: 4

Workshop: Member: Jeffrey A. Svestka, CPCU taught INS 22 from 8/2006 - 12/2006 through the
Insurance Education Association. 13-week semester of INS 22 in San Francisco. The class was

11/15/2010 1:11:00 PM

32.5 hours long (in total) and preparation was about 66 hours. Event Sponsors=Insurance
Education Association
Points requested: 4

Member: Ellen M. Barnett taught CPCU 530 3/6/07 through 7/24/07 at Acadia Insurance in
Marlborough, MA total time invested approximately 51 hours.
Points requested: 4

Conduct CPCU Chapter Meeting Turn-Key
      Points available 2-4 per activity; maximum 8

Member: Bill McCoullough
Spring 2007 - FIL 250 - Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance –
35 students: Points requested: 4

Eric Seiber presented a speech at the LA I-day
Points requested: 4

Develop CPCU Turn-Key Program(s)

VI. Enhance Website for Member Value
Points requested: 10

Members Art Beckman and Ken Carmichael were the Claims Sections Webmasters this year.
They made many improvements and enhancements to the section website. They kept the website
updated with timely articles on topics of interest across a broad spectrum of claims issues.
Additionally minutes of the Annual Meeting were posted:

Website enhancements included:
Updating COE Forms for ease in submission
Updated committee member info
Added COE guidelines and form to the main page of the claims Section website.
Updated website to include future annual meeting locations
Added Atlanta Meeting pictures onto the website
Regularly formatted articles and added them to website.

Points requested: 10

VI. Prepare A Research Project
No submissions

VII. Open: Creative Activity

Peripatetic claim section member James Franz was featured by the AICPCU in their
advertisements in Best's review, Feb 2007, page 37 as well as in the Claims Magazine event
Points requested: 1

11/15/2010 1:11:00 PM

Member Pamela W Norman mentored a 7th grade student, meeting 1 hour weekly to improve his
school grades from September 2006 through May 2007. Sponsored by Safeco Insurance.
Points requested: 1

James Klauke attended an Ethics Seminar conducted by Jim Jones of the Society Board for the St.
Louis Chapter on March 20, 2007. It was a three hour program.
Points requested: 1

Goal 3: Stewardship

I. Sponsorship Programs Matching New Designees
    Points Available: 1-3 points each; Maximum 3

Art Beckman attended New Designee Reception on September 10, 2006 sponsored by State Farm
to visit with new CPCU's at Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN
Points Requested: 2

Robert McHenry mentored a Westfield Insurance employee in completing his CPC coursework.
Points requested: 1

Ken Carmichael also served as a mentor for one student
Points requested: 3

Points for Category: 6

11. Out reach program to National Membership
Points available: 1-3 each; maximum 3

Member Miles H Watters Jr. was a Director on the Board of the International Association of
Arson Investigators for the period May 2006 - May 2007, bringing visibility to the CPCU
designation in the technical arena of fire origin and cause investigation.
Points requested: 3

Members attending Annual meeting 9/9/06 in Nashville Tennessee:
Maureen Farran, Tony Nix, Arthur Beckman, Ray Rose, Donna Popow, Robert Kelso, John
Giknis, Robert McHenry, Eric Sieber, Marcia Sweeney, Keithley D. Mulvihill, William D.
McCullough, James W Beckley, Ken Carmichael , Barbara Keefer
Points requested: 3

The following members attended the NLI from April 19-20, 2007 in Orlando, FL:

Tony Nix, Arthur Beckman, Ray Rose, Donna Popow, Robert Kelso, John Giknis, Robert
McHenry, Eric Sieber, Marcia Sweeney, Keithley D. Mulvihill, William D. McCullough, James
W Beckley, Ken Carmichael , Barbara Keefer, Barbara Levine, Ray Rose
Points requested: 3

CPCU Society Champions:
Robert McHenry: Served as CPCU Champion for West field Insurance Group
Points requested: 2

11/15/2010 1:11:00 PM

Ray Rose served as champion for Hastings Mutual Insurance Company:
Points requested: 2

Claim Section Members regularly attend local, mid-year, and Annual CPCU meetings.
The following claims section members attended the Annual meeting in Nashville Tennessee,
September 8-12, 2006: James W Beckley, Ken Carmichael, Maureen Farran, Tony Nix, Arthur
Beckman, Ray Rose, William McCoullough, Donna Popow, Robert Kelso, John Giknis, Robert
McHenry, Eric Sieber, Marcia Sweeney, Keithley D. Mulvihill, William D. McCullough
Points requested: 3

The claims section sponsored a box lunch at the annual meeting in September. The lunch was
extremely well attended with over 60 attendees. The book “Live or Let die” along with Tim
McGraw’s CD by the same name were distributed to all attendees. There were also two local
attorneys who spoke during the lunch on music industry legal issues. Fun was had by all!!
Points requested: 3

Maureen Farran: She was also involved in the presentation of our new designees at the luncheon.
She spent about 12 hours on this activity.
Points requested: 3

Member: Ken Carmichael presented 25 minute to 30 minute presentation to employer,
State Farm Auto, Mishawaka, Indiana, about the functions of the CPCU Society and what we do
on the Claims Committee. He presented a power point program and had about 15 people in
Points requested: 2

Member Tony Nix presented Insurance Education Awareness to Sharon Ware and Associates
Atlanta Ga. On 2/2/07. He discussed the benefits of Insurance Education, specifically CPCU. 2
Points requested: 2

Member William F. Kirk served as Vice President of Philadelphia Loss Conference from 9/06
through 6/29/07 and in charge of selection of speakers for the Loss Conference for Property
Losses sponsored by the Philadelphia Loss Conference. He also was the speaker on 2/15/07,
updating claims professionals on status of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Total time
invested: 32 hours.
Points requested: 4

III. Local Chapter Outreach
Points available 1 – 3; maximum per category: 3

     Member: Andrew Zagrzejewski. served as a member of Southern California Golf
      Tournament Committee. A Golf tournament for all CPCUs in the area was held on May
      9, 2007 at Brookside Country Club in Pasadena, CA. The purpose of the event was to
      attract New CPCU Society members and to provide for a charity, the Special Olympics.
      Points requested: 3

     Member Barbara Keefer attended June 7 meeting of her local Chapter and is
      spearheading it’s revitalization.

11/15/2010 1:11:00 PM

         Points requested: 1

     Bob McHenry attended the N. Florida 12-06 board meeting and gave input on how to
      maximize their efforts for the Circle of Excellence Program. The meeting was 2 hours.
      Points requested: 1

     Bob McHenry presented a short program on the different CPCU Society “Sections” to the
      North Florida Chapter at their April 2007 meeting
      Points requested: 1

     Robert McHenry conducted the installation of Chapter Officers for the Akron-Canton
      Chapter. The installation was one hour long.
      Points Requested: 1

         Points requested for Category: 7

         IV. E-Mail Outreach
          1-3 maximum 3

        5 E-Blasts were sent to all members of the Claim Section over the course of the COE
        year, copies attached compiled into one document. Additionally, quarterly emails were
        sent to all Claim Section Committee Members by COE Committee members reminding
        and exhorting them to seek out submissions from other section members and, “Spread the
    Points Requested: 5 E blasts=15 and 1 point each for the quarterly e-mails

    V.       Letter outreach
         The claims section has chosen to use email communication as it has proven to be more

         VI. Staff Annual Meetings Section Booth
         Points: 1-3 maximum: 3

         Bob McHenry and Eric Seiber staffed Section booth for one hour at the annual meeting in
         Nashville, Tennessee
         Points requested: 2

         VII. Staff Annual Meeting New Designee Room 1-3 max 3

         Bob McHenry and Ken Carmichael staffed New Designee Room for one hour each in
         Nashville, Tennessee
         Points requested: 2

         VIII. Staff I day Booths at Chapters
         Points available: 1-3 maximum 3

         Member: Andrew Zagrawski: Activity: I Day, Co-chair of All Industry Day in LA
         Points requested: 3

11/15/2010 1:11:00 PM

         Member Ken Carmichael staffed I day booth
         Points requested 1

         Member Maureen Farran assisted in the presentation of the Portland area I-Day.
         Points requested: 3

James W Beckley attended Chicago CPCU All I Day on November 9, 2007 presenting an
Educational seminar in Oak Park, IL. The program was 3 hours and the Sponsor was the Chicago
CPCU Chapters
Points requested: 1

On 11-15-06 Bob McHenry assisted with the North Florida I-Day 3 hours
Points requested: 2

IX: Open/Creative Activities: 1 per activity

Claims section members regularly attend local chapter meetings and serve in leadership positions
on local chapter boards. They also get involved in visible community service activities. Examples
and highlights of some of these activities include:

Member: James W Beckley attended Chicago Northwest Chapter Meeting on October 14, 2007
Chapter meeting with speaker, Location of Event=Schaumburg, IL Number of Hours
(Duration)=2Event Sponsors=Chicago NW Chapter of CPCU.
 Points requested: 1

Bob McHenry assisted with local food bank drive and coached a girl’s softball team
Points requested: 1

Participation in Leadership activities within chapters:
        Member: Maureen Farran served as Chapter Leader in the position of treasurer for local
        Peter Quam served as treasurer (June through December, 2006) Golden Gate Chapter,
        Member: Phil Krajec served as Atlanta CPCU Chapter President (5/06-5/07)

Points requested: 3 (1 for each member)

William F. Kirk invested 48 hours between 3/13/07 and 5/29/07 as a NAMI Family to Family
Facilitator, instructing 12 week classes in Mental Health Awareness at NAMI, Doylestown
Points requested: 1

Member Kenneth F. Steppe provides community service through the Boy Scouts of America
averaging 20 hours per week, sponsored by Attorney Joseph J. Passaretti, Jr of the firm
Montstream & May, Glastonbury, CT
Points requested: 1

Member Andy McMahon served on the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity of Van Wert
County, which he has done as a community service since 1992.

11/15/2010 1:11:00 PM

Points requested: 1

Member Cathy Robison served on Society Task Force
Points requested: 1

On 3-15-07 Bob McHenry assisted Ethics event cosponsored with the N. Florida Chapter and the
FAIA, 6 hours
Points requested: 1

One final note, many of the Claims Section members have earned the highest accolades
from their peers in teaching Insurance Industry related courses to potential CPCU’s,
college students, risk management professionals, and executives seeking continuing


Catastrophic Verdicts Handout
Printout of E-Blasts
Workplace Safety for Field Adjusters Outline


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