working with your local government and state legislators by january


									How To Make an Impact
Working With Your Local Government and State Legislators

You Can Make A Difference
 Broad  ―Not‖

range of voices combined and well-rehearsed one message in your own way

 Saying

Most Important

Put Kids and Families in the Center:

How can we promote their academic and social capital?

One Goal – One Issue
 To Provide

Increased Funding Statewide For Information Literacy and Technology Initiatives that Improve Quality Of Life For All Minnesotans

Who Do You Talk To?

Local Government
School Boards  City Councils  PTA/PTO  Unions  Associations


State Government
State Representative  Senator  Governor  Board of Teaching

Maybe More Important-Key People

 Identify

Individuals That Are Interested and ―Court‖ Them
 Governor

to Mandate it  Commissioner of Education to Create it  Legislator to bring it forward  Celebrity to Connect with Groups

Craft Your Message
 Your

Message For Policy Makers

an ―ASK‖ that matches with who you are talking to  Speak their language/What do they care about?  Who do they care about?

 Create

They Will Ask You

―What do you want me to do about this?‖– so be ready with…

The ―ASK‖- Two Parts

 What you

want them to do for you

1. ―This is what I want… 2. ―This is what it looks like exactly…


“I want permanent and adequate funding for a basic level of telecommunications and internet connectivity across the State.”

Looks Like
“An increase of an additional $5 million dollars for a total of $8.75 million for high, equitable, and adequate telecommunication connectivity and service throughout Minnesota.”

Want: “Legislation that will allow school districts to levy their community for money to adequately deliver school media programs and technology.”  Looks Like: “Some districts may need up to $200 per student to accommodate online testing, reporting, and mandated technology literacy skills required for 21st Century citizens

Want: ―All MN K-12 students have regular services of a fully certified school librarian/media specialist to implement and assess the newly mandated information and literacy standards.‖ Looks Like: ―All districts conforming to our MN 2005 legislative mandate by creating legislation that places a school librarian (LMS) at the center of every childs education K-12, to prepare them for our workforce and their future education.‖

Remember-Our Goal

We Are Promoting Academic and Social Capital For Kids and Families—Is This Goal TimeSensitive? Urgent?

Meeting and Talking
Meeting and Making Friends:

―You Are The Expert, You Know More, So Don’t Be Intimidated!‖

Talking Tight

One Page Total for the Platform
White space Bullets Large typeface Charts and graphs

Time Is Tight

No more than 5 sentences as talking points this is your way to personalize your ―wants” and ―looks like”  Tell them what it says on the paper—feed it to them  Does it look different for suburban, rural, or urban? What does it mean to you?

How To Find ―the‖ People

Contact your schools, your chamber, your city government and for State Government go to: strictfinder.asp

Some Last Thoughts

    

Use Research Don’t be rehearsed Make it simple with no jargon Compare MN to other States Remind them about ―adequate‖ How is it hurting our State, our businesses, and community

Be Ready
Bring in Parents, Teachers and Students - Have Everything Ready For Your Stakeholders

Thank You

  
 


Thomas Harnisch, Graduate Student at the Hubert Humphrey Institute Michael Ryan, Law Student William Mitchell Literacy Coalition of Minnesota Anoka Hennepin School District Donna Ewigleben, IRA Government Relations Associate Richard Wassen, Senior Fellow Legislative & Policy Affairs COE University of Minnesota All the hard-working MEMO and MLA members who care about Minnesota citizens

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