Ohio Legal Separation or Divorce by sxn42276


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									           IN T HE COU RT OF C OMMO N P LEA S, PI CK AWAY CO UNT Y, OH IO

                                                :            N o.
           Pla in ti ff,                        :
                  vs.                           :
           Defe nda nt.                         :

                           JUDG MEN T E NTR Y/ RE STRA INI N G ORD ER

     This matter came before the Court pursuant to Local Rule 18.09, which
provides that, upon the filing of a Complaint for a Divorce or Legal
Separation, a Restraining Order is issued by this Court sua sponte.    The
Court, being fully advised, hereby ORDERS, ADJUDGES, AND DECREES:

     Plaintiff and defendant are each hereby restrained, during                  the    pendency
of this action or until further Order of the Court, as follows:

     1.   Neither party shall bother, molest, harass or interfere with the
other party at his/her residence, place of employment, or any other place
he/she may be found.    This restraint shall include telephone calls and all
other written or electronic communications.

     2.   Neither party shall transfer, withdraw, conceal, mortgag e, damage,
destroy, sell, or otherwise dispose of any assets of either or both parties,
other than for ordinary and necessary living expenses and for the current
payments of existing marital obligations.

     3.   Neither party shall change the beneficiary or beneficiaries of any
life insurance policies, or the payable on death beneficiaries or joint and
survivorship ownership of any tax-deferred savings plans, pension plans,
retirement plans, certificates of deposit, savings accounts, stock brokerage
accounts or other such assets owned by either or both parties.

     4.   Neither party shall remove         the minor children         from the jurisdiction
of this Court.

     5.   Neither party shall terminate the major medical, dental, optical
and/or hospitalization insurance coverage of the other party or the minor

     6.    Neither  party  shall  terminate  any  existing                paid   up    insurance
coverage, including automobile and casualty insurance.

     7.  Neither party shall terminate or cause the termination of any util ity
service at the marital residence of the parties.


                                                JUDGE, COMMON PLEAS COURT

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