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									  Lee County’s Mandatory
Business Recycling Ordinance
     Ordinance Compliance in
          4 Easy Steps

                                    Lee County
                               SOUTHWEST FLORIDA
         Who is responsible
• Business owner or entity that is
  responsible for garbage services
  – Property Manager
  – Business Owner
  – Property Owner

• Effective date: January 1, 2008

                                          Lee County
                                     SOUTHWEST FLORIDA
   Who is Required to Comply
• All businesses in unincorporated Lee
• Businesses on minimum service
  (Can/Bag) are exempt
• Exemptions provided for hardship or other
  unique situations upon Division approval
• New businesses must comply within 14
  days of starting solid waste service
                                       Lee County
                                  SOUTHWEST FLORIDA
      What must be recycled
• Businesses must recycle the recyclable
  material that is generated in the greatest
  amount by the business
  – Fiber (paper, ONP, OCC, etc.)
  – Co-mingled Containers (metal cans, glass
    bottles and jars, plastic #1-#7)
  – Metal (ferrous and non-ferrous)
  – Wood
  – Other – per Division Approval

                                          Lee County
                                     SOUTHWEST FLORIDA
 3 “C”s to Recycling Success

• Contract
• Convenience
• Communication

                            Lee County
                       SOUTHWEST FLORIDA
           Step 1: Contract
• Obtain a service agreement from a service
  provider (hauler)
  – Franchise Hauler – set rate in County contract
    at $1.33/cy
  – Private haulers – must satisfy Ordinance
    regarding material disposition
  – Self Haul – to a MRF or directly to commodity
• Completed County Recycling
  Plan Form
                                            Lee County
                                       SOUTHWEST FLORIDA
       Step 2: Convenience
• Provide containers for designated
  recyclable throughout the business
  – Hauler provided container (outside)
  – Business containers conveniently located
    throughout the business, as appropriate
    • For office paper – bins should be as convenient as
      office waste bins
    • For co-mingled containers a centrally located
      container in the break room
    • Others may be business specific
                                                Lee County
                                           SOUTHWEST FLORIDA
     Step 3: Communication
• Provide annual education to employees
  – Flyers/memos
• Provide information to new employees
• Education should, at a minimum, indicate
  what is recycled and where containers can
  be found

                                       Lee County
                                  SOUTHWEST FLORIDA
 Step 4: Compliance Enforcement
• Businesses are not judged on the quality
  of their efforts – i.e. how much recycled
• Must demonstrate 3 “C”s – Recycling plan
  form, bins, and education.
• If not compliant, assessed Advance
  Disposal Fee based on DOR Code
  – A,B = $100
  – C = $250
  – D,E = $500
                                       Lee County
                                  SOUTHWEST FLORIDA
          Step 4 - continued
• ADF assessed monthly until compliance
• If non-compliance is for stopped service
  due to failure to pay for service, fines
  issued in addition to ADF
  – $300 per infraction

                                        Lee County
                                   SOUTHWEST FLORIDA
      Multi-Family Properties
• Must provide for collection of fiber AND
  co-mingled containers
• Must educate new tenants as well as issue
  annual information to all tenants
• Can appeal for an exemption
• Compliance based on adequacy of the
  – $300 fines for non-compliance

                                         Lee County
                                    SOUTHWEST FLORIDA
       Additional Information
• Solid Waste Division – 533-8000
• SWD web site –
  – Forms
  – Flyers, brochures for education
  – Additional information

                                           Lee County
                                      SOUTHWEST FLORIDA

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