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									                                             IT Services Firm Boosts Performance, Cuts
                                             Costs with New Web Hosting Server

Customer: HiChina Web Solutions              “Using Windows Server 2008, we will be able to
Web Site: www.net.cn
Customer Size: 500                           increase overall reliability by 20 percent. With that
Country or Region: China
Industry: IT services
                                             capability, we can host more customer Web sites
                                             than we could previously.”
Customer Profile
Based in Beijing, China and founded in       Fancy Fan, Technical Director, HiChina Web Solutions
1996, HiChina Web Solutions provides
hosting services to a range of enterprises   HiChina Web Solutions provides Web hosting services to a range
in China.
                                             of customers throughout China. The company experienced
Software and Services                        performance and reliability challenges, and its customers
 Microsoft® Server Product Portfolio
  – Windows Server® 2008 Enterprise          increasingly sought Windows®-based hosting services. HiChina
 Technologies                               deployed Windows Server® 2008 and Internet Information Services
  – Internet Information Services 7.0
                                             7.0, which will help the company improve network performance
For more information about other             and reduce costs. HiChina can also deploy applications in more
Microsoft customer successes, please
visit:                                       flexible ways.
                                             Business Needs                                    Windows Server® 2003 operating system
                                             HiChina Web Solutions, headquartered in           to host solutions for its customers. The
                                             Beijing, China, is the leading provider of        company used Internet Information
                                             Web hosting services in China. HiChina,           Services (IIS) version 6.0, a Web platform
                                             has server computers located in data              for applications and services, to host
                                             centers in eight global locations: Beijing,       customer Web sites. Each HiChina Web
                                             Shanghai, Chengdu, and Guangzhou;                 server computer hosted approximately 150
                                             Hong Kong SAR; San Jose, California;              dynamic customer Web sites based on
                                             Washington, D.C.; and Atlanta, Georgia.           ASP.NET.
                                             The company’s customers include well-
                                             known enterprises such as Tsingtao Beer,          However, HiChina had been experiencing
                                             Intel (China), and Nokia (China).                 performance and reliability issues. “We
                                                                                               created an individual Application Pool for
                                             HiChina had been using Web server                 each Web site on the server,” says Fan.
                                             computers based on both UNIX and the              “When the server had been running for
several days, some of those sites began to                          services to customers.                                    to deploy between 180-200 customer
respond slowly. Because of that, we lost                                                                                      Web sites on one Web server running
some business opportunities,” says Fancy                            Another new feature of IIS 7.0 is a                       on IIS 7.0.
Fan, Technical Director, HiChina.                                   simplified administration interface that
                                                                    more fully integrates the configuration of               Reduced costs. HiChina has been able
These problems were particularly                                    ASP.NET, giving IT administrators the                     to reduce server management time by
concerning because HiChina customers had                            ability to manage both IIS 7.0 and ASP.NET                more than 12 percent, which will result
been increasingly demanding Windows®-                               settings.                                                 in an annual cost savings of 576,000
based Web hosting services. “Our                                                                                              yuan (U.S.$79,207) once the solution is
customers were moving away from UNIX                                HiChina plans to soon expand the                          fully deployed. Additionally, the
and specifically to Windows due to                                  deployment of Windows Server 2008                         company will be able to reduce support,
development costs,” says Fan. “In order to                          Enterprise and IIS 7.0 to more of its server              network, and data center costs related
be competitive and win their business, we                           computers. “We will deploy Windows                        to Web hosting. “Because IIS 7.0
knew we had to exclusively provide                                  Server 2008 and IIS 7.0 in a production                   performs better than the version we
Windows-based solutions.”                                           environment so that we can test                           were using, we can not only host more
                                                                    compatibility with our other services and                 customer sites but can also save up to
HiChina sought a new solution that would                            receive feedback from our customers,” Fan                 20 percent in overall maintenance and
provide increased reliability and                                   says.                                                     operating costs,” says Fan. “Windows
performance. “We also needed to host more                                                                                     Server 2008 and IIS 7.0 will also help us
Web sites per server, based on customer                             Benefits                                                  reduce system management costs by 10
demand,” adds Fan.                                                  Windows Server 2008 Enterprise and IIS                    percent and remote management costs
                                                                    7.0 will help HiChina improve its IT                      by 5 percent.”
Solution                                                            network performance and reduce network
In July 2007, HiChina deployed the                                  support and management costs. The                        Increased flexibility. With the new
Windows Server 2008 operating system on                             company will also have a more-flexible                    Server Core installation option of
four of its server computers. This                                  method of deploying applications.                         Windows Server 2008, HiChina IT
deployment included Internet Information                                                                                      managers only need to install operating
Services (IIS) 7.0, a new server for hosting                           Improved performance. Windows                         system elements for specific workloads.
Web applications and services.                                          Server 2008 and IIS 7.0 give HiChina                  Additionally, IIS 7.0 features a newly
                                                                        enhanced availability for hosting Web                 designed distributed configuration
HiChina also took advantage of the Server                               applications. As a result, the company                model that simplifies application
Core installation option of the Windows                                 has been able to reduce application                   deployment and installation by
Server 2008 operating system, which makes                               downtime for hosted customer                          combining IIS and ASP.NET
deployment easier by giving administrators                              applications by 99 percent for                        configuration settings in the same file.
the ability to install only the operating                               applications that were moved to                       “The new IIS 7.0 distributed
system components needed for a specific                                 Windows Server 2008. The company also                 configuration model gives us the
workload. HiChina implemented the Server                                expects to increase server computer                   opportunity to deploy Web applications
Core option on one of its servers.                                      performance by 30 percent, which will                 much easier and faster than before,”
                                                                        boost performance for customer sites                  says Fan. “With IIS 7.0, we have a better
IT administrators at HiChina can also now                               and applications. “Using Windows Server               performing, more flexible, and more
use a Server Core installation to install IIS                           2008, we will be able to increase overall             effective way of deploying our Web
7.0. The solution also includes enhanced                                reliability by 20 percent. With that                  hosting solutions.”
networking technologies and new clustering                              capability, we can host more customer
and data recovery features to help                                      Web sites than we could previously,”
administrators provide uninterrupted                                    says Fan. As a result, HiChina will be able

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Document published February 2008

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