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									“What garlic is to food;
  insanity is to art.”
              Once upon a time there was a girl named Mallory. She loved the arts and wanted to pursue a
career that had to do with art. Mallory thought and thought and thought and finally thought of graphic design.
She knew that graphic design would give her the creative freedom to be an artist, but at the same time provide a
stable career. She knew that it would take extensive education dealing with color theory, illustrations, design,
software, and much, much more. This education could cost anywhere from $18,000 at a traditional college to
$454 per credit hour at a specialty school, taking anywhere from 2 to 5 years to complete. As a starting graphic
designer Mallory knew she could expect to make about $30,000 a year. The only problem was that Mallory had
no clue how to actually find out if it was the career for her, but one day…
Mallory found a program through her high
school called the Executive Internship
Program, where she could go intern for a
semester. Right away she signed up and
before you knew it she had found an
internship at a place called the South Metro
Denver Chamber of Commerce. At first
Mallory had no idea what a Chamber of
Commerce was, she thought her teacher
meant that she would be interning in
Commerce City, but really it was located in
South Metro Denver. She soon learned the
Chamber of Commerce was a not-for-profit
organization meaning that it was created for
values other than just making profit. Mallory
than thought, “if the Chamber is a not-for-
profit that helps other businesses with
networking and self improvement than how
does it make money?” She soon found out
that in order to be apart of the Chamber and
its services that each business has to pay for
a membership, which can range anywhere
from $500 to $50,000.
The South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce is also organized in a very specific way. It has
Functional Structure - meaning that it is classified according to the function performed. For
example the Chamber has its President, Executive Assistant, Events and Visitors Bureau,
Economic Development Group, and Small Business Development Center. This works because
there are so many types of businesses and these departments are able to cater to their specific


                        Executive Assistant

                                          Small Business                   Economic
       Events & Visitors Bureau
                                        Development Center             Development Group
By being an intern
Mallory had to work      Cristin
with a sponsor.
Mallory’s sponsor was
Cristin Tarr, the
Director of the Events
and Visitor’s Bureau.
Cristin was a very
motivating sponsor.
She gave Mallory
constructive criticism
and advice to only
make her a better
business woman. With
her Lassiez-Faire
management styles
Mallory became a very
independent worker. It
gave Mallory the
freedom to be creative
as well.
The atmosphere at the South Metro Denver Chamber was very comfortable. There was always humor,
but everyone was always working. Mallory could ask anyone a question and they would be more than
happy to answer. After getting to know her coworkers more and more, Mallory soon found out that Terry
McElhaney, the office graphic designer and photographer also owned a coffee shop. Terry had pinned an
article up about how his shop was broken into and a jar of marbles was stolen. From that day on Mallory
would always tell him that he has lost his marbles.
Interning at the Chamber for three months
Mallory has had many unforgettable
experiences but there is one she will
always remember. Cristin had asked her
to come up with an ad listing all the
Events and Visitor Bureau’s members for
the magazine, thus meaning that Mallory
would become a published graphic
designer. Mallory was so excited to have
achieved such an accomplishment.
Working at the Chamber also taught her
many lessons about business, dealing
with others, graphic design, and much
more. The one thing that she will always
remember was learning how valuable
creativity is. She found a world that was
perfectly suitable for her creative needs
while fulfilling her aggressive and
competitive side as well.
            After this experience Mallory has realized that the real world wasn’t as different as she
thought it was going to be. She knew that she would be responsible for getting her work done, her
actions, and her time and priorities. This internship was an unforgettable experience in Mallory’s life;
she would never change anything that had happened. It went beyond meeting her expectations and
for the true purpose she did this internship she found what she was looking for. Mallory had taken to
the world of graphic design and has every plan on pursuing it.
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