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					Helping You Prepare for America’s Changing
         Diversity Matters Is…
…a consulting firm specializing in
diversity/inclusion, global culture, human
resources management, organizational
development, and customer relations.
                   The Issue
America’s demographics are changing
Your employees and customers/clients are
 becoming more culturally diverse
Understanding these differences will make your
 organization more effective, and help to improve
 relationships with employees and customers/clients
    How Columbus is Being Affected
From a survey of 200 Columbus executives:
  51% have a diversity program
  32% say cultural changes are a challenge
  27% say employee lawsuits are a problem

According to the 2003 US Census, about 102,000
 (10.4%) of Franklin County residents over age 5
 speak a language other than English, an increase of
 20% since 2000
      Some Real World Situations
What You Observe…
 You’re having a serious conversation, possibly a
 disciplinary issue, with an employee from a non-
 American cultural background. He looks down as
 you talk to him, won’t look you in the eye.
 You conclude that he’s not paying attention, or
 disrespecting you.
   Real World Situations (continued)
What’s Really Happening…
 In some cultures, looking someone in the eye when
 being disciplined is actually a sign of disrespect and
 defiance. It’s almost akin to “let’s take it outside.”
 So this employee is actually showing you the
 utmost respect, within the context of his cultural
        A Comprehensive Approach

Collaborating with you, we assist in defining:
   Long and short term diversity objectives
   Cultural diversity business strategy
   Organizational readiness
   Implementation strategies
           How You Will Benefit
Improved Customer/Client Relations
Stronger Relationships with Employees
More Effective Management
Preventing Employee Relations Problems
Improved Morale & Employee Satisfaction
Enhanced Business Reputation
Savings at the Bottom Line
            What Makes Us Unique
 Custom designed programs and service initiatives based
  on the client needs
 Continual evaluation of our services to you
 Professional team brings wide range of skills
    Human Resources
    Training
    Legal
    Consulting
    Customer Relations
    Recruiting and Retention
               Our Team
  Bruce Greenfield – Operations Director
Professor in Decision Methods Unit, Capital
 University School of Management. Active in
 campus-wide diversity and service learning
Over 25 years of operations management
 consulting for companies such as Wendy’s, Borden,
 Capitol Mortgage, Ohio Departments of Education,
 Mental Health and Workers’ Compensation
                Our Team
        Neal Semel – Training Director
Trainer in both public and private sectors for more
 than 15 years
   Sexual Harassment
   Assault Prevention and Workplace Violence
   Conflict Resolution
   Crisis Intervention
               Our Team
Neal Semel – Training Director (continued)
Certified Mediator in Dispute Resolution
Certified OPATA (Peace Officer) Trainer
Compliance audits for ADA and EEO
Instructor at OSU Graduate School of Public Policy
 and Management
               Our Team
 Ron Kohr – Community Relations Director
Founding member and Executive Director of
 Holocaust Education Council
Develops and delivers programming for teaching
 cultural diversity and tolerance in grades K-12, the
 most comprehensive approach nationwide
Successful in securing private and public financial
 support for programs for 501C-3 organizations
                 Our Team
   Scott Warrick – Legal Services Director
 Masters Degree in Labor and Human Resources
 Law Degree, Capital University (valedictorian)
 Lifetime Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)
 Provides speaking, training, and consulting related to:
    Diversity awareness and education
    Diversity legal compliance audits
    Human resources management
    Employment and labor law
              Our Team
  Susan Schubert – Program Coordinator
 Masters Degree in Public Administration and Community
 Conducts programs on generational and gender diversity
 Frequent contributor of newspaper and magazine articles
  on a range of diversity and human resources issues
 Co-author of two books: Managing Upward and Emotional
  Intelligence Works
 Member of the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio
                 Our Team
Dr. Michael Kravitz – Psychologist & Trainer
 Ph.D. in Psychology
 Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Franklin University
 Conducts several training programs on cultural awareness,
  including developmental and psychological challenges
 Author of The STEP System for Better Communication
  assessment tool
 Author of two books: Emotional Intelligence Works and
  Managing Negative People
           Representative List of Clients
Government                         Private Sector
Columbus Dept. of Health           Safelite Group
Athens OH Police Department        JP Morgan Chase
District XI Area Agency on Aging   Sears Logistics
Columbus Public Schools
Not-for-Profit Organizations       Associations
YMCA of Central Ohio               Ohio School Boards Association
Child Welfare League of America    Columbus Board of Realtors
Columbus Housing Partnership       Columbus Bar Association
Columbus Jewish Family Services
                   Our Services
We provide a full array of services to ensure that
you meet your diversity objectives
   Organization and Management
   Translation and Interpreting
   Recruiting and Retention
     Organization and Management

Organizational Climate Assessment

Creating the Diversity Infrastructure

Developing Policies and Procedures
Managers and Supervisors
  Supervising workers with diverse cultural backgrounds
  Dealing with the changing mix of co-workers
Customer Service
  Understanding the diverse customer base
Compliance Audit
  Are you operating in accordance with the law
Legal Consultation
  Support for specific HR issues
Mediation and Dispute Resolution
  Helping people resolve their differences together
       Translation and Interpreting

Capabilities in More Than 120 Languages
Translation of Written Materials
Oral Interpreting, On Site or By Phone
Audio/Visual Voice-overs and Captions
Foreign Language Website Development
  Employee Recruiting and Retention

Training for Cultural Groups
  What it takes to be successful working in US
Selection and Placement
  Identifying and hiring workers
Job Coaching
  Individual/group support for workers
 Outsourcing: The Complete Solution
You focus on your business, and we take care of
 the cultural diversity programming
You benefit through:
  Cost savings (space, salaries and benefits)
  Access to our team of specialists
  Dedicated resources, timely response
  Current information on diversity and related HR issues
            In Conclusion…

 Diversity is ultimately about
 communications, respect, and trust...
 important factors in any organization
 Our goal is to work with you to
 enhance your organization’s employee
 and customer relationships in your

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