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Historical Renovation Grants New York State - PowerPoint


Historical Renovation Grants New York State document sample

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									   Hired in 1968 and has spent
    all 40 years in the library.
   Began in data entry, when we
    used keypunch machines.
   For many years our ―interface‖
    with Vanderbilt Accounting.
   Still responsible for paying
    many of the invoices in Order
   Has a very generous spirit, and
    is a very talented cross
   Latin America and the Caribbean: A
    Critical Guide to Research Sources
    (General Editor and contributor).
   Recipient of the José Toribio Medina Award
    for outstanding contribution to research
    and scholarship in Latin American
   Former President of the Seminar on the
    Acquisition of Latin American Library
    Materials (SALALM), an international
    association of Latin Americanists, and
    Panelist, International Congress of
    Americanists, Warsaw.
   Project Director, National Endowment for
    the Humanities grants; Contributor, NEH
    grant for Cuban preservation and
    digitization project.
   He has dedicated his entire 35 years of service
    at Vanderbilt to the Television News Archive.
   Skip is the rock of the TV News Archive.
   He has indexed or abstracted more of the
    800,000 plus items in the Archive database than
    anyone else -- probably more than everyone
   Skip is a great tennis player and was once
    described as like playing against a wall –every
    ball is returned.
   He is also a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball fan.
 Hired in 1973 in GTS, when we
  were the Joint University
 First job was filing and
  searching in the National Union
 Has worked in verification since
 Our verification historian—
  valuable for historical
 An excellent cook and party
 Studied Art History, worked in
  circulation and copy
 Graduate of Peabody Library
 Became our first Preservation
 Reminds us to guard carefully
  the materials in our care,
  paper as well as digital.
 Known for her sense of
   Russ has dedicated his entire 30
    years of service to the Vanderbilt
    Television New Archive.
   Among his many jobs, he is the
    one who records the news every
    night as he has done for over 20
   Russ is always looking for ways to
    improve the collection.
   Russ‘ family has him all over the
    country: son Neil a drummer with
    his band American Bang often on
    the road, daughter Kate who went
    away to School in Southern
    California, and wife Jennie, who
    lives in New York and sometimes
    makes commercials in Australia.
   Russ is a softball player, rotisserie
    baseball participant, and a Cubs
 Started in Resources Services
  in 1983. After 5 years, moved
  to the Law Library and has
  been there ever since.
 Believes in volunteering at VU,
  her sons‘ schools and at
 Brenda is a member of ALA, a
  Notary, a Deputy Dore, and she
  sings with the Head Notes.
 She is most proud of her
  family and they all love Vandy!
   Bibliographer for Political Science, Communication
    Studies, European Studies, Leisure Reading, and
    Managerial Studies; former bibliographer for History
    and Economics.
   Larry‘s Government Information web page has been
    featured in USA Today. Only Wikipedia & the American
    Political Science Association page outrank his Political
    Science page on Google.
   Member of ALA governing Council since 1992 and
    current member of the ALA Executive Board.
   Former Chair of ALA‘s Government Documents Round
    Table (GODORT) and winner of its two top awards -- the
    Documents to the People Award for ―outstanding
    leadership‖ and the James Bennett Childs Award for
    ―lifetime contributions.‖
   An early promoter of instruction, Larry began the
    Communications Studies BI sessions 20 years before
    becoming the discipline‘s bibliographer. Personally
    gives more sessions annually than were done by the
    entire Central Library 25 years ago.
   MAT was hired as student circ
    desk worker in the Divinity
    Library August 1979.
   In 1983, she became the full
    time staff asst. to Dorothy Parks.
   MAT has worked in the Annex,
    Science Library, as a Research
    Asst. to Malcolm Getz, and on
    the Microcon project in GTS.
   She returned to the Divinity
    Library in 1994.
   Mat enjoys gardening, reading
    and cooking.
   Hired as Circulation Supervisor at the Science Library
    in December 1983.
   Became Circulation Supervisor of the Central Library
    in February 1985.
   Since that time, supervised various Central Library
    departments including Reserves, Microform Media,
    Periodicals, Stack Maintenance and Reference
    Maintenance, and Building Services.
   Headed the barcoding project for Central Library in
    preparation for the switch to an automated library
    system; was a member of one of the committees
    charged with selecting an automated library system
    both in 1986 and again in 1996.
   Chair of the Disaster Preparedness Taskforce, as a
    part of the Preservation Self Study conducted in
   Survived the renovation experience of Project Havoc
    in 1987, and coordinated the pulling of books from
    floors that were closed during that time. Became
    the resident expert on the fire alarm system in the
    GLB, and now provide training and updating of the
    evacuation plans for the Central Library.
   Hired as the Psychology Bibliographer in 1988, and
    has covered many subject areas including
    Anthropology, Economics, datafiles, and Sociology.
   Served as Head of Reference at Central Library for
    over 6 ½ years and completed a 1-year term as
    Acting Director of Walker Management Library until
    September 2006.
   Currently serving as Acting Director of Central Library
    since July 2007 (following a coast-to-coast hike
    across Scotland with his wife in May 2007 to prove
    his stamina for the new job challenge!).
   Lives in and commutes from Bowling Green where his
    wife, Michael Ann Williams, is the head of the
    department of Folk Studies and Anthropology.
   Loves travelling to Scotland and the Maritime
    Provinces; plays the mandolin, belongs to the
    Nashville Old-Time String Band Association, and
    attends the annual 4 day MerleFest in North Carolina
    each year.
   Dewey started working full-time for
    the library in 1988, though he started
    here earlier than that with VTS.
   He was promoted to supervisor of
    copier services and building services
    manager in 1994.
   In 1997, he became supervisor of the
    mailroom operation as well.
   Dewey was awarded an
    Innovation/Creativity award in 2005.
   Dewey has a Private Pilot‘s License,
    and enjoys riding motorcycles with his
    dog Tiki, he is certified in both Auto
    Mechanics and High Power Rocketry.
   Deborah began as a serials control clerk at
    Walker Management Library. Her role has
    evolved countless times since then, currently
    Manager of Operations, but remains Deborah
    “the Psychiatrist is „IN‟” Brooks.
   Graduated from Peabody, worked for Ingram
    Industries, and found her professional ‗calling‘
    as an honorary librarian.
   Deborah was nominated for a Commodore
   Loves being a grandmother to her three
    grandchildren: Tyler, Derriona and Gabrielle.
   Originally from Mobile, AL she makes a killer
    jambalaya, but misses being near the ocean, so
    she vacations by water whenever possible.
   Basketball, football, Olympics, you name it,
    Deborah loves sports – she holds season tickets
    to Vanderbilt Football.
   Natural teacher
   Attention to detail working
    with authorities
   Interested in technology,
    both hardware and
   Shows concern for her co-
   Involved with Girl Scouts
    as trainer and leader
   Reclassified thousands of titles including the Law Library‘s entire
    foreign and international collection, the state reporters, administrative
    reports, and legislative histories.
   Coordinated various projects to correct, add or amend the Law
    Library‘s U.S. government documents collection in Acorn, including a
    piece by piece survey of 114,000 items.
   During the Law School‘s renovation, orchestrated the transfer of
    24,000 volumes to the Annex, the removal of 8,000 volumes from the
    collection, and the preparation for storage of 18 tons of U.S.
    government documents.
   Organized, created inventory guides for, and began digitizing the Law
    School‘s collection of documents from the Krupp trial in Nuremberg.
   Involved in various activities for the American Association of Law
    Libraries including 2002/2003 Placement Committee chair,
    editor/design editor of Technical Services Law Librarian, and
    2008/2009 chair of the Technical Services Special Interest Section.
 Hired in the Serials
  Department in GTS in 1988.
 The welcoming face everyone
  sees when they arrive in
  Order Services.
 Always makes a positive
  contribution to morale and
  efforts of Order Services.
 Tenacious problem solver.
 Proud grandmother.
   Bibliographer for Art, History of Art, French &
    Italian, and Librarian for the W.T. Bandy Center
    for Baudelaire and Modern French Studies.
   Getty Research Institute Scholar Associate,
    Special Collections Library, 2007-2008.
   President of Art Libraries Society of North
    America/Southeast Chapter, 2007-2008 and
    hosted Chapter Conference at Vanderbilt, 2007.
   Chair of Romance Language Discussion Group
    (RLDG) and member of the Planning Committee
    of the Western European Studies Section
    Conference (WESS) in Paris, France, 2004.
   The ARL Editorial Committee selected Yvonne‘s
    submission of the Gilbert Sigaux Collection of the
    W.T. Bandy Center to represent the Vanderbilt
    Library in the ARL 75th Anniversary publication,
    Celebrating Research Libraries: Rare and Special
    Collections from the Membership of the
    Association of Research Libraries, 2007.
   Serials receiver since 1993;
    began in Order Services Mail
   Go-to person for electronic
    journal or database order
   Expert in Workflows as a tester,
    trainer, resource to others
   Quirky sense of humor; poet,
    renowned joke- and story-teller
   Devoted to the family Dalmatian
    show dogs and cat, Hugo
   President of the Association of Information Technology
    Professionals for two years.
   Presently the newsletter editor for Association of
    Information Technology Professionals.
   Have served as a Technology Support Coordinator since
    the beginning of that function.
   Developed the basic billing procedures for Central, Divinity,
    and Peabody libraries.
   Self-described as ―part customer service representative,
    late night Reference librarian, sometime security person,
    occasional handyman, and full-time night time face of the
    Circulation Department of the Vanderbilt Central Library.‖
   Recently promoted to LAIV in
    Cataloging and Authorities Team.
   Cataloged all Vanderbilt and
    Peabody theses and
    dissertations from 1998-2008.
   Enjoys a challenge: translates
    French for fun, volunteered to
    learn map and music cataloging.
   Almost finished PhD in
    Philosophy—all but dissertation.
   Fan of William S. Burroughs.
   Melinda started as the Economics, Philosophy,
    and Women‘s Studies Bibliographer, and her job
    title has changed four times in 10 years.
   She coordinated the development and
    implementation of the 2007 Vanderbilt Visions
    library session seen by approximated 1700 first
    year students.
   Co-founded the Committee on Undergraduate
    Information Literacy (CUIL) made up of
    representatives from all four libraries that served
    undergraduates, the Writing Studio and the Center
    for Teaching, as well as other interested University
   Served as Acting Head of Reference and
    Instruction Coordinator for the Central Library
    since January 2008.
   Recipient of 2 Library Innovation /Creativity
   Has a B.A. in Russian, minor in European
    Studies from Vanderbilt.
   Has also studied Czech, French, German,
    Spanish, and Uzbek.
   Formerly worked in Office of Schedules and
    Reservations for Sarratt Student Center.
   Fast worker always willing to take on new
   Long-time Nashville resident who walks to
    work each day.
 Start date of September 1, 1998.
 Has achieved Fifth Level of
  Understanding in all matters SFX.
 Will testify in any court of law that
  dogs really are Woman‘s Best
 Would agree with the sentiment
  that being a grandmother is great
 Although Kitty is highly intelligent,
  she is currently unavailable to be
  Secretary of the Treasury.
   Joe‘s library career began as Evening
    Circulation Supervision, Walker Management
    Library (1998); Stacks Assistant, Annex
    (1999); Evening Access Services Supervisor,
    Walker Management Library (2006).
   Danced hip-hop on stage at the Grand Ole
    Opry in May '08 for the Father/Daughter dance
    with Green Hills School of Dance.
   Loves snowboarding so much he worked at a
    Ski Resort living in cramped dorm-like
    conditions so he could get a "free" Season
    Pass. -Mammoth Mtn. CA (1991).
   Met his wife serendipitously when they both
    decided to "runaway" to Colorado. He worked
    at a Youth Hostel while she was staying there.
   Attended school for 5 months in Cannes,
    France; attended the Cannes film festival of
    1987 and backpacked through Europe at the
    same time.
 Molly has processed the largest
  collection ever received in Special
  Collections ,the Louis Nichols Papers,
  which has 444 boxes.
 One of Molly‘s fortes is conducting oral
  history interviews. She is praised by the
  interviewee as putting them at ease
  and being a cheerful interviewer. This
  is a natural for her, as she worked at
  WPLN as an interviewer of noted
 She is a graduate of the George
  Peabody College Library School.
 Molly has a Scottish Terrier named
  Robert Burns, or Bobbie for short, that
  she dotes on.
   David has been involved with both interlibrary
    lending and borrowing since he came to ILL in
   He has collected comic books since his
    childhood. He frequents the Great Escape
    weekly, and his work area is protected by
   Before ILL stole David away, he worked in the
    Central Library—from 1998 to 2001 with
    Circulation for stacks maintenance, and from
    2001 to 2003 in stacks maintenance for both
    Circulation and Reference—and has an
    encyclopedic knowledge of the collections.
   Prior to David‘s current 10 years with the Library,
    he also worked here (1984-1988) in newspapers
    and current periodicals.
   David earned his M.Ed. degree from Tennessee
    State University in 1992, and Master‘s work in
    History at Vanderbilt in 1984.
   Celia joined the Library in 2003 in the role of Director
    of Communications and Institutional Advancement.
    She has chaired both the Communications and Staff
    Development committees. She coordinated the
    Library‘s many development activities in cooperation
    with the University‘s Alumni and Development
   Celia took on the role of director of the Peabody Library
    in 2007, first in an acting capacity and then for the
    longer term.
   Celia has served as one of the grants team and
    contributor to the Volunteer Voices IMLS funded
   Celia grew up in east Tennessee and is a long time
    resident of Nashville having attended Vanderbilt for her
    masters degree in Art History. Before her library life,
    Celia was senior curator for American Art at
    Cheekwood. Celia received her masters degree in
    Information Science from UTK in 2005.
   She has two children, Grace, who is a student at
    Indiana University and Paul who is a senior at Battle
    Ground Academy. Her cats keep her company at
    home, too, and she spends a great deal of time
    gardening and cooking and pickling the results.
 Archives Assistant,
  Special Collections, July
  2003-May 2007.
 LITS, Term Professional,
  May 2007 to present.
 MS in Information
  Science, May 2007 (UTK)
 Web committee and co-
  web mistress Tenn-Share.
 ALA New Members Round
 Loves dogs and football.
   In fiscal year 2007/2008, Lara Beth
    entered an amazing 4,176 new items to
    the Curriculum Materials Center catalog.
   She serves as co-chair of the Tennessee
    Library Association Reference
   She loves to read and is an avid fan of
    children‘s literature.
   She is a devoted East Tennessee native.
   She loves rock tumbling and makes
    jewelry with the polished rocks.
   She is a music fan, remaining faithful to
    her college bands on tour.
   She is a wonderful combination of an
    easy going and exceptionally enthusiastic
   Pulled all the volumes to be transferred to the
    Library Annex from the 3rd, 5th, and 7th floors of
    Central Library in support of the massive
    ―transfer project.‖
   Helped move all the books from the 2nd floor to
    the 3rd floor of the Central Library--and then
    removed all the shelves from the 2nd floor to get
    ready for the Divinity renovation project.
   Moved all the bibliography collection (5704
    volumes) from the 4th floor to other locations--
    and removed the shelving to create room for the
    Leisure Reading collection and a popular new
    study area.
   Pulled all 1,253 bound periodicals for the JSTOR
    project, so that the volumes could be transferred
    to the Library Annex.
   Replaced all the dim, faded labels from volumes
    in our bound periodicals collection with new,
    easy-to-read labels.
   Brent has worked at 3 libraries in the Jean &
    Alexander Heard system: He began work as
    Periodical Department Supervisor, Education Library
    (1983); Evening Supervisor, Walker Management
    Library (1986); Coordinator of Access Services,
    Education Library (1987); Serials Department
    Supervisor, Massey Law Library (1994) and Access
    Services Manager, Walker Management Library
   Worked in private industry where he established a
    corporate records management system and led a
    conversion of records to digital format (1998-2003).
   Selected to work on a new Faculty research
    database for the Owen website (2004).
   Appointed as member of the Walker Management
    library renovation project (SEMAT ) task group
   Has experience as a Bartender and an electrician.
   Greg wants to rename the
    Library Annex : Million-O-Books
    (and yes, he does shop at
   If he didn‘t work for the library
    he‘d like to design rock
   His recreational goal is to build
    a canoe from bamboo
   Greg and his wife Pia enjoy
    building park trains.
   Did you know Greg has
    participated in archaeological
    digs to Guatemala and he‘s
    had interesting travels in Spain,
    Mexico and Chile?

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