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					                                                  First Strokes ® NEW
                                                 Multi-sensory Handwriting
                                                 WITH LABS and MAKE AND TAKE!
Who Should Attend                           Presented by: Jan Goins-McCleskey, MA, OTR
•   Occupational Therapists
•   Dyslexia Coordinators and Teachers
•   Preschool - 3rd grade teachers
•   Parents
•   Private Clinicians
•   Private Tutors

      October 6, 7, 2008                 TWO DAY WKSHOP Minnetonka, Minnesota
                                                        * Can come to Day 1 only

      October 14, 2008                   1 Day             San Antonio, Texas

      October 20, 21 2008                TWO DAY           Edison, New Jersey
                                                           * Can come to Day 1 only

      October 27, 2008                   1 Day             St. Louis, MO

      November 3, 2008                   1 Day             San Diego, California

      November 10, 2008                  1 Day             Houston, Texas

      November 17, 2008                  1 Day             Indianapolis, Illinois

      December 1, 2008                   1 Day             Birmingham, Alabama

      December 8, 2008                   1 Day             Shreveport, Louisiana
                                                   First Strokes ®
         Multi-sensory Handwriting Workshops
                     WITH LABS and MAKE AND TAKE!
                      Developing Fine Motor Skills and Handwriting through Empowering Teachers!
         Receive your own materials to inservice your own district, therapy staff or clinic!!!

                              Presented by: Jan Goins-McCleskey, MA, OTR

 In 2002, Jan McCleskey, MA, OTR founded The Handwriting Clinic™, in Plano, Texas after 19 years as an occupational therapist in the
 public schools. Each summer over 300 students attend summer camps, and even more attend after school classes during the year.
 The secret to the success of the clinic is likely the creative approaches used to make handwriting fun and attainable with the goal to get
 the student using standard school handwriting curriculum, 3 lined paper or notebook paper quickly. By using research based knowl-
 edge of developmental hand skills, visual motor skills and grapho-motor skills, Jan has created programs and products that work. She
 is the author of the First Strokes® Products for print, cursive and fine motor skills development. For the past 6 years, she has traveled
 extensively doing First Strokes® workshops nationally. Jan is presenting 2 different workshops this year.! Both workshops incorporate
 the multi-sensory philosophy of the clinic, with zany, novel and creative activities that even seasoned therapists and teachers will find
 inspiring. So if you are tired of boring workshops, you will find these workshops full of ideas, with extensive handouts to use as a re-

 One problem in school today is the lack of time for handwriting and fine motor skills development. There is an emphasis on learning
 handwriting at an early age, and there is an explosion of students diagnosed with dysgraphia! It has increasingly become clear, that
 there is a significant need for making fine motor, visual motor and handwriting skills more successful within the classroom. The work-
 shops emphasize intervention and multi-sensory techniques that are directed towards empowering teachers and therapists NO MAT-
 TER WHAT HANDWRITING PROGRAM IS USED. The workshops are very applicable to preschool teachers, kindergarten teachers,
 1st - 3rd grade teachers, special education teachers, dyslexia intervention teachers and occupational therapists. Participants receive a
 comprehensive resource CD with massive handouts for resource lists and inservice training activities incorporated in the workshops so
 that attendees can inservice their schools or clinics. Day 1
 participants explore 50 multi-sensory labs to enhance their knowledge of therapeutic and remedial techniques. Day 1 participants re-
 ceive the Day 2 handouts and information. Day 2 is a great day to generalize a LOT of information from Day 1 and functionally apply
 skills to assessment and therapeutic strategies. We typically hear Day 1 participants tell us that the workshop is absolutely applicable
 immediately and even highly experienced therapists tell us that they get so many new ideas and strategies in Day 1. We can’t provide
 Day 2 workshops often and run a Handwriting Clinic in Plano, but we do usually do two a season. If you can make a Day 2 workshop, it
 is a LOT of fun! You can find out more information about The Handwriting Clinic at, and more informa-
 tion specifically about First Strokes workshops at The First Strokes Workshops are sponsored by
 The Handwriting Clinic™.

Why Attend?
•     Get NEW, FUN and CREATIVE fine motor and handwriting
intervention techniques to use with students IN the classroom or in a
                                                                                 Comments from Others Who Have
clinical setting, Explore labs and have fun with Make and Take                  Attended First Strokes® Workshops:
Activities.                                                                     •    I have been a therapist for 20 years, and I dread going to
•     Go back to your district and be empowered to give inservices to                inservices – they usually appear to be the same old thing
Preschool - K teachers, and 1st - 5th grade teachers on QUICK                        and I rarely learn much new information. Thank you for all
intervention techniques for handwriting development and legibility to                the wonderful ideas. I can use them immediately
use within the classroom..                                                      •    This was great! I loved all the multi-sensory ideas!
• Learn a therapeutic intervention techniques that work well with               •    I loved the remedial strategies for handwriting errors!
students.                                                                       •    "Nice reinforcer to Mary Benbow's 2.5 day handwriting
• Receive a CD of comprehensive handouts of resources for                             conference. (Hers was clinical; yours was functional/
     classroom labs, adapted curriculum and sensory ideas for fine
     motor skills and handwriting intervention. (over 500 pgs if                •    I loved being able to watch demonstrations. I liked the
                                                                                     hands on approach of the lab portion. It helped develop/
                                                                                     enhance clinical ideas"
                                                                                •    As an OT, I wish our teachers were here to hear this".
                                                                                •    This program was very applicable - can use it tomorrow"
                                        NEW! First Strokes® Multi-sensory                                                                    ONE DAY INSERVICE
                                            Handwriting Workshop —
                                  a Handwriting, Visual and Fine Motor Lab Day

7:30 - 8:00   Registration (MUFFINS OR BAGELS AND COFFEE/TEA)
              Please be on time so you can get full contact hours credit
8:00 start time!     Introduction and Fabulous Lab Demonstration!
8:15 - 8:45   Learning to Write in School - too fast, too soon, too hard -
              problems with students who have poor fine and visual motor skills, dyslexia or dysgraphia
8:45 - 9:45   Empowering teachers to Integrate Handwriting Within the
                  Classroom with NO TIME but still helping kids that struggle!
              A toolkit of FUN, high interest activities for large motor,
                   medium motor, and small motor learning techniques to help
                   students with fine motor and visual motor delays.
              Receive CD training handouts for YOU to teach staff ways
              to better integrate ANY handwriting program within the
              classroom, clinic or therapeutic setting.
 9:45 -10:00                   BREAK
10:00 - 10:30 Overview of First Strokes Print Programs using lab
              demonstrations of cool, medium motor activities.
10:30 - 11:30 Remedial Strategies for therapeutic intervention:
              RECEIVE: * CD handout for YOU to teach an inservice on Remedial Strategies and Errors within YOUR program.
              Discuss spacing, sizing strategies, number reversals, vision related
              learning differences
11:30 - 12:30 LUNCH - on your own
12:30 - 1:00 Remedial strategies (cont): worksheet legibility, speed handwriting, handwriting errors, strategies for older students
1:00 - 1:15 First Strokes NEW Cursive Program overview (all inclusive - has remedial techniques integrated within program!)
1:15 - 1:30   LAB DEMONSTATION: Therapeutic “facilitated writing” using
                  Exploding Playdough and Other Zany Writing Topics
              RECEIVE: PENCIL GYMNASTICS KIT for YOU to teach staff how to integrate fine motor skills and grasp
              development into the classroom, clinic or parent training.
              Therapeutic Strategies/Research Studies - Should we change funky grasps? Tx. for specific grasp pattern errors. CREATIVE Interven-
              tion Strategies that even seasoned therapists will love. Hard to solve problem grasps.
               (50 lab stations!) Explore the COOLEST multi-sensory
              teaching strategies for grasp development and letter formation.
3:10 - 3:15   Lab Breakdown/Break
3:15 - 3:30   Dysgraphia, Dylexia, Learning Disabilities, Assistive Technology
3:30 - 3:55   Ideas for students with autism or low cognitive skills
3:55 - 4:00    Post evaluation, group questions, prize give-away, wrap up

     Course Objectives:             The goal of this workshop is for the attendee to have a resource of information to be able to inservice staff at their own
     •     Recognize the typical progression of handwriting in school and how to adapt ANY handwriting program to be more successful for students that struggle
     •    Observe intervention techniques for remedial handwriting for number
          reversals, letter reversals, worksheet legibility, math legibility, kinesthetic
          learning and recognition of handwriting errors for students with poor visual
          motor skills
     •     Identify strategies for working with students with vision related learning
          differences through a power point presentation and written handout
     •     Identify activities for grasp and writing labs within a classroom or clinical setting and receive a resource list of activities
     •     Practice CREATIVE therapeutic techniques for large, medium and small motor learning of letter formation in print and cursive through walk-around labs that can be integrated
           into classroom or clinical settings
     •     Recognize remedial intervention techniques for letter formation, letter reversals, number reversals, kinesthetic handwriting
     •     Observe lab resources for creating zany writing ideas for generalization of handwriting into words, sentences and paragraphs
     •     Review selected research on grasp development and intervention and
          discuss reasons and strategies to change or “tweak” grasps when needed
     •     Observe how to modify handwriting curriculum for students with low cognitive skills or autism
     •     Recognize assistive technology options for students with poor handwriting
                                         NEW! First Strokes®
                                  Experiential Lab /Training Day (day 2)
                                                 (Minnesota and New Jersey only)

        Please note: Day 1 covers First Strokes products in general and gives techniques no matter what program
     you use. Day 2 is more specific training on First Strokes products, but concepts can be generalized. Day 2 is ap-
     propriate for OT’s, special ed teachers. Day 1 is appropriate for OT’s, special ed teachers, dyslexia coordinators,
     AND regular ed teachers - preschool - 3rd grade. Day 2 is a very active day, with in seat and out of seat activities

     7:30 - 8:00 Registration (MUFFINS OR BAGELS AND COFFEE/TEA)
     8:00 - start time Welcome and handwriting samples (will use in pm). Divide into work groups.
     8:10 - 8:45 Sensorimotor Gym Activities
                    MAKE AND TAKE: Left/Right Discrimination Poster
     8:45 - 9:15 GROUP ACTIVITY: Assessment Lab: Pre-K thru 1st grade.
     9:15 - 9:30 PRINT LAB: Visual cueing techniques, reversal strategies.
                    Zany Writing LAB - Shaving Cream Monsters, “facilitated handwriting/cueing”
     9:30 - 9:45 BREAK
     9:45 - 10:00 Reversal Tip Game - memorize reversal techniques and play rocket launcher game to win PRIZES!
     10:00 - 10:45 GROUP ACTIVITY: Assessment for 2nd grade and Above. A FUN way to get Quick Remediation/. Go over
                    assessment for 2nd grade and above.
                         RECEIVE: * One Hour to Legibility Inservice Kit/CD for Older
                         Students ($35 value) (CD includes assessment for older students)
     10:45 - 11:15Zany Writing LAB - Make alien eyeballs, use special paper to cue sizing
     11:00 - 11:15Legibility Techniques for “fill in the blank worksheets”, math
     11:15 - 11:45MAKE AND TAKE: Numbers Curriculum ACTIVITY: Number Rhymes Group discussion: Multi-sensory
                    ways to work on numbers
     11:45 - 12:45LUNCH - on your own
     12:45 - 1:05 MAKE AND TAKE: Balloon Exercisers for Grasp, Homemade Shaving Cream Air Putty for grasp exercises
     1:05 - 1:40 First Strokes Cursive LAB - Learn sequencing, speed handwriting, touch and trace concepts, generalizing to
                    notebook paper.
     1:40 - 1:50 MAKE AND TAKE: Jello creatures for cursive writing generalization
     1:50 - 2:05 Speed lab. Metronome work for cursive. Retrain the Brain activities.
     2:05 - 2:20              BREAK with cookies!
     2:20 - 2:50 Adapting curriculum - Integrating OT Objectives into the regular ed IEP
     2:50 - 3:20 MAKE AND TAKE: Make individualized curriculum activity to work with students who have severe visual
                    motor needs/low cognitive skills or autism.
     3:20 - 4:00 Group Discussion Case Studies for assessment//Treatment planning for pre
                         school, K, 1st, older students, special needs students - including classroom
                         integration and clinical setting. Prize giveaway.

*Note - Day 2 is a generalization of skills from Day 1. Day 1 participants receive the Day 2 handouts and information. Day 2 is a
     great day to generalize a LOT of information from Day 1 and functionally apply skills to assessment and therapeutic strate-
     gies AND it is a lot of FUN!

    Course Objectives
    • Practice therapeutic strategies to teach the First Strokes Print and Cursive programs through group
      labs and demonstration.
    • Identify and practice remediation techniques for visual memory, visual cueing, and visual motor
      integration of handwriting within labs
    • Practice assessment for fine motor/handwriting skills for preschool through older students
    • Recognize techniques for improving integration of handwriting from therapeutic
         intervention into generalization of skills into classroom, and apply to IEP development.
    • Make “take home” materials for intervention for handwriting, number reversal
         curriculum, grasp/fine motor skills, special populations
    • Discuss case studies and treatment intervention at different grade levels, and how to integrate
      skills into a classroom or clinic setting.

Course Hours: Registration begins at 7:30 am and workshop starts at 8:00. Please be on time - we are
required to give amended certificates for late arrivers. Each workshop is worth 6.5 contact hours.

OT’s: Each workshop has been approved for .65 AOTA CEU’s. The assignment of AOTA CEUs does
not imply endorsement of specific course content, products, or clinical procedures by AOTA.”

AOTA Education Level: Introductory (material is appropriate for introductory therapists, although workshop
is appropriate for highly experienced therapists). Category 1: Domain of OT 2: OT Process *Sign-in/sign
out procedures will be adhered to. Certificate will reflect actual hours attended in the workshop.

Directions/Maps - available at - or type in address to Yahoo Maps. We cannot
guarantee accuracy of maps - please allow extra time for traffic, weather conditions, etc.

Please bring a sweater or a jacket. Dress is very casual - blue jeans ok!
Day 2 workshops require a lot of movement, walking, and fine motor skill activities. Day 1 workshops require
walking around lab stations. Please wear comfortable shoes.

                   October 6,    DAY 1         Minneapolis Marriot Southwest
1. Please check:   2008 (Mon)                  5801 Opus Parkway
                                               Minnetonka, Minnesota           55343
                                               Hotel Ph 952 935-5500

                                               * Can come to Day 1 only

                   October 7     DAY 2         Minnetonka, Minnesota
                   2008 (Tues)
                   October 14,   1 Day         Embassy Suites NW I-10
                                               7750 Briaridge
                   2008 (Tues)                 San Antonio, Texas         78230
                                               Hotel Ph 210 340-5421
                   October 20,                 Hilton Garden Inn Edison/Raritan Ctr
                                 DAY 1         50 Raritan Center Parkway
                   2008 (Mon)
                                               Edison, New Jersey 08837
                                               Hotel Ph 732-225-0900
                                               * Can come to Day 1 only

                   October 21,   DAY 2         Edison, New Jersey
                   2008 (Tues)
                   October 27,   1 Day         Hilton St. Louis Airport
                   2008 (Mon)                  10330 Natural Bridge Rd
                                 *** $5.00
                                               St. Louis, MO 63134
                                 parking fee   Hotel Ph 314 426 5500
                                               Doubletree Hotel San Diego Mission
                   November 3, 1 Day           Valley
                   2008 (Mon)                  7450 Hazard Center Drive
                                               San Diego, California 92108
                                               Hotel Ph: 619-297-5466

                   November 10, 1 Day          Houston Airport Marriott
                   2008 (Mon)                  @GBI
                                               18700 John F. Kennedy Blvd
                                               Houston, Texas 77032
                                               Hotel Ph: 281 443 2310
                   November 17, 1 Day          Indianapolis Marriott North
                   2008 (Mon)                  3645 River Crossing Parkway
                                               Indianapolis, Indiana 46240
                                               Hotel Ph: 317-705-0000
                   December 1,                 Cahaba Grand Conference Center
                                 1 Day         3660 Grandview Parkway
                   2008 (Mon)
                                               Birmingham, Alabama 35243
                                               Hotel Ph: 205-969-5659
                   December 8,                 Holiday Inn Shreveport Financial Plaza
                                 1 Day         5555 Financial Plaza
                   2008 (Mon)
                                               Shreveport, Louisiana 71129
                                               Hotel Ph: 318-688-3000
                                    REGISTRATION FORM: (use dark ink if faxing. Keep copy of this form for info.)
                                    Name: Last, First, (include title - ex. OT, OTR, )
                                    ____________________ __________________ _________________
                                    Work Phone             Cell Phone         Home Phone
                                    Work Address
                                    Home Address
                                    ____________________________________ ____________________
                                    Email address                         Fax Number
                                    District/Facility Name
                                    ____________________________ ____________________________

                                    Please check: (materials shipped to workshop site)
                                                        DAY 1 registration                1-2            3 to 4          5 or more attendees
                                                        Early registration                $199           **$189          **$169 each
                                                        (received 8 days prior                           each
                                                        to workshop)
                                                        Regular registration              $209           **$199          **$179 each

                                                        INCLUDES:                * Comprehensive CD of Handouts, Resources, Adapted
                                                                                   curriculum,, Inservice Training Handouts for your

                                                                                 * Pencil Gymnastics Kit ($24.95 value)

*** Groups must register at the
same time by sending in all
registrations together or calling                       TWO DAY                                                           *** Please call if
                                                                                                                          registering multiple
to register. Online registration                        (when available)                                                  attendees and only some
                                                                                                                          will attend Day 2.
available for groups only if the                        Early registration                 $365           $350             $340
group is registering at the same                        (received 8 days prior                            each
                                                        to workshop)
time with one credit card. Call                         Regular registration               $375           $360            $350
972 814 1296 if questions.
                                                         INCLUDES: COOL! ONE HOUR TO LEGIBILITY TRAINING KIT - $35 value
                                                                       Experiential Labs /Materials/Handouts

                                                         * Note - Day 2 is a hands-on, experiential workshop and attendance is limited. The
                                                        participant will learn through hands-on labs, make-it/take-it, group discussion, games.

                                                        REDUCED PRICING OF PRODUCTS IS ONLY AVAILABLE IF PURCHASED
                                                        PRIOR TO WORKSHOP. NO PRODUCTS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR REDUCED
                                                        PRICING DURING THE WORKSHOP. Descriptions of products available from
                                               or we can mail catalog. Products will be delivered to
                                                        workshop site.
                                     O P T I O N A L:

                                                                   First Strokes Multi-sensory Handwriting Kit (Retail $80) Comes with 6 Ch.
                                                                   Instructors manual, assessment, CD with narrated storybook, Billy Learns
                                                                   His ABC’s storybook, upper case workbook, lower case workbook, stamp set.
                                                                   Reduced Price $50.00

                                                                   First Strokes Advanced Print Workbook - Block Edition
                                                                            Retail Price: $11.95   Reduced Price $8.50
                                                                   First Strokes Advanced Print Workbook - Snail Tails Edition (if you have
                                                                   students that use D’Nealian handwriting - Snail Tails is a therapeutic approach
                                                                   without slant)
                                                                             Retail Price $11.95 Reduced Price $8.50

                                                                   First Strokes Cursive Kit - Retail $24.00 Reduced Price: $15.00

 Personal check No. ____________           Facility check no:____________

 Purchase order No. ____________

 Credit card (Visa/Mastercard only)

 (Credit card number: ________________________________________
 Exp. Date _____)

                   Registration by mail: Send to: Workshop Coordinator, First Strokes Workshops
                   1506 Capital Ave, Ste. 150 Plano, Texas 75074

                   Registration by phone : Call 972 814-1296 M,T,W, or Th (Ask for Tammy)
                      credit card only

                   Registration by fax: (purchase order/credit cards only) send to: 214 291 - 5435

                   Registration ONLINE: (this is an easy process!)

               Summary of Fees:                                                                           If you have any
               Day 1: ________________                                                                    questions, please call
                                                                                                          Tammy, our workshop
               Day 2: ________________
               (if applicable)                                                                            coordinator,
                                                                                                          at 972 814-1296
               Optional Products: __________

               TOTAL PAYMENT DUE: ______________

            If registering as a group, please list names of attendees:

            Day 1:

            Optional Day 2:

                                                                                                     Thank you!!!
LATE REGISTRATION OFTEN AVAILABLE.                       Call or reg. online.

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