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How to Advertise My Business


How to Advertise My Business document sample

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									     Fort Bliss MWR
Sponsorship and Advertising
        Fort Bliss MWR and YOU!
• We encourage local businesses to work with MWR through
  sponsorship and advertising.

• Sponsorship and advertising enables MWR to provide quality
  programs and entertainment for our Soldiers and Families,
  while helping your business reach the military market.
Why is it important for my business to
       advertise on Fort Bliss?
• This is an opportunity to reach out to the Fort Bliss
  community and show what your businesses have to
• To be able to absorb this growth, Fort Bliss needs to
  share strong bonds and working relationships with
  the communities surrounding our installation.
• This includes not only El Paso, but other towns such
  as Las Cruces and Alamogordo.
Why is it important for my business to
       be on Fort Bliss? (cont..)
• The opportunity to build relationships with our
  Soldiers and their Families.
• When sponsoring events and advertising, repetition
  is key to leaving a lasting impression on our Soldiers.
• 98% of MWR events are open to the El Paso
 When I sponsor events or advertise,
    where is my money going?
 MWR funds go directly back to Soldiers
          and their Families
• We encourage our clients to sponsor as many
  events as possible
 What if I want to be the sole provider
             for the base?
• We want all businesses to have an equal
  opportunity to show support for our Soldiers
• The United States Army does not show
    What are my advertising options?
• BlissNOW! Magazine
     – 30,000 quarterly
•   www.blissmwr.com
•   Fort Bliss Bowling Center Monitors
•   Parking spaces for dealerships
•   Always open to new ideas
How many people will actually see my
• Working population will grow to 32,000 active-duty
  Soldiers. This does not include the civilian workforce.
• We currently have about 6,500 families living in
  military housing.
• Our magazine circulation is currently 30,000/qtr.
  Increased by 5,000 since last year.
• By 2012 one of every 8 people in El Paso will be a Soldier or
  the Family member of a Solider.
• By having your business work with MWR you are reaching a
  whole new demographic. Your business will receive direct
  exposure to a large Military community.
• Sponsors receive access to the exploitable commercial
  potential, such as public recognition or advertising
  promotions associated with the property, event and so forth.
  What are some details about the
       Fort Bliss Expansion
• The economic impact of Fort Bliss on El Paso is more than one
  billion dollars!

• Economically Fort Bliss is projected to have had a twenty five
  billion dollar cumulative impact on the El Paso community by
  2013. There will also be thousands of more civilian employees
  and contractors coming into Fort Bliss. By 2013 there should
  be an additional 53,000 new jobs on or in the area of Fort
    What are some details about the
         Fort Bliss Expansion
•   Local businesses will again be catering to a whole new demographic. By reaching
    out to the Fort Bliss community through sponsorship and advertising you are
    letting our Soldiers and their families know that your business is here.

•   Many times if our Soldiers do not see your presence on base they do not know
    that you are here.

•   Not only will your business be providing a service to our families and Soldiers, by
    helping MWR provide them with activities and support, but you will also be
    bringing more new people to your business.

•   Having a presence on the installation is the number one way to show your support
    for Fort Bliss and their Soldiers.
      So, Who do I contact to get my
          business on Fort Bliss?
•   Kellie Burns
     – Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising Specialist
           • Fort Bliss MWR
           • kellie.burns@us.army.mil
           • 915-568-3415

•   Monica Castillo
     – Sponsorship and Advertising Specialist
         • Fort Bliss MWR
         • monica.castillo@us.army.mil
         • 915-568-3415

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