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									   Board Meeting                                                                                         Agenda Item 17
   August 20-21, 2002                                                                                      Attachment 2

       2002/2003 Household Hazardous Waste Discretionary Grants With Passing Scores
                                                                                           Funds          Recomended
Location      Applicant Name                                                             Requested           Award
South          Ventura County                                                                 299,998.60         281,563.06
The County of Ventura, and the cities of Ojai, Santa Paula, and Fillmore seek funding to increase participation in HHW
collection programs through the following means:
A. Establish a permanent HHW collection facility in the City of Fillmore to serve residents of the Santa Clara River Valley
(Fillmore, Santa Paula and adjacent unincorporated areas).
B. Initiate a Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator (CESQG) door-to-door collection program as part of the
proposed Fillmore HHW collection facility. Also, expand a CESQG drop-off collection program at the Pollution
Prevention Center (PPC) in the Ventura River Valley to include door-to-door collection for CESQGs in the City of Ojai and
the adjacent unincorporated areas.
C. Include the collection of electronic waste (e-waste) among the programs offered at both the PPC and the proposed
Santa Clara River Valley (SCRV) HHW collection facility.
D. Develop a computer reuse program for reusable collected e-waste (i.e. computers) and an e-waste recycling program
for non-repairable e-waste.
E. Establish an e-waste and u-waste information and education targeting Ventura County residents, small
businesses, and schools.
F. Establish an HHW education program targeting the Spanish-speaking population.
North          Santa Cruz County                                                              299,999.22         299,999.22
The County of Santa Cruz proposes to expand its existing HHW program by providing the following services:
1) Expansion of a public/private collection and recycling network for electronic waste that supports local reuse and
refurbishment and utilizes environmentally sound recycling processes; and
2) An integrated pest management pollution prevention education program that promotes waste reduction, offers
practical solutions for preventing pollution, and increases the visibility and use of the County's permanent HHW collection
North          San Francisco City and County                                                   69,507.00          69,507.00
The City and County of San Francisco request funds to establish 8 satellite universal waste lamp collection sites. Grant
funds will be used for disposal costs and outreach to promote collection and to educate San Francisco residents and
CESQGs on the need and methods for proper disposal of universal waste lamps.
South          San Bernardino County                                                          300,000.00         300,000.00
The San Bernardino County Fire Department HHW Program, and the cities of San Bernardino, Hesperia, and Barstow
request funds to provide regional electronic waste collections to San Bernardino County residents. Awarded funds will
provide seed money for the expansion of four existing permanent HHW Collection Facilities to include the acceptance of
electronic waste on ongoing and contingency bases. Funds will also seed the establishment of 4-6 temporary collection
events per year, to be conducted within West Valley, East Valley, Mountain, High Desert, and Low Desert areas.
South         El Centro                                                                     299,952.00           299,952.00
The City of El Centro, administering member of the Imperial Valley Waste Management Task Force is proposing the
establishment of permanent HHW collection facility for the north central county area (i.e. Brawley, Calipatria) and to
provide for mobile collection events in remote and underserved communities of Ocotillo, Salton City, Niland, Palo Verde,
and Winterhaven.
South         Burbank                                                                        32,633.84             32,633.84
The Burbank Recycle Center wants to ensure the proper disposal of HHW; house, protect, and efficiently organize a
growing e-waste collection; offer an electronics reuse program; provide a convenient collection location for u-waste such
as fluorescent lights and vehicular and household batteries; make the best use of the $50/vehicle trips to the Glendale
Environmental Mananagement Center; educate the public about the dangers of mercury; remove mercury thermometers
from households and therefore potentially from the waste stream; and protect its landfill and Water Reclamation Plant.
South         Santa Barbara                                                                 281,254.83           281,254.83
The City of Santa Barbara and the County of Santa Barbara wish to build a permanent ABOP (Antifreeze, Batteries, Oil,
and Paint) facility within the City of Santa Barbara. The new facility would provide a new permanent facility within the City
of Santa Barbara and serve as an expansion of the County's existing HHW Program - greatly enhancing opportunities for
South Coast residents and small businesses to properly dispose of antifreeze, batteries, used oil and used oil filters, and
latex paint.
South         San Diego                                                                     300,000.00           300,000.00
The City will expand its HHW services to collect and recycle e-waste received through three mechanisms. These include
almost 80 community curbside collection events per year, annual one-day recycling events, and daily load checking at
the City operated Miramar Landfill.
   Board Meeting                                                                                           Agenda Item 17
   August 20-21, 2002                                                                                        Attachment 2

North         Colusa                                                                           47,211.66             47,211.91
The City of Colusa is a small rural community and proposes a new, temporary program to conduct two, (1) one day HHW
Collection events at a local site. Residents currently have no place where they can dispose of their HHW at this time.
North         Kings Waste Recycling Authority                                             300,000.00          300,000.00
To continue an existing HHW program to create a new e-waste and u-waste collection and recycling program. Develop
and implement comprehensive publicity and education program, with focused effort to reach underserved population.
Hire ½ time bilingual HHW coordinator. Purchase HHW sealed, lockable containers. Contract for recycling of e-waste.
Contract for disposal of u-waste and HHW. Promote new conversion technology project to convert waste plastic from e-
waste into low sulfur diesel fuel.
North         Humboldt Waste Management Authority                                             242,280.00            242,280.00
Humboldt County and participating counties and cities seek grant funding to: expand and relocate Humboldt's PHHWF to
new transfer station; develop and manage a collection network for latex paint as well as electronic and universal waste;
develop and implement a public outreach and education campaign to educate our communities on e- and u-waste;
expand collection opportunities in the underserved populations by conducting one temporary HHW event in southern
Humboldt; and expand the HHW reuse/materials exchange program hours and distribution facility.
South          Palm Desert                                                                 149,977.02          149,977.02
The City of Palm Desert seeks to meet the growing needs of their residents by providing the first permanent facility in our
area to accept electronic waste for recycling. Grant funding will be used to purchase the necessary equipment for
moving and handling palletized electronic waste. As a retirement community, the City of Palm Desert has a large
percentage of their population with medical needs. Funding from this grant cycled is planned to expand materials
collected at their permanent HHW to include Sharps.
South          Carpinteria                                                                 149,999.00          134,689.00
The City of Carpinteria proposes to expand its current annual HHW collection event to a once per month event in
conjunction with the operation of its ABOP facility. Due to a contract with a Ventura County trash service, city residents
are excluded from participating in the Santa Barbara County program and facility use. Disposal options for Carpinteria
Valley residents outside of the city limits requires a 50 mile round trip across a heavily traveled highway. The proposed
expansion will allow the city to better address the needs of the community by providing a safe and sustainable disposal
alternative and targeting promotion to underserved members of the community.
North         San Joaquin County                                                               300,000.00         130,466.06

Expand the current HHW collection program by adding a County Wide Universal Waste collection.
North       Amador County                                                          149,310.00                       130,466.06

Amador County is proposing to:
1) Improve and expand its permanent HHW collection facility.
2) Improve the HHW collection program to increase the collected volumes of HHW, e-waste, and u-waste.
South          Santa Clarita                                                                    47,250.00                   0.00
The City proposes using the grant funds for a door-to-door electronic waste collection program utilizing the existing HHW
collector. In the past several months the City has received several calls from residents requesting the collection of their
electronic waste and an acceptable and convenient means of diverting the materials from the landfills has not been
available. The City will use its current HHW collector, Curbside, Inc., for the collection of the electronic waste.
North          Sacramento Regional Solid Waste Authority                                      300,000.00                    0.00
This project establishes a regional, multi-jurisdictional program for the collection of e-waste in the jurisdictions of the
Sacramento Regional Solid Waste Authority. Project components include (1) construction of permanent infrastructure for
the collection of e-waste at the Sacramento County Kiefer Landfill; (2) establish permanent e-waste collection at the
Permanent HHW Collection Facility at the Sacramento Recycling & Transfer Station; (3) one-day events in a jurisdiction
that has no e-waste collection; and (4) an e-waste program promotional campaign that will reach residents of the City of
Sacramento, City of Citrus Heights, and the Sacramento County Unincorporated Area.
   Board Meeting                                                                                          Agenda Item 17
   August 20-21, 2002                                                                                       Attachment 2

South         Paramount                                                                      150,000.00                  0.00
The City of Paramount, in a public-private partnership with Paramount Resource Recovery Inc. (PR&R), proposes to
build an e-waste and u-waste recycling center on a permitted Solid Waste Facility owned by PR&R. The City's franchise
hauler, CalMet, is the owner of PR&R and is willing to participate in the processing of e- and u-wastes from local and
regional sources. The Orange County IWMD has expressed interest in the proposed recycling center and the City of
Paramount intends to provide access to the local residents and surrounding communities upon completion.
North          Shasta County                                                                  246,307.40                  0.00
Facilitate proper disposal of HHW in small cities and rural, underserved areas by holding 15 one-day HHW collection
events in the cities of Anderson, Shasta Lake, and in unincorporated communities throughout Shasta County. For the
first time, accept CESQG waste, e-waste, and u-waste. Provide public education regarding proper disposal and recycling
of HHW at public events.
North          Butte County                                                                   119,565.00                  0.00
The purpose of this grant is to secure funding to include e-waste collection at mobile HHW events and implement sharps
disposal program at Countywide permanent HHW collection factility.
North          Alameda County Waste Management Authority                                      283,503.00                  0.00
The purpose of this application is to seek funding to provide a reliable, short-term alternative for residents wanting to
discard e-waste until a more suitable and manufacturer supported alternative is available. The ACWMA seeks to hold
ten e-waste drop-off events for residents in Alameda County. The proposed program would provide the ACWMA with an
opportunity to educate residents about the reuse and recycling of hazardous items that might otherwise be discarded as
refuse. The program would curb illegal disposal on streets, highways, and in creeks. Most importantly, the program
would give the ACWMA an opportunity to collect valuable data on e-waste types, volumes, and resident disposal habits
specific to the County.
North          Siskiyou County                                                                227,896.00                  0.00
In underserved Siskiyou County this regional program established a temporary HHW Collection Event at five sites;
Extensive Public Education Campaign to Reduce, Reuse and Recycled HHW; and made possible the operation of the
existing permanent HHW collection facility at the Yreka Landfill on a monthly basis.
North          Monterey Regional Waste Management District                                    150,000.00                  0.00
The MRWMD is planning to incorporate the curbside collection of HHW and electronic waste into the overall scope of
operations of its permanent HHW collection program. The curbside program will provide a more convenient collection
system to underserved residents, including seniors, disabled residents, and all others who are unable to drive to the
District's permanent collection facility. The grant funding will also be used to heighten overall awareness of HHW and
electronic waste issues.
North          Lake County                                                                    296,556.00                  0.00
This proposal includes activities to 1) educate the public regarding the hazards to the environment and public health
associated with the improper disposal of CRTs; 2) collect stockpiled CRTs in Lake and Mendocino Counties; and 3)
identify reusable computer systems and components and make them available to seniors, people with disabilities and
South          Los Angeles                                                                    300,000.00                  0.00
The City of Los Angeles, in conjunction with the cities of Huntington Park and Vernon will use the grant funding for three
basic programs. First, a region-wide "medical sharps" and U-waste collection program will be developed and
implemented. Second, an existing computer and electronic component collection and recycling program will be
expanded to provide more convenient opportunities for citizens to dispose of such items in an environmentally
responsible fashion. Third, a portion of the grant funding will be used to finance an outreach and education campaign
targeting residents of multi-family residential complexes in the program area. The level of participation of multi-family
complex residents in HHW collection events historically has been significantly below that of single-family home residents.
North         Yolo County                                                                   300,000.00                   0.00
The Yolo County HHW Program requests $300,000 to fund the construction and publicity of a County-wide PHHWCF
with an electronic waste storage area as well as increase educational outreach to residents regarding proper disposal of
HHW. A PHHWCF is proposed because the current system of bi-monthly 1-day temporary events does not offer
adequate collection opportunities and is inconvenient for many residents.
North         Antioch                                                                       265,472.00                   0.00
Our program seeks to conduct 8 mobile HHW, HHW e-waste and CRT drop-off events at various locations throughout
Central and Eastern Contra Costa County. These events will be free to all residents of the region. The program will
include public outreach and education regarding CRTs, e-waste and other HHW.
   Board Meeting                                                                                      Agenda Item 17
   August 20-21, 2002                                                                                   Attachment 2

North         Riverside County                                                             150,000.00                 0.00
The Waste Management Department plans to expand the existing Load Checking Program by constructing a larger and
better equipped Centralized Accumulation Facility (CAF) and a centralized E-Waste/CRT Collection Center at Lamb
Canyon Landfill. The new CAF is designed to consolidate the processing of all HHW and E-Waste/CRT recovered
during load check at five County landfills and from the rural mobile HHW collection events.
South         Los Angeles County                                                           150,000.00                 0.00
This project will fund five electronic waste roundup events throughout the County of Los Angeles. The purpose will be to
provide service to the County's ten million residents who have unwanted electronic waste items and wish to properly
dispose of them. Each event will be promoted through ads placed in local newspapers and possibly the distribution of
South         Carson                                                                       149,481.00                 0.00
The program will establish a bi-annual HHW, CRT, and e-waste collection program for City residents, establish an
extensive public education and awareness campaign, and provide an expanded collection mix. The program is designed
to reduce the amount of hazardous materials entering our waste stream by hazardous materials more easily available for
our residents to recycle.
North         Stanislaus County                                                           150,000.00                  0.00
Expansion of the County-wide permanent HHWCF to include the collection and recycling of e-waste generated in the
County. The waste will be stored until shipped to a recycler for processing. Collection events will take place at the
permanent facility and will be open two consecutive days every other month. Events will be advertised and a public
education program implemented to educate the public about the problems associated with the improper disposal of e-
waste and options for disposal in the community.
North         Santa Clara County                                                           300,000.00                 0.00
The HHW Program will partner with water resource, solid waste, and hazardous waste agencies to develop an
aggressive mercury reduction education program. Mercury disposal opportunities will be increased through work-site
thermometer exchanges, pilot retailer take-back programs, and HHW events. The HHW Program will analyze and make
recommendations on infrastructure and operational logistics for collection of mercury-containing universal wastes.
North       Fairfield                                                                     150,000.00               0.00
The City of Fairfield seeks funds to aid in expansion of its 2002 HHW program improvements. The 2002 program
replaces temporary collections with permanent, institutes CRT recovery through PHHWCF and bulky waste collections,
and includes Spanish language in publicity efforts.
North         Merced County                                                           102,373.00                0.00

This project will fund improvements to the existing HHW Site to allow for the storage and recycling of CRTs.

Grand Total                                                                                              3,000,000.00

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