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									On-Call Nanny Services

          Teah Achman
          Placement Director
          Annie’s Nannies Household
          Seattle, WA
Annie’s Nannies Temporary Services

   Started offering On-Call nannies in 1997
   In 2005 expanded temp services to include
    On-Going and Event nannies.
   In 2006 expanded ANI to include Household
    Staffing. Also included temporary chefs,
    personal assistants, party help, etc.
ANI Temporary Services Cont’d

   In 1997 Temporary was 5.85% of our gross profit
   By 2007 temporary increased to 40.38% of our gross
   We project temporary to continue to increase, and
    surpass 50% of our gross profit in the next 2-3 years.
   We currently average about 60-90 temp job
Survey of APNA Attendees

Major Challenges (offer temp):         Obstacles to offering temp:
    –   Giving Nannies enough              –   Manage the quicker pace?
        work to keep them from
        going elsewhere                    –   Making the investment of
                                               time/money worth the
    –   Wasting $ on background
        checks for nannies who are             return?
        never available                    –   Extra liability concerns
    –   Having enough Nannies,
        especially daytime requests
    –   Nanny pilferage (by clients)
    –   Clients uncomfortable with
        different people, or not
        interviewing in advance
Major Challenges: Possible Solutions

•    Giving Nannies enough work:
    1.   Spread work around between nannies
    2.   Encourage lots of communication, regularly check in with nannies
    3.   Manage Expectations: Be clear upfront about how much work a nanny can expect
•    Wasting $ on Screening:
    1.   Temp commitment contract
    2.   Check in with nannies before running background check (i.e. run last)
•    Not Enough Nannies:
    1.   Recruit everywhere!
    2.   Constant communication: regular emails
    3.   Offer temp work to perm nannies looking for work
•    Nanny Pilferage:
    1.   Clear policies for clients AND Nannies
    2.   Be prepared to fire clients and nannies that violate policies
•    Clients comfort level:
    1.   Temp is not for everyone.
    2.   Listen to your clients, empathize, and explain how your services work.
    3.   Manage expectations: Under promise and Over deliver!
Overcoming Obstacles
•    Quicker Pace:
    1.   Need to have dedicated staff
    2.   Fail quickly!
    3.   Start small…expand as you can
•    Investment vs ROI:
    1.   Definitely a big investment
    2.   Value added for long term business
    3.   Distinguishes you from your competition
    4.   Entry point for clients new to nannies
•    Liability:
    1.   Registration Forms: clear policies
    2.   Some agencies employ nannies (extra cost, extra liability)
    3.   If you don’t employ nannies, the family is the employer
On-Call Services Summary

   Manage Expectations
   Clear written policies
   Diversify your business, tap into a new

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