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									                            Nebraska Men’s Choral Festival
                                  October 12, 2009
                                      Kimball Recital Hall

All Lincoln Southwest Choir “Men” are invited to go to this event. This is an all day event with a
final concert in the evening. Parents are encouraged to attend the final concert, which is free of
charge and open to the public. Students will need money to purchase lunch and dinner. We
will be eating lunch at the UNL Student Union and dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Please fill out the attached paperwork and return by Monday, Oct 5, 2009. Students may NOT
attend if we don’t have the completed forms.

8:15      Leave Southwest High School (cars)
8:45am    Seating in Kimball Hall
9:00 am Morning rehearsal
11:45am Lunch break, student union
1:15pm    Return to Kimball Hall
1:30pm    Afternoon massed rehearsal
5:00pm    Dinner break - TBA
6:00pm    Return to Kimball to change into concert attire
6:20pm    House opens
7:00pm    Concert free and open to the public.

Dress for the concert will be dark pants, a white shirt, a traditional tie, and dark
socks and shoes. Guys are encouraged to dress casually for the day’s rehearsal.

My son has permission to participate in the above-described field trip.

Student name                                        Parent Signature                       Date

My student has permission to drive his car to UNL (Must pay parking). Yes____       NO__

My student has permission to drive a car and transport other students if needed. YES____( # of
extra seats, not including driver_____) NO____

My student may ride in a car with another student, Yes______ No______

My student must ride in a car with a teacher or parent. Yes______

My student will participate during the day but has another school event at night. Yes_____

I am available at 8:15am to drive students to UNL. I understand that I am not responsible to
drive them home in the evening. Yes_____ No______
# of extra seats in vehicle____

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