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									Articles of Incorporation.
Voted on and approved February 8, 2008.
                                ARTICLE I - Purpose
It shall be the purpose of this organization to encourage fellowship among clay
artists, to exchange ideas and information through workshops and meetings, to
provide an outlet and stimulus to creativity through shows and sales, and to
increase the public awareness and appreciation of ceramic arts.
                                 ARTICLE II - Name
          The name of the organization shall be Arizona Clay Association.
                             ARTICLE III - Membership
Section One: Membership is open to persons who are interested in the ceramic
Section Two: An active member is defined as:
    a member who's dues are current.
An active member may vote, hold office, serve on committees, exhibit and
participate in shows. Active members are those members who dues are current and
have attended a minimum of four meetings during the immediate and previous
twelve (12) month period.
Section Three: Inactive members are those members whose dues are current but
do not meet the other requirements set forth in Section Two of this Article. An
inactive member will receive all notices and invitations and may attend all functions
an workshops. An inactive member may not vote or hold office and their
participation in shows and exhibits may be restricted.
Section Four: Annual dues of present members are due and payable in full in the
month of January of each year in the amount set by the membership at a previous
meeting. New members pay upon joining the organization and their dues are for the
balance of that year. Dues are not refundable.
Section Five: A list of members will be distributed as early in each new year as
                               ARTICLE IV - Officers
Section One: The elected officers of this organization shall consist of a President,
Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. A fifth member of the board shall be
appointed by the Board and shall have the title, Member at Large.
Section Two: Officers shall be elected at the January meeting for a term of one
year, lasting from February through January of the following year. In the event that
an officer other than the president is unable to complete his term of office, the
Board will appoint a replacement to complete that term.
Section Three: The Executive Board of this organization shall consist of the elected
officers and one active chairperson. The term of office will be from February
through January of the following year.
Section Four: Duties of the elected officers shall be:
    President: Chairs all meetings. Appoints Chairpersons. Serves as advisor
    for the following years Board.
    Vice-President: Develops monthly programs, workshops and seminars.
    Aids and assists the President. Shall preside at meetings when the
    President is not in attendance, and shall succeed to the presidency in the
    event the position becomes vacant.
    Secretary: Takes minutes of monthly meetings, notifies members of coming
    events, annual dues and records attendance.
    Treasurer: Account for and disburse dues and fees. Present a monthly
    financial report to the membership. Collect and disburse association funds
    as authorized by the Board or membership.
    Member at Large: They are a member of the board. They can fill vacancies,
    temporarily at the discretion of the Board until the vacancy can be filled.
    They do have voting rights as far as breaking a tie vote amongst Board
    Members. They provide non biased input to the Board from the General

Section Five: Duties of appointed Chairpersons shall be:
    Public Relations: Initiate external public relations for activities of the
    association. Collection and correlate all publicized material and keep a
    historical record of Arizona Clay activities.
    Nominating: The Nominating committee chairperson and a committee of
    two or more choose by the Chair shall present a slate of officers to the
    January meeting of the organization. Nominations will be accepted from the
    floor with the prior consent of the person to be nominated.
    Property: Shall maintain a current inventory of all association property, and
    keep a log that shows current use and location of such property.
    Studio Potter Network: Shall maintain contact with the Network and keep
    the Board informed of Network programs.
    Newsletter: Shall promote the association purpose and programs through
    the regular publication and distribution of a newsletter.
    Shows and Exhibits: Shall coordinate shows and exhibits for the
    association. Shall appoint committees to run such events, and maintain
    contact with event hosts.
    Workshops: Shall plan and conduct workshops designed to advance skill in
    the clay arts.
Section Six: An officer or director may not be removed from office except for
misfeasance or nonfeasance, determined by a majority of the Directors and
affirmed by a majority of the members or upon finding of a majority of a quorum of
members or on provisions set forth in the By Laws approved by a majority of the
                               ARTICLE V - Meetings
Section One: A minimum of ten (10) monthly meetings shall be held annually. There
will be no meetings in the months of July and August.
Section Two: Workshops and other special meetings may be called by the
President, by the Executive Board, or by written request to the President by at least
ten (10) members.
Section Three: At least one (1) week in advance each member of Arizona CLAY will
be mailed a written notice of the place and time of the meeting.
Section Four: A quorum for any meeting shall consist of those active members
present at the meeting. At a duly called meeting a simple majority of those present
and voting shall elect or carry, including changes in the By Laws and election of
                         ARTICLE VI - Rules of Procedure
Accepted American parliamentary practice as set forth in Rohens Rules of Order
shall govern the conduct of affairs of this organization and the procedure of its
                            ARTICLE VII - Amendments
The constitution may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) vote
of those active members present, provided a notice be given to the membership not
less than ten (10) or more than thirty (30) days prior to the meeting at which such
action shall be considered, that there will be a proposed change of the Constitution.
                          ARTICLE I - Special Committees
Section One: Those temporary committees that shall be deemed necessary by the
Board to carry through the objectives of the group.
Section Two: Chairperson shall be appointed by the President in accordance with
Article IV. Section Four of the Constitution.
Section Three: Committees shall be formed by the Chairperson.

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