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How Much Is a Business Worth

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									                          Topic                                                     Speaker                                      Phone Number
1 A Terrible Glory deconstructs events surrounding the                          James Donovan                                     214-696-9411
                Battle of Little Big Horn                                   Author and Literary Agent                         jdliterary@sbcglobal.net

2                Aviation & Patient Safety                                          John Nance                                    253-606-9266

3             Becoming a Big Brother or Sister                        T. Charles Pierson, President and CEO                       214-769-2215
                                                                              http://www.bbbs.org/                            cpierson@bbbsnt.org

4            Building Better Boards of Directors                             Barry Diamond, Principal                             972-392-1200
                barry@thesandbargroup.com                                      The Sandbar Group

5                       Camp RYLA                                                PDG Mark Healy                                   214-232-9259
                      www.ryla5810.org                                         mnolmark@swbell.net

6                   Can You Hear Me Now?                                    Thomas F. Campbell, PhD                               214-905-3001
    Callier is recognized as one of the best institutes in the  Professor, School of Behavioral & Brain Sciences
     nation for research, academic, and clinical programs Executive Director, Callier Center for Communiation Disorders
            related to hearing, speech, and language                      thomas.f.campbell@utdallas.edu

7                Career Coaching for Students                                Joel Boggess, CPBA CPVA                              972-523-7758
                   coach.jb@sbcglobal.net                    Practical approach to understanding a student's strengths,
            http://www.successdiscoveries.com/ccfs       identifying high potential career options, choosing an educational
          http://www.breakthroughchampion.com                  strategy, differentiating yourself from the crowd, and
                                                                              ensuring future satisfaction

8                      Cold Case Unit                                           Judge John Roach                                  972-548-4323
                                                                            Collin County DA's Office
 9          Communities Foundation of Texas              Dwight Clasby, Vice President of External Affairs      214-750-4256
                   http://www.cftexas.org/                              dclasby@cftexas.org

10            Creating Your Elevator Speech                         Jeff Klein, Klein Creative                  972-994-9793

11      Author of Cracking the Networking Code              Author & Business Speaker Dean Lindsay              214-457-5656

12        Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden                         Kathleen Cunningham                       214-515-6500

13              Dallas Area Rapid Transit                            Cheri Bush, PMP, AICP                      214-749-2568

14                Dallas County Schools                           Larry Duncan, Board President                 214-497-3857
         Strengthening Education through Service                        www.dcschools.com
         Provides services for all school districts.               larryduncan2001@hotmail.com

15            Dallas IS an International City                                Jim Falk                          jfalk@dfwworld.org
                    www.DFWWorld.org                             President, World Affairs Council               214-965-8402

16 District 5810 Water Initiative Update with Pictures                    Sandra Forster                        972-896-8075
                       from India                          District 5810 International Service Co-Chair       sassysdy@gmail.com

17                The Donor Project                               Steve Moi, Executive Director                 214-394-6434
            One Donor Can Save Seven Lives                           www.thedonorproject.com

18             Don't Forget Your Umbrella                       Carlene Ness, Professional speaker              817-460-4004

19           Dos and Don'ts of Private Equity                     Patrick M. Murray, Chairman                   214-965-8402
                    www.DFWWorld.org                       World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth        patmmurray@gmail.com
                                                          Former Chairman & CEO of Dresser Industries
20               18 Steps to Greatness                                  Clive Buchanan                         972-459-5917
                 clive@cjbuchanan.com                                www.successatsea.com

21         Energy Outlook for 2008 and Beyond                    Patrick M. Murray, Chairman                   214-965-8402
                   www.DFWWorld.org                       World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth        patmmurray@gmail.com
                                                         Former Chairman & CEO of Dresser Industries

22   Equine Therapy for Abused Women & Children                     Karen Bander, RN, BSN                      214-202-1390

23        Exit Planning for Business Owners                 Tex Garner, MBA, CBI, CMEA, LREB                  972-751-0700
24        How Much is Your Business Worth                    DFW Business Sales & Acquisitions                817-222-1700
25              Selling Your Business                                 Tex@SunbeltTex.com                    www.SunbeltTex.com

26          Fabulous Nature Photo Program             Ethan Tweedie, Pfizer Representative & Photographer      214-476-4665

27                   Fit for Service                               Author David Childs, PhD                    214-450-4075

28                  Fitness Program                             Dr. Boyd Lyles, Owner/Director                 214-750-6986
                                                                Heart Health & Wellness Center              DrBoydLyles@aol.com

29                  Fitness Program                                  Jade Roberts, Owner                       214-521-6301
                 jadesjym@sbcglobal.net                                  Jade's Gym

30         Footprints in the Shadow of Giants                              Pat Johns                           214-695-0028
                                                         Author, Professional Speaker & Photojournalist       pfjohns@aol.com

31    Football Program by an Instant Reply Official                   Judge Johnny Lewis                       214-673-1868
32                     Free Publicity                                    Jeff Crilley, President                   214-446-0339
             "Positive PR--The Inside Scoop"                                  Real News PR

33                     Future Care                                       Michael R. Romrig                         972-236-6060
           http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/                       RCA Pension Advisors                       214-938-7746

34 Generation Y-Are They Ready for the Real World              Nancy Barry, author of When Reality Hits            214-342-5855
35  Do Your Customers and Clients 'Feel the Love'                         www.nancybarry.com                   nancy@nancybarry.com

36              Genesis Women's Shelter                         Executive Director Jan Edgar Langbein              214-389-7706
                jlangbein@genesisshelter.org                          http://www.genesisshelter.org/

37             Getting Kids to be Generous                        Colleen O'Donnell and Lyn Baker                  972-322-4722
                www.generouskids.com                                  Please schedule through:

38                     Gift of Water                                         Tom Harmon                            972-804-9300
                                                                 District 5810 International Co-Chair          harmonta@sbcglobal.net

39                 Global Warming                              Sierra Club Representative Ann Drumm                214-350-6108
                ann@dallassierraclub.org                        http://texas.sierraclub.org/dallas/index.asp

40              Golf, A Global Perspective                             Colin Hegarty, President                    214-750-4878
              colin.hegarty@golf-research.com                           Golf Research Group

41 Author of Grande Expectations: A Year in the Life of        Karen Blumenthal, author and journalist             214-508-6348
                    Starbucks Stock                       Former WSJ Bureau Chief and DMN Business Editor
42Guatemalan Literacy Project-Partnership between North                 Drs. Steve and Bonnie Avard                   903-892-1616
    North American & Guatemalan Rotary clubs and                        doctors_avard@hotmail.com

43          Author of Heroes are Hard to Find                      Successful Sports Writer, Mike Looney              214-293-0355
               www.heroesarehardtofind.com                             mlooney@lipscombinsurance.com                  214-420-5210

44                 History of Lee Park                      John Williams-Lee Park & Arlington Hall Conservancy       214-521-2003

45       Himalayan 100 & The Power of the 5 Cs                                   Pat Johns                            214-695-0028
                                                               Author, Professional Speaker & Photojournalist        pfjohns@aol.com

46        How Hollywood Casting Really Works                               Amber Horn, Agent                          310-210-7448
                                                                     Amber Horn's Casting Connection              casting@amberhorn.com

47 Informative Update on the Public Education System                         Dr. James R. Davis                       214-661-9500

48     Inspirational, Informative, Non-Traditional                            Vicki Hallman                           214-565-2606
           Update on the Justice/Parole System                          Regional Director, Region II

49    Interpersonal Communication-Gender Oriented               Sharon Roberts-Roberts & Roberts Associates           972-596-2956
                    www.R2assoc.com                                         sharon@R2assoc.com

50        Character, Communication & Destiny                        Fred Kendall-Life Languages Institute             972-406-1313
                  www.lifelanguages.com                          fk@lifelanguages.com & ak@lifelanguages.com

         It's a Jungle Out There Programs Include:                          CCM Assessments
51Preparing for & Sending Your Kids to College for Free     Douglas T. Webb, Jungle Guide, VP, Chief Consultant       214-522-8000
 Effective Screening to Eliminate the Threat of Bad Hires
52                                                                       www.ccmassessments.com
53            Innovative Ways to Increase Your                         douglas@ccmassessments.com
54                 Employees Productivity
55   It's 2pm Do You Know Where Your Driver Is?                        Doug Stephan                               972-401-0919
      Using Technology to Manage Field Service &        Empower Decision Systems Computer & Logistics         www.Empowersys.com
                  Delivery Vehicles                                       Modeling

56                  Joy of Mobility                                        Tom Harmon                             972-804-9300
                                                               District 5810 International Co-Chair           harmonta@sbcglobal.net

57     Land Fill Gas Provides Renewable Energy      Greta J. Calvery, Community & Municipal Affairs Manager       972-842-5805
              www.wastemanagement.com                                   Waste Management                        gcalvery@wm.com

58             Lima, Peru - Wheelchairs                                   Sandra Forster                          972-896-8075
                                                           District 5810 International Service Co-Chair        sassysdy@gmail.com

59      Livingstonia, Malawi-Water for 15,000                             Sandra Forster                          972-896-8075
                                                           District 5810 International Service Co-Chair        sassysdy@gmail.com

60           Marines, Improving Yourself                                  Gene Blanton                            214-289-5000

61   Marketing Without Money--Growing Your Club                       Jeff Crilley, President                     214-446-0339
                                                                          Real News PR

62            Metroport Meals on Wheels                          Mary King, Executive Director                    817-491-1141
              http://www.metroportmow.org/                           maryking3@sbcglobal.net

63              Mi Escuelita Preschool                         George Spencer and Roshani Patel                   972-720-5218
         http://www.miescuelita.org/new/index.php                   gspencer@traviswolff.com

64     The Mortgage Crisis and What Foreclosure                     David Carey, Fannie Mae                       972-773-7694
           Prevention Means to North Texas                        david_e_carey@fanniemae.com
                   www.fanniemae.com                                        www.995hope.org

65                  Name That Tune                                 Larry Boerder, Architect & Pianist                    214-559-2285

66            Offshoring and Outsourcing                              Tom Chenault, Co-Founder                           972-306-3839
             http://www.chenaultsystems.com/                              Chenault Systems                          tom@chenaultsystems.com

67             Operation Veteran Support                                      Barry Jordan                               972-774-2353
                   www.rotaryvets.com                                  bejordan@ft.newyorklife.com

68           Pet Poop Removal (Hilarious)                Matt "Red" Boswell, Founder and Owner of Pet Butler             800-738-2885

69 Platinum Access Medicine: Have Direct on Demand                          Dr. David Slater
  Access to Your Physician on your Time, When Needed     https://www.platinumaccessmd.com/public/default.asp?tid=
                   Utopia or Reality?                                dslater@platinumaccessmd.com

70        The Post Wright Amendment World                                     Jan Collmer                                972-732-8219

71          Prison Entrepreneurship Program                             Founder, Catherine Rohr                          832-767-0928

72            Rebirth of Downtown Dallas                                   Karl Zavitkovsky                              214-670-0170
                                                          City of Dallas, Director of Economic Development

73Re-Entering Ex-Convicts into Society & the Workplace              Michael Lee, Executive Director                      972-437-3801
              http://www.operation-oasis.org/                           mlee@operation-oasis.org

74          RI Council on Legislation Update                               PDG Herb Kamm                                 214-860-5872

75       Rotary Cancer Survivors & Supporters                         Ed Mattson, Program Chair                          630-440-7912
                 www.ricancersurvivors.org                               emattson0711@yahoo.com                         765-385-2210

76                 Schuyler's Monster                                Robert Rummel-Hudson, Author
     A Father's Journey with His Wordless Daughter                     www.schuylersmonsterblog.com

77          Secrets of the Hidden Job Market             Janet White, Author and Owner of You're Hired Enterprises      972-517-7503
                www.jobmarketsecrets.com                                janet@jobmarketsecrets.com

78                Shia and Sunni Islam                                       Dr. Robert Hunt                          roberth@smu.edu
                                                               Director Of Global Theological Ed. @ Perkins

79          Small Commercial Airlines (SCA)                          Lewis McPherson, Owner of SCA                      214-654-9770
                                                                              www.flysca.net                           lewis@flysca.net

80                  Snowball Express                      Roy White, Southwest Airlines Pilot & 20 year military        214-924-9033
              http://www.snowballexpress.org/                             combat pilot veteran

81   Staying Out of Trouble with Your Biggest Asset,       Bill Hughes, HR Consultant & Owner, Ahead Human              972-310-9508
                       Your People                                       Resources Administration

82Supportive Employment Svs for Adults w/ Disabilities                    Director Sherri Barrett                    972-991-6777x161
                www.specialcarecareer.org                             Special Care & Career Services

83         The Supreme Court & Legal Change                  Dr. Joseph Kobylka, SMU Political Science Dept.          josephk@smu.edu

84                     TB Update                                             DGN Linda Elliott                          214-952-7337
                eh.enterprises@verizon.net                        District 5810 Secretary and TB Co-Chair

85             Texas Scottish Rite Hospital                     Shelley Cook, Director of Communications                214-559-8445
                                                                               www.tsrhc.org                         shelley.cook@tsrh.org
86           12 Magnetic Laws of Persuasion                             Clive Buchanan                        972-459-5917
                  clive@cjbuchanan.com                                www.cjbuchanan.com

     Transversing the Internet Jungle with a focus on:        Jack Howe, Drum Beat Productions                972-462-0243
87        What does the world know about you?                      Speaker, Author, Trainer
88       Social Networking - a new business tool                      jack@qfbinc.com
89        Why is it hard to find what you want?                www.DrumBeatProductions.com
90                   What is a portal?
91         Business Benchmarking sites - Free

92           Update on Global Water Issues                             Russell Jonas, III.                    214-458-4414
                    www.aidsudan.org                               Director of Sudan Projects              russell@aidsudan.org

93 Update on the Success of the Drug/Alcohol Courts       Judge Ray Wheless, County Court at Law #4           972-548-3840

94     Update on the Texas Economy from the Fed           Laila Assaine, Dallas Federal Reserve Bank          214-922-5191

95         Update on the Trinity River Project                 Sam Coats, contact Stuart Ducote               214-435-5444

96        US Terrorist Activity and Threat by an          Bob Fletcher, US Dept. - Homeland Security          972-551-1402
            Intelligence Research Specialist               Intelligence Analyst, Threat Cell Analyst

97 Welcome to the World of Developmental Disabilities               Rev. Greg Gerendas                     214-634-3431x102
                    www.sequoiainc.org                         Executive Director, Sequoia, Inc.          ggerendas@sequoiainc.org

98 What Does Experian Do? Credit Scores & Reports        Rod Griffin, Sr. Mgr & Public Eduction Officer       972-390-3528

99 Author of the Inspirational book Whatever It Takes    Scott Murray, Chairman, Murray Media World           214-485-3665
                    scott@murraymedia.net                             http://www.murraymedia.net/index.php

100           What's New with the Dallas Zoo?                   Sean Greene, Director of Community Relations           214-944-3373
                   http://www.dallaszoo.org/                             Dallas Zoological Society                  sgreene@dalzoo.org

101                 What the Voters Said                                       Cal Jillson, PhD                     cjillson@mail.smu.edu
                                                                  Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, SMU

102         What's Wrong with the War on Drugs              Jim Quinn, PhD-Professor Criminology, Substance Abuse      940-565-2743
                                                                   & Addictions at University of North Texas           jquinn@unt.edu

103         World Affairs Council's International                  Jennifer Bowden, Director of Education              214-965-8415
                   Education Initiative                           World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth
                     www.DFWWorld.org                                       JBowden@dfwworld.org

104          Literacy Instruction for Texas, LIFT              Leslie Clay, Director of Community Development       214-824-2000x230
                      www.lift-texas.org                                    leslieclay@lift-texas.org

105 Historical Biographical Presentations on a variety of               Historian Rose Mary Rumbley                    214-823-6449
                          people                                            rosetalksdallas@aol.com

106             Personal Story on Alzheimers                  Sponsored by Alzheimers Association, Leeanne Hall        214-540-2431
                      (Ask for Betty)                                       leeanne.hall@alz.org;

107             Texas Fallen Soldiers Project                                   Don Jacobs                             469-628-1726

108               Preventing Identity Theft                           Charles W. Dowden, Vice President
                                                                               Comerica Bank

109                  Out of Sight Living                                        Blake Lindsay                          972-490-3317

110        Crisis Management in the Internet Age                          David Margulies                 214-368-0909
                                                                  Margulies Communications Group

111                 Eagles Once Soared                               Larry W. White, DDS MSD

112                 Earning by Learning                                 Thelma Morris Lindsey
                   tlindsey@eblofdallas.org                               Executive Director

113                Operation Care Dallas                                    Susie Jennings                972-681-3567

114 Presidential Praise: Our Presidents and Their Hymns"                       Ed Spann                   972-298-0166
                                                                 Professor at Dallas Baptist University

115            Hidden Dangers in Your Home                                   Mark Elliott                 972-832-3460
                                                                        Yellow Hat Inspections

116                    Pickens Plan                                         Geoff Bailey                  214-601-6261
                                                                     Regional Campaign Director
                                                                            Pickens Plan

117                Social Security Update                                     Tom Clark                   817-978-3125

118                      FC Dallas                                        Bobby Rhine
                      www.fcdallas.com                     Manager of Community Development & Promotion
                      brhine@fcdallas.net                             FC Dallas Professional Soccer Team

119                        Interact                             Sandra Moudy, District Interact Committee Chair           972-470-5732

120 Early Childhood Intervention of LifePath Systems         Katie Cameron, Early Childhood Intervention Specialist       877-789-8889
                                                                      Community Education Coordinator

121                  Unbreak Your Health                                      Alan Smith, Author                          972-424-3457
                                                                              Unbreak Your Health

122           The Trinity River Corridor Project                              Rebecca Dugger, PE                          214-671-9501
                                                                                City of Dallas

123        Rotary Club of Dallas' Mentoring Program                                Jim Atkins                             972-345-9507
                                                        Chair & Creator of the Rotary Club of Dallas' Mentoring Program   972-661-3236

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