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									                           LYNDEN CITY COUNCIL

MINUTES OF THE REGULAR SESSION                                        September 7, 2010


Mayor Scott Korthuis called to order the September 7, 2010 regular session of the Lynden
City Council at 7:00 P.M. at the Lynden City Hall Annex.


Members present: Mayor Scott Korthuis; Councilors Gary Bode, Dave Burns, Ron
DeValois, Tobey Gelder, Jerry Kuiken, Nick Laninga and Brent Lenssen.

Staff present: Fire Chief Gary Baar, Finance Director Teresa Camfield, Public Works
Director Duane Huskey, Police Chief Jack Foster, Parks Director Vern Meenderinck, City
Administrator Bill Verwolf and Administrative Assistant Lori Jilk. Also present was City
Attorney Bob Carmichael.


Councilor DeValois moved and Councilor Gelder seconded that the minutes of the August
16, 2010 regular Council Session be approved. The motion carried.


Scheduled – None


Mr. Jeremiah Chaussee – E-Verify

Mr. Chaussee, 6079 Shannon Ave, Ferndale, WA 98248, appeared before Council and
expressed why he felt it was important that the City of Lynden use the E-Verify system.
Chaussee discussed his past experiences about having seen illegal immigrants selected for
jobs in the workforce that he believed should have gone to American citizens. Chaussee
stated that by using the E-Verify system, we all can be assured that jobs funded by legal tax
payers will be going to legal tax payers and not illegal immigrants.

Mayor Korthuis thanked Mr. Chaussee for speaking before Council.

Mr. Michael Gleeson – E-Verify

Mr. Gleeson, 4761 Mosquito Lake Road, Deming, WA 98244, appeared before Council and
again stated his concerns about the City of Lynden not moving forward to use the E-Verify

Mayor Korthuis thanked Mr. Gleeson for speaking before Council.


Approval of Payroll

Direct Deposits, Draws and Warrants No. 14820 through 14861            $ 441,844.80

Berthusen House Lease Renewal

When the City of Lynden no longer had a full time employee living in the house at Berthusen
Park, it was decided to lease the house to the Antique Tractor Association on a two year trial
basis. Both the City and the Tractor Club desire to continue with this current plan. A minor

                                     Lynden City Council Minutes
                                         September 7, 2010
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change to the lease is the addition of payment of the leasehold excise tax, which the Tractor
Club must pay as a requirement from the state.

The Berthusen House is leased to the Tractor Club at a reduced rental rate from the fair
market value, in exchange for their tenant opening and closing the gates to the park and
providing security to the park and showgrounds.

The Tractor Club will be responsible for maintaining a tenant in the house after approval
from the Parks Director. The terms of the lease will remain a two year lease with options to
renew if agreed by both parties.

Bid Award for Backstop at Bender Field

While renovating the softball fields at Bender, the first backstop was removed and placed as
a temporary field on the northern area of Bender Fields, in order to maintain a number of
other fields needed for usage.

It was recommended to retain the temporary field for an additional field for use as overflow.
To do so, an extra backstop would need to be built to retain the usage of the additional field.

Bids were requested from a number of companies on the City Small Works Roster. Two bids
were received:

Northwest Fence: $26,895 (+ tax)
Up-Rite Fence: $13,120 (+ tax)

The Parks Committee recommends usage of Park Impact fees to construct the new backstop
and to award the bid to Up-Rite Fence for $13,120 plus tax

Councilor Bode moved and Councilor DeValois seconded that the consent agenda be
approved. The motion carried.


Award Engineering Services to Stantec Consulting Services (Engineers) for New Water
Treatment Plant Project No. 2010-06

On June 7th, 2010, City Council approved the selection of Stantec Consulting Services as the
team to provide design and construction engineering consulting services for the new Water
Treatment Plant Project, and authorized staff to begin contract negotiations with this team.
Negotiations began and a project Scope of Work and Fee Schedule were established.

The Scope of Work and Fee Schedule includes the detail of tasks and expected timelines
associated with the following:

      1. Design (preliminary through final approval)
      2. Project Management (including meetings/workshops)
      3. Assistance with Department of Health, Environmental, Technical, Design and
         Building Review and Permit Approval
      4. Bidding Assistance (specifications through recommendation to award)
      5. Construction
      6. Start Up and Commissioning the new Water Treatment Plant On-Line

The Fee Schedule reflects the tasks, associated rates and Stantec personnel who will be the
lead in each of these tasks.

Councilor Bode moved and Councilor DeValois seconded that City Council approves the
contract for engineering/consulting services with Stantec Consulting Services in an
amount not to exceed $1,469,771.00 contingent upon final attorney acceptance, and
authorizes the Mayor’s signature on the agreement. The motion carried.

                                     Lynden City Council Minutes
                                         September 7, 2010
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Authorization to Pursue SAFER Grant to Fund Three Firefighter Positions

The Lynden Fire Department requests Council’s authorization to pursue grant money
available through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to fund three new firefighter

The objective of the SAFER Grant is to ensure all fire departments provide the public with
24-hour full time fire and emergency medical response service with an Officer, Operator, and

     •   The Grant covers the cost of salary and benefits of newly hired firefighters for a two
         year period, with no matching City funds required.
     •   Under the Grant guidelines, the City is required to retain hired Firefighters for one
         additional year.
     •   Cumulative overtime savings during the two year grant period will offset the third
         year expense.
     •   The City is required to provide training to a Firefighter II level.

Councilors and staff briefly discussed benefits and advantages in pursuing the SAFER Grant
and how it may or may not impact the future budget.

Councilor Burns moved and Councilor Kuiken seconded that City Council authorize Fire
Chief Baar to pursue SAFER Grant money. The motion carried.

Resolution No. 824- Establishing an Interfund Loan from Current Expense Fund to
Airport Fund

Because the Bellingham Airport is closing for three weeks in September 2010 and the City of
Lynden Municipal Airport will be the only remaining fuel service in the area, it has been
suggested that the airport prepare for additional fuel purchases.

In order to prepare for cash flow for aviation fuel purchases, interim financing needs to be
arranged until aviation fuel credit card receipts are received. After conferring with City
Administrator Verwolf and Finance Committee Chair Gelder, the recommendation is to
arrange interim financing by an interfund loan. This funding source will be short term and
any interfund loans will be repaid as soon as aviation fuel sale revenue is received. Fund
#001, Current Expense, has cash available to loan to this fund.

Councilor Gelder moved and Councilor Lenssen seconded that City Council adopts
Resolution 824, A Resolution of the City of Lynden Establishing An Interfund Loan from
Current Expense Fund (#001) to Airport Fund (#420) as presented, and authorizes the
Mayor’s signature on the resolution. The motion carried with a vote of 7-0.

IV       EXECUTIVE SESSION – Cancelled


The September 7, 2010 regular session of the Lynden City Council adjourned at 7:28 P.M.

________________________________                       ________________________________
Lori Jilk, Admin. Assistant                            Scott Korthuis, Mayor

                                      Lynden City Council Minutes
                                          September 7, 2010
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