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									                                                                ‘buy west, eat best’
                                                Registered Businesses & Products as at 21st July 2010

                                        Product label                                                   Products
       Food Business

a2 Dairy Products Australia
Pty Ltd                       a2 Milk                           a2 Milk - Full cream, Light

A. O'Meehan & Co              A. O'Meehan & Co Beef             Grainfed Beef
                                                                ANCHOR - White malt vinegar, Brown malt vinegar, Spiced malt vinegar, Verjuice,
                                                                Margaret River Premium Balsamic Vinegar, Margaret River Sem Sav White Wine
                                                                Vinegar, Margaret River Cab Shiraz Red Wine Vinegar, Original Breadcrumbs, Garlic
                                                                Breadcrumbs, Lemon Pepper Breadcrumbs, Hot & Spicy Breadcrumbs, Quick Cooking
                                                                Oats, Rolled Oats, Semolina.
                                                                LIGHTHOUSE - Plain Flour, Self Raising Flour, Wholemeal Plain flour, Wholemeal Self
                              Anchor,                           raising flour, Bread & Pizza plain flour, Pasta & Noodle plain flour, Cake biscuit & pastry
                              Lighthouse,                       plain flour, Cake biscuit & pastry self raising flour.
Anchor Foods                  Lion                              LION - Plain flour, Self raising flour.
Bannister Downs Dairy                                           Farm fresh Milk, All Lite Milk, Café au Lait, Chocolate milk, Fresh cream, Double Cream,
Company                       Bannister Downs Farm              Whipping Cream, Mango Smoothie

Baldivis Rabbit               Baldivis Rabbit                   Rabbit meat - various

                                                                Fruit Icicles: Mango & Passionfruit, Mango, Banana & Passionfruit
Bare Crush                    Bare Crush                        Mango Cheeks & Mango Puree

Beta Spuds                    Beta Spuds                        Potatoes - various varieties - pre-packaged and loose (as per seasonal supply)
                              Better Sprouts,
Better Sprouts                Chloe Foods                       Alfalfa Sprouts, Snowpea Sprouts, Bean Mixes, Onion Sprouts
                                                                BOGDANICH FARMS: Celery, SOLD LOOSE or PACKED: Iceberg lettuce, Cos lettuce,
Bogdanich Farms               Bogdanich Farms                   Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celery, Broccoli
                                                                Ricotta, Baked Ricotta, Mozzarella loaf, Bocconcini, Provoletta, Pecorino, Romano,
                                                                Pepper Romano, Chilli Romano, Chive & Garlic Romano, Pepper & Chilli Romano,
Borrello Cheese Pty Ltd       Borrello Cheese                   Stracchino, Fetta, Marinated Fetta
                                                                BROWNES: Full cream milk, HiLo milk, Skim milk, Cafe milk, Calcium Plus, Heart Plus,
                                                                Junior milk,
Brownes (Fonterra)            Brownes                           Whipping Cream, Thickened Cream, Sour Light Cream, Sour Light Cream with garlic &
                                                                                                                          hotline: 1800 132 422
                                                                ‘buy west, eat best’
                                                Registered Businesses & Products as at 21st July 2010

                                                                Traditional yoghurt (varieties: Apricot Delight, Mueslie Munch, Natural Style, Strawberry
                                                                Sensation, Tropical & White Chia, Orchard Fruits & Barley, Apple Cinnamon & Quinoa),
                                                                Deluxe yoghurt (varieties: Banana Maple Pancake, Creamy Vanilla, Mango Passion,
                                                                Peaches and Cream),
                                                                Light yoghurt (varieties: Mixed Berry Frenzy, Natural Style, Peach/Banana, Rasberry
                                                                Pomegranate, Strawberry),
                                                                NoFat (varieties: Apricot Danish, Black Cherry, Strawberry Sundae, Vanilla),
                                                                Yogo (varieties: Chocolate, Strawberry, Double Decker Choc/Marshmallow, Double
                                                                Decker Strawberry/Marshmallow),
                                                                Dessert Collection (varieties: Creme Caramel, Cafe Creme),
                                                                Custard Vanilla, Pouring Custard.
                                                                FONTERRA: Anlene NoFat, Anlene LowFat.

Caprino Farm                    Caprino Farm                    Goats Milk, Goats Yoghurt
                                                                Crème Fraiche, Buttermilk, Marscarpone, Feta Traditional, Feta with Basil Pesto, Feta
                                                                with Sundried Tomatoes, Ricotta, Natural Yoghurt, Premium Yoghurt with Strawberry,
                                                                Premium Yoghurt with Mango, Greek Style Natural Yoghurt, Greek Style Dessert
                                                                Yoghurt with Mueslie, Greek Style Dessert Yoghurt with Honey, Greek Style Dessert
                                                                Yoghurt with Raspberry, Greek Style Dessert Yoghurt with Mango, Greek Style Dessert
                                                                Yoghurt with Passionfruit, Greek Style Dessert Yoghurt with Mixed Berries, Greek Style
                                                                Dessert Yoghurt with Apple Strudel, Strawberry Smoothie, Mango Smoothie, Mixed
                                                                Berry Smoothie, Tropical Smoothie, Marinated Feta, Quark, Pot Set Yoghurt Honey, Pot
                                                                Set Yoghurt Vanilla, Gourmet Yoghurt with Australian Honey, Gourmet Yoghurt with
                                                                Divine Mango, Gourmet Yoghurt with Wild Passionfruit, Gourmet Yoghurt with Forest
Casa Dairy Products             Casa Dairy Products             Berries
Catalano Seafoods (Seafood
Secrets Stores - Garden City,   Seafood Secrets,
Morley, Karrinyup, Joondalup)   Sea Diamond                     Fish Fillets, Whole Fish, Crustaceans, Mussels
                                                                CAPEL CHOICE - Mild chedder cheese,
                                                                CAPEL CREST - Milk, Lite milk,
                                Capel Choice - Mild Cheese,     CAPEL Butter,
Challenge Australian Dairy      Capel Crest                     MARGARET RIVER FRESH - Milk
                                                                Rotisserie Chicken - various
Chicken Treat                   Chicken Treat                   Westcoast Fried Chicken - various

                                                                                                                          hotline: 1800 132 422
                                                                  ‘buy west, eat best’
                                                  Registered Businesses & Products as at 21st July 2010

Chittering Valley Venison      Chittering Valley Venison          Venison Cuts - various

                                                                  BUTTERFIELD BEEF: various cuts.
                               Classic Meats,                     OTHER: Beef cuts various, Lamb cuts various, Pork cuts various, Chicken cuts various,
Classic Meats                  Butterfield Beef                   Game meats when from WA.

Coles                                                             Fresh produce, delicatessen, meat, other BWEB packaged
                                                                  Apricot Jam, Chilli Jam, Fig Jam, Plum Jam, Brinjal Pickle, Chilli Lime Pickle, Indian
                                                                  Tomato Pickle, Mango Chutney, Piccalilli, Tomato Relish, Chilli Tomato Relish, Chilli
                                                                  Mango Sauce, Hot Chilli Onions, Spicy Onions, Sweet Honeyed Onions, Strawberry
Crunch Preserves               Crunch Preserves                   Jam

Delroy Orchards                Delroy Orchards                    Tamarillo Red, Tamarillo Yellow, Kiwifruit Green, Avocado Hass

Desert Sweet                   Desert Sweet                       750g pre-packed, Loose (TBA - developing brand in July)

Dorper Lamb Pty Ltd            Dorper Lamb                        Lamb cuts - various

D'Orsogna                      D'Orsogna                          Honey Ham off the bone (Woolworths Deli)
                                                                  Fresh Produce - Fruit & Vegetables, Other packaged buy west, eat best registered
Ezyshop Deliveries                                                products
Farmer Jacks / FoodWorks                                          Fresh Produce, Delicatessen, Meat, Seafood, South West Milk, Other BWEB packaged
(various stores)
                                                                  Alfalfa Sprouts, Broccoli Sprouts, Onion Sprouts, Garlic Chive Sprouts, Mung bean
Farmland Greens                Farmland Greens                    Sprouts, Snow pea Sprouts, Sunflower Sprouts & various combination mixes
Festival Fish Markets                                             Fresh Fish Fillets, Fresh Whole Fish, Whole Prawns, Prawn Flesh, Whole Lobster,
(North Perth & Churchlands)    Festival Fish                      Mussels

Finesse Foods                  Ferguson Valley Country Chicken    Whole Chicken, Boneless Poultry Cuts

Fini Olives                    Fini Olives                        Olive Oil - various varieties. Olives
Foodbank WA                                                       Advertising
Food Industry Association WA
Inc                                                               Advertising
                                                                                                                            hotline: 1800 132 422
                                                                   ‘buy west, eat best’
                                                   Registered Businesses & Products as at 21st July 2010

Fresh Choice W.A. Pty Ltd        Carnarvon Bananas                 Fruit, Vegetables, Carnarvon Bananas - prepacked 750g & 1kg

Fresh Exchange                                                     Table grapes, Apples, Stonefruit, Avocados, Bananas, Citrus
Fresh Provisions - 3 stores
(Claremont, Bicton, Mt Lawley)                                     Fresh Produce, other BWEB packaged
                                                                   Frozen Fruit Tubes - Orange, Orange & Passionfruit, Orange & Mango, Apple &
Fruity Fanatics                  Fruity Fanatics                   Strawberry, Apple & Watermelon, Tangello

                                                                   Frozen Fruit Tubes - Orange, Orange & Passionfruit, Orange & Mango, Apple &
                                                                   Strawberry, Apple & Watermelon, Tangello
Fruity Fanatics                                                    Fruit Juice - Orange, Orange & Mango, Apple
                                                                   Whole Fresh Eggs, Liquid Egg Whites, Scrambled Egg Mix, Egg White, Egg Yolk,
Golden Egg Farms                 Golden Eggs                       Whole egg

Goodchild Meats                                                    Beef, Lamb, Pork - various
                                                                   MIGHTY SOFT bread - Sandwich, Toast, Wholemeal, Wholemeal Sandwich Multigrain,
Goodman Fielder (Mighty Soft)    Mighty Soft                       Multigrain Sandwich

Gourment Selections              Gourmet Selection                 Various Salad Bags & Bowls - pre-prepared
                                 WA All the Way,                   WA All the Way - Baby Lettuce, Baby Spinach, Baby Cos. Greenfields - Various Salad
Greenfields Foods                Greenfields                       Bags & Salad Bowls

Harvest Freshcuts                                                  Various pre-prepared mixed Salad & Vegetable bags, Potatoes

Harvey Beef                      Harvey Beef                       Beef - various cuts
                                                                   Gourmet Pork Sausages (thick varieties: Pork & Leek, Cumberland, Breakfast
                                                                   Chipolatas, Italian), Thin sausages: BBQ Pork, Italian, Pork & Leek, Cumberland
Harvey Pork Gourmet Foods        Harvey Pork                       Sausages
                                                                   WA Q LAMB - Lamb cuts - various, Lamb carcass.
                                 WA Q Lamb (producers of),         HILLSIDE TENDER MEATS - Lamb and hogget cuts - various, Lamb and hogget
Hillside Abattoirs (WA QLamb)    Hillside Tender Meats             carcass, Edible offal
                                                                   Fresh Produce, Delicatessen, Meat, Seafood, Other BWEB packaged
IGA (various stores)
Jingilli EVOO                    Jingilli EVOO                     Cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml, 1L, 2L, 5L, 20L
                                                                                                                            hotline: 1800 132 422
                                                                 ‘buy west, eat best’
                                                 Registered Businesses & Products as at 21st July 2010

                                Johnson Meats
Johnson Meats                   Glenview Angus                   Beef various, Corned Beef, Lamb various, Pork various
Jus Burgers (Leederville,
Subiaco & Fremantle)            Jus Burgers                      Burgers (Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Fish, Kangaroo, Pork), Hot Chips
                                                                 Western Rock Lobster, Blue Spot Emperor, Pink Snapper, Crimson Snapper, Saddletail
                                                                 Snapper, Red Throat Emperor, Tropical Snapper, Shark, Sea Bream, Goldband
                                                                 Snapper, Barramundi, Swordfish, Tuna, Silver Cobbler, Trevally, Spanish Mackerel,
Kailis Bros                     Kailis Bros                      King Prawn, Mussel, Blue Spot Emperor Whole Fish Bake
                                                                 LJM PRODUCE - Carrots 1kg prepacked, Carrot Juice 5kg, Carrots loose, Broccoli
LJM Produce Pty Ltd             LJM Produce                      loose, Onion loose.
Limes Fresh Fruit & Vegetable
co                                                               Fruit & Vegetables various
                                Linley Valley Pork,
Linley Valley Pork - PPC        Select Pork                      Pork Cuts - various
                                Produce sold loose, Celery
M & G Monte & Son               bagged as 'WA all the way'       Iceberg lettuce, Cos lettuce, Celery, Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower
                                                                 Fresh Produce - various,
MARKET - Tastes of WA                                            Other packaged foods - as per existing registered products.

Mercer Mooney                   Mercer Mooney (MM)               Fresh Fruit & Vegetables - loose and prepacked
                                                                 MIAS - White sandwich 650g, White toast 650g, Wholemeal sandwich 650g, Wholemeal
                                                                 toast 650g, Bran & White 650g, Multigrain 650g, Giant white 700g, Giant toast 700g,
                                                                 Giant wholemeal 700g.
                                Mias,                            WHEATBELT - white 700g, wholemeal 750g, Rye 750g, Multigrain 750g, Soy & Linseed
Mias Bakery                     Wheatbelt                        750g
Midwest Beef Processors Pty
Ltd                             Midwest Beef                     Beef primal cuts
                                                                 Beef cuts, Veal cuts, Pork cuts, Smallgoods, Lamb & Sheep cuts, Poultry, Game meats,
Mondo Butchers                  Mondo Butchers                   Goat meats

Morton Seed and Grain           Morton Grains                    Rolled Oats, Quick Cook Oats, Instant Oats

                                                                                                                           hotline: 1800 132 422
                                                                 ‘buy west, eat best’
                                                 Registered Businesses & Products as at 21st July 2010

                                                                   Premium Style Natural Yoghurt, Reduced Fat Natural Yoghurt, 99.7% Fat Free Natural
                                                                   Yoghurt, Greek Style Natural Yoghurt, Greek Style Honey Yoghurt, Greek Style Vanilla
                                                                   Reduced Fat Vanilla Yoghurt, Premium Woodland Fruits Yoghurt, Premium Swiss
                                                                   Creamy Custard, Greek Twist (Yoghurt), Bounce (Probiotic Drinking Yoghurt), Cottage
Mundella Foods                  Mundella Foods                     Cheese, Fetta Supreme, Ricotta,

Mundillya Farm                  Mundillya Farm                     Bananas, Mangos, Squash, Zucchinis, Eggplant, Chillis
                                                                   Apples (Royal Gala, Fuji, Pink Lady, Sundowner, Granny Smith, Hi Early), Pears,
Newton Bros                                                        Cherries, Stonefruit

Nor-west Seafoods Pty Ltd       Nor-west Seafoods label, or none   King Tiger Prawn, Tiger Prawn, Scallops, Coral Prawn
                                                                   Extra virgin olive oil - various varieties, Dipping oil: Balsamic & Rosemary, Beetroot &
                                                                   orange chutney, Spicy tomato relish, Green tomato mint chutney, Indian eggplant
                                                                   chutney, Black olives: garlic & rosemary, Melon & Lemon marmalade, Quince lemon
                                                                   marmalade, Rhubarb & orange jam, Picalilli Pickle, Lime Marmalade, Green Olives,
                                                                   Tangello Marmalade, Jelly (various), Lime Pickle, Pickled Cumquats in verjuice, Pickled
                                                                   Baby Beets, Pickled Pears, Plum conserve, Plum chutney, Plum sauce, Plum gumbo,
Perts Pantry                    Perts Pantry York                  Tomato sauce, Dried olives, Cucumber & Green tomato relish, Zucchini pickle.
                                                                   Extra lean: Beef Burger, Beef Chipolata, Beef Sausage, Asian Beef Burger, Asian Beef
                                                                   Chipolata, Asian Beef Sausage, Pork Sausage w Ginger & Shallots, Chicken Sausae w
Peppercorn Food Company         Peppercorn Food Company            Lime & Spices, Italian Sausage

Princi Butchers                                                    Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Goat, Rabbit, Turkey - fresh various

Princi's at Romano's                                               Various Grocery / Deli items and other registered products

Quality Produce International   Quality Produce International      Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Ringwould Dairy                 Ringwould                          Goats Cheese varieties: Blanc, Frais, Cendre, Herbe, Affine, Violette, Rosa
Riverbank Plantations           Riverbank Plantations
(Sunsweet Estate)               Sun Sweet Estates                  Table grapes, bananas

                                                                                                                            hotline: 1800 132 422
                                                               ‘buy west, eat best’
                                               Registered Businesses & Products as at 21st July 2010

                              Refresh                          Refresh - pure water,
                              Oxyfresh                         Oxyfresh - super oxygenated pure water
Refresh Pure Water            Goldfields Pure Water            Goldfields - pure water

                                                               Vine ripened truss tomato
                                                               Vine ripened cherry truss tomato
Stakehill Hydroponics                                          Vine ripened mini Roma Truss tomato

Swan Valley Egg Farm          Swan Valley Eggs                 Eggs - Cage, Cage Free & Free Range

Swan Valley Honey             Swan Valley Honey                Pure honey - various
                                                               Lunchbox banana 750g, Lunchbox banana 1kg, XL or L bananas loose, Value packs
Sweeter Banana                Sweeter Banana                   loose

The British Sausage Company   The British Sausage Company      Sausages - various
The Commercial Egg
Producers Association of WA   West Coast Eggs (Golden Egg
Inc                           Farms)                           Eggs

the Herdsman                  The Herdsman                     Fresh Produce, Salads, Convenience meals

The Fruit Basket                                               Various Fruit & Vegetables
                                                               Apple Fruit Snacks, Apple-Strawberry Fruit Snacks, Apple-Mixed Berry Fruit Snacks,
The Organic Fine Food         KidSnaK,                         Apple Puree, Apple-Strawberry Puree, Apple Puree unsweetened, Apple Puree
Company                       Organic Fine Food Co             Sweetened, Frozen Boysenberries, Frozen Brambleberries, Frozen Mixed Berries

                                                               Australian Feta Cheese, Australian Feta w Herb & Garlic, Baked Ricotta Original, Baked
                                                               Ricotta Herb & Garlic, Brie, Triple Cream Brie, Camembert, Double Cream Camembert,
The Margaret River Dairy      The Margaret River Dairy         99.7% Fat Free Natural Yoghurt, Vanilla Yoghurt, Passionfruit Yoghurt, Mixed Berry
Company                       Company                          Yoghurt, Peach & Mango Yoghurt, Strawberry Yoghurt, Greek Style Yoghurt
                                                               Family Pies - various,
                                                               Quiches - various,
                                                               Meals - various,
The Pied Piper                the pied piper                   Salads - various

                                                                                                                       hotline: 1800 132 422
                                                                  ‘buy west, eat best’
                                                  Registered Businesses & Products as at 21st July 2010

                               Tradition Smallgoods,              Tradition Smallgoods - various sausages, Frankfurt Cocktail Sausages, Pizza Toppings,
Tradition Smallgoods Pty Ltd   Tradition Irish                    Rib Bacon, Ham Steak, Tradition Irish - various sausages

Trandos Farms                  Trandos Farms                      Corn Cobettes, Prepacked Corn 500g, Prepacked Corn 2pack, Beanettes
Trandos Hydroponic Growers
Pty Ltd                        WA All the Way                     Truss Tomatoes, Truss Cherry Tomatoes, Baby Roma Tomatoes
                               Trim & Tasty Lamb,
                               Amelia Park Lamb
Trim & Tasty Meats Pty Ltd     South West Lamb                    Various lamb cuts - various fresh & value added
                                                                  Turkish Pide-1pk, Baby Turkish-4pk, Turkish Rolls-4pk, Round Turkish-1pk, Turkish
Turkish Bakeries Pty Ltd       Turkish Bakeries                   subs-4pk.

Vegetables WA                  Vegetables WA                      Vegetable advertising, merchandise and promotions - various
WA Fishing Industry Council                                       WA Seafood,
(Seafood Lovers Club)          Seafood Lovers Club                Seafood Lovers Club Advertising

Wescobee Ltd                   Wescobee                           Honey
                               Elite Lamb,
                               Elite Beef,
                               Elite Veal,
                               Margaret River Fresh (Beef &
Western Meat Packers Group     Lamb)                              Beef cuts, Lamb cuts

Western Potatoes Ltd           Western Potatoes                   Royal Blue Potato Mash, Potato Advertising
                                                                  WHITTINGTONS GOURMET NATURAL - Wholegrain bush mustard, Seeded chilli
                                                                  mustard, Grainy wine mustard.
                                                                  WHITTINGTONS BLACK LABEL RANGE - White wine mustard, Red wine mustard,
                                                                  Australian mustard, Beer mustard, German mustard.
                               Whittingtons,                      WHITTINGTONS - Sea salt, Lake salt, Fine salt, Celery salt, Garlic salt, Onion salt,
                               Whittingtons Gourmet Natural,      Picnic pack, Mustard seeds yellow, Mustard seeds black, Coriander seed, Coriander
Whittingtons                   Whittingtons Black Label Mustard   ground, Fenugreek seed, Fenegreek ground, Oregano leaves

Wing Chun Co                   Wing Chun Co                       Chinese Pork Sausage, Pork Ball, Beef Ball, Chicken Ball, Nem Nuong, Cha Song

Woolworths Supermarkets                                           Produce Items, Meat, Delicatessen, other BWEB packaged

                                                                                                                           hotline: 1800 132 422
                                                       ‘buy west, eat best’
                                       Registered Businesses & Products as at 21st July 2010

Wooramel Horticulture
Products                Wooramel Horticulture Products   Citrus, Grapes

Yanchep Springs         Yanchep Springs                  Blueberries, Peaches, Nectarines

                                                                                                            hotline: 1800 132 422

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