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       Welcome to Your Purse Connection. We are excited to share this great
opportunity with you. Established April 2007 in Boyertown PA, we have quickly
become one of the hottest invites in town. This is a groundbreaking opportunity for all
new consultants.
       Having over 15 years in direct sales, I know the excitement that comes with
owning your own business. I believe that “Success is a matter of Opinion”... that no
one has the right to deem what is considered “successful” for anyone other than them-
selves. As the owner of Your Purse Connection my goal is to encourage each and every
one of you to reach for the level of personal and professional success you
       Many that join our team will come looking for an opportunity to add extra in-
come to their family, many will come searching for an opportunity to
remember what it was like to have “just a little bit” of time do something just for
themselves, and still many more will come with the ultimate goal of a complete
career change. Please know that we will do our best to ensure that you achieve your
own personal goals.
       I previously sold for a direct sales company selling beautiful home décor for
 almost 10 years. One of the attributes of that company that kept me there for so long
was the feeling that I was truly important to the success of their company. I hope to
offer that same feeling of appreciation to every member of our team.
        I encourage feedback from every member of Your Purse Connection.
 True success is never achieved alone. It is always with the help of many. I have a
private toll free number dedicated for YPC Consultants only, 888.766.2882.
This is not a customer line, so please only use this for yourself. Please always leave a
message if you receive a voicemail. My office hours vary, but I will do my best to get
back to you quickly. This is a small company and the very best way to reach me is via
email at The excitement of Your Purse Connection
is growing every day. We are expanding into numerous states and I pray that this con-
tinues. I do know, that this will only happen with a team of consultants that love what
they do, are confident with the products they sell, and see the opportunity for success
ahead of them. The self fulfillment and income potential is truly something that is
yours to own as an Independent Consultant with Your Purse Connection.

                   We would love to have you join our YPC Family today!

Lorraine Sargent
 Why become a Your Purse Connection Consultant?
          SO MUCH FUN!

   Ground breaking opportunity!
   Incredible income potential 40-50%
   Reasonable start up cost of only $279
           (Plus actual shipping fee)
   Receive 10-12 items retail value of
     approximately $500
   Includes introduction binder, 1 of each
     current catalog, sample hostess folder
   Free listing on website with name phone
     number, personalized YPC email, and
     selling area
   Permission to use all trademarked materials
     for advertising, marketing and promotion of
     your business directly related to YPC.
           (All must be preapproved by YPC directly)
   100 business cards
   100 invitations                                           CONTACT
                                                       “YOUR PURSE CONNECTION”
   New catalog viewable online every 2 months           CONSULTANT ...TODAY!
   New “Hot Sheets” posted online often
   More fun than you ever thought possible!

        15% FREE Hostess Credit
           on retail show amount

            $10 Bag Bucks

      with each scheduled show

        1 item at 50% OFF for every
             $300.00 in retail sales

              Bonus
REACH $1000.00 in Retail Sales and earn
 $25.00 Gift Card to a popular chain restaurant
                   (Selection will vary)
                        A Great Way to Kick Start Your Business!
      Purse parties are a great way to make money and have fun at the same time!
They center around a fun shopping atmosphere for your friends and family. The
beauty of handbag parties is that constantly changing fashions enable you to
continually sell your merchandise to the same customers. Unlike some other
party plan products, purse fashions change seasonally.
You always need a new handbag to coordinate with your new outfit or shoes!
              Here are some ideas on how to run your own purse party:
 Start with friends and family, invite them to your home or a relatives home. Ask each person to bring
     a friend, to increase attendance. You can offer a small door prize for everyone that brings a friend
     with them. (Your local dollar store, wal-mart, target...etc. usually has some fun inexpensive “fashion
     type” little gifts, maybe a notepad, candle, etc. Serve a small amount of refreshments.
   Arrange your assortment around the house in an appealing fashion. As your business grows, the
    larger the selection available for on the spot purchases usually increases your show sales total.
   We generally recommend that you have a minimum of 50 handbags and some matching wallets at the
   party, in addition to being able to offer our bi-monthly catalog and hot-sheets to take orders from.
    Share a short introduction of how you became involved with YPC and a small description of one or
     two bags, along with the benefits of hosting a show or scheduling a fundraiser of their own. Depend-
     ing on the number of guests, and the preference of your group, you can also play a short game. You
     might want to offer a booking special to anyone that books a show with you “that night” only. Perhaps
     an additional $10 in FREE hostess credit, or an Extra 50% off item, or maybe a Free wallet. Keep in
     mind, that any bonus should only be given when the show is actually held.
 Point out if you do have merchandise available at the event, that they are able to take the item with
     them that evening and won’t have to have it shipped to them. (Unless of course it needs to be ordered
     from the catalog) Let them also know the type of payments you accept. Now you can usually just step
     back and let your guests take their time and enjoy their evening of a no pressure, fun shopping
    At the end of your show, if you have the opportunity, share how much your hostess received in FREE
     product, along with any additional incentives she earned...this is a great way to encourage future
     bookings from your guests.

                                           HAVE FUN!
                                  SAMPLE PRESENTATION
       “Hi Ladies, thank you so much for having me here today.
My intro is going to be quick so you can get back to enjoying what you hopefully came
here to do… talk, shop and eat! I would like to share briefly how I became a
Your Purse Connection Consultant”
 (Share your own personal story and a bit of your background here)
       One thing that I like to share at each and every show is that our purses are strictly
“designer inspired purses” also known as look alikes, what they are not is a Knock Off!
Many people will say knock off, designer inspired there all the same. Well actually
they’re really not. I often get asked “What’s the difference?” In a nut shell one is legal
and one isn’t. If you sell a knock off, it is illegal. A designer inspired purse will not have a
designer logo on it, it will not have any serial numbers on it, and it will not have a de-
signer name on it. What does an inspired purse from YPC have? It will be comparable in
color or style to the high end designers out there, but will not violate any copy write law.
We offer a large selection to choose from. We don’t sell just purses. We sell totes, lug-
gage, cosmetic sets, wallets and so much more! Our inventory is always changing, with a
new catalog every 2 months and new Hot Sheets every 4weeks. There is always something
to look forward to!
       Our price range is excellent, we have something for everyone from most wallets at
only $23—$27 to purses ranging from most $29-$69. In addition we stand behind our
product line. Since I don’t actually sew each and every one of these great purses, I am
not able to say to you “there are 60 stitches in each corner” what I am able to say is we
have a no questions asked 60 day DOUBLE “R” return policy. If for any reason whatso-
ever (other than normal wear and tear) there is any defect in your item, i.e. zipper
breaks, buckle, strap etc. all you need to do is call me and our company will either
“Replace or Repair”…no questions asked. We also go a step above that. We will also
 refund 10% of the retail value for return shipping costs back to YPC. We feel you
shouldn’t have to pay to return something that should not have broken in the first place.
       I will be asking each of you if you would be interested in hosting a show of your
own. If you say YES that would be great if you say no that’s fine too. But if you say
YES…let me tell you what you will get. You receive 15% of your total retail sales in
FREE Hostess Credit, $10 bag bucks for each scheduled show, 1 50% off item for every
$300 in retail sales, and a Hostess Bonus when your sales hit $1000 or more…so basically
you get a lot!!!!
       All the purses are priced. My business card is my price tag. (Just a suggestion… if
you use a whole punch and some ribbon you can just tie your business card onto the
purse itself, this way when the purse is purchased your customer has all your contact info
right on your card)
       In addition if you have a need for a fundraiser YPC offers a fun and unique way
to earn money. We donate 25% of your retail sales to the charity or organization of your
choice. I would love to share more info, just let me know. I will sum it up the way I al-
ways do, we accept (share whatever type of payments you accept here…i.e. visa/m/c/
discover checks/cash)

Happy Shopping
                   YPC SUMMARY PAGE                             SHOW DATE: ____________
 Name/ Address ___________________________________________________________________
  Phone/ Email

SHOW TOTAL =$         15% RETAIL FREE =$               # OF HALF PRICE ITEMS =                    BONUS EARNED YES NO

LIST FREE 1.____________________________________________                             AMOUNT DUE FROM HOSTESS
  HERE:   2.____________________________________________                Total amount of retail over Free$ earned = A.____________

            3.____________________________________________              Total amount of 50% off items chosen =      B.____________
LIST 50%                                                                Total amount of any I.C. special offers =   C.___________
CHOICES     2.____________________________________________              Subtotal on above A+B+C = D.                D.___________
 HERE:      3.____________________________________________              Shipping on any ordered items                E.___________
                                                                        (10%) of Retail total (not the 50% off amount)
  OTHER                                                                 TOTAL AMOUNT DUE FROM HOSTESS F.___________

                                    RETAIL       ITEM        TOTAL AMOUNT          SHIPPING
GUEST NAME:                                     NEEDS                                FEE IS
                                                                                                   TOTAL AMOUNT DUE
                                    TOTAL                   COLLECTED FROM
                                                TO BE
                                               ORDERED           GUEST              10% OF            FROM GUEST
                                                YES OR
                                                  NO                               ORDERED

BOOKINGS SCHEDULED:                 NAME:                ADDRESS:        PHONE:         EMAIL:                  DATE:



OFFICE USE ONLY:                                                                    PHONE:_______________________EMAIL:___________________________

DATE RECEIVED___________DATE SHIPPED__________________                              CONSULTANT ORDER                         GUEST ORDER

HOSTESS OR FUNDRAISER NAME:                                                         CREDIT CARD INFO:                VISA          MASTER CARD                     DISCOVER

                                                                                    ____/____/____/____/   ____/____/____/____/   ____/____/____/____/ ____/____/____/_____
CONSULTANT NAME & CONTACT INFO:                                                     EXPIRATION DATE _____/________                        CVV CODE: ____________

_____________________________________________                                       SIGNATURE

                                                                                              PAYMENT METHOD                  CASH/ CHECK/ CREDIT

QUANTITY                  ITEM#                   DESCRIPTION: Include catalog/hot sheet              UNIT PRICE    CONSULTANT DISCOUNT    KIT/ORDER K/O           TOTAL


ITEMS NEEDED TO BE ORDERED:_________________________________________________________________________________

CUSTOMER BOOKED SHOW: YES OR NO______________DATE:__________________EVITE__________SNAIL MAIL________

SPECIAL REQUESTS:______________________________________________________________________________________________

RETURN POLICY: YPC will do our best to meet every order, how-
ever if an item is not available, a gift certificate will be sent to choose a re-     HOSTESS INCENTIVES                                Product Total:            $______________
placement item or a full refund may be requested. YPC stands behind our                   15 % FREE HOSTESS CREDIT
product line and wants you to be completely satisfied. You have 7 days from
the date you receive your purchase to return the merchandise for a full                         ON RETAIL SHOW                          Customer Shipping         $______________
refund, 14 days for an exchange. There is a 60 day return policy on damaged
items. (Damaged means broken zipper, buckle, strap, etc., not normal wear
and tear) Within the first 60 days we will offer an exchange or gift certificate.          $10 BAG BUCKS WITH EACH                      Consultant Shipping
Shipping will be reimbursed for damaged items only.                                            SCHEDULED SHOW                            (ACTUAL SHIPPING $_______________
     NO RETURNS ON ANY ITEMS EXPOSED TO                                             1 ITEM AT 50% OFF FOR EVERY $300.00 Subtotal:                                 $_______________
DAILY SMOKING. UNFORTUNATELY WHEN FABRIC IS                                                   IN RETAIL SALES
EXPOSED TO SMOKE IT CAN NOT BE EASILY RESOLD                                                                                            (No tax on I.C. orders)
    IF & WHEN ITEM IS ABLE TO BE REPAIRED.                                             BONUS: Reach $1000 in Retail Sales &
                (Even when offered at a discounted price point)                      earn a$25 Gift Card to a popular restaurant
             “NO EXCEPTIONS ON THIS POLICY”                                                                                             Amount Due:               $_______________
    What is the breakdown to earn the 40-50% commission?
       All consultants receive a standard 50% discount off all retail pricing. You
      actually earn a total of 42.5% on your retail sales when it involves hostess
     free credits. Our incentive plan for hosting a show offers a total of 15% FREE
     of your entire show total, however as a consultant since you receive the 50%
        off retail that 15% is only costing you half of that or 7.5% which deducted
       from the 50% comes to 42.5%. If you were to set up at a vendor event, fair,
                church bazaar etc... and no hostess credits come into play,
                     then you would earn a full 50% on all retail sales.
      What is the minimum monthly sales to remain active?
  The only requirement to stay active is one transaction per month. A transaction is de-
fined as a party, fundraiser, vendor event, supply purchase, I.C. merchandise purchase.
          Obviously we hope and anticipate that your sales will be much more
           than that, however the personal goals of each consultant should be
            their decision. As they owner of YPC, I have a coined phrase that
                             “Success Is A Matter Of Opinion”
        Everyone is entitled to their own vision of what “Success” means to them!
      Are the consultants contacted on a daily basis as to which bags
    sell out? Or, when the order is placed do they know if it is sold out?
     If an item is no longer available at time of order, an email will be sent, asking
      if you would like to replace with something similar, most of the time we are
             able to locate a similar item. Same procedure would be taken for
                       customer orders as well as consultant orders.
  How long does it take for a customer to receive their order?
      On our order forms, it states delivery of 3 weeks upon receipt into the YPC
     home office. Often it is quicker than that, for consultants orders directly, we
       try ship out within 10 days, however if either a consultant or customer
              contacts YPC in advance if they need a rush order we will
                              accommodate the best we can.
  Are orders shipped to the consultant, the hostess or to each customer?
      All customer orders are shipped directly to the individual customer, hostess
      items are shipped directly to the hostess, she does not have to worry about
                 delivering anything once her show has taken place.
                  All consultant orders ship direct to the consultant.
What type of payment do you accept from the customer i.e. credit cards?
      Currently the majority of our consultants utilize a company called ProPay and are very happy with their services and pricing.
     When a customer places an order, they will pay the consultant first, and any
    credit cards from customers will be processed directly by the consultant, then
    when the order is submitted, the consultant would only send in their wholesale
           cost plus any shipping fees. It is a consultants personal choice on
                    whether to accept checks from their customers..
          Do we get to keep the commission the night of the party?
          If not, when are commissions mailed out to consultants?
      Yes, you keep your percentage immediately and only send in the consultant
      cost for the items. The only time a check will be sent is if/when commissions
                  are earned on any direct recruits under a consultant.
     Do consultants receive a commission on any recruits they bring
       into the company? What is that compensation breakdown?
Yes, YPC does offer a recruit commission plan, please contact YPC direct for more info.
       Since new product is introduced often, bi-monthly with your
       catalogs and monthly with your hot-sheets, are the catalogs
     professionally designed, or do consultants just print everything
                            off of the internet?
          We do professionally design and print the bi-monthly catalogs.
     Consultants can currently order them at their preference, with a 10 catalog
  minimum , they range from $3-$5 each dependent on the size of the catalog. It is not
         mandatory to purchase catalogs. The hot sheets are usually just
                         printed directly from the website.
     How are territories established for each consultant? What if they
     recruit someone or many in the same area? How does that work?
         There are no territories with YPC, you can sell and recruit anywhere
       you wish, either through direct home parties, fund-raisers, book shows or
  internet sales (only available with a personal YPC website) We are in the beginning
  stages of offering individual websites to consultants, where there is a contact form,
       when a customer goes to the consultants personal website, the consultant
         will receive all the leads directly. Currently on the main YPC website,
       all contacts are directed to the main office only. Cost on this will be in the
     range of $19.95 a month with a $59 1x set up fee, and a $39 yearly renewal fee.
         Does YPC collect the sales tax, or does the consultant need
                       to get a sales tax ID number?
   YPC does not collect the sales tax for individual consultant sales. A new consultant
  MUST apply for a tax id number with the state they reside in. It is the consultants re-
  sponsibility to report all sales tax collected to their own state. Please go to the end of
this information to review info on obtaining a sales tax ID. If you have questions on this
                we will be more than happy to assist you any way we can.
             Is there somewhere I can view ALL the available
       inventory for additional purchases to add to my kit directly?
       When you become a YPC consultant you will be invited to join our private
     “Yahoo Groups” . This is where many consultants communicate directly with
one another, share new ideas, post suggestions, and ask questions of other consultants.
We also upload all catalogs current and past as well as all hot sheets current and past.
Many consultants print out each and every catalog and hot sheet and create a “Master”
 product binder to share with their hostesses and guests. Please keep in mind that it is
 important to let your guests know that these are “PAST” items and although they can
place an order, there is always a chance the item may be out of stock. If that is the case
      we can usually get something very similar, and will email the customer and
       cc the consultant with another option, or they can request a full refund.
          What is the YPC policy for setting up at vendor events or
                   advertising, either online or in print?
  You are more then welcome to set up at any vendor event you wish, as long as you
   represent yourself as an "Independent Consultant" for Your Purse Connection.
  Advertising of any sort needs to be submitted directly to YPC for review, once it is
          reviewed you will be emailed an approval and you can place the
                            advertisement immediately.
                          What is the return policy?
           YPC will do our best to meet every order, however, if an item is not
     available, a gift certificate will be sent to choose a replacement item or a full
       refund may be requested. YPC stands behind our product line and wants
        our customers to be completely satisfied. There is 7 days from the date a
      customer either purchases an item from the consultant directly or receives
     an item in the mail to return the merchandise for a full refund, 14 days for an
        even value exchange. There is a 60 day return policy on damaged items.
    (Damaged means broken zipper, buckle, strap, etc..not normal wear and tear)
          Within the first 60 days we will offer an exchange or gift certificate.
        Shipping will be reimbursed directly from YPC for damaged items only.
YPC reserves the right to charge a restocking fee for any items returned that have been
    in a smoking environment, as these items can no longer be resold upon repair.
   The above return policy stands in effect for items ordered directly from YPC and
shipped to a customer. Items purchased directly from a consultants kit will receive the
same return policy listed above for UP TO 60 days from date the consultant purchased
      the item directly from YPC. After 60 days, it is the Independent Consultants
               responsibility to decide on how to handle the return in full.
               How do I order additional marketing tools,
              i.e. business cards, invitations, banners etc.?
    YPC has partnered with Vista Print to create an ALL in ONE website that each
      consultant can personally reorder their own custom marketing tools. All
      items will be predesigned for you with our company logo and any special
  graphics. All a consultant will need to do is edit their personal contact information
         and place the order. Payment will be made by the consultant directly
                through this site and shipped directly to the consultant.
      Any other forms not listed on this site can be ordered directly through YPC
    on our supply order form. This can either be faxed directly, included in an email
                   attachment, or sent regular Postal Service mail.
        If you have any additional questions please feel free to email
         Thank you...we would love to have you join our YPC Family

    How and Why To Get A State Sales Tax Number
   Most states charge sales tax on goods sold within their state. Often web site sellers or independent
Consultants seem to wonder why they need a sales tax number. There are three reasons for having a state
                  sales tax number (also called a Resale certificate or Resale Number)
   1. It's the law. If you sell goods online, eBay , or as an independent representative and
  ship or deliver them to someone in your same state, then you have to collect (charge the
buyer) sales tax and pay that tax to your state. However, if you sell less than $4 million in
   annual sales I think that covers most of us), then you do not have to collect or pay sales
      tax on sales where you deliver the goods to an out-of-state address. For example,
  if you live in Pennsylvania and you sell something to someone else in Pennsylvania or to
someone out-of state that asks you to ship it to someone in Pennsylvania, then you need to
   collect and pay sales tax to the State of PA. But, if you sell the same item to someone in
                              Florida, you can forget all about the tax.
   2. You can purchase items without paying sales tax on them. When you buy something
   that you plan to resell, you can purchase it without paying sales tax. But it must be for
 resale. For example you can not buy a new computer to use in your office and not legally
pay sales tax. But if you go onto a liquidation site and buy a computer that you plan to re-
                        sell, then you can buy it without paying sales tax.
 3. Most wholesale companies require a sales tax certificate . Almost all legitimate whole-
 sale companies will ask for a copy of your resale certificate before they will sell to you at
 wholesale prices. Besides wholesale companies, in most states you need it to open a com-
    mercial checking account. Most trade shows and merchandise marts require a copy
                  before letting you in. If your state does not charge sales tax,
(Oregon and Idaho for example) then it will probably issue some type of Business License
                   that will serve the same purpose for wholesale companies.

Getting a sales tax number is very easy and inexpensive, simply go online and
type in Just replace the " x x" with the two letters of the state you
 want. For example, will get you to the State of Pennsylvania web
   site. Some of the states allow you to apply on line and others will give you
                     forms to download, fill out and mail in.
                    Your Purse Connection Return Form
                Date_____________________ Office use only: Date Received________________

Customer Name_________________________________________________________________________________




Hostess Name___________________________________________________________________________________

Show Date_____________ YPC Consultant Name______________________________________________________

                              Item Retail Cost $_____________________

                     (Please make sure to include email above)

                              Please ship returned item to :
                       Your Purse Connection c/o Lorraine Sargent
                              510 East Philadelphia Avenue
                                   Boyertown PA 19512

          No Returns on any items exposed to
Please Note:
 daily smoking. Unfortunately when fabric is
exposed to smoke it can not be easily resold if
    and when item is able to be repaired.
                (Even when offered at a discounted price point)

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