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									        Multnomah County Department of Community Justice
              Employment Resources
        for Adults on Parole and Probation

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Worksource Center Locations…………………………………………….. 2
Additional Employment Assistance……………………………………… 3
Food Handlers Card……………………………………………………….. 4
Apprenticeships…………………………………………………………….. 5
Driver’s license issues………………………………………………………6-7
Birth Certificates……………………………………………………………...8
Oregon ID card……………………………………….………………………9-10
Social security card………………………………………………………….11
Get a copy of your criminal record…………………………………………12
Answer questions on criminal history…………………….………………..13
Get a GED…………………………………………….………………………14
More resources - Call 211………………… .………………………………14

           Note: This information is correct as of January 2009.
        Fees and office hours may change, so be sure to call ahead.
          Multnomah County Department of Community Justice: Londer Learning Center *503-988-3466*

Worksource Centers
The WorkSource Centers,
formerly referred to as One Stop
Career Centers, provide job
leads, resources and skill
classes. Oregon Employment Dept. staff are onsite. Special assistance is available for
Veterans. Many sites provide help with how to answer questions about criminal history.
On the web: https://www2.worksourceportlandmetro.org/

How to access services at Worksource Centers:
1. Go to the location nearest you. If you go in the morning, there is usually less wait.
Mondays can get busy.

2. At your first visit, you will need to fill out ―I-Match‖ forms on the computer. Don’t
worry if you don’t know how to use a computer-- staff will help you!

3. After filling out “I-Match,” you can access job leads from the Employment
Department and sign up for interviewing, resume and other classes. If you don’t know
how to answer criminal history questions, ask the Worksource Center staff for help.


Worksource Portland Central
 30 N. Webster Street. Suite E, Portland, OR 97217
 Bus #44 Need more bus info? Call Tri-Met at 503-238-7433.

Worksource Portland Southeast
 SE Works 6927 SE Foster, Portland, OR 97206 http://www.seworks.org/
  Bus #14 Need more bus info? Call Tri-Met at 503-238-7433.

Worksource Portland East
 19421 SE Stark St., Portland, OR 97233 http://www. eastcountyonestop.org
  Bus #20 Need more bus info? Call Tri-Met at 503-238-7433.

                                                    2                                          January 2009
              Multnomah County Department of Community Justice: Londer Learning Center *503-988-3466*

Additional Employment
                             Many community-based organizations provide employment
                             assistance to ex-offenders.

Central City Concern                                         Portland Partners Re-Entry
Employment Access Center                                     Initiative (PPRI)
2 NW Second Ave.                                             Assists adults releasing from prison in fin ding
                                                             work, and accessing support services
http://www.cent ralcityconcern. org/ employment-             SE Works, 6510 SE Foster Rd., Portland
access-center.htm                                            Call 971-634-2117        http://www.seworks.org/

Goodwill Industries                                          Better People
Job Connection                                               An employment and counseling program
Portland                                                     dedicated to helping former offen ders find
1943 SE Sixth Avenue                                         work
 503 -239-1734                                               4310 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
                                                             Portland, OR 97211
Powell / Portland                                            503-281-2663
9015 SE Powell Boulevard                                     http://www.betterpeople.org/
 503 -961-6360
413 NE Burnside Road                                         Vocational Rehabilitation
 503- 489-0676                                               *for assistance overcoming barriers to
                                                             employment due to permanent physical, mental,
Portland Habilitation Center                                 or emotional disability
                                                             East Portland - 971-673-5858
5312 NE 148th Avenue                                         305 NE 102nd Suite 200
Portland, OR 97230
503- 261-1266                                                North Portland - 971-673-3055
www.phc nw.com                                               4744 N. Interstate Ave.
*must have a documented disability
                                                             Central Portland
                                                             3945 SE Powell Blvd - 971-673-2555

                                                        3                                          January 2009
             Multnomah County Department of Community Justice: Londer Learning Center *503-988-3466*

            How to Get a
         Food Handler’s Card
Where can I take a Food Handlers Card Test?
     Online on the internet at: http://www.oregonfoodhandler.us
         o Cost is $10
         o Before taking the test on-line, you will need:
            o An email address
            o A credit or debit card
            o A proctor or an individual to monitor you while you take the test
            o A printer to print your Food Handler Certificate

         In Person at the Food Handler’s Office: Call for testing hours: 503-988-5257
         Go to: Multnomah County Environmental Health (Food Handlers Office)
                3653 SE 34th Ave., off Powell Blvd., Bldg # 420/1. Take Powell Bus# 9
         o Cost: $5 each test + $5 for certification card = $10 Total
         o How long will it take? About 1 hour to watch a video and test.

Where can I get a study guide to prepare to take the Food Handlers Test?

     At the Food Handlers Office
     Multnomah County Libraries
     Multnomah County Health Clinics
     Download it at: http://www2.co.multnomah.or.us/FoodHandlerCard/Manuals.aspx

What languages are available for the Food Handlers test and manuals?
     English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese, or Korean.

                                                       4                                          January 2009
                  Multnomah County Department of Community Justice: Londer Learning Center *503-988-3466*

Many apprenticeships require participants to have a GED or good math skills. If you are on
parole or probation, you can get a GED or improve math for free at Londer Learning Center.
Ask your PO to refer you to Londer Learning Center or call 988-3466.

Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc.
Free training for adult women interested in trades careers plan pathways to work in the trades and apprenticeships.
Offers free 7 week, women-only, PRE-Apprenticeship Class. Must have GED.
1714 NE Alberta St
503-335-8200 www.tradeswomen.net

Statewide Apprenticeship and Training Opportunities
Long list of apprenticeship openings; call for eligibility requirements
800 NE Oregon St, Portland, OR 97232
971-673-0760    http://www.oregon.gov/BOLI/ATDA/A_StatewideOpportunities.shtml

ETAP – Evening Trades Apprenticeship Preparation
11-week evening program with hands-on construction training, job placement assistance.
Must be 18, low-income, have GE D.
PCC Cascade
705 N. Killingworth Street:, Portland, OR 97217

Pre-Trades courses at PCC
Specialized courses to explore apprenticeship, trades opportunities. Monthly orient ations, call
503-978-5650 to res erve space. 2-credit course, tuition needed.

Job Corps Residential job training program for ages 16-25
Grace Smith, Admissions Counselor: 503-326-6806

Portland Youth Builders Job training for ages 17-20
Full time program offers high school education, job readiness training, community leadership and vocational
training in either constuction or comput er technology.
        Susan Whitmore, Admissions Coordinator: 503-286-9350

                                                            5                                         January 2009
                 Multnomah County Department of Community Justice: Londer Learning Center *503-988-3466*

How to Address Oregon
Drivers License Issues
              More detailed information available on the Internet at

Who:                    The Oregon Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicles Division, oversees all Oregon
                        driver records and licensing

License Reinstatement
If your drivers license has been suspended or revoked you must go through a process of reinstatement to get it
back. Each individual case is different, unique, and will vary.

Contact:                Call the Mot or Vehicles Division (Portland phone 503 -299-9999) and ask for a
                        ―Requirements Letter.‖ You must ha ve your Oregon Drivers License number, or provide
                        your name and date of birth. The Motor Vehicles Division will research your driving record
                        and provide you with a letter outlining what you need to do to reinstate your license.

                        The Requirements Letter will include all outstanding fines, the courts through which they
                        must be cleared, and license suspension dates. If there are additional issues concerning
                        your driving record, thos e too will be noted in the letter.

Clear:                  You must clear all outstanding fi nes through each jurisdiction and court before
                        reinstatement is possible. Keep all the receipts and paperwork of fine payments for proof
                        in case something gets misplaced or does not get filed.

Expired:                If your license has been expired for more than one year, you will be required to take and
                        pass your tests again (both written and driving) to get your licens e back. You will be
                        charged license fees for an original license.

Fees:                   In addition to regular license fees (renewal fees if your license has not bee n expired for
                        over 1 year), you must pay a $75.00 reinstatement fee.
                        http://www.oregon.gov/ ODOT/DMV/ fees/driver.shtml#Miscellaneous

                        Original License Fees:             $59.00 – 8 year expiration
                        Renewal License Fees:              $39.00
                        Replacement License Fees:          $25.50

                                                           6                                         January 2009
           Multnomah County Department of Community Justice: Londer Learning Center *503-988-3466*

    Drivers License Issues, continued
Hardship or Probationary Permits

What:             Hardship Permit: For most suspensions of driving privileges, you may be
                  able to get a hardship permit that allows you to go to and from work, to
                  drive on the job, to get medical treatment, to seek employment or take part
                  in an alcohol or drug rehabilitation program. A hardship permit may let you
                  drive the same type of vehicle as did the license you held before the
                  suspension or it may limit or grant fewer driving privileges. If your driving
                  privileges have been suspended for an uninsured accident and no other
                  reason, you may get a hardship permit to meet basic family needs, such as
                  taking children to and from school or daycare, getting medical treatment
                  and buying groceries.

                  Probationary Permit: If your driving privileges have been revoked for
                  habitual offences, you may be able to get a probationary permit that allows
                  you to go to and from work, to drive on the job, seek employment or take
                  part in an alcohol or drug rehabilitation program.

                  Hardship and probationary permits tell you exactly when and where you
                  may drive; it will specify hours, days and routes. If you drive outside these
                  restrictions, law enforcement may cite you for driving while suspended or
                  revoked and DMV may suspend or revoke your hardship or probationary
                  permit driving privileges for up to one year.

How:              To apply for a hardship or probationary permit, call the
                  Motor Vehicles Division (Portland pho ne 503-299-9999).
                  They will review your driving record and discuss your
                  options with you. Usually no hardship or probationary
                  permit is available if your driving privileges are revoked for a traffic crime or
                  for violation of a hardship or probationary pe rmit.

Fees:             You must pay a $50.00 application fee. This fee will not be given back to
                  you, even if the hardship or probationary permit is denied or later is
                  suspended or revoked.

                                                     7                                         January 2009
               Multnomah County Department of Community Justice: Londer Learning Center *503-988-3466*

   How to Obtain a Copy of
    your Birth Certificate
               If you were born in Oregon, more detailed information available on
               the Internet at: www.ohd.hr.state.or.us/chs/certif/certfaqs.htm

Who:                  The Oregon Health Division, Vital Records Unit, provides Birth Certificates
                      for people born in Oregon.

Cost:                 $20.00 for first copy; $15.00 for each additional

Where:                In person at the Vital Records Unit, 800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 205,
                      Portland, Oregon. The office is three blocks east of the Convention Center,
                      on the MAX line.

When:                 Office hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. The best
                      times to come are between 8:00 am and 9:30 am and 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

How:                  You must have acceptable identification, a completed order form (available
                      at the office), and payment. Acceptable documentation includes one of the
                      following: A valid Oregon Driver’s License or Identification card, Selective
                      Service Card, Alien Registration Card, Passport.

If you were born outside Oregon, birth records are kept by the state in which you were
born. Contact your state of birth’s Vital Statistics Department to receive instructions.

                                                         8                                         January 2009
                  Multnomah County Department of Community Justice: Londer Learning Center *503-988-3466*

                        How to Get an
                        Oregon ID Card
More detailed information available on the Internet at

Who:                     The Oregon Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicles Division, issues
                         Oregon Identification Cards.

Cost:                    Original $33.50; replacement $28.50; renewal $29.50

Where:                   In person at one of the following DMV offices:
                         Field Offices
                         West Portland: 1502 SW 6th Avenue
                         North Office: 8260 N Interstate Avenue
                         Northeast Office: 1836 NE 82 nd Avenue
                         Gresham Office: 2222 E. Powell Blvd.
                         Lloyd Center: 990 Lloyd Center -- Open Saturday

How:                http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV/driverid/idproof.shtml
For an original Oregon Identification Card yo u must provide support documents. DMV does not
accept photocopies. You must bring original documents.

   Proof of your legal name (See website for full list of documents)
Some of the acceptable documents that can be presented to prove your current full legal name include:
    An official government issued marriage certificate/license
    A U.S. city, county or state court-issued divorce decree
    A U.S. city, county or state court-issued adoptio n decree;
    Oregon driver license, instruction permit or identification card;
    Military ID card,
    Tribal identification card issued by a federally recognized tribe located in Oregon or with an Oregon affiliation,
       approved by DMV;
    Oregon County C ommunity C orrections, U.S. Pretrial, U.S. District C ourt Probation Office, or Oregon Youth
       Authority proof of identification le tter, approved by DMV.

       Proof of you legal presence, identity and date of birth
The following documents can be used as proof of U.S. C itizenship: (See website for full list)
     U.S. Government-issued birth document certified by a city, county, s tate or federal agency
             o The document cannot be laminated.
             o     DMV will not accept birth documents issued by a non-government agency, such as a hospital issued
                  birth certificate
        A tribal ID card

                                                            9                                         January 2009
             Multnomah County Department of Community Justice: Londer Learning Center *503-988-3466*

Oregon ID Card documents continued:

        Proof of your social security number
     Some of the acceptable proof of a Social Security Number includes: (See website for full list)
      A Social Security C ard
      A copy of a state or federal tax document;
      An employment record containing the SSN;
      A military document containing the SSN;
      A document from the Social Security Administration validating the SSN, such as a benefits letter;
      An out-of-state driver license, permit or ID card containing the SSN;
      Tribal ID C ard containing the SSN;
      Medical Benefits C ard containing the SSN; or
      Any acceptable document submitted as proof of legal presence/identity or residence address
        containing the SSN.

        Proof of your Oregon residence address
 Some of the acceptable proof of residence documents include:
    An official government issued marriage certificate/license (See website for full list)
     Mortgage documents;
     Oregon DMV address sticker with residence address only
     A utility sta tement of account, hook up or work order dated within 60 days of the application;
     Oregon vehicle title or registration documents containing only residence address
             o If the document contains a mailing address the document will not be accepted;
             o If using a vehicle registration/title you must be the primary owner of the vehicle.
     Oregon voter notification card;
     Selective Service card;
     Medical or health card;
     Educational institution transcripts or other forms showing enrollment for the current school year;
     Mail from:
             o U.S. Treasury;
             o Social Security Administration;
             o U.S. Government agencies (including state, city and county agencies)
                      Mail from DMV can only be addressed to the residence address
             o Utility companies
             o Insurance companies
             o Educational institutions.

        Mailing address
  It is important to provide an address where you can receive your mail. Your permanent driver license or
  identification card will be mailed to the address that you provide during the application process. A mailing
  address is acceptable in addition to the residence address.

 If you are having problems meeting requirements , contact a DMV Customer
 Assistant Specialist by calling a local DMV office listed above, or call (503)-299-9999

 Resources for Obtaining Identity and Legal Presence Documents
    Birth documentation or proof of name change, visit:

      Certified copy of a birth certificate from another state or a US Territory, visit:

                                                       10                                        January 2009
        Multnomah County Department of Community Justice: Londer Learning Center *503-988-3466*

     How to Obtain a
   Social Security Card
          This information applies to both an initial Social Security Card and replacing
          a lost Social Security Card.
          More detailed information available on the Internet at

Who:                The Social Security Administration, a federal agency in the
                    Department of Health and Human Services, provides Social
                    Security Cards.

Cost:               No charge

Where:              Social Security
                    538 SW Yamhill St. (on the corner of SW 16th and Yamhill)
                    Portland, OR 97205

When:               Monday – Friday 9:00am-4:00pm. Social Security Offices are
                    generally very busy the first week of the month and on Mondays.

How:                You must complete a Form SS-5
                    and provide one identifying document: US Driver’s license; state -
                    issued ID card, marriage or divorce record; military records;
                    employee ID card; adoption record; passport; health insurance card
                    (but not a Medicare card); school ID card. Your identification must
                    be original, not a copy.

                                                  11                                              January 2009
        Multnomah County Department of Community Justice: Londer Learning Center *503-988-3466*

 How to Obtain a Copy of your
       Criminal Record
        This information applies if your criminal history is limited to Oregon
        jurisdictions. If you have been arrested or convicted of crimes outside the
        state of Oregon, contact the police bureau in the city or town in which you
        were arrested to find out the process for securing copies of criminal records
        for that state’s jurisdictions.

        More detailed information for Oregon records is available on the Internet at
        http://www.oregon.gov/ OSP/PRR/index.shtml

Who:                Oregon State Police, Identification Services Section

What:               You can obtain a copy of your own Oregon criminal history report through
                    the Oregon State Police. The report includes all activity that occurred in
                    the State of Oregon – including both arrests (even where there were not
                    charges or convictions) and convictions.

Cost:               $33.00 for a non-notarized record, additional $5.00 for a notarized version

How:                1) Obtain a copy of your fingerprints. One ―card‖ is a full set of all ten
                    fingers. You can find a list of businesses that provide this service on the
                    next page. You may also find services in the Yellow Pages under

                    2) Complete the form ―Copy of Own Record Request,‖ which is available
                       on the Oregon State Police Web site,

                    3) Send the completed form, one fingerprint card, and your payment to:
                    Oregon State Police Identification Services Section, Unit 11, PO Box
                    4395, Portland, OR 97208-4395. The results, along with the fingerprint
                    card submitted will be returned to you in five to ten business days. Due to
                    the confidentiality of criminal history record information, results will be
                    mailed only to the requestor.
Questions:          Call Oregon State Police Identification Services Section in Salem at 503-

                                                  12                                              January 2009
           Multnomah County Department of Community Justice: Londer Learning Center *503-988-3466*

Answering questions about
criminal history
Get help from experts! The following agencies have FREE workshops for ex-offenders
seeking work.
SE Works Worksource Center
6927 SE Foster, Portland                                  Londer Learning Center
503-772-2300                                              Multnomah County DCJ
                                                          Referral from PO needed
Central City Concern                                                 th
                                                          421 SW 5 Ave, Downtown
Employment Access Center                                  503-988-3466
2 NW Second A ve. Downtown

WORKSHEET: “Have you ever been convicted…?”
1. Describe the situation. Tell the truth. Don’t blame others. Take responsibility.
Explain briefly.

2. Talk about your changes you’re making in your life.
What goals do you have now?

3. What actions have you taken? Talk about courses you’ve taken in prison or on
probation—GED, treatment, thinking skills, computer, parenting, etc.

4. Review: Explain why the employer should hire you.

What work experience did you do in jail, prison or on community service? You can
include this on a resume and talk about it in an interview. Write about some skills you learned:
working in a team, decision-making, solving problems, communicating, etc.

                                                     13                                              January 2009
          Multnomah County Department of Community Justice: Londer Learning Center *503-988-3466*

Get your GED, improve
reading or math for work
Londer Learning Center for ages 18 and up
Multnomah County Department of Community Justice
421 SW 5fh Ave, 4th floor, downtown 503-988-3466
Must have a referral from your PO to attend the Learning Center.
Cost for classes: Free
GED testing: Free
ALSO: If you get a GED at the Learning Center, you may qualify for FREE classes at
Portland Community College.

Portland Community College
*Many short-term vocational programs!
Various locations—call to find the campus nearest you
Cost to enroll: $25
Cost for classes: $45-$75+ per term for GED
GED testing: $85-$100
503- 244-6111

Mt Hood Community College
*Many short-term vocational programs!
Cost to enroll: $25
Cost for classes: $35+ per term for GED
GED testing: $85-$100

Other resources: Call 211
A free phone call, free advice on resources
Housing, clothes,food, medical care,
and more call, Call 211—for FREE help.

                                                    14                                              January 2009

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