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									                          Topic                                                     Speaker                                      Phone Number
1 A Terrible Glory deconstructs events surrounding the                          James Donovan                                     214-696-9411
                Battle of Little Big Horn                                   Author and Literary Agent               

2                Aviation & Patient Safety                                          John Nance                                    253-606-9266

3             Becoming a Big Brother or Sister                        T. Charles Pierson, President and CEO                       214-769-2215

4            Building Better Boards of Directors                             Barry Diamond, Principal                             972-392-1200
                                            The Sandbar Group

5                       Camp RYLA                                                PDG Mark Healy                                   214-232-9259

6                   Can You Hear Me Now?                                    Thomas F. Campbell, PhD                               214-905-3001
    Callier is recognized as one of the best institutes in the  Professor, School of Behavioral & Brain Sciences
     nation for research, academic, and clinical programs Executive Director, Callier Center for Communiation Disorders
            related to hearing, speech, and language            

7                Career Coaching for Students                                Joel Boggess, CPBA CPVA                              972-523-7758
                             Practical approach to understanding a student's strengths,
         identifying high potential career options, choosing an educational
                  strategy, differentiating yourself from the crowd, and
                                                                              ensuring future satisfaction

8                      Cold Case Unit                                           Judge John Roach                                  972-548-4323
                                                                            Collin County DA's Office
 9          Communities Foundation of Texas              Dwight Clasby, Vice President of External Affairs      214-750-4256

10            Creating Your Elevator Speech                         Jeff Klein, Klein Creative                  972-994-9793

11      Author of Cracking the Networking Code              Author & Business Speaker Dean Lindsay              214-457-5656

12        Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden                         Kathleen Cunningham                       214-515-6500

13              Dallas Area Rapid Transit                            Cheri Bush, PMP, AICP                      214-749-2568

14                Dallas County Schools                           Larry Duncan, Board President                 214-497-3857
         Strengthening Education through Service              
         Provides services for all school districts.     

15            Dallas IS an International City                                Jim Falk                
                                       President, World Affairs Council               214-965-8402

16 District 5810 Water Initiative Update with Pictures                    Sandra Forster                        972-896-8075
                       from India                          District 5810 International Service Co-Chair

17                The Donor Project                               Steve Moi, Executive Director                 214-394-6434
            One Donor Can Save Seven Lives                 

18             Don't Forget Your Umbrella                       Carlene Ness, Professional speaker              817-460-4004

19           Dos and Don'ts of Private Equity                     Patrick M. Murray, Chairman                   214-965-8402
                                 World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth
                                                          Former Chairman & CEO of Dresser Industries
20               18 Steps to Greatness                                  Clive Buchanan                         972-459-5917

21         Energy Outlook for 2008 and Beyond                    Patrick M. Murray, Chairman                   214-965-8402
                                World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth
                                                         Former Chairman & CEO of Dresser Industries

22   Equine Therapy for Abused Women & Children                     Karen Bander, RN, BSN                      214-202-1390

23        Exit Planning for Business Owners                 Tex Garner, MBA, CBI, CMEA, LREB                  972-751-0700
24        How Much is Your Business Worth                    DFW Business Sales & Acquisitions                817-222-1700
25              Selling Your Business                                 

26          Fabulous Nature Photo Program             Ethan Tweedie, Pfizer Representative & Photographer      214-476-4665

27                   Fit for Service                               Author David Childs, PhD                    214-450-4075

28                  Fitness Program                             Dr. Boyd Lyles, Owner/Director                 214-750-6986
                                                                Heart Health & Wellness Center    

29                  Fitness Program                                  Jade Roberts, Owner                       214-521-6301
                                         Jade's Gym

30         Footprints in the Shadow of Giants                              Pat Johns                           214-695-0028
                                                         Author, Professional Speaker & Photojournalist

31    Football Program by an Instant Reply Official                   Judge Johnny Lewis                       214-673-1868
32                     Free Publicity                                    Jeff Crilley, President                   214-446-0339
             "Positive PR--The Inside Scoop"                                  Real News PR

33                     Future Care                                       Michael R. Romrig                         972-236-6060
                        RCA Pension Advisors                       214-938-7746

34 Generation Y-Are They Ready for the Real World              Nancy Barry, author of When Reality Hits            214-342-5855
35  Do Your Customers and Clients 'Feel the Love'                        

36              Genesis Women's Shelter                         Executive Director Jan Edgar Langbein              214-389-7706

37             Getting Kids to be Generous                        Colleen O'Donnell and Lyn Baker                  972-322-4722
                                        Please schedule through:

38                     Gift of Water                                         Tom Harmon                            972-804-9300
                                                                 District 5810 International Co-Chair

39                 Global Warming                              Sierra Club Representative Ann Drumm                214-350-6108

40              Golf, A Global Perspective                             Colin Hegarty, President                    214-750-4878
                               Golf Research Group

41 Author of Grande Expectations: A Year in the Life of        Karen Blumenthal, author and journalist             214-508-6348
                    Starbucks Stock                       Former WSJ Bureau Chief and DMN Business Editor
42Guatemalan Literacy Project-Partnership between North                 Drs. Steve and Bonnie Avard                   903-892-1616
    North American & Guatemalan Rotary clubs and              

43          Author of Heroes are Hard to Find                      Successful Sports Writer, Mike Looney              214-293-0355

44                 History of Lee Park                      John Williams-Lee Park & Arlington Hall Conservancy       214-521-2003

45       Himalayan 100 & The Power of the 5 Cs                                   Pat Johns                            214-695-0028
                                                               Author, Professional Speaker & Photojournalist

46        How Hollywood Casting Really Works                               Amber Horn, Agent                          310-210-7448
                                                                     Amber Horn's Casting Connection    

47 Informative Update on the Public Education System                         Dr. James R. Davis                       214-661-9500

48     Inspirational, Informative, Non-Traditional                            Vicki Hallman                           214-565-2606
           Update on the Justice/Parole System                          Regional Director, Region II

49    Interpersonal Communication-Gender Oriented               Sharon Roberts-Roberts & Roberts Associates           972-596-2956

50        Character, Communication & Destiny                        Fred Kendall-Life Languages Institute             972-406-1313

         It's a Jungle Out There Programs Include:                          CCM Assessments
51Preparing for & Sending Your Kids to College for Free     Douglas T. Webb, Jungle Guide, VP, Chief Consultant       214-522-8000
 Effective Screening to Eliminate the Threat of Bad Hires
53            Innovative Ways to Increase Your               
54                 Employees Productivity
55   It's 2pm Do You Know Where Your Driver Is?                        Doug Stephan                               972-401-0919
      Using Technology to Manage Field Service &        Empower Decision Systems Computer & Logistics
                  Delivery Vehicles                                       Modeling

56                  Joy of Mobility                                        Tom Harmon                             972-804-9300
                                                               District 5810 International Co-Chair 

57     Land Fill Gas Provides Renewable Energy      Greta J. Calvery, Community & Municipal Affairs Manager       972-842-5805
                                       Waste Management              

58             Lima, Peru - Wheelchairs                                   Sandra Forster                          972-896-8075
                                                           District 5810 International Service Co-Chair

59      Livingstonia, Malawi-Water for 15,000                             Sandra Forster                          972-896-8075
                                                           District 5810 International Service Co-Chair

60           Marines, Improving Yourself                                  Gene Blanton                            214-289-5000

61   Marketing Without Money--Growing Your Club                       Jeff Crilley, President                     214-446-0339
                                                                          Real News PR

62            Metroport Meals on Wheels                          Mary King, Executive Director                    817-491-1141

63              Mi Escuelita Preschool                         George Spencer and Roshani Patel                   972-720-5218         

64     The Mortgage Crisis and What Foreclosure                     David Carey, Fannie Mae                       972-773-7694
           Prevention Means to North Texas              

65                  Name That Tune                                 Larry Boerder, Architect & Pianist                    214-559-2285

66            Offshoring and Outsourcing                              Tom Chenault, Co-Founder                           972-306-3839
                                 Chenault Systems                

67             Operation Veteran Support                                      Barry Jordan                               972-774-2353

68           Pet Poop Removal (Hilarious)                Matt "Red" Boswell, Founder and Owner of Pet Butler             800-738-2885

69 Platinum Access Medicine: Have Direct on Demand                          Dr. David Slater
  Access to Your Physician on your Time, When Needed
                   Utopia or Reality?                      

70        The Post Wright Amendment World                                     Jan Collmer                                972-732-8219

71          Prison Entrepreneurship Program                             Founder, Catherine Rohr                          832-767-0928

72            Rebirth of Downtown Dallas                                   Karl Zavitkovsky                              214-670-0170
                                                          City of Dallas, Director of Economic Development

73Re-Entering Ex-Convicts into Society & the Workplace              Michael Lee, Executive Director                      972-437-3801

74          RI Council on Legislation Update                               PDG Herb Kamm                                 214-860-5872

75       Rotary Cancer Survivors & Supporters                         Ed Mattson, Program Chair                          630-440-7912

76                 Schuyler's Monster                                Robert Rummel-Hudson, Author
     A Father's Journey with His Wordless Daughter           

77          Secrets of the Hidden Job Market             Janet White, Author and Owner of You're Hired Enterprises      972-517-7503

78                Shia and Sunni Islam                                       Dr. Robert Hunt                
                                                               Director Of Global Theological Ed. @ Perkins

79          Small Commercial Airlines (SCA)                          Lewis McPherson, Owner of SCA                      214-654-9770

80                  Snowball Express                      Roy White, Southwest Airlines Pilot & 20 year military        214-924-9033
                                 combat pilot veteran

81   Staying Out of Trouble with Your Biggest Asset,       Bill Hughes, HR Consultant & Owner, Ahead Human              972-310-9508
                       Your People                                       Resources Administration

82Supportive Employment Svs for Adults w/ Disabilities                    Director Sherri Barrett                    972-991-6777x161
                                   Special Care & Career Services

83         The Supreme Court & Legal Change                  Dr. Joseph Kobylka, SMU Political Science Dept.

84                     TB Update                                             DGN Linda Elliott                          214-952-7337
                              District 5810 Secretary and TB Co-Chair

85             Texas Scottish Rite Hospital                     Shelley Cook, Director of Communications                214-559-8445
86           12 Magnetic Laws of Persuasion                             Clive Buchanan                        972-459-5917

     Transversing the Internet Jungle with a focus on:        Jack Howe, Drum Beat Productions                972-462-0243
87        What does the world know about you?                      Speaker, Author, Trainer
88       Social Networking - a new business tool            
89        Why is it hard to find what you want?      
90                   What is a portal?
91         Business Benchmarking sites - Free

92           Update on Global Water Issues                             Russell Jonas, III.                    214-458-4414
                                         Director of Sudan Projects    

93 Update on the Success of the Drug/Alcohol Courts       Judge Ray Wheless, County Court at Law #4           972-548-3840

94     Update on the Texas Economy from the Fed           Laila Assaine, Dallas Federal Reserve Bank          214-922-5191

95         Update on the Trinity River Project                 Sam Coats, contact Stuart Ducote               214-435-5444

96        US Terrorist Activity and Threat by an          Bob Fletcher, US Dept. - Homeland Security          972-551-1402
            Intelligence Research Specialist               Intelligence Analyst, Threat Cell Analyst

97 Welcome to the World of Developmental Disabilities               Rev. Greg Gerendas                     214-634-3431x102
                                   Executive Director, Sequoia, Inc.

98 What Does Experian Do? Credit Scores & Reports        Rod Griffin, Sr. Mgr & Public Eduction Officer       972-390-3528

99 Author of the Inspirational book Whatever It Takes    Scott Murray, Chairman, Murray Media World           214-485-3665

100           What's New with the Dallas Zoo?                   Sean Greene, Director of Community Relations           214-944-3373
                                      Dallas Zoological Society        

101                 What the Voters Said                                       Cal Jillson, PhD           
                                                                  Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, SMU

102         What's Wrong with the War on Drugs              Jim Quinn, PhD-Professor Criminology, Substance Abuse      940-565-2743
                                                                   & Addictions at University of North Texas 

103         World Affairs Council's International                  Jennifer Bowden, Director of Education              214-965-8415
                   Education Initiative                           World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth

104          Literacy Instruction for Texas, LIFT              Leslie Clay, Director of Community Development       214-824-2000x230

105 Historical Biographical Presentations on a variety of               Historian Rose Mary Rumbley                    214-823-6449

106             Personal Story on Alzheimers                  Sponsored by Alzheimers Association, Leeanne Hall        214-540-2431
                      (Ask for Betty)                             ;

107             Texas Fallen Soldiers Project                                   Don Jacobs                             469-628-1726

108               Preventing Identity Theft                           Charles W. Dowden, Vice President
                                                                               Comerica Bank

109                  Out of Sight Living                                        Blake Lindsay                          972-490-3317

110        Crisis Management in the Internet Age                          David Margulies                 214-368-0909
                                                                  Margulies Communications Group

111                 Eagles Once Soared                               Larry W. White, DDS MSD

112                 Earning by Learning                                 Thelma Morris Lindsey
                                        Executive Director

113                Operation Care Dallas                                    Susie Jennings                972-681-3567

114 Presidential Praise: Our Presidents and Their Hymns"                       Ed Spann                   972-298-0166
                                                                 Professor at Dallas Baptist University

115            Hidden Dangers in Your Home                                   Mark Elliott                 972-832-3460
                                                                        Yellow Hat Inspections

116                    Pickens Plan                                         Geoff Bailey                  214-601-6261
                                                                     Regional Campaign Director
                                                                            Pickens Plan

117                Social Security Update                                     Tom Clark                   817-978-3125

118                      FC Dallas                                        Bobby Rhine
                                 Manager of Community Development & Promotion
                                         FC Dallas Professional Soccer Team

119                        Interact                             Sandra Moudy, District Interact Committee Chair           972-470-5732

120 Early Childhood Intervention of LifePath Systems         Katie Cameron, Early Childhood Intervention Specialist       877-789-8889
                                                                      Community Education Coordinator

121                  Unbreak Your Health                                      Alan Smith, Author                          972-424-3457
                                                                              Unbreak Your Health

122           The Trinity River Corridor Project                              Rebecca Dugger, PE                          214-671-9501
                                                                                City of Dallas

123        Rotary Club of Dallas' Mentoring Program                                Jim Atkins                             972-345-9507
                                                        Chair & Creator of the Rotary Club of Dallas' Mentoring Program   972-661-3236

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