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									“Divine Design”                                                       Business Plan
Web design                                                             Group: grey

   Ilka Lainne
   Bruno Luís
   Alexander Modde
   Lukas Schwaiger
   Swantje Willems
   Powel Szule

          Intensive Program for Young European Entrepreneurs – 2006              1
“Divine Design”                                                             Business Plan
Web design                                                                   Group: grey

   Executive Summary

“Divine Design” is a web design company in the start-up position, which is located in
Poland. With high quality services the company wants to conquer Poland‟s web design
market and later the European web design market. The company chose Poland because of
the low wages, which makes it easier for the company to offer high quality services for
competitive prices. Another aspect according to the cost efficiency is the partnership with
design universities, which will provide us with cheap talented graphical artists.
The company offers different kinds of services related to web design, web development
and graphics. That makes it possible for the clients to choose just one company to help
them achieve their web strategy in a more efficient way, instead of having to work four
different companies. The development of web sites and graphics are the core activities of
“Divine Design”. Several packages will be available which can be updated with extra
services. However the custom project approach will be the more common way to
approach things. The service list offers everything our clients may need to give their
companies the needed exposure.
Because of the fact that “Divine Design” must establish itself first on the Polish market
the prices for the services will be on a lower level than the prices of the competitors.
After establishing “Divine Design” will be able to charge the same prices than its
competitors, because the company will then have several references and will stand out on
the quality of the provided services.
In the beginning the company will improve existing products. After introducing the
company and its concept, “Divine Design” makes use o f the market development and will
concentrate on the Western European and Northern European markets. Furthermore the
company wants to become successful in the “web on your mobile phone” market. This
market will elevate the company to a higher level. Because of this the company will do a
lot of research to be able to target this new market when it becomes mature. It is our
intention to be ready for this development to have a major competitive edge over most of
the competitors.

            Intensive Program for Young European Entrepreneurs – 2006                    2
   1. Curre nt situation

Name of the company:                 Divine Design Limited (Sp.z o.o.)
Status:                              Independent Web design company
Location (head office):              Warsaw, Poland

   1.1. Business idea

The main concept is to offer the customer high quality web design and web development
and graphics in a Business 2 Business (B2B) environment. Primarily for the current web
design market in Poland, after that we will target Western European countries and
Scandinavia. Our secondary mission is to target the “web on your mobile phone” market.

   1.2. Company name
                                    “Divine Design”

The name exudes extraordinary high quality and professionalism. There is a definite
positive connotation. It is an alliteration which is easy to say and remember since it

   1.3. Vision

The company is dedicated to becoming one of the leaders in web design and
development. Primarily in the Polish market, Poland will then become a linking pin to
emerge into the web design market of other European countries in the future, and
eventually in the US market. Additionally we strongly believe in the potential of the
“web on your mobile phone” market. The future is to have the world wide web in your
pocket. Hence “Divine Design” is dedicated to become one of the major players in
making web sites which are customized for mobile equipment.

   1.4. Mission

Our mission is to provide the customer with excellent web design and development at a
competitive price. At the same time the company differentiates by having very intuitive
and functional websites with a high quality design that really stands out. Furthermore
we take the product way beyond that point by providing extra services such as search
engine optimizing and traffic analysis.

   1.5. Values

Working within legal and ethical guidelines.

Project related
     Thorough analysis of each project
     Every project is original and custom made
     Respect for the budget of the customer
“Divine Design”                                                             Business Plan
Web design                                                                   Group: grey

      Professional advice for the customer
      Content management: the customers can update their site themselves

   1.6. History

“Divine Design” is currently in a start-up position.

   1.7. Business organization

“Divine Design” is a limited liability company (Sp.z o.o.) which will be established by 6
individuals. Partners are not liable for the company‟s debts.


“Divine Design” has 4 internal departments and 1 outsourced department.
“Divine Design” has 6 full time employees. In detail, as follows:
       1 Head of the company (CEO)
       1 Marketing & Sales manager
       3 Web designers (with programming skills)
       1 Secretary

Chief Executive Officer (CEO):
The CEO is the leader of the company. He creates understanding and dialogue about the
vision and strategy of the organization. He is the one in control and will ultimately take
the decisions at the right time. He has the task to plan and delegate the work to the
employees, while keeping them motivated and dedicated at all times. He is also part of
the board of directors and will ultimately be held responsible for the result.

             Intensive Program for Young European Entrepreneurs – 2006                      4
“Divine Design”                                                             Business Plan
Web design                                                                   Group: grey

The administration deals with the administrative part of the company. Directly
connected with the CEO, the outsourced financial department, the marketing and sales
department and the production department, hence this is the centralized department
within the company. It is able to exchange all administrational information with the
connected departments. Furthermore the administration can apprise the CEO of the
actual situation of the departments. In addition to that the administration is responsible
for the customer service. This information can be distributed among the departments
connected to the administration. We will have o ne secretary which is responsible for
administrational work related to the company.

Production department:
The production department is responsible for the actual development of web designs,
web sites and graphics. It is directly connected to the administration. This connection
makes it possible for the production to exchange all information needed to the
The company will employ three highly motivated, talented and dedicated web designers
with high quality references. They are responsible for the development of the web sites,
including graphics. Employing professional web designers will make sure that our
company can show our prospects examples of what we will be able to do, until we are
able to show our own portfolio. In the beginning they will also have to do a few projects
for non-profit organizations to build our portfolio. Our portfolio will then show the
customer that we can provide them with eloquent professional solutions.
In addition to these employees there will also be 4 students working in our company.
They will help the professional web designers in the development process. There will be
a change of students after a period of six months. The students work on the basis of
internships. When their skills are recognized they will be o ffered a position of full time
web designer in our company, hence the company can grow and handle more projects at
the same time or complete them in a shorter time. When the need is high we will hire
additional freelancers.

Research & Development department:
The web designers are also working in the R&D department. They will spend a certain
amount of time on researching the “web on your mobile phone” market. So we are ready
to emerge into this market.

Marketing & Sales department:
The marketing and sales department deals with the marketing and sales of our company,
but also with the information we get from the customer to improve the marketing and
sales aspects of the customer‟s web sites or graphics. This department is also connected
to the administration In the startup phase there will only be one Marketing & Sales
Manager. He will take care of the marketing and sales aspects of our business, but also
for the customers.

            Intensive Program for Young European Entrepreneurs – 2006                    5
“Divine Design”                                                            Business Plan
Web design                                                                  Group: grey

Financial department:
The financial department will be outsourced. This departme nt is connected to the
administration. The connection to the CEO is necessary to communicate the financial
situation to the board of directors.

   1.8. Products and Services

       Basic package, Standard package, Deluxe package
Custom projects
       Web site functions:
               Blogs, Guestbook, Forum, Newsletter, Online catalogue, Password
               protection, Search, Statistics & Counters
       Search engine marketing:
               Search engine promotion, Search engine optimization
       Content management: The customer updates their web sites themselves
       Banner, Flyer, Logo, Presentation templates
Extra Services
       Help desk: Contact and technical support
       Maintenance: We update the websites
       Domain name registration: Contacting a DNS agent to register your domain.
       Hosting: Contacting a hosting company for web space and bandwidth.
       Traffic analysis: Traffic analyzing tools and/or traffic summary newsletter.

   1.9. Core competencies

Quality Product
Our knowledge and skills in web design, web development and graphics ensure a high
quality product.

       Identity/Logo Design
       Our design experts will create an image that will be very recognizable. Your
       logo design will be in line with the company‟s philosophy.

       Graphical User Interface
       User confidence, ease of navigation, accessibility, usability, design and overall
       „look & feel‟ of a website all contribute to the users‟ experience and make sure
       that visitors have a positive feeling while visiting the customers‟ website.

       Search Engine Friendly Design
       Our websites are designed to obtain a high position in the SERPs in the major
       search engines. Our web designers therefore have the competitive edge because
       they are able to generate the business you need from the beginning.

            Intensive Program for Young European Entrepreneurs – 2006                  6
“Divine Design”                                                             Business Plan
Web design                                                                   Group: grey

       Fast Loading Designs
       Our web designers are well equipped to design web interfaces that are fast
       loading and widely accepted over a number of browsers.

       Web Accessibility
       We do extensive accessibility testing (e.g. Hyper Text Markup Language
       (HTML) & Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) validation) including cross-browser
       compatibility and the use of colors.

Full Package
Customers can come to us and we will take care of everything.

Professional advice to make sure that the customer takes the right approach to their web

Excellent Customer Service
We make sure that customer remains satisfied.

   2. External environment

   2.1. The economy of Poland

Poland is located in the Eastern part of Europe. The total population is about 38 million
inhabitants. Warsaw, its‟ capital and biggest city, has about 1.6 million inhabitants and
is located in the East of Poland. Furthermore Warsaw is one of the most important
densely populated areas for Poland.
Since 2004 Poland is member of the European Union. Poland becomes more attractive
for foreign investors because of this membership. The Gross Domestic Product
increased with 3% to $312 billion, the wages are low, but on an increasing level and the
economy is still growing in the country.
                                                             For the IT sector Poland
                                                             provides      very       good
                                                             opportunities. The market
                                                             share of Poland amounts to
                                                             34% related to the IT market
                                                             in East Europe. Furthermore
                                                             the Poland‟s IT market
                                                             increases with 11% on
                                                             annual basis. The number of
                                                             computers in Poland is still
                                                             lower than the European
                                                             average, but the IT market is
                                                             developing very rapidly, as
                                                             you can see on the left.
                                                             As a result of the “e-Polska”

            Intensive Program for Young European Entrepreneurs – 2006                      7
“Divine Design”                                                             Business Plan
Web design                                                                   Group: grey

program, which is a plan of action for developing society‟s informational awareness in
the years 2001-2006 Poland will become more attractive for foreign investors. The Polish
government wants to suit the other member states of the European Union and is prepared
to make the country an attractive alternative for Western European enterprises to conquer
the East European market referring to the IT market.
From the entrepreneurial point of view you can see that Poland is definitely booming (see
TEA index below). The Total Entrepreneurial Activity (TEA) rate for Poland is not
significantly greater than Ireland‟s but it is greater than all other EU countries. This is
very important for our business because this means that each year there are lots of new
companies founded that will be looking for a way to establish a certain position on the
From the entrepreneurial point of view you can see that Poland is definitely booming (see
TEA index below). The TEA rate for Poland is not significantly greater than Ireland‟s but
it is greater than all other EU countries. This is very important for our business because
this means that each year there are lots of new companies founded that will be looking for
a way to establish a certain position on the web.

                                   TEA 2004






































As a final note we would like to stress the good relations that Poland has with the U.S,
which will be important for the future.

   2.2. Market analysis

The Polish market is definitely growing, more IT and web design companies are coming
into the market, but there is still room for new competitors. The amount of money to
spend on advertising is rising rapidly.

   2.3. Competitor analysis

There are at least a thousand web design companies in Poland. Two of the biggest
competitors are Cyberstudio and Mornel. C yberstudio is offering the following services;
e-business consulting, marketing orientated web design by means of advanced design

            Intensive Program for Young European Entrepreneurs – 2006                    8
“Divine Design”                                                             Business Plan
Web design                                                                   Group: grey

techniques, technical development database technologies, e- marketing consulting,
corporate identity, multimedia presentations on CD, digital video, interactive CD,
hosting, internet advertising. Mornel is offering the following services; translation,
promotion and positioning, statistics and viewing figures, e-mail boxes and forwarding
e-mails, advice, training, consultation, advertising campaigns, searching and other
internet services depending on personal demands.

   3. Strategy and plans

   3.1. Objectives

      Establish “Divine Design” in Poland after 3 months.
      After 3 months 5% of Polish companies know our company
      Achieve “top of mind” in 3 years in the web design field for the Polish market.
      Maximize market share in the Polish market.
      After 3 years have the ability to move into the seco ndary target market, which are
       the western European countries and Scandinavia.
      Conquer the “www on your mobile phone” and handheld PC market in 5 years
       time. Thus making web sites for mobile phones and handheld PCs (e.g. Personal
       Digital Assistant (PDA‟s)) which have Mobile Telecommunication System
       (UMTS) or High Speed Packet Data Access (HSPDA).
      Conquer a small percentage of the US web design market after 8 years.

   3.2. Marketing Mix

Divine Design provides products and services that allow its customers to have well built
sites with intuitive layouts and great usability that enables their users to experience the
full web experience. Our skilled web designers will develop fully customizable templates
so the clients can see what we are capable of and still go for a unique site. All our
products take into account both graphic design and usability making our websites easy to
navigate. At Divine Design we have custom made products and standard packages so our
customers can choose easily what they want and also be aware of the additional services
without any extra effort. The custom made service makes our service list endless, offering
everything our customer may need to give their companies the needed exposure.

Divine Design will offer a high level of quality in every product but for the first five
months the price will be lower than its competitors. After five months we will be able to
charge the same as our competitors in Poland because our portfolio will have actual
examples of our skills on web design. However, o ur prices will become a competitive
advantage when entering new markets like Central Europe and Scandinavia on the third

            Intensive Program for Young European Entrepreneurs – 2006                    9
“Divine Design”                                                              Business Plan
Web design                                                                    Group: grey

In web design the physical and geographical barriers do not exist since the transfer
between Divine Design and the various hosting partners will happen over the internet
through File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software via internet.

Divine Design will have €10.000 as marketing. We will advertise on “Google Adwords”
which is the most efficient way to get to our clients, since the ads appear only to users of
Google that search keywords related to web design. Divine Design will also use the
sponsored links to appear on Google search pages only to targeted users. Mailings will be
sent to those companies who don‟t own any websites and to those that we consider to be
in need of re-designing their sites. Divine Design‟s mailings will direct our potential
clients to our own website which will work as a business card for our company once it
showcases our designer‟s skills. Word-of- mouth is also a good way of getting known and
for that Divine Design will use viral advertising with reference to our site‟s address so
people could know our company. Viral advertising may not be the most efficient way to
get to business people, but it is a great and cheap way to get known in the field which
could originate free advertising on sites like or other web designer‟s related
sites. This would start the word-of- mouth that would eventually lead to recognition inside
companies. In the second year we would be attend business fairs for starting companies to
show our portfolio hence we will get more exposure among companies.

   3.3. Production strategy

The development of web sites and graphics are the core activities of our company. Three
top class professional web designers with excellent programming skills are responsible
for this. They will also take the lead over talented students from art schools all over
Poland which will help with the development. We will achieve this by establishing
partnerships with these schools. They provide us with the students, we give the students
the opportunity to become part of a professional web design company.

 “Divine Design” will offer the customer exceptional quality because we will be working
with very talented web designers, programmers, students and freelancers. Our employees
will be very dedicated to our company and the customers. Our customers will not just get
an extraordinarily beautiful web design, they will get advice on what the right approach
should be for them to establish a certain position on the world wide web. We will also
make sure that the web pages remain highly intuitive and functional, which will be
thoroughly tested. In addition to this we provide the customer with services that will help
achieve their web strategy in a shorter time. This is the reason why we also offer web
marketing. We offer a full package that will automatically result in a better result. New
companies for example can come to us, and we provide them with a web site which is
immediately registered, hosted and promoted to provide them with visitors. Visitors will
then become prospects and eventually a certain percentage will become a customer for
them, which is ultimately the goal of having a web site for companies. It is a huge benefit

            Intensive Program for Young European Entrepreneurs – 2006                    10
“Divine Design”                                                             Business Plan
Web design                                                                   Group: grey

to our customer that they don‟t have to contact three or even four different companies,
hence the final product results in higher quality.

The headquarters is located in Warsaw, Poland. The development of the web sites and
graphics is done here. Due to the location in Poland we do not have to pay high salaries.
This is very important once we move forward to our secondary market. The production of
web sites and graphics will always be done with the latest technologies on the market. At
the present time this is software from Macromedia and Adobe.

   3.4. Business strategy

The company “Divine Design” will make use of a mixture of product development and
market development. At first the company will improve existing products, thus “Divine
design” makes use of product development. The market of web design is still growing.
Adoption and improvement of products and services are needed to become successful in
this sector. Furthermore it is important to become more attractive for the clients than the
“Divine Design” will focus on the quality aspect, but for the secondary and tertiary
market the low price will become a competitive edge over most of the other web design
companies which are located in the Western European and US market. An arbitrative
aspect of this is the location of the company. In the first years the company has to
concentrate on the local market, which is Poland. Poland is a member of the European
Union. That means that the government has to maintain conditions so, that makes setting
up a business much easier for “Divine design”. The company will not have high expenses
related to the wages for employees with the same qualities in richer countries, because
Poland is a low-wages country. Furthermore the company makes use of partnerships with
design universities to work with students who keep the development cost down. As a
return “Divine Design” offers students the possibilities to do internships at the company
and due to this they have the chance to experience the web design business. Due to these
partnerships with design universities, the company can offer a more competitive price for
services than the competitors in the western European, northern European market and
After introducing the company and its concept, “Divine Design” makes use of the market
development. In the beginning the company has to become successful in the existing
market because it is too hard to target foreign countries in the beginning. The cost would
be too high, because we would have a sales person for every country. The European
market is too diverse to target in the beginning, almost every country has a different
language and the cultural differences are too big. However once we achieve a leader
position in the Polish market, we will target western European and northern European
After that we‟ll start concentrating on the “web on your mobile phone” market which has
the biggest potential. That‟s the reason why we will constantly do market research so we
can take advantage of the fact that most competitors are ignoring this market at this time
or just don‟t believe in it. This way we‟ll be ready to emerge into this market once the
customer demand starts rising.

            Intensive Program for Young European Entrepreneurs – 2006                   11
“Divine Design”                                                               Business Plan
Web design                                                                     Group: grey

Eventually we will emerge into the US market because this a huge market we can not

   3.5. Operating plan

   4. Financial analysis

   4.1. Investment and cost structure

See “Cost structure and pricing.xls”
To be able to be fully operational we added all things together we will need to able to
provide our service. We have to take the salaries into account for design engineers, sales
representatives, administration and the CEO. In order to provide our service we also need
computer equipment, software and a car for sales personnel. For launching the market
campaign we will need investments. The company will also need a financing basis, office
space, office stationary and furniture. Since we are a web design company, we can cut the
expenses of the location. The office doesn‟t have to be located in downtown at top
business site. The contracts and sales will be done in the clients‟ premises. Therefore it is
cheaper to have an office in the outskirts of Warsaw. The company will also save in HR
costs by hiring students from local IT- universities. Cost structure will also have to
include all operational costs e.g. electricity, water, telephone and internet bills. To cut
expenses our company has outsourced the administrational services, legal consulting, etc.
The loan expenses and interest expenses are also taken into account. The equity needed to
fund a limited company in Poland is 12.500 euros.
Most of the costs in our business are fixed costs. The only variable costs in the business
are salesman bonuses (10% of the revenue per deal) and the extra human resource costs
and services in certain projects.

            Intensive Program for Young European Entrepreneurs – 2006                     12
“Divine Design”                                                              Business Plan
Web design                                                                    Group: grey

   4.2. Price

See Case study
The pricing principal is always evaluated on a project-based way. Our company will
count estimated and actual working hours, the sales process will be counted in hours per
customer. This is because it takes different amounts of time to compose a flash site and
static web site for example. Also the visual requests of the customer will be evaluated
from the design point of view. The working hours are charged with the amount of actual
hours. The hourly wages are calculated according monthly salaries divided in hours. In
hourly wages has also extra addition for the time there are no ongoing projects because
we cannot assume that there would be work for all at the time with full capacity. The
price must cover part of the fixed costs. These costs will be added to the price as an extra
administrational addition. We also add the extra promotional and marketing addition
according our annual marketing budget. In special cases we will also have to add a risk
addition if we are offering exceptional services. The contracts also include upkeep
warranties that are added as a part of fixed cost addition. While making contracts we will
have to consider per-call charging depending on the time we‟ll have to work (different
price during regular working hours and night time for example). After these additio ns we
will have the gross price for service. The additional VAT (value added tax) is 22% in

   4.3. Break-even analysis

            Intensive Program for Young European Entrepreneurs – 2006                    13
“Divine Design”                                                              Business Plan
Web design                                                                    Group: grey

To cover our expenses we will need to cover the fixed costs of the business. The variable
costs will include sales bonuses which are included in the angle of variable costs since we
will have to pay more bonuses for every deal we make. This figure shows how many
offers we will need to get and how much money we need to cover expenses to reach
break even point in one month. We‟ll need at least 10 jobs per month to cover expenses.
The estimated capacity in one month is 24 jobs. This graph explains how many clients we
need per month and the operational profit shows how much we are able to gain extra by
gaining more offers per month.

   4.4. Finances

For starters the primary tactic is to be able to provide a quality product. The product with
these expenses is considered to be expensive in our main operating market, Poland.
Therefore it is vital to cut expenses as much as possible. From a financial point of view
the most cost-efficient production market is in Poland. Labor, services, location and
equipment costs are the most competitive in this country. On the long run team‟s core
business plan is based on cost-efficiency.
The source of money is arranged with personal investment for the equity, and the rest
cashes from loan money from the bank. The loan is 220 000 euros and the repayment
period for the loan is 15 years. In the longer run the company will have study the need for
taking more loans for investments.

   4.5. Growth

Also see 4.6 Growth Forecast
The first year‟s turnover goal is break-even. In the realistic calculated forecast, break-
even point we will be reached during the second year. In the future turnover could be
much higher depending on how many customers our company has. For the starting
company it is also harder to work effectively. Therefore we have to follow the
development of routine and intellectual capital of the company. After gaining customer
base and having a wider portfolio it is also easier to build web sites faster because it is
possible to re- use certain coding structures. When we are able to work faster we can take
more offers in even with the same human resources. The company is also monitoring and
comparing the estimated goals and the actual goals on sales quantities. Same method
relates in prices. The estimated costs include an extra risk values for the amount of 20%
for every purchase process. This is the method of risk avoidance for unexpected costs.
The actual costs monitoring will be added to estimated costs. This process will be done
for starters daily and in the longer run it can be done once in a month. The monitoring of
the development of project offers estimated after completing every project. This helps us
to check the pricing and sales goals.
In the longer run the company will try to expand in different branches and enter in new
market areas. These plans will need carefully planned financial basis for doing the market
research. All necessary investments will be bud geted estimate and monitored with actual
costs. We need to consider all the costs off procurements and hiring personnel. It is also

            Intensive Program for Young European Entrepreneurs – 2006                    14
“Divine Design”                                                          Business Plan
Web design                                                                Group: grey

probable that there will not be many customers for starters. The company expects solid
growth and return on investment.

   4.6. Growth Forecast

                                                  The grey section show the cost
                                                  structure in the long run. In the
                                                  beginning the cost will be higher
                                                  because the company has to invest
                                                  in     consulting    services    and
                                                  equipment. In the longer run we will
                                                  be able to cut down expenses due to
                                                  depreciation and experience.
                                                  The green section show the sales
                                                  development. In the beginning we
                                                  will not have many customers. After
                                                  this period we will have more clients.
                                                  The experience and routine will also
                                                  effect on the sales development
                                                  since we are able to deliver more
                                                  jobs with same resources.
                                                  During the third period we will
                                                  make investments in entering new
                                                  markets and branches. This will
                                                  require    investments. We are
                                                  expecting return on our investments
                                                  during the 4th year.

           Intensive Program for Young European Entrepreneurs – 2006                 15
“Divine Design”                                                           Business Plan
Web design                                                                 Group: grey

   5. Risk analysis

   5.1. SWOT analysis

                Strengths                                  Weaknesses

We provide high quality.                     High competition for the general services.
We always use the latest technologies.       Prices of web design and development
We provide the customer with packages        and graphics will be around the standard
and custom projects.                         for the primary market (Poland).
We provide the customer with                 The students may still have to learn the
information about what would be the right    professional way of doing things.
web strategy for them.
Full package for the customer gives us an
edge over the normal web design
The polish market is growing rapidly (see
TEA index), many new companies arise
every year.
Cost efficiency when we move to the
secondary markets, prices will be lower
than the competitors.
We research the “web on your mobile
phone” market, to make sure that we are
ready when customer demand arises.

              Opportunities                                    Threats
The “web on your mobile phone” market        Today there is no real customer demand
will become a standard in the near future.   for making web sites which you can visit
Mobile equipment, such as PDA‟s, is          on your mobile phone. It is unsure when
becoming increasingly more interesting       this market will become ready for it.
for visiting web sites, due to bigger        There are already browsers that compress
screens.                                     websites to make it able to visit them on
The mobile communication technologies        your mobile phone.
are becoming faster. UMTS (3G) is            Salaries of Polish employees will most
currently at 10Mbit, HSPDA, which is the     likely grow parallel with the growing
next generation is already 5 times faster,   market, hence loosing some part of the
which makes it able to visit any kind of     cost efficiency benefit.
web site the customer would want to

            Intensive Program for Young European Entrepreneurs – 2006                 16
“Divine Design”                                                               Business Plan
Web design                                                                     Group: grey

   5.2. Limiting factors

There is quite a huge amount of competitors in this market, in Poland as well as in the
other European market. The US market will be even more difficult to conquer due to this

   5.3. Critical success factors

Our employees will have to be very talented.
Cost efficiency of the Polish market.

   6. Conclusion

   We would like to conclude with a few key thoughts.

   It is important that you realize the potential of the growing Polish market. It is an
   economy which is rapidly growing. This is very important for us, because a high
   percentage of new companies want a web site today. Another important aspect is the
   fact that the cost efficiency of this market is still a lot higher than most of the other
   European countries.

   In the beginning we are indeed providing the customer with general services, but we
   are sure that we can do it better. There is always room for improvement. Which is
   the reason why we do not fear fierce competition.

   We will compete on two key points. First we can provide companies with a full
   package. They can come to us with just a basic request of having a web site and we
   will immediately provide them with a complete solution. In this way they don‟t have
   to go four different companies to achieve their web strategy. Another point is that
   we are doing research into the “web on your mobile phone” market, so we can
   emerge into this market when it becomes more mature. In that way we could shift
   the focus of our business to this market, because we will make sure that we are ready
   for it. Unlike most competitors. We will shift the focus because of the lower amount
   of competitors we could rapidly increase the revenue of the company.

   We consider it to be a better strategy to let the company make money and become
   more mature in these general services, instead of immediately focusing on an unsure

   As a final note we want to stress the fact that we consider this to be a wise
   investment because we believe in our idea and we are all highly motivated to
   succeed in this line of business.

            Intensive Program for Young European Entrepreneurs – 2006                     17

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