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					                                       Business Office
                                      Unit Annual Report


Business Office

Kim Schultz – Associate Administrator
Sandra Lee – Accounts Specialist
Jackie Nohl – Principal Cashier
Jodi Sperr – Principal Accounts Specialist
Sheila Windingstad – Accounts Specialist
1 Student Employee


Wendy Evink - Sr. Bookstore Mgr. (interim)
Dianna George – Sr. Office Specialist
Dina Schmidt – Office Assistant
Angela Anderson – Sr. Office Assistant
2 Student Employees

Food Service

Donna Bauck – Director (Sodexho)
Chris Serio – Manager (Sodexho)
Aaron Wise – Manager (Sodexho)
Gremmels, Marilyn           Accounts Specialist
Hoyer, Garrett              Building & Grounds Worker
Kill, Jeremiah              Building & Grounds Worker
Anderson, Irene             Food Service Worker
Hansen, Anne                Food Service Worker
Henrichs, Deborah           Food Service Worker
Henrichs, Judy              Food Service Worker
Howe, Wanda                 Food Service Worker
Jallo, Jan                  Food Service Worker
Johnson, Karen              Food Service Worker
Karsten, Kathleen           Food Service Worker
Kleinhans, Margaret         Food Service Worker
Martin, Jeannine            Food Service Worker
Moses, Barbara              Food Service Worker
Pillatzki, Sharon           Food Service Worker
Rohloff, Cynthia            Food Service Worker
Shuckhart, Michael          Food Service Worker
Wagner, Julie               Food Service Worker

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Campbell, Debbie                    Senior Food Service Worker
Hesse, Julie Beth                   Senior Food Service Worker
Kunde, Lois                         Senior Food Service Worker
Leonard, Loretta                    Senior Food Service Worker
Michaelson, Joan                    Senior Food Service Worker
Rathke, Delores                     Senior Food Service Worker
Sauter, Janet Lynn                  Senior Food Service Worker
Schmidgall, Diane                   Cook
Seifermann, Aloys                   Cook

70 to 75 Student Employees


The Business Office serves the campus community as its budgeting, bookkeeping, accounts
payable, accounts receivable and credit department. In addition, the Business Office provides
Bursar and Cashier functions including notary services, data entry of payment documents and
accounting support for the campus as a whole. The Business Office is also responsible for
ensuring that all units comply with the laws, rules and policies that govern University units when
purchasing goods and services from either inside or outside sources and that the proper
paperwork is processed for these transactions.


    A. Compute and/or process the campus business documents as they relate to purchasing
       and/or payment for goods and services.
    B. Manage the Bookstore accounts payable functions, audit invoices and statements,
       reconcile accounts, etc.
    C. Maintain accounting procedures and policies, generate monthly or quarterly operating
       statements and accounting reports for the Bookstore, Food Service and Residential Life.
    D. Periodically audit Food Service contractors’ fiscal records as required by the U of M
       Department of Audits.
    E. Audit and process campus travel documents (TPAs, TAs and TPs).
    F. Organize and maintain records for all business transactions for the Morris campus.
    G. Collect and receive cash payments for tuition and fees and other services provided and
       process the receipts for such deposits.
    H. Operate the contingent fund as an immediate and emergency source of funds.
    I. Provide a check cashing service for members of the campus community.
    J. Distribute monthly CUFS reports and other supplementary reports to Area Managers as
    K. Monitor the status of students as a service to banks and various private and governmental
       lending institutions.
    L. On-line entry of most payment documents for the campus.

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Business Office

Again this year more on-line data entry of documents has been rolled out to the coordinate
campuses. Individuals (excluding University employees) can now be paid through the use of an
on-line PVA submitted through Financial Forms Nirvana (FFN). Training has been provided to
UMM staff for on-line data entry of Contracts for Professional Services and the procedure is now
operable. As in the past, the Business Office will retain the on-line entry of these documents in
order to provide a central Accounts Payable Department for the campus, to avoid overburdening
clerical staff in the division offices and to take full advantage of the accounting expertise of the
Business Office staff.

PeopleSoft is working quite well as we move forward. The past year has brought about the
addition of the 1098-T tax document. This document is provided to all students in accordance
with Federal tax laws. Business Office staff have been trained in the production of these
documents in order to provide change/correction documents to students upon request. The
original documents are produced and mailed from the Twin Cities campus.


The year 2003-04 proved to be another successful year for the bookstore. The installation of a
new the point-of-sale (POS) system in March, 2004 has brought challenges along with increased
productivity and streamlining of Bookstore operations. New reports and increased capability in
the area of monitoring sales will allow us to better track profits and expenses.

The year 2004 also saw the retirement of Bookstore Manager Marlys Buntje. Marlys has
provided over 30 years of service to the Morris campus Bookstore and her expertise will be
greatly missed. Wendy Evink has assumed the duties of manager since May 1, 2004. Dina
Schmidt, former employee in the Financial Aid Office, was reassigned to fill the vacancy in the
Bookstore created by Wendy Evink’s promotion. She began working in her new the position as
Office Assistant on June 7, 2004. Dina’s primary duties will be providing continuous cashier
service and assistance to other Bookstore employees as needed.

Food Service

This was the third year of our 5-year contract with Sodexho Dining Services. There have been
many changes to the food service operation, the most important being the high quality and varied
menu now offered to students on the meal plan. Turtle Mountain Café continues to offer grill
items along with the featured items of the day. Overall, student response has been positive to the
changes implemented by Sodexho.

During the summer of 2004, a new ceiling will be installed in the entire kitchen area and a new
intercom system will also be installed. The cashier area will also undergo some remodeling to
make it a more inviting area for students.

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Plans are in place for limited redecorating of the Food Service seating/dining areas to provide
students with a more pleasurable dining experience.

Major Changes Recommended/Plans for 2003-2004

Business Office

As more and more on-line processing of documents is rolled out to the coordinate campuses, the
workflow of the Business Office is constantly changing. 2004-05 will see the implementation of
the Employee Payment voucher (EP). As these changes are still being made, plans are underway
for converting our General Ledger from CUFS to PeopleSoft over the course of the next few
years. This change will result in major changes and re-structuring in the Business Office and in
our day-to-day operations in general. The power and potential of the web-based PeopleSoft
General Ledger will bring a much anticipated upgrade to our document processing capabilities.

The transition to electronic billing for student tuition and fees has gone well. The steepest
learning curve came during Fall Semester 2003, but thereafter both students and parents seemed
to adjust and appreciate the overall convenience of the new system.

UMM’s banking affiliation will move from Community 1st National Bank to Bremer Bank as of
July 1, 2004. This change will better align the Morris campus with electronic banking
procedures already in place with the University of Minnesota as a whole and allow for more
expeditious processing of cash receipts and NSF checks.


The bookstore faced many significant changes in 2003-04 with the retirement of long-time
Bookstore Manger Marlys Buntje and the integration of a new Point-of-Sale system. The
coming year will be an adjustment period for staff as they become familiar with the new system
and as Wendy Evink assumes her role as Bookstore Manager.

In the past few months the Bookstore has begun selling “Gift Cards” similar to those sold by
department stores. These cards can be in whatever denomination the purchaser chooses. The
card is read through the scanner in the cash register system and a declining balance is reflected
after each purchase. The Gift Cards have been a popular gift item and are much more convenient
than the previously used paper gift certificates.

The UMM Bookstore website is also becoming popular for the purchase of clothing and novelty
items. The website is updated three times per year and shows UMM clothing selections modeled
by current UMM students.

Food Service

Sodexho USA has now completed three years of service to the Morris campus and continues to
provide students with an excellent dining experience.

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The new equipment UMM has purchased from Blackboard, Inc. has proved to be an excellent
investment. Students are now able to view the balance of their meal plans in an up-to-date
manner and make the most economical use of their meal plans.

Plans for the upcoming year include possibly having local artists and/or UMM art students
decorate the areas surrounding the serving area and dishroom area with some of their original
artwork in the form of a wall mural. This should give the entrance to the Food Service a more
exciting and welcoming atmosphere. New tables and chairs and carpeting on some of the floors
will also enhance the dining experience for our student population.

Students will appreciate the addition of “heat-and-go” and “grab-and-go” lunch and dinner
items. This exciting new innovation will allow students to pick up a hot or cold meal to eat on
the run or take back to their room for a more convenient meal while studying or getting together
with friends.

Increasing food costs have prompted Sodexho to re-write their catering menu in order to meet
the demands of a campus faced with ongoing budget constraints. Sodexho is continually striving
to find the most economical way to provide complete meals at a reasonable cost without
compromising quality.

U Card

The purchase of new U Card production equipment in Fall 2003 has been a welcome upgrade to
our identification card system. The new equipment is in-line with what is currently being used
on the Twin Cities campus and provides students with a high-quality University of Minnesota
identification card that has many uses on the Morris campus and limited usage on the other three
campuses. In February 2004 a new scanner was purchased for use in conjunction with the new
card production equipment. We are able to scan photographs of incoming freshmen and provide
them with a high-quality U Card when they arrive on campus for Freshman Orientation in
August. The new office furniture, which was installed in September 2003, has given the U Card
office a professional and up-to-date appearance and accommodates the new U Card equipment

The Cougar Cash card will be starting its fourth year of use on the Morris campus and continues
to work well. Students are able to add dollars to their Cougar Cash cards at any of three cash-to-
card machines and then use their cards in various printing and copying machines located on the
Morris campus. Incoming freshmen and transfer students receive their first Cougar Cash cards at
no charge along with credit towards their first $3 in printing costs.

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