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									      BESAC REPORT:

            Carole Bennett, Chair
What is a VA?

“A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent
entrepreneur providing administrative, creative
and/or technical services. Utilizing advanced
technological modes of communication and
data delivery, a professional VA assists clients
in his/her area of expertise from his/her own
office on a contractual basis.“

Source: the International Virtual Assistants Association web page:
Colleges Offering a VA Program
(year begun) current students

  Santa Rosa Junior College (2004) 60
  Palomar Community College (2004) 20
  Mira Costa College (2004) 10 students
  Owens College (2005)
  Southwestern Com College (2001) 3
  Red Deer College (2003) 36
  Camosun College (n/a)
 Source: Michelle Ulrich, Virtual Assistant Specializing in: Contact Management,
 Graphic Design & Marketing
A Model Certificate Program

 VA programs are built upon existing courses
 Three (or four) courses added:
  –   How To Create a Virtual Office
  –   How To Manage a Virtual Office
  –   How To Market the Virtual Office
  –   Internship for the Virtual Assistant
Certificate Core Requirements
approximately 17 units

 Creating and Managing the Virtual Office (new
 Marketing the Virtual Office (new course)
 MS Word
 Business English
 MS PowerPoint
 MS Publisher
 MS Access
 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
 Business Ethics
Certificate Electives – at least 5 units

 Introduction to the Internet
 Word Processing, Core and Expert
 Access DBMS
 Microsoft Excel, Core and Expert
 Computerized Accounting
 Applied Accounting/Bookkeeping
 Business Etiquette
 Internship for the Virtual Assistant (new course)
Areas of Specialty

 Real estate
 Graphic design
 Web design and maintenance
Model Course Outlines

 Composite course outlines from the following
 –   Riverside Community College
 –   Santa Rosa Junior College
 –   American River College
COURSE: Creating and Managing the
Virtual Office 3 Units

  Time management, workplace
  customization, software/hardware
  evaluation for the virtual office
  entrepreneur or telecommuter.
COURSE: Marketing the Virtual Office
3 Units

  Identify and evaluate various
  techniques to secure employment as
  a virtual assistant. Topics include
  networking, virtual interviews, and
  development of Web marketing
COURSE: Internship for VAs
3 units

    Supervised internship in cooperation
    with private or public sector
    employers for Computer
    Applications and Office Technology
    program students.
An aside…

 Online courses are exploding at Santa Rosa
 Junior College
 –   We began in 1996 with our first online course
 –   In Spring 2005, 166 online sections served 2,751
 –   Today, we cannot offer enough online courses
 Students are excited about working from
 home and are attracted to the VA program
Members of the Committee

 Carole Bennett, Santa Rosa Junior College,
 Judy Dolan, Palomar College
 Roietta Fulghram, American River College
 Janet Lehr, Riverside Community College.
 Linda Snider, Grossmont College
 Michelle Ulrich, Virtual Assistant,

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