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                                    VOLUME 19 NUMBER 4                            SEPTEMBER 2005

      Mission Statement: The mission of Women Lawyers of Utah is to provide opportunities for women
  lawyers to develop and advance their careers and to further the cause of women in Utah generally.
          The objectives of its mission are to educate and inform, to offer support, to encourage community
    affiliation for professional success, to seek greater responsiveness to women's needs from Utah's justice
                        system and better living and working conditions for all Utah women.


   From left to right: Andrea May, Stacey Dunn, Gayanne Margaryan, Ruzanna Danielyan, Kay Hanson, Melissa Miller, Desiree Guillane, Cheryl
   Feld, Shelly Cassity, Susan Black Dunn, Carol Delbridge and Parandzem Gevorgyan. Bottom right: Interpreter Artur Hakopyan, Gayanne
   Margaryan, Ruzanna Danielyan.
Women and Economic Development
Dawn Emery
September 16, 2005
Wednesday, June 29, 2005 three Armenian Business women               Ms. Parandzem Gevorgyan, a managing partner and business
visit Utah and make a stop at the law office of Dunn & Dunn.         consultant in her own country, stated that “the men in my
The women were invited by the U.S. State Department to               firm are still the ones who go to court.” She said the country
come to America and meet with professional women to learn            still prefers to see men in the courtroom. They are still seen
about business practices in this country. The ladies included        as being more competent and in control in the courtroom
Ms. Rusanna Danielyan, Head of the Armenian Business                 than the women. And most of the men would prefer to deal
Association, Ms. Gayane Margaryan, Founding Director of              with other men instead of women. Gevorgyan did say that
Ready Steady Co., and Ms. Parandzem Gevorgyan, an                    she does do a lot of lawyer work but mostly with women and
attorney. The women asked questions about the glass ceiling,         then with mostly family issues.
gender roles and other prejudices that American Women face
very day. They ladies were very interested in the balance of         The ladies also inquired about federal, state and local polices
power between men and women in business.                             that are aimed at promoting women’s prominence in the
                                                                     business and professional world.
PAGE 2                                                                           WOMEN LAWYERS OF UTAH

 WLU’S 2005 ANNUAL FALL RETREAT                                    ABOUT OUR KEYNOTE SPEAKER:
                                                                                        Banafsheh Akhlaghi could not
This year the retreat will be held at The Chateaux at Silver                            have foreseen the path her
Lake, a luxurious French country-style lodge located in the                             legal career would follow. In
heart of mid-mountain Silver Lake Village at Deer Valley.                               September 2001, current
The Chateaux has an outdoor hot tub and swimming pool,                                  events led her to abandon her
  and is just seconds from Deer Valley hiking, shopping,          position as a law school professor teaching
              mountain biking and spa services.                   Constitutional Law to work overtime defending
                                                                  the Constitution.
                  Friday, October 28, 2005:
                                                                   In October 2001, Ms. Akhlaghi created Akhlaghi
          4:30-7:00 p.m. Registration and Check In
                                                                  & Associates, a private practice based in San
                 The Chateaux at Silver Lake
                                                                  Francisco, where she specialized in immigration
                    5:30 p.m. Social Hour                         and civil rights law. Three years later, Ms.
                   The Silver Lake Lodge—                         Akhlaghi transformed Akhlaghi & Associates into
           located directly across from the Chateaux              the National Legal Sanctuary for Community
                                                                  Advancement (NLSCA), a non-profit
          7:00 p.m. Dinner at the Silver Lake Lodge               organization.

         Presentation Reva Beck Bosone Scholarship:               NLSCA is the first, and currently only, legal
       Terrie T. McIntosh, Woman Lawyer of the Year               organization solely dedicated to providing
                                                                  accessible pro bono and low-cost legal advocacy to
          Keynote Speaker: Banafsheh Akhlaghi, Esq.               protect the civil rights of Middle Easterners,
“The Path from Teaching the U.S. Constitution to Protecting It"
                                                                  Muslims, and South Asians in the United States.
          Join us after dinner at the WLU Hospitality
                                                                  As a first generation Iranian who immigrated to
                      Suite at the Chateaux.                      the United States, Ms. Akhlaghi has a great sense
                                                                  of the unique issues facing these communities.
                Saturday, October 29, 2005
                                                                  In July 2003, Ms. Akhlaghi received the 'Local
                 9:00 a.m. Breakfast begins                       Hero' award from the San Francisco Bay Guardian
                   The Silver Lake Lodge                          Best of the Bay issue. In March 2004, Ms.
                                                                  Akhlaghi was additionally honored by the Asian
                 9:30 a.m. Morning Session                        Law Alliance's Legal Impact Award for her efforts
                    The Silver Lake Lodge                         defending the civil rights of immigrant
            Panel discussion: “Creative Pro Bono”                 communities.
              Moderator: Lauren I. Scholnick,
                Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year                       Ms. Akhlaghi will speak to WLU about her path in
                           Panelists:                             the law, and all its unexpected and rewarding
     Jensie Anderson, Rocky Mountain Innocence Center             turns.
      Mary Gordon, Manning Curtis Bradshaw & Bednar
             Kristin Erickson, Pro Bono Initiative
PAGE 3                                                                                           WOMEN LAWYERS OF UTAH

                             2005 Annual                                            On October 13 2:00 to 7:00 p.m.
                         Women Lawyers of Utah                                   In order to encourage people of color and
                             Fall Retreat                                      women to consider law as a career, Holland &
                               October 28-29, 2005                                 Hart, LLP, and the Utah Minority Bar
                                                                                           Association are hosting
                                        The Chateaux at
                                             Silver Lake                        “Oh the places you’ll go – A career in law
                                      Deer Valley Resort                                 and how to get started.”

                                                                                      Utah State Bar 645 South 200 East
                                                                                   Reserve your space now by calling Caryn
                                                                                         Kelly at (801) 595-7824 or
 On October 5 11:30 to 1:00 p.m. WLU and Utah
 Trial Lawyers Association are hosting a CLE entitled
         “Personal Injury Law-Is it for You?”                                               Deadline October 7, 2005.

Join some of Utah's top female personal injury
attorneys who will discuss:
   • Nuts and Bolts of Personal Injury Law                                                On October 26 2:30 to 5:30 p.m.
                                                                                             S.J. Quinney College of Law
   • The Lifestyle of a Personal Injury Lawyer                                               Sutherland Moot Courtroom
   • Pitfalls for the Personal Injury Attorney                                            Law School Financial Aid Workshop
   • Case Management                                                                             For more information
                                                                                                  call 801-581-7479
          Utah State Bar 645 South 200 East

   There is no charge for this event; lunch is included.                         Look for WLU’s Winter Mentoring Social with
                                                                                students, new lawyers, and all WLU members in
     On October 12 2:30 to 5:30 p.m.
         S.J. Quinney College of Law
         Sutherland Moot Courtroom                                                    If you have something you would like on
      Lawschool Application Workshop.                                                        the calendar please contact
   Encourage interested women you know to                                                          Dawn Emery at
         consider a career in the law.                                                       demeryesq@comcast.net or
             For more information                                                                    835-8192
              call 801-581-7479

                                                   For Sponsoring Retreat Scholarships:

   Bendinger Crockett * Dunn & Dunn * Holme Roberts & Owen * Magleby & Greenwood * Manning Curtis
Bradshaw & Bednar * Ray Quinney & Nebeker * Strindberg Scholnick & Chamness * Lauren Barros, PC * Bokelie
                 Law Office * Brandon T. Burningham, Attorney * Alicia Henning, Attorney
                               * Louise Knauer, Attorney * Lems Law Office
PAGE 4                                                                                              WOMEN LAWYERS OF UTAH

                                               2005 WLU Retreat Registration Form
   We look forward to seeing you at Deer Valley this year! Not only does the retreat provide an opportunity to obtain CLE credits,
   but it is also a great opportunity to relax, catch up with old friends and meet new ones. We’ll enjoy great company, great food,
   and a great place to spend the night. Full registration includes both sessions and meals; participants also have the option to register
   for either one of the two sessions independently. CLE credit is pending.
   For lodging, WLU has secured a discounted group rate at the Chateaux at Silver Lake. Find a friend to share a room with, or book
   a room for yourself, by calling, 1.800.782.4813. Please reference group number 20T307, or visit our website at
   www.utahwomenlawyers.org where the Individual Lodging Reservation form can be obtained. Rooms start at $135, and booking
   your room separately allows you to pay for the room with a credit card. Rooms must be booked separately this year to
   help accommodate our growing numbers.
   Contact Information:
   Registration Fees*

     WLU Member:                                                        Non-Member:
      Full Registration:                                                 Full Registration:
        Both sessions and meals                $ 115.00 ______             Both sessions and meals                   $ 160.00   _____

         Evening Session Only, October 28:                                 Evening Session Only, October 28:
           Social Hour, Dinner & Speaker       $ 80.00 ______                Social Hour, Dinner & Speaker           $ 110.00 _____

         Breakfast Session Only, October 29:                               Breakfast Session Only, October 29:
           Breakfast and Panel Discussion      $ 40.00 ______                Breakfast and Panel Discussion          $ 55.00    _____

   Contribution to Scholarship (Optional)                                $ _______
   WLU Membership Dues (*If not a WLU member but paying dues below, select WLU Member price above*)
         In practice less than 1 year                  Free
         In practice less than 3 years                $ 30.00            $ _______
         In practice more than 3 years                $ 40.00            $ _______
   Late Registration Fee (after October 7)            $ 15.00           $ _______
   Total Amount Enclosed                                                 $ _______

     *$100.00 scholarships toward retreat registration fees are available for law students, solo practitioners and attorneys employed by
     government and non-profit entities. To apply, please submit this registration form with a brief note describing your circumstances.
     You will be contacted as soon as possible if you are eligible for a scholarship.

   Please return this completed registration form by October 7, 2005 for early registration, but no later than
   October 21, 2005 with a check payable to: Women Lawyers of Utah. Send this form and your payment to WLU,
   c/o Margaret Plane, ACLU of Utah, 355 North 300 West, Salt Lake City, Utah 84103.
   Thanks for joining us for the 2005 WLU fall retreat, and helping to make this year’s retreat our most successful retreat
          Don’t forget to book your room thorough Deer Valley or the Individual Lodging Reservation form available on our web site
PAGE 5                                                                      WOMEN LAWYERS OF UTAH

                                 Prominent Utah Attorney
                                    Constance Lundberg
                               Announces Intent to Re-enter
                              Private Practice at Jones Waldo
                    SALT LAKE CITY– March 28, 2005 – Constance Lundberg,                Julie Woodyatt
                    who is credited as being the first female partner at a major Utah   has recently
                    law firm, has announced that she will join the Salt Lake City       opened her own
                    law firm of Jones Waldo Holbrook & McDonough and return             law office in
                    to private practice.                                                Orem, Utah
                                                                                        where her
                    She will come to Jones Waldo from Brigham Young University,         practice
                    where she has been serving as associate dean and library            concentrates on
                    director of the J. Reuben Clark Law School for the past 16          family law.

                    “Practicing law has always been my first love and being able to
                    do that at Jones Waldo is something I look forward to,” said
                    Ms. Lundberg. “Working at the J. Reuben Clark Law School            Sharee Moser is a
                    has been extremely rewarding and allowed me to experience           new associate at
                    many great things. Private practice is where my heart is and        Magleby &
                    the time is right for me to go back down that road.”                Greenwood where
                                                                                        her practice
                    Considered by many in the legal profession to be one of the         concentrates on
                    most knowledgeable and well-connected attorneys in Utah,            commercial
                    Ms. Lundberg plans to join Jones Waldo this fall, where she         litigation.
                    will specialize in environmental and resources law, as well as
                    conflict resolution.

                    “Jones Waldo considers itself very fortunate to have somebody
                    like Constance Lundberg joining our firm,” said Keven Rowe,
                    president of Jones Waldo. “We have worked with her on
                    several occasions over the years and have seen first-hand the       WLU’s website
                    kind of talent she has. There is no doubt she will be a great       has a new look!
                    addition for us.”                                                   Visit us at:
                    www.joneswaldo.com.                                                 www.utahwomen

                             The S.J Quinney College of               The Washington School of Law is looking
                         Law is searching for a new dean. Go           for instructors. Contact Mary Thomas
          LOOKING       to their website to nominate someone         Graduate Tax Program Director (801) 446-
            FOR A                or to apply yourself.                                  4336.
         NEW JOB?
   PAGE 6                                                                                          WOMEN LAWYERS OF UTAH

             As stated succinctly by the National Conference of Women’s Bar Associations: “To be successful, every attorney must build a
   network. Joining a women’s bar can jumpstart this process. The opportunities for business referrals and access to resources for
   substantive legal and practical advice and possibilities for leadership and visibility in the profession are all present in women’s bar
   associations.” http//www.ncwba.org
                                                                                                 DISCLAIMER: This Newsletter
      Membership Application
                                                                                                 is meant to inform, educate, and support
                                                                                                 the women lawyers in Utah. Articles
       Dues Schedule
                                                                                                 reflect the opinion of the author and do
       In Practice < 3 yrs                                             $30
                                                                                                 not necessarily reflect the opinions or
       In practice 3+ yrs                                              $40
                                                                                                 positions of WLU or its Board. We
       Law students                                                    $15
                                                                                                 gladly accept submissions for
       Name:                                                                                     publications about issues or events
       Phone:                                                                                    of interest or importance to you.
       Address:                                                                                  We will publish position pieces by
                                                                                                 candidates for bar positions who are fully
       Email:                                                                                    paid members of WLU, but do not
       Law school & year of graduation:                                                          endorse any candidates for Bar positions or
       Utah State Bar No.:                                                                       other public office. WLU reserves the
       Area(s) of practice:                                                                      right to refuse to publish any item for any

Women Lawyers of Utah
PO Box 932
Salt Lake City, UT 84110

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