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									MSBCS-BCSIII-8 The students will examine basics of networking.

GA DOE suggested activities

Types of Networks

General Information:

Course on Networking:

Activity 1     Networking Terms

Title: Networking Terms.
Save as: Networking Terms

Key the terms and their meaning. Remember that the “– “has one empty space on either side. Do
not use end punctuation.

Terms: Networking, Servers, Routers, Hub, LANS, WANS, Queues, IP addresses, Internet

Activity 2     Types and Features of Networks

Title: Types and Features of Networks
Save as: Types and Features of Networks

Create a chart of the Types and Features of Networks

Review the links listed at the top of the page.
Open up Word. Set up the document properly. Include the title.
Insert a chart of two columns and seven rows.

Row 1 should be merged and the row height set to 0.6". The title should be in Size 16, Bold,
centered and in all capital letters. The title should be centered in the cell.
Row 2 should have the row height set to 0.4”. The column A should be labeled Network.
Column B should be labeled Features. The data should be size 14. Style should be regular and
centered in the column. The data should be centered in the cell.

The remaining data should be left aligned. The font size is 12. The data should be set to the
Assignment: Identify the types of networks and their features.

Be sure to include LAN, WAN, P2PN, Client/Server, and Intranets

Activity 3     Network Example

Create an example of a network using presentation software, Inspiration, and/or word processing

Title: Network
Save: Network
Some examples are found in Technology Applications I pages 194, 196, and 197

Activity 4     Compare and Contrast Networks

Title: Comparing Networks
Save: Comparing Networks

Remember to set double spacing and include at least three citations on the citation page. (An
example of Citation Page found in Century 21 page 152
Create a title page (See example in Century 21 page 151 – 152.

Using MS Office – Word, type a compare-contrast essay of 4 paragraphs on Networks.

Job: Compare and contrast types of networks, including LANs versus WANs using a word
processing application and/or spreadsheet application to demonstrate their understanding.

Example Outline
Paragraph 1 Introduction
Paragraph 2 Similarities
Paragraph 3 Differences
Paragraph 4 Conclusion (Summarize and close)

Activity 5     Internet Protocols

Title: Internet Protocols
Save: Internet Protocols
Describe, compare and contrast Internet protocols (e.g., http, https, and ftp) using a word
processing application and/or spreadsheet application.

Create a PowerPoint presentation on Internet Protocols. Presentation should include a title slide
to begin the presentation and a citation slide at the end.

Limit graphics to one per content slide.
Presentation must be original. Do not use the design templates.

Activity 6     Network Basics + Quiz

Complete the lessons found at the following link. After finishing the lessons, take the quiz.

Show the teacher your score.

Activity 7     ExamView Test

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