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									                               PERSONAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT
                                          As of ________________________, ______

        Name (s)          ______________________________________________________________________

        Address           ______________________________________________________________________

        City              ____________________________ State ___________ Zip ____________________

                   Assets                          Dollars                          Liabilities                   Dollars

Cash in Bank                                   $                Notes Payable - Bank                          $

                      (name)                                                                       (name)

Cash in Other                                                   Note Payable - Other

                      (name)                                                                       (name)

Accounts Receivable-Good                                        Accounts Payable

Stocks and Bonds (Schedule B)                                   Taxes Payable

Notes Receivable-Good                                           Contracts Payable

Cash Surrender Value Life Insurance                                                               (to whom)

Autos                                                           Contracts Payable

                (year/make) (year/make)                                                           (to whom)

Real Estate (Schedule A)                                        Real Estate Indebtedness (Schedule A)

Other Assets (Describe)                                         Other Liabilities   (Describe)

1.                                                              1.

2.                                                              2.

3.                                                              3.

4.                                                              4.

5.                                                              5.

               TOTAL ASSETS                    $                            TOTAL LIABILITIES                 $

                                                                               NET WORTH                      $
                                                            SCHEDULE A - REAL ESTATE
              LOCATION AND TYPE                               TITLE           ESTIMATED          AMOUNT                  TO WHOM PAYABLE
                                                           IN NAME OF           VALUE             OWING



                                                         SCHEDULE B - STOCKS AND BONDS
     NUMBER OF SHARES                                           DESCRIPTION                                   CURRENT                 ESTIMATED
     AMOUNT OF BONDS                                                                                          MARKET                   VALUE ON
                                                                                                      $                       $

If additional space is needed for Schedule A and/or Schedule B, list on separate sheet and attach

                      Annual Income                              Dollars                    Annual Expenditures                                Dollars

Salary                                                      $                  Real Estate Payments(s)                                     $

Securities Income                                                              Rent

Rentals                                                                        Income Taxes
Other (Describe)                                                               Insurance Premiums
1.                                                                             Property Taxes

2.                                                                             Other   (Describe Installment Payments)

3.                                                                             1.

                     TOTAL INCOME                           $                             TOTAL EXPENDITURES                            $

         LESS TOTAL EXPENDITURES                            $                                π    π       π    π   π      π       π    π

                 NET CASH INCOME                            $

I/we hereby certify that the aforementioned information is a true and accurate representation of my/our financial
situation as of the date indicated and authorize the requesting party to obtain a credit report if needed.

      ___________________________________________________                           ___________________________________________________
                            (Signature)                                                                   (Signature)

      ___________________________________________________                           ___________________________________________________
                               (SS#)                                                                         (SS#)

         ___________________________________________________                           ___________________________________________________
                                (Date)                                                                        (Date)

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